Lala DX 11/2012

Hello my pigeons~!

;___; oh man, it’s been so long since I’ve been on. Damn life… Not only did I miss the 3rd anniversary of my blog and my 600,000th hit, but I never got to say Happy Halloween or Happy Thanksgiving to my readers….failllllll…

Gah, let’s focus on something else: Lala DX! Yeah, it’s not Sylph. I was halfway through the September issue of Sylph when the urge to read shojo one-shots possessed me and I ended up getting Lala DX again. It’s been almost a year since I bought my last issue and I’m happy to find I can actually read the contents without too much of a struggle 8D MY SHOJO READING POWERS ARE INCREASING MUHAHAHAHA! *rolls around evilly*

After having such a nice experience being able to read reading Lala DX, I might start buying more issues again. Here’s a random quick peek into the Lala DX 11.2012 issue :3 (pictures are taken with my camera because Lala DX is fat and hard to scan ~)

Lala Series ~

(Pretty much I haven’t been following any of these series so…yeah, don’t expect much here xD)

恋だの愛だの・Koi da no Ai da no Chapter 19
辻田リり子 Tsujita Ririko

Election arc ~

会長はメイド様!・ Kaichou wa Maid-sama (The Student Body President is a Maid!? or in the US, Maid-sama) Special Chapter “Sakura-iro” or “The Color of Sakura Blossoms”
藤原ヒロ Fujiwara Hiro

Focuses on the drama between side character Sakura and her boyfriend Kuuga. I don’t really follow Maid-sama but is it wrong I kind of ship Sakura with that guy wearing glasses, Kou (not sure what his full name is)? xD

サクラの秘事 Sakura no Himegoto (Secrets of the Sakura…or Sakura’s Secret) scene.6/chapter 6
萩尾彬 Hagio Akira

From what I can gather, the main girl’s grandpappy went into debt or something and a fellow student of hers came to collect on the debt…which included the girl and her dog. To this student, she is like…a pet. I’m thinking the girl is an ojou-sama seeing as how everyone keeps referring to her with the honorific “sama.” Also, the main girl has a fiancée who is the school’s doctor…and just happens to be dating the guy who collected on her debt!? o__O da fuq!? But the guy who collected the debt on her might actually be liking the main girl…even though he’s playing for the other team…



This chapter adds in a fourth corner to the love triangle…and the bi dude gets all jealous. Also, we learn the main girl went through some sort of trauma that makes it so she’ll do whatever anyone tells her? o__O; I’m too lost to understand what’s going on. I just read the chapter for practice…

遥かなる時空の中で5・Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 5 (Deep into Space and Time or in the US, Haruka) Special Chapter
水野十子 Mizuno Tooko

Um…basically about one of the bishies fanboying over the main girl and being creepy about it ^^; (like watching her from behind a bush (no literally, he’s hiding behind a bush tree thing and it’s like so pathetic in terms of foliage yet no one sees him lol) from afar and leaving flowers by her door and watching her reaction from behind his pathetic bush afar <- like that everyone thinks the mysterious person leaving the flowers at the main girl’s door is a female xD).

赤い糸・Akai Ito (The Red Thread) One-shot(?)
響ワタル Hibiki Wataru

Well….Akai Ito was certainly a fucked up one-shot. Might use it for Fucking Shojo in the future. All I’ll say here is the story involves reincarnation, love beyond siblings, and some wtf sprinkled at the end.

らびっとアリス・Rabbit Alice Chapter 2
森生まさみ Morio Masami

Okay, let’s see…Alice, our main lady, is a special lucky rabbit who somehow got reborn as a rabbit girl. She loves this dude who was her previous owner when she was a rabbit and she’s currently looking for his reincarnation. However, by the power of shojo, he was reborn into two people. Brothers to be exact. One brother has the powers of her old master and he’s a sweetheart (though part of me thinks he’ll end up being psycho or something towards the end). The other brother has the old master’s looks and he’s a horny playboy who always gets into fights with Alice. Now Alice is in a bind – which one will she choose? Oh my ~


At first I was thinking Rabbit Alice was going to be dumb. I mean, the first two pages show Alice in bunny form taking a shit on pretty boy brother’s pants. Me: (ಠ_ಠ) the hell kind of shojo is this!? And it’s so obvious that she’ll get with pretty boy brother because that’s how shojo rolls so what’s the point of even asking, WHO WILL SHE GET WITH!? However, after reading the chapter, I found the series to be quite cute. Surprisingly. The characters are fun and that’s what I like in my shojo. As long as things stay fun, I’m good. It’s when they get dumb, that’s when I throw my hands in the air and say f this.

八潮と三雲・Yashio and Mikumo Chapter 19
草川為 Kusakawa Nari



Yes. Yashio. Take that shirt off and press yourself against Mikumo.

Daz right, girl. He’s half naked and hanging all over you. Oh yes. Yessh <3

Lol sorry, I was so not expecting to see something as hawt as this scene xD In chapter 19, Yashio and Mikumo have a fight but the two make up…

I must add this to my “catch up and read” pile :3 Shirtless guys are a win in my book! (unless they are assholes, then they can be admired from afar)

桃山キョーダイ・ Momoyama Kyoudai (The Momoyama Siblings) Last Chapter
ふじつか雪 ・ Fujitsuka Yuki

Last chapter. Basically…the boy and the girl get together. They’re older and they’re like, yeah, last chapter, time to become boyfriend girlfriend and shit ~ (no kiss scene though. The most romantic thing in the last chapter was holding hands o__O;)

うちのポチの言うことには ・Uchi no Pochi no Iu-koto ni wa (Do as I say My Pochi(?)) Chapter 23
橘裕 ・ Tachibana Yutaka

From what I can tell…for some reason, the main boy (Pochi?) tells the main girl to go protect her own butt and leaves so she takes up some other dude with glasses to be her bodyguard. Also, I guess the main girl has like…female friends who are bodyguards also? I…I don’t know. While performing in a school play, the dreaded yellow eyed assassin(?) appears and is about to shank the main female when Pochi steps in to save her. Her: ; A ; Pochi! Wtf? Him: I may not work for you, but you’re my princess, baby *dramatic pose* He tussles with Yellow Eyes while the main girl is escorted out…with all the gentle care one would give to a sack of potatoes xD The chapter ends with some lady who has been in a coma for some time awakening…and Pochi’s whereabouts unknown…

I have to say this but fuck, that girl looks like jailbait! I have a hard time believing she’s the same age as Pochi! I mean, shiz. When they stand next to each other, I see a brother with his elementary school student sister, not two folks who are in love D8 EW!

帝の至宝・Mikado no Shihou (The Emperor’s Treasure) Chapter 22
仲野えみこ Nakano Emiko

Main girl Kouran is invited to slumber party with the emperor, Shiki. Both are awkward fishes about it but they still have their sleepover…until the emperor is called away to do some emperor stuff. Kouran goes out to get some water and overhears Shiki giving out war commands. Her: D8 oh shit that’s right, I totally forgot you were the emperor lol. Afraid that Kouran is scared of Shiki, random dude Uchou is like, let me tell you my life story. We learn his background and then he tells the main girl that Shiki does what he’s gotta do. Her: oh I know that. I’m just a sad panda that I don’t really know much about him.

Him: o___o …then wtf was the purpose of me telling my back story?

The chapter ends with Kouran telling Uchou they need to make Shiki look like a pussy, not a strong man, to prevent war? Yeah…I need to read the next chapter to make sure I got that right >___>

Mikado no Shihou is definitely a cute series…or it was until friggin Uchou had to ruin it with his life story filled with big words and war stuff. Then it crawled for me oTL Oh well, another series to add to my “catch up and read” pile ~ (as long as Uchou STFU…)

Bear Bear (Chapter not listed)
池ジュン子 Ike Jyunko

D8 THIS WAS BY THE SAME MANGA-KA OF DESERT REQUIEM THE HELL!? Holy crap, she must have seen the shojo light or something because no more hanging your friend’s corpse from a tree before singing off into the sunset wearing said friend’s clothes from this series…yet.

I’m surprised by how adorable Bear Bear is x3 Definitely Definitely a series I want to catch up *chucks into the “catch up and read” pile).

プレゼントは真珠・Present wa Shinjyu (Pearl Present) Last Chapter
斎藤けん・Saitou Ken

The last chapter. Curly Hair Dude gets together with Short Hair Chick. The cross dressing butler chick kinda gets together with that blonde hair dude (I say kinda because they’re a bit stubborn with their feels). Oh, and the last page shows Curly Hair Dude’s mom and dad coming back and it turns out they left because mom was preggo with a baby that Curly Hair Dude didn’t even know she was carrying (although everyone else in the series knew apparently). Well, surprise son! You have a baby sister now lol! The end!

I kinda hope there’s some kind of bonus chapter for this series because the ending kind of…sucks >___>;

Splitting the post into two pages. The next page will focus on Lala DX oneshots as well as what to expect in the next issue (Millennium Snow, people ~)

8 thoughts on “Lala DX 11/2012

  1. aaah i hope you’re okay there >__< Real life stuff is really crazy at the moment, huh? also with me q.q Wish i had more time to post and to stalk your blog. anyway, hope we'll all be back to our blogs soon :) aaaand even if it's late, i wish you a happy third anniversary, aand wow 600 000 hits !! that's amazing !! Congrats :D


    • I’m hanging in there >:3 FIGHT FIGHT!
      You can do it, girl! Give real life an uppercut and show it who’s boss! Hopefully if it’s school related, you’ll do well on your tests! It’s almost time for winter break! You can do it!!!

      Lol stalker… :P *well, I stalk your blog to so it’s all good x3 yay ~ *

      Thanks for the happy wishes!!! Next year I’m definitely doing something for my blog! This is two years in a row where I’ve gotten too busy to do anything special for my anniversary ;___; noes!!!


  2. Nice to have you back! I hope RL is treating you nicely you and that your eyes are doing fine. Congrats for the hits and congrats for the blog’s third anniversary, I hope there will be many more years to come. :D

    Lala DX can usually carry some really wtf oneshots, so I can’t wait to see what you have in stock for us. XD


    • 8D thanks for the concern, Noctemleya ~ My eyes are hanging in there. It’s been almost a month since my eyes turned into nudists xD Such a wonderful feeling! (though I still freak out that I’m going to accidentally rub one of my eyes and that’ll cause my eyeball to explode…).
      Thank you x3 I hope to keep Spoils alive for many years (so no end of the world plz!). I look forward to your wonderful comments in the years to come 8D

      Sadly, no wtf one-shots other than Red Thread. The others were actually pretty enjoyable. Lot of good life lessons to be had. You can find my summary on the one-shots here:


  3. Hello! How’s your condition?

    Most of Shoujo Manga-s are just blehh… but I’m weak at art and bishies XD so I read them anyway XD

    Me: so many shoujos…. bored..
    *sees beautiful artwork and bishies*




    • Hey Marim!

      How have you been? Sorry for the lack of updates on my blog ^^ Lot of RL stuff was attacking me from all angles (and still is)! I just put up a post yesterday about this but my blog is going on hiatus until January ~ I recently got a new job but it’s in another state so my stuff is going to be packed up here soon ~ Since I won’t have anything to update with, a hiatus was the only answer ~ But don’t worry: I’ll be back ;D


      You’re the same as me! I pretty much know the cookie cutter formula of shojo but I just can’t resist ~ It’s like cake ~ It’s bad for you but I just can’t keep away. It’s so sparkly ~
      AND DAT MAN CANDY! EHMMM BOY! <3 However, I find myself more attracted to shorter series than long ones. Long ones tend to overstay their welcome and make me feel stupid for continuing to read the series. I mean, at some point, what is formed isn't a love triangle…it's like a star…only 3-D. A love star. @___@ That I want to use to hit people over the head with…stop being dumb guys…come on. We’ve already been through this….let’s just learn to talk out our problems instead of running away and creating misunderstandings oTL
      And if

      another damn fiancee

      pops up trying to steal character a or b again, I'm going to pop someone in the balls!

      That said, I live for messed up wtf shojo because I have something to talk about when my friend and I have our weekly discussion via the phone. It's like our goal to see who can top who in wtf shojo for that week xD

      Thanks for checking up on me! I hope you have great winter break and I’ll see you again in January :D


  4. Hello! Happy belated Christmas and Happy New Year! How are you doing? Is your job ok?
    How was 2012 for you? As for me it wasn’t good :((( had some problems in the family, etc.

    Ah… These shoujo cliches are getting on my nerves, sometimes I already know what’ll happen. These fiancee scenarios are so annoying and also main part in shoujo: Main girl clinging onto the main love interest and doesn’t have any self-respect at all. I also hate teacher x student plot seriously I think teachers should stop looking at students skirts below and focus on teaching.

    If you want to add wtf shoujo to your list, here is my recommendation and please read it if you have some time:
    Wasureyuki from Amano Shinobu (it’s scanlated already).
    It seems like a typical boring shoujo, but the LAST PAGE is huge WTF I really didn’t see that one coming and was pretty shocked O_O

    Well, few things had happened to me last year. I started online free Japanese course at and native Japanese people can also correct your grammar speech etc.
    So when I submitted my speech submission, a Japanese replied to it:
    “You’re are speaking too fast I can’t hear the words properly”
    Me: O_O well considering Japanese accent

    I also got recording program Adobe Audition and decided to do some English covers of various anime OP, ED-s
    I recorded some at first try and my voice sounds horrible at high notes =_= it might be my and microphone’s fault both =_=

    Oh and also, Have you gotten your Iphone 5? is it good?

    Bye and Let this year be for you lucky and successful! :)) Bye, Bye!


    • ;__________________________________________________; my entire comment was deleted. wtf wordpress why did you add the function where double clicking on the body of someone’s post gives me the power to change it!? I just wanted to copy something from the comment……..

      Um…damn, I was almost done and everything. Let’s see if I can remember what I wrote (man this is going to sound so shitty).
      I wanted to wish you as well a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. And that I hope you’re doing okay, family problems aside. I’ve had family drama a few years back and it’s really hard on a person… I hope what you’re going through wasn’t as severe as mine…

      I said teacher x student relationships freak me out save a few but usually the girl is in college so it’s not as creepy. I also ranted for a paragraph about the creepiness of the teacher in Cardcaptor Sakura and his lust for an elementary school kid. I believe I said that as long as the shojo doesn’t bore me, I don’t mind cliche’s. But if it’s too drama-y and boring, I’m out.

      I really liked Amano Shinobu’s Natsu no Kakera tankoubon. It’s a collection of one-shots she’s done in the past. Natsu made me tear up. Fuyu was okay but it didn’t punch me in the feels like Natsu did. Koi was fucking adorable. Haru I didn’t like because the girl was kind of a dumb bitch. And finally Aki was cute…I think. But I liked Koi more because it was, as I mentioned, fucking adorable xD
      I’ll definitely check out Wasureyuki x3 I can always use some wtf shojo in my life haha

      8D that’s awesome that you’re practicing Japanese! I’m trying to learn how to read and listen. Eventually I want to find someone around here who will talk with me Japanese x3

      That’s so cool that you do covers of anime songs 8D My friend used to do that before she went into BJDs (it’s like a doll…only really cool and really expensive).
      Don’t worry. I sound extremely horrible when recorded. Like, people think I’m a man not a girl o__O Thankfully I don’t record much.
      Maybe getting a better mic will help? My friend has a nice mic and she sounds like she does in real life. No weird sex change like with me xDDD
      Good luck with your songs! Maybe you’ll become the next Justin Beaver 8D

      Yup I got my 5. It’s wonderful, but remember I had the 3s which was on it’s last leg so to me, everything would have been a step up xD
      I’m really satisfied with the phone. It’s got a nice picture and great camera ~ I can open apps and get this…they open and work! On my 3s, they’d just lock up or crash.

      8D let’s make 2013 a good year! (2012 sucked for me lol) Hope things go good for you Marim and I hope to hear from you in the future x3
      Jya ne ~


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