August 2012 Comic Sylph


Remember when I said I’d have this released on the same day as the color scans? Lol, jk. But then again, when do I ever do anything on time now? >___> Anyway, apologies. RL stuff got in the way (oh you, RL) and yeah…but hey! The post is out now~! 5 months late, we have the Insider’s Look to the August 2012 Sylph issue 8D

Table of contents:
Page 1
  • Hakuouki Reimeiroku Chapter 4
  • Shiro Ari Check #23
  • DADADADAN Ch-Ch-Ch-Chapter 14
  • Arcana Famiglia Chapter 8
Page 2
  • Uta no Prince-Debut Song #3
  • Code: Justice Act. 1
  • Neko-Kissa Kuromitsu-Tou Part II
  • Storm Lovers: Natsukoi Last Summer Storm
  • Kamitsuki Chapter 6
Page 3
  • Himegoto wa Hanazono Chapter 35
  • Fujoshissu! Chapter 36
  • Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi Chapter 25
  • Doubutsu no Naka no Hito Chapter 13
  • Meeda Non’s Losing Victory Chapters 17 & 18
  • Kimi no Maryoku Oneshot
  • The Hinazaku Family Oneshot
  • Previews & Freebies
Hakuouki Reimeiroku 薄桜鬼 黎明録
Chapter 4
暁かおり Akatsuki Kaori

“One’s sword at hand – the way of the samurai.”

Last we left off…uh. *goes back to chapter 3 to refresh my memory* Oh, yeah, we were focusing on Okita acting like a little bitch and ran away crying. That’s right. Well, the gang is looking for Okita and pretty much give up their search on page 1 xD Nice. As the boys go off to circle jerk or whatever, we instead switch to Ryuunosuke’s POV. Since he’s Reimeiroku’s “heroine” (lol), he is entitled to go out and find Okita as well (otherwise he’d be joining the circle jerking!). He bumps into Kondou who believes now is a good time to reminisce about the good old days.

Ryunnosuke: uh…can we do this later? I don’t think this is a good time, what with the urgent need to find Okita… (″・ิ_・ิ)っ

Kondou: No, we’re doing this now. Because this is my time dammit. I DIE in the sequel, okay? Well, EVERYONE pretty much dies in the sequel. But I die like first. Plus they’re not here now, are they? No. They’re off sitting naked together and watching Glee. I’m out here looking for my bestie, and what better time to talk about my background story than now!? IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK, PRINCESS!? (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻

Ryuunosuke: (╯°□°)╯ ho shit…don’t hurt me.

Flashback time ~ Long ago, Okita was brought to Kondou’s dojo because Okita and his sister lost their parents and his sister couldn’t support the both of them. Okita was bullied during his time at the dojo but he soldiered on. Kondou noticed the boy’s dilemma and tried to help but Okita was like Mary from Kimi to Boku/You and I – basically, any form of help was rejected and shat on. However, Kondou continued to be a presence in the boy’s life which helped Okita in the long run. Not sure why but Kondou also felt the need to talk about this one incident where Okita and one of the boys picking on him were having a mock fight against each other. Okita got hurt but he refused to back down. He then went Shounen and kicked the boy’s ass. But Okita wasn’t satisfied with winning. He wanted to FUCKING SLAUGHTER THE BITCH. I’m serious. No 7 year old should look like serial killer-like D8 However, before Okita could have his first murder under his belt, Kondou stopped him. The two have a bro moment and we return to the present. Just in time to find Okita!

But just because he’s found doesn’t mean Okita’s alright. Okita is still a grumpy pants about being treating like a little kid…I guess. From what I remember, he was all pissy about not being able to kick ass? Meh, whatever. Welp, he’s no longer got to worry about that! Because Okita commits his first homicide in this chapter when Serizawa tells him about this dude who may be a double dealer. Emphasis on the MAY part BTW. But Okita is just so happy to have the chance to kill prove himself that he totally doesn’t even think twice about what Serizawa told him. IMMA GONNA BE A BIG BOY! *KILLS* Needless to say, the gang isn’t happy. They confront Serizawa and go wtf!? Serizawa says Okita is a loyal soldier. He took his orders and executed them, unlike the Hakuouki gang who is a bunch of little girls. If they want to get anywhere, the gang needs to find their balls and take their skirts off.

The Hakuouki Gang: >:(

The chapter ends with Okita acting like a bitch…still. Hijikata and Kondou are worried about him but they’re afraid their concern will just drive Okita farther away. Thus they ask Ryuunosuke to go talk with Okita.


Them: Because you’re Reimeiroku’s heroine. In otome games, it’s the heroine’s job to go comfort the love interest. But keep it hetero, buddy. This ain’t no BL game.


Grudgingly, Ryuunosuke goes to find Okita. They bicker and then talk. Then because no love-love event can happen , Ryuunosuke instead asks Okita what it was like to kill that dude. Me: WHY!? THAT’S CREEPY, RYUUNOSUKE D8< Okita of course shrugs it off. He’s a killing machine. He’s got no time to think of the emotions. It’s the body count that matters. Besides, Okita adds, he has other things to worry about. “Like being wanted.” Now my first thought was LOLOLOLOLOLOL worried about the popo Okita!? but in actuality, he meant being needed. Ryuunosuke tells Okita to stop being a dumb bitch and get over himself. Of course, he’s wanted. He’s a fucking bishi. Okita: OoO To hide his embarrassment, Okita pushes Ryuunosuke off the bridge they’re on. Now, before you think, holy shit, Okita!? Did he just kill Ryuunosuke!? I need to tell you – there’s a river under this bridge. The only thing that happens to Ryuunosuke is he gets wet…and pissed (lol…he gets wet…I’m such a pervert). The chapter ends with Okita smiling down at Ryuunosuke as Ryuunosuke threatens to bite Okita’s balls off and shit on his mom.


Shiro Ari // Snow White and Alice 白アリッッ
Check #23
ぺぷ  Pepu

“The seven initials of those who protect the princess.”

Rather than pick off where we last left off in Check #23, instead we follow Mirror…who is hanging out with some dudes…no, wait. They’re not just “some dudes.” These seven bishies are the seven dwarves! HO SHIT! Seems the dwarves aren’t happy being apart from Snow White. However, there’s nothing they can do at the moment. Snow White’s memory of them has been sealed so showing up before her will only cause confusion and chaos (wait, what?). As the boys dry their man tears, Mirror suddenly sits up. “She’s…remembering!?” Before anyone can say wtf, Mirror teleports away.

We jump over to Alice and Snow White. Snow White randomly passed out after the events of Check #23 and is currently napping. Alice is freaking the fuck out because his ring was stolen by the Cheshire Cat. However, the March Hare isn’t too worried about the situation. The Cheshire Cat is one messed up dude. He’s not going to give the ring to the Red King just yet. In fact, after a day of resting, the March Hare plans on kicking some kitty ass. Though Alice wants to get the ring now, he gives in to the March Hare’s plan. After all, the March Hare knows the Cheshire Cat pretty well.

“Well, yeah. I know him. He’s rebelling…along with me.”

Before the March Hare can elaborate, he falls over unconscious. Turns out the fight earlier took out more than he let on. In comes Hatter…in his bishi form (though we have yet to see his face). Hatter comments about this being his first time seeing the March Hare’s sleeping face but in actuality, he’s probably seen the March Hare sleep many times before (not in a ghey way, people). When Alice asks if Hatter’s memories have come back, Hatter says no.

(I believe this memory thing has something to do with his “death” oh so many chapters ago. However, we’re not given too much at this particular moment in time so I’m not going to sweat it.)

We switch over to Snow White who wakes up remembering the seven dwarves. She looks over to see Mirror in the room with her. Jumping out of bed, she glomps Mirror and tells him about her regained memories. Yet why did she forget about her friends in the first place?

Mirror: …

Snow White tells us readers about how she first encountered the dwarves. One day, her stepmother approached Snow White and asked her to find a golden apple. When asked why, the stepmother confesses that she and Snow White haven’t been getting along well and hopes that by sharing the apple, the two can close the distance between them. Snow White, gullible as usual, is totally on board for some family bonding. The next day she sets out on her quest to find the Golden Apple thing. However, about 15 minutes into the journey, she steps on something:

A mangled human body.

“And that’s how I, Snow White, met the dwarf Happy.”

Yeah ~ the Seven Dwarves finally make their appearance! Though I’m kind of interested in seeing wtf happened to Happy. I mean, damn.


Early Days
Written by: 叶瀬あつこ Kanase Tsuko
Illustrated by: ウダジョ Udajo

Remember when I said there was going to be a manga short of Brothers Conflict? I lied. Turns out Early Days is just a mini flashback chapter involving a certain number of the brothers.


Ch-Ch-Ch-Chapter 14
黛 ハル太 Mayuzumi Haruta

“The days when I wasn’t alone. The days when I became alone.”

Okay, so I wasn’t able to catch up on DADADADAN like I had planned back when I wrote up about the July 2012 issue. Reason? The 4th volume is coming out soon so I’m waiting for that tankoubon so I can read all four in one go ~ Until then, I’m struggling through Hakase Ga.

Chapter 14 is a very depressing chapter. We get to see the backstory on Grumpy/Ryouta and what made him hate girls. Back in the day, Grumpy had a good friend named Taki. Both were real tight. Reason being is Taki was the first real friend Grumpy ever had. Everyone else was jealous of Grumpy’s good looks. Dumb but roll with me here, people. Taki had a crush on this girl who was basically psychotic. She was obsessed with Grumpy and used Taki to get to Grumpy. When Grumpy learns this, he tells the girl to get bent. She responds by beating herself up and claiming Grumpy did it. Now everyone thinks Grumpy is a wife beater. The girl later confronts Grumpy and tells him now that everyone hates him, he has only her left. Before he can respond, she suddenly screams in pain, surprising Grumpy. As he bends down to check on her, Taki comes. When asked why he’s here, ol’ girl says she called Taki to explain about her and Grumpy…since Taki is Grumpy’s friend >D Grumpy loses it and tells Taki not to believe the girl. She’s nuts. However, Taki instead sides with the girl. Grumpy stole his girl. With Grumpy’s looks, he could have had anyone. Grumpy pleads with his friend to believe in him but Taki tells him they’re not friends and to go blow himself. Destroyed by everything that happened, Grumpy runs away and has a breakdown. We return to the present and Grumpy’s current situation. The past fresh on his mind, he looks up at his captor, asking why the fuck she’s doing this to him. However, he gets a surprise. The girl before him isn’t the psycho from before. It’s someone else…someone he’s never seen before…

;____; Grumpy! Gah, fuck you, Taki! How could you not believe in your friend!? Had Grumpy really beaten whatsherfaceup, wouldn’t the cops have been involved!? No matter how shitty shojo parents are, they’ve got limits to what they’d turn a blind eye to! And you just let that psycho hang all over Grumpy! It was obvious Grumpy was uncomfortable being around her but he endured because HE BELIEVED IN YOU! TAKI WHY!? ; A ;


Arcana Famiglia アルカナ・ファミリア
Chapter 8

“Leave it to me! I have the strength of 100 men!”

Welp…looks like we’re not going to continue on the Debito arc for the moment. Instead, chapter 9 will be the start of a Pace-themed arc! (wow this manga is all over the place ^^; It’s like Hakuouki Jurenka all over again).The chapter starts with Pace showing off his man guns by pulling a sunken pirate ship out of the water by himself. Yeah, you read that right. Had I not watched a bit of the anime, I’d have been greatly confused (because the manga never really mentioned he had super strength…just that he likes to eat a lot >__>). While his men are exploring the ship for treasure, some dude named Alberto appears on the scene. He tells Pace to come back with him. Pace says no. Alberto’s like, welp I gave it my all today. I’m outta here. Before he leaves, he tells Pace that Pace will come back one way or another. Pace: >:I go away

The chapter ends with Dante telling Felicita she’s going to Alberto’s place because he’s holding a dinner party and the occasion would serve as a good opportunity to rub elbows and shit. Pace will be accompanying her because Dante has shit to do and also because the theme of the arc is on Pace, not Dante.

4 thoughts on “August 2012 Comic Sylph

  1. Well hello there, hope that job offer you talked about went fine! The middle of nowhere place doesn’t sound very fun to live in, but a job is a good motivation to do so. :D
    Well what a depressing sylph issue. There is no Shounen Oujo, Dadadadan’s boys are all being apocalyptic and whatnot, Hakuouki’s guys are emo as usual and Arcana famiglia is… so damn random. The guy can lift a ship. Wat.
    You mention Brother’s conflict a lot, but I don’t think you actually said if you liked it or not. So i kinda created this weird imagine of it in my head, as if the characters and story are all wrong/twisted or something. XD In reality, is it a good read or does is suck (too otomeish and stuff)?
    Lol at ShiroAri’s bishi dwarfs. XD Goodbye my disney dwarf image, you shall be forever bishified at your own expense…


    • We’ll see how my employment status goes :3 Something’s gotta break eventually! (and hopefully it isn’t my sanity jk)

      I too was shocked by how depressing Hakuouki and DADADADAN got! I figured with both, BROMANCE TO THE RESCUE!
      With Hakuouki, I’m glad I wasn’t the biggest of Okita fans because seeing him right now makes me want to grab a dirty sock, fill it with more dirty socks, soak it in dirty scum filled water, and beat him with it. Like dude, wtf!? Why you gotta be all dick about wanting to kill people D8 I wonder if the video game does a better job at making the viewers more sympathetic to Okita’s plight because he’s just acting like a big baby in the manga.
      And DADADADAN ;____; poor Grumpy…I just want to hug him. Now thanks to that crazy bitch, Grumpy is going to be a virgin for the rest of his life.

      Honestly, I’ve never even taken a gander at Bro Con. It’s the only series in Sylph thus far that’s a novel adaptation rather than a manga adaptation, and I’m in no condition to start tackling a novel (heck, I’m slowly reading through this light novel right now aimed at 8 year olds, and I’m failing pretty bad Dx). I heard Bro Con isn’t bad. Apparently your bros aren’t too put off about the fact you’re their new sister and they’re into you.
      I’m just a bit meh by the fact you have 13 brothers who all look different (mom…is there something you’d like to say to dad?) and you have like this old man brother into you as well as this jail bait bro too (totally thought the old man brother was the main girl’s dad xD). Notttttttt really my thing ^^; (sorry I couldn’t be of more help)

      Gurl, in Sylph…everyone is a bishi ;D


  2. ahhhhhh i wonder where i can buy or see the images of the 7 dwarves vhakgshkashg
    it’s such a shame shiro ari isnt available in my country vietnam, i would have bought them all omfg.

    is it possible that you have a picture of the seven dwarves there—- v 7 v;;


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