August 2012 Sylph Color Pages

No sweet introductions this time folks ~ I’m trying to pump this post out quick before I break to go grab my interview clothes from the dry cleaners and return my library books. Then when I get back, I hope to release the “Insider’s Look” on the August 2012 Sylph before the day is done because I’ll be gone for the next three days. I’ve got 8ish hours of driving ahead of me tomorrow to a place in the middle of bum fuck no where, population 5,000.

Now you may be thinking, wtf why to bum fuck no where? Well, it’s for an entry level position I applied to recently. The company has an immediate opening and I’m hoping to find employment with them! Wish me luck ~ ^^


Now, on to what you’ve been kinda waiting for! The color pages ~


This first page is pretty much advertisement for Hakuouki Reimeiroku which was starting around the time the August 2012 issue of Sylph was released (yeah, I’m that behind with these Sylph posts ^^;).


The next page is also Hakuouki Reimeiroku related. The voice actors for certain characters were interviewed and asked these four questions:

  1. How did you react when you heard an anime adaptation of Reimeiroku was going to be produced?
  2. What were your thoughts after recording the first episode?
  3. Was there anything you had to be mindful of during your recording?
  4. Do you have anything you’d like to say to the fans of Hakuouki?


Pages 3 and 4 are Bro Con related. I didn’t read anything on page 3 because I’m not into Bro Con or its PP xD I did read a bit of page 4. A new Drama CD will be released on August 22 titled “Our Everyday” or “Everyday Brothers” depending on if you look at the kanji or the furigana. The drama CD will contain new stories only available on the CD.

(thankfully, I have the BROTHERS CONFLICT freebie booklet on hand so I can identify the brothers)

  1. Story one follows the brother who I thought was the main girl’s dad – Ukyou. I guess he’s been writing a story and locked himself up in his room after getting huffy over something not mentioned.
  2. Story two involves IMAGINATION ~ The main girl, for some odd reason, wonders what life would be like if all her brothers worked as male escorts xDDDDDDDDD (technically she says “working in a host club” but male escorts are more easy to relate to…or it is gigolo? Damn, I’m rusty on my man whore slang xD)
  3. Story three focuses on the brother who I thought was a pedophile – Masaomi. Apparently he’s moving to a different hospital so he wants to get to know his victims the kids there. What better way than with a play! The theme will be Snow White ~
  4. In the last story, Rui has been MIA for a week, much to old man Ukyou’s concern. None of the other brothers know where Rui is…

The bottom of page 4 is a Q&A with Rui and Julie’s VA’s. *rolls away*


Page 5 and 6. Starting with the next issue, Sylph will serialize a manga version of the light novel Noble Children (Specifically, from the first book “The Tragedy of the Noble Children.”). From what I can understand, Noble Children is sort of a modern day Romeo and Juliet. The girl and boy on the right are the heirs of some fancy big name companies. Both attend the same school. Their paths meet when both want to use a vacant room at their school. The two undergo a competition for the room but slowly their feelings for each other change. Though the plot sounds shojo, I have a feeling this is going to be dark.

(oh, I forgot about the other two boys xD The one with messed up hair is friends with the boy heir. He’s an unreadable bottomless pit. Nice description… The boy who looks like he’d be the student body president is the friend of the girl heir. Apparently he’s from a branch family and is the girl’s BFF. And apparently he’s like a pushover because whatever the girl wants to do, he’ll just go along with it.).


Page 7 and 8. More information on the new Hakase Ga Drama CD. The CD will cover the first volume and include a special track involving Kara and a Yakiniku store. At the end of the CD will be a free talk with some voice actors. The topic? “Have you ever thought of yourself as a pervert?” xD

I didn’t read the cast comments because I’m lazy like that.

On the bottom of page 8 is a reminder that if you pre-order the Drama CD on Dengekiya, you’ll get some free Hakase Ga stickers. Lastly, included in next issue of Sylph will be a mini Drama CD sample of Hakase Ga. It will contain a track not found on the Drama CD so you better hope you got your issue of Sylph then! The tracks is titled “The Perv Professor Catches a Cold.”


Page 9 and 10. Page 9 has information on the new senpais of Uta no Prince-sama Debut. One’s a dick, one thinks he’s God’s gift to women, one is like I’m bored with life as an awesome sauce performer, and the last thinks he’s all that and a bag of cheetos. At the bottom is a description for Debut and omfg, I lol-ed. Because the description goes: the princes have to team up with their senpais ~ What kind of love will blossom? Enjoy ~ I’m sure the “what kind of love will blossom” thing is supposed to be in reference to the main girl but the way the sentence was structured, it makes Debut sound like a BL between the princes and their senpais xDDDD

Page 10 is advertisement for Uta no Prince-sama music CDs. Rainbow Dream is a song sung by all the princes and Quartet Night is sung by the four senpais. The very bottom of the page is advertisement for Uta no Prince-sama trading cards, because there isn’t enough Uta no Prince-sama stuff as it is!


Page 11 and 12 is advertisement for the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Event. You got autograph sessions on Oct 20-21 (Shiro Ari ; A ; Shounen Oujo ; A ;), something called the Stage that happened on Sep the 20th, and something special for attending the event on Oct 9 (you get special freebie shit ;___; damnnnnnn).


Page 13. Heads up for what to expect with the September and October 2012 issues of Sylph. The September issue will have Arcana Famiglia on the cover. Freebies include a special Hakase Ga Drama CD track, a little design thing of Bro Con you can put in your tumbler/coffee mug thing, and a booklet covering information on the anime Hakuouki Reimeiroku (it will also have a bonus manga adaptation of Patrick’s OVA).

The October issue will feature Uta no Prince-sama Debut on the cover. The freebies are a Hakuouki Reimeiroku poster, a special Hakuouki Reimeiroku Drama CD track, and possibly something Uta no Prince-sama related.


Lastly we have pg 14 ~ Released around the same time the August 2012 issue was released were the following manga: Hakuouki Reimeiroku #1, Arcana Famiglia #1, Fujoshissu #5, and Engage Knight #2 (end). Next month’s releases: Hana Ori Soushi #3 (end), BROTHERS CONFLICT LN #7 (end), Sora Kara! My Nanny #4, and Arcana Famiglia Anthology: Ciao.

And that’s it!

*rolls away*

3 thoughts on “August 2012 Sylph Color Pages

  1. Hey man I just recently discovered Hakase Ga!! And I LOVE the illustrations and plot but I cant get it anywhere! I cant read Japanese either! I was hoping you could tell me where I can read this? Even if its just online scans? (preferably translated) thanks! :)


  2. Hey man I just recently discovered Hakase Ga!! And I LOVE the illustrations and plot but I cant get it anywhere! I cant read Japanese either! I was hoping you could tell me where I can read this? Even if its just online scans? (preferably translated) thanks a lot! :)


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