Spoilers: Storm Lover Natsukoi ending

Before I can post about Sylph (yuppers! The posts are all done, both the Color Scans and the Peek Inside posts 8D), I have to first do a “Spoilers” on a series in Sylph which has recently ended (by recently, I mean as in 4 months ago xD).  Which series? Why it’s Storm Lover Natsukoi! Hard to believe after all this time, it’s finally come to an end…

Someone: WAIT! Weren’t there like only four chapters before this one!? The hell!?

Why yes, random person I created to make dialog with me; Storm Lover Natsukoi is indeed only 5 chapters long. Much like its predecessor, shit gets done fast! Now, enough talk. Let’s get on the HURRY UP AND END THIS Express and barrel our way to the end! I recommend keeping all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. We’ll be traveling at unsafe speeds so your appendages may get severed off in the process :3

PS. Just to let you all know, I stopped caring about halfway into the chapter xD The big confession scene was too corny for me. Thus you may notice my…lack of enthusiasm towards the end haha. So if you’re expecting anything good…I’d just skip this post. Really. Unless you like looking at the pictures?


The chapter starts where we last left off, with Shiina telling Yuna it’d be healthier for her to stop seeing Takumi. Whenever Yuna is with Takumi, all she does is get hurt. Yet even though he makes her cry, Yuna still hangs out with Takumi. What the hell, woman!? Yuna is stunned for a minute at Shiina’s words. She is unable to form a proper response to hisvery truestatement. Thankfully, the weather cuts in for her…BY PEEING ON HER!

So now, on top of being trapped in a hole in the middle of a forest, Shiina and Yuna get to have a bath via rain!!!! Shiina is pretty :/ about the situation but they’ll live through it. It’s just rain. Shit, they’ve only been down in the hole for like 30 minutes, right? Yuna, on the other hand, is throwing in the towel. First she has love problems, then she’s fallen into a hole designed to capture pigs, she’s trapped with some hot guy other than the hot guy she’s interested in, and now it’s raining. It’s a sign. She needs to just lay down and let nature kill her.

Shiina: =___=; …gawd, you shojo heroines.


Being the gentleman that he is, Shiina uses his own body to shield Yuna from the rain. His kind gesture brings Yuna back to life. She’s all, yaiyo ~ oh my what are you doing trulu trulu desu ~?

Shiina: =___= I’m just getting ready to lactate happiness from my nipples – WHAT DO YOU THINK!?

Yuna: Oh my ~ he’s using his body to prevent me from getting wet desu ~ *blush* 。>  ‿ <。 (…I’m sure had Takumi been doing this, Yuna would be a different kind of wet…if you get me. Yeah, I went there. (☞゚∀゚)☞)


Noticing Yuna is uncomfortable with the short distance between them, Shiina tells Yuna to suck it up. He’ll only stay like this until the rain stops, and that BTW she’s being charged for his services as an umbrella xD As Shiina gets soaked, Yuna thinks about how even though Shiina is basically right on her, her heart isn’t beating fast like it does when she’s with Takumi. Both boys do nice things for her, but she only gets hot and bothered when it’s Takumi doing the actions (́≖◞౪◟≖‵)

All…I can think about is Takumi.

Shiina: Other love interest. RIGHT HERE, BITCH. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Using his own MEAT FLESH to prevent you from getting rained on. I’m not even a flicker of a thought in your head???


Then Yuna begins to think about how breaking up with Takumi would be prudent. He makes her cry and she always feels like shit around him but…she just can’t hate him (◡‿◡✿)

Shiina: REALLY!? YOU TELLING ME THAT I HAVE TO BE A DICK TO GET YOU TO LOVE ME!? THERE IS SERIOUSLY SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! WHY AM I EVEN IN LOVE WITH YOU – oh because you’re the only girl in this manga that’s right… ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`)

A noise catches Yuna’s attention. Was that…a voice? Yuna tells Shiina what she heard because currently Shiina is deep in thought trying to figure who the fark told him that girls like nice guys when it’s obvious from shojo they don’t.

It can’t be. There’s no way.

Yuna calls out to whoever is trampling outside their hole. Shiina…just stands there.

But I heard his voice.

A figure appears at the lip of the hole.



It’s Takumi! He smiles down at Yuna and asks her what she’s doing down there. Oh, you know. She likes to go down into holes designed to catch feral hogs and roll around in the mud naked lol ~ WHAT DO YOU THINK DUMBASS!? What’s with all these asinine questions!? D8

I’m shocked, but I’m more happy than shocked. Is it because someone came to find us? No, that’s not it. It’s because it was Takumi that came!


Yuna calls out Takumi’s name in a desperate-like manner, much to Takumi’s surprise. But he quickly gets over his shock. Yup, dick character wins again! (☞゚∀゚)☞ He extends his hand out to pull Yuna out…



angst harry potter

Well, okay then. Sorry, Shiina. Here’s a…tissue. Do whatever you want with it.

Err…let’s get back to the story.

As Yuna reaches for Takumi’s hand, she tells us readers this:

Hey. I finally get it. I’m in love with Takumi.


Shiina – standing on the sidelines like a forgotten Frisbee – breaks out of his angst to stare in surprise at the way Yuna’s face lights up as she looks at Takumi. Understanding that he’s the loser in this love triangle, Shiina wears a sad smile and mumbles to himself that Yuna has problems for liking Takumi ~ Takumi himself must have remembered Shiina was down in the hole as well since we see Shiina outside the hole with Takumi and Yuna one panel later. In the distance, we see Yuna’s teachers running towards the gang. I like how they are wearing rain jackets and have a first aid kit with them while Takumi was running around in his normal clothes with jack shit on other than his looks xD He’s even like, here Yuna. You’re wet. Let me put my equally wet jacket on you :3 Faillll xD

Now that Shiina and Yuna have been found, everyone is happy! But we still got the non-existent love drama to fix. As the gang heads back to their rooms, Takumi stops Yuna.

“Would you mind stopping by my room after you’ve done changing? I have something I want to talk about.”

Yuna gets changed and heads over to Takumi’s room.

I have something I want to say too.

Yuna lets herself in. Sitting on the edge of his bed is Takumi…in his wet clothes. Wow, did not notice that the author didn’t change his clothes until I started to write this Spoilers xD Dude, you’re going to die of pneumonia! Anyway, Takumi asks if Yuna is okay and she says yes and also that she was surprised to see Takumi out there in the rain looking for her blah blah blah. Takumi explains that he was waiting for Yuna to come back so they could talk things out but when she didn’t return and he couldn’t get a hold of her via her phone, his mommy senses started to jingle.


Yuna: You went out there even after what I said to you ~ ?

Takumi: Baby, you weren’t the one at fault. It was all me. (́≖◞౪◟≖‵)


Yuna: Kya ~!  >o<


Takumi: Dude, my bad for making you think I was just messing with you. Pinning girls to walls and hugging them from behind like a creeper is just how I flirt. So we both understand, I’m going to say this to your face: I like you. Do I need to repeat myself? Oh wait, yes I do. I like you (<- he does say it twice xD).


Yuna: omg he likes me!? I didn’t see that coming at all! ( ́ ◕◞ε◟◕`)



Takumi: So, I want everything of yours to be mine. No, be only mine.

Me: o__O; that…sounds creepy

The two kiss though it looks very awkward since Yuna’s face is scrunched up like she’s in pain…or she’s kissing a snail. Maybe both? .__.; After they mack out for a min, the two part.


Takumi: “A yes or a no would be nice.”

Her: You’re not fair ~ *pout*

o__O huh?

Takumi asks for her to tell him her true feels. Yuna fumble fucks for a minute before finally telling him, yeah I like you dude. Love that Takumi is shocked. Like…really? You really telling me the truth here, Yuna? You like me? (•̪┌┐•̪) But like the hole incident, he gets over his shock fast. Their love established, it’s time to make babies!

Yuna: what?

Takumi shoves Yuna back and pins her on his bed. Then he straddles her and puts on his love making face:



Naturally, Yuna is not having any of that. GEESUZ PERV! THERE ARE NO HOMERUNS WITH THIS GIRL! Lucky for her though, Takumi isn’t interested in sex. Nope. Instead, the only reason he shoved her on the bed and positioned himself as if he was going to ride her like a rocking horse was to put a ring on her finger. Because that’s just how he puts rings on people’s fingers….yup. Turns out the ring is from the festival chapter oh so long ago. I didn’t even write about the ring because I didn’t think it was relevant. Lol oops. Anyway, back when Takumi left Yuna at the food stall with Shiina, he returned to that ring shop to buy said ring for Yuna. However, he could have chosen better dialogue and timing to do his quest. He came off as such a dick in that chapter D:


Her: “Ohh! You really aren’t fair…Thank you. I’ll treasure it.”

Me: *rolls into the sun and implodes*

Yuna talks more about her feels but I’m tired of listening to them. She and Takumi kiss. Scene fade.


(the angle looks sooooooo awkward xD Dat tiny ass)

We time skip. Yuna and Takumi are walking towards their school bus. The other bishies of the Storm Lover franchise are outside the bus, posing. One – Yuuto – comments about how late they are. The more considerate classmate – Kyousuke – asks if Yuna is alright, given THE ORDEAL SHE JUST WENT THROUGH EARLIER (THIS IS WHY I WON HER LOVE IN THE FIRST VOLUME OF THIS MANGA SERIES AND NOT YOU, YUUTO *sticks tongue out*). She tells Kyousuke she’s good, especially since she just got some action. Him: ( ・_・) ? Everyone gets on the bus. Shiina morphs out of no where and tells Yuna good luck and pretty much that he interested in her lol (just like Yuuto in the first volume). He pecks a kiss on her cheek as payment for all the shit he went through for her and leaves (just like did Yuuto too xD).


Takumi comes out and is like, wtf!? Let’s make out to show that guy whose girl you are! Yuna: =__= no. Takumi: ok then let’s go inside the bus.

“You’re mine (my thing) ~ So can’t I hold you ~”



Our stormy summer love is just the beginning.



And that’s the end (thankfully)! I’m sad Natsukoi didn’t entertain as much as the first Storm Lover tankoubon. Probably because I didn’t like anyone in Natsukoi lol. Takumi came off as a dick, Shiina was just there, and Yuna had her personality flipped by 180. It took 5 chapters for the characters to realize their feels when it was apparent from chapter 1 they liked each other.

Also, in certain scenes, Yuna looked a bit more manlier than the dudes o__O;

Coming up next are the color scans of the August 2012 Sylph ~ Until then ~

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  2. Hi!! May I ask u where do you get the raw untranslated manga? I’m from Argentina and I can’t find it anywhere!! I want to translate it from japanese to english but I can’t find it D:


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