Viscous’s Red Doll (WTF Shojo)

icon fsAugh, I meant to post about this yesterday but I was running late. I blame blogger. Stupid shiz wouldn’t format my post from the blogging program I usually use. Took me over an hour and a half to discover the cure – paste the text into Microsoft Word, then copy what’s in Microsoft Word and paste it into Blogger. How round a about and dumb!

(I’m posting that information here for the next time I post on blogger. I had forgotten what an ass blogger can be when I posted about Tomo’s Scary Story haha).

Ahem, anger aside, I wanted to let you – my fine readers – know that I published another post on my friend’s blog, Fucking Shojo. The oneshot covered comes from Aka Lala, a magazine special about “darker” shojo (translation: fucked up shojos). I have no idea if the name in the title is correct since I wasn’t given the English equivalent and I’m not Scottish (I assume the main character’s name is Scottish seeing how the story takes place in Scotland…). However…fark it. xD This isn’t the first time I butchered a translation and it won’t be the last tur hur!

Anyway, I call him Bonerfart in my summary so it’s all good ~ (little nod to Borderlands 2 for that nickname)

Title: Viscous’s Red Doll ヴィスキースの赤い人形
Manga-ka: Ichinose Kaoru 一ノ瀬かおる
Originally published in Aka Lala.

Click on the picture to visit the post ~


Note: If you’re a diehard fan of Viscous’s Red Doll or of Ichinose Kaoru, I’d probably advise against reading my post. Just sayin’ :3

[Edit: Oops! Forgot the link! Lol xD You can now click on the picture to go to the post haha]

4 thoughts on “Viscous’s Red Doll (WTF Shojo)

  1. I see your kuroh K Project icon! Im also following the series, which is a bIg deal for me since I’m never up to date with any anime. I’m no longer a late bloomer!


    • 8D You’re the same as me! I’m usually behind on everything!!! xD
      I’m not sure what changed this anime season. I think it was because the main character had silver hair. I’m a sucker for characters with silver hair @__@ And the bishies. So many bishies <3 Plus I love the art style of K ~ It's so colorful x3


  2. D: Ah, sorry Blogger’s been a bitch to use! I’ve never used WordPress so I had no comparison. Also, feel sad that Fucking Shoujo’s just “my” blog and not the rag-tag partners in crime blog. But oh well, you have more stuffs to do. And man you have tons of followers on this blog. Nice! haha


    • Haha, no, it’s not your fault. I didn’t realize it either because I usually wrote my blogger posts using blogger itself. But I figured since this particular post was going to be long, I wanted to save it in my blogger program for later use. Oops ~ But now I know how to remedy blogger’s I REFUSE TO FORMAT YOUR SHIZ problem ~ yay for random ass methods that work!

      I was going to put “our” blog but then I realized I only posted one thing before Red Doll… .___. if I had to describe the situation, it would be akin to a group project. You have you, the person that actually does the work, and then you have me, the three other people who don’t do shit except pitch in a few random pipe cleaners and tissue paper (even though the project is supposed to be a paper on Republican policy…). Even though I didn’t do shit, when we go to hand in the project, it’s “our” project. I just felt dirty attaching “our” to Fucking Shojo when I haven’t contributed much at all (.___.). Am I weird?

      Though I don’t have many followers, I love those that do follow Spoils ~ x3 They’re awesome ~ (especially since I just post random crap on my blog :o I have no direction at all xD)


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