WTF Search Term Hits for September 2012

Another month means another edition of WTF Search Term Hits. September was definitely…special in terms of hits. The month started off easy but then got just plain fucking weird at the end.

I’ll let you all be the judge >__>

“manga shower scene”

Hoping this was in relation to a male shower scene but most likely…it wasn’t .___.

arcana famiglia jolly so sweet

Like…in personality or in taste?

hakuouki naked


arcana famiglia sex

(llಠ ,ಠ )


lolicon bits

what’s gai sempai’s real name is s.l.h


tokyo majin that crazy little bitch

xD Haha I hope this was referring to Aoi!

shota slave

japanese porn girl has big dick



"kitoo dinghy" specification

I’m sure I got this because of SLH’s Kitoo but I’m afraid to see what “kitoo dinghy” really means…

hakuouki baby

I think the search term was looking to see if Chizuru be popping dem kids out but all I think about is how Hijikata is named Hakuouki so it’s like someone is trying to hit on him. Hey, there Hakuouki baby ~ give me some sugar <3

raper woody face

sand chizuru tumblr


la storia della arcana famiglia luca father

o___o oh gawd what? This better not be a Mondo x Luca thing

emo with swords

Okay lol whatever xD

wedgie shota

she’s a whore

she's a whore bieber

koro koro soushi

“this is a guro book featuring lots of violence and gore, including some cannibalism. It’s not hentai, but it does have some sex thrown in here and there, mostly rape. It’s set in feudal japan and its central character is an insane sadistic princess with a elite unit of special “hair” ninjas. She gets reckless and draws the attention of the Shogun which leads to a huge clash. Fun book with some grim humor, very graphic and has some disgusting stuff so not for the faint of heart. Some of the contents include torture, lobotomies, cannibalism, warfare, ninja combat, and a “Hell” amusement park. Featuring guest appearances by Jesus, and a clan of ninja descended from Moses!”



dude with curly hair

rondo of swords i can’t kill marie

Haha, that sounds so wrong if you haven’t played the game xD

are you serious? female

manga about a girl who would do anythig for the guy but he doesnt appreciate her and in the end te tables were turned

…wow that was really specific ( ・_・)ノ

jailbait meaning

zomg…why didn’t urbandictionary get this hit instead of my blog!?

+ou fan farking

I…don’t understand what this could mean…

bugs lol wtf head

emo boys hit

What’s with all this emo shit D8

porn game android

half dead girl

bishi bunny

porno shounen oujo

Wow…really? Shounen Oujo PORN!? D8

little puberty boobs

WTF…Gii, is this your search term hit!?

petit four playboy

xD lol Petit Four is not THAT kind of series

surreptitiously "staring at his legs"

looking up

girl and boy twins superstitions

anime fight sex change

kitoo boor sex

SLH’s Kitoo x a boar OTP…I need bleach for my eyes…

lolicon butler horse

…wait, is this even possible!?

shounen oujo gey

…yeah, I can’t argue against this search term hit. It does get a bit homo at times…

manga dying girl on man’s arms

Lol, why do I picture this dead chick planking some dude’s arms xD

google divulgacand2012 propostas do meme

…is this even English? (゜∇゜;)


jurenka heavy love

Haha, Hakuouki Jurenka is anything but heavy lovin’. Sorry to disappoint ya ^^;

doodles ghost


manga about a flasher

Manga about a what?


manga ponytail guy

ghost hunt monk telling naru off

patrick saitou

xD someone looked up Chikage based on the nickname I gave him haha

manga about a vampire that changes personality depending on what blood type he drinks

I was about to go wtf but then I remembered there was a chapter like that in Hiiro Vampire//Scarlet Vampire

"comic" "issue" "steps on" "head" "she" -fanfiction -stage -set -toes -path



penis whipping



suppository manga -kaoru -gyno –amateur



boy with girl boobs



guy covered in shit



if you fuck your sister there is no turning back




And that’s it…


…*crawls into a corner to cry*


12 thoughts on “WTF Search Term Hits for September 2012

  1. Wait. I don’t understand. Is this what people type in the search bar on your web page, or is this what people Google and then landed on your site? Either way, it’s creepy.

    • These are searches from search engines like google or bing.
      I have no idea what people are looking for when they are already on my site and use my search bar (maybe that’s a good thing ^^;).

      It is very creepy. It seems the older my blog gets, the more wtf the search term hits get. Thankfully a majority of my search term hits are manga related (specifically Sylph related). The WTF hits are usually rare…thankfully.

    • OMFG, Cree! If I start getting “man on man on walrus action while Edward Cullens sits in a tree eating a burrito and watches” hit, I’m so going to blame you xD
      Give it time and our Fucking Shojo blog will probably start getting some weird ass terms xD

      • NO. He who should not sparkle will never be typed. Your blog search terms are pervy enough. Though I cannot guarantee it will be safe from pickles. “Debrining a pickle while watching Albert disco” should suffice.

        And Fucking Shoujo. Oh I can’t wait to see what that blog brings it based on the absurd posts.

        • Hey, I could have been talking about…Prince Edward (can’t think of any other Edwards off the top of my head right now).
          Lol, do it, Cree! I need a pickle search term hit just to add to my never ending wtf collection. The other day, I got a hit for “rocket boobs.” owo;

          Oh man, we’ll be rolling in the wtfry. I mean, just look at what we post about on Fucking Shojo – pretty boys whored out by their fathers for business, vampires that turn into trees after they bone each other, a crazy Howl-look-a-like who is pretty much trying to turn his sex doll or whatever he does with it at night into a person via dripping the blood of 100 maidens on it, etc. If we don’t get some fucked up search term hits, we’re not doing our job right!

  2. Poor Kitoo! He was paired up with pervert stuff twice XD
    Your search term hits confirms that there really are anime/manga perverts XD

    • I always love seeing the random SLH search term hits because it brings back nostalgic memories for me x3 (though I think I’m the only one that understands the jokes since no one really reads SLH anymore haha).

      Dude, I’m glad I haven’t actually met with these creepers yet. It’s bad enough getting search term hits such as the ones displayed in this post but at least the perverts leave once they realize they ain’t going to find anything kinky here, unless they want beautiful boy eye candy ;D

  3. all i can say is…

    [ (llಠ ,ಠ )
    porno shounen oujo
    manga about a vampire that changes personality depending on what blood type he drinks
    if you fuck your sister there is no turning back]

    i can’t stop laughing… wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    … now i have in my google search term “porno shounen oujo” cos i got curious -.-
    that vampire personality blood type thingy sounds interesting tho! xD

    • I haven’t done one of these in a while.
      Man, I need to see if the search terms got better…or weirder!

      Hiiro Vampire isn’t bad. It’s pretty entertaining. Just don’t go in shipping anyone. You’ll be sorely disappointed. Even though the end hasn’t been scanalated, I read about it in my Sylph manga. I wasn’t too happy with it ^^;

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