October/November 2012 Plans

Howdy gang ~ Just posting a quick update here!

Now that I’ve caught up with Shounen Oujo, it’s time we got some Sylph magazine goodness 8D I’m sad that I’m already 4 issues behind *sobs* Forgive me. Good news is I’m already 1/2 done with the August issue so expect that soon (“soon” as in “eventually” xD).

At the same time, I’ll be posting 4-koma from Arcana Famiglia Ciao ~ Then I can add another project to my completed list :3

And of course, I may also random post other shiz because that’s how I roll ~

Hope the school year is going smoothly for you students out there! PEACE! *bounces away*

4 thoughts on “October/November 2012 Plans

  1. Short comment for a short post. :)
    1. Yaaay, more Sylph goodness!
    2. Hope Shounen Oujo gets a new chapter out in Sylph soon. You just posted about it and it already feels like a long wait to find out what happens next. I can’t imagine how it must have felt for you, to wait for almost half a year for a new chapter. :O Damn this manga is not getting enough love!
    3. Well done on another (almost) completed project. :D
    4. Being a student sucks! Still, I guess searching for a job sucks more. I remember you mentioning having trouble finding a job so I hope your hunt is going smoothly as well!
    5. I didn’t manage to keep it short! I give up!


    • 1.) I’m almost done with my first Sylph write-up x3 It’ll probably be out on Sunday or Monday ~!
      2.) It was painful .___. How could she leave me off at that cliffhanger!? ALBERT IS POISONED!? OLIVIE IS THE QUEEN’S FRIGGIN KID!? THE QUEENDOM HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER??? FFFF! You don’t know how hard I was cursing Uta no Prince-sama Debut’s existence during those long months afterwards xD If it hadn’t been taking up her time here in Sylph, the manga-ka would have worked on Shounen Oujo instead xD Damn you pretty boys! You already have an anime with another season coming up, like 4 video game adaptations, and an anthology! What more do you need!? D8

      Uta no Prince-sama: World Domination! WE’RE GOING TO BEAT HAKUOUKI AND YOU CAN’T STOP US!

      3.) 8D thanks! I just feel real bad for anyone who was waiting for those spoils because I took my sweet ass time ^^; sorry guys
      4.) .___. the search is coming along. I’m hoping for a nice turnaround with the economy once the elections are over with here. Until then… *blindly sends off applications and prays for something*
      Good luck with your studies my friend! Don’t let school beat you up. YOU do the beating! Make school regret ever messing with you! xD
      5.) Haha, long posts are loved ~ Don’t be afraid to post what you want to say (just please don’t tell me to go kill myself…)


    • *throws pom poms in the air*
      You can do it! If you two can’t get along, punch school in the face 8D That’s what shounen has taught me – Don’t like each other? Beat the crap out of one another and become bros! XD

      I’m surviving :3 Still trying to find a job in this nasty economy ^^; I’m waiting to hear back from a few places I interviewed at.
      What’s hurting me is there are very few entry level jobs at the moment. Most jobs available want someone with experience and as a kid fresh from college…yeah… *rolls off into the sun and implodes*


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