Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 14 (from the July 2012 Sylph magazine)

iconbroWelp, we’ve reached the final catch-up Tid-Bit. With this, we will be current with the magazine releases. Now you might be wondering, wait…this chapter was released in a magazine that came out back in May. It’s currently SEPTEMBER! Really?

Yes, really. The last chapter of Shounen Oujo (as of the date of this post) was back in May. Supposedly, a new chapter was supposed to be out back in August but that was a lie lols ~ However, I recently got the newest issue of Sylph (the November issue) and in the preview for the next issue, supposedly a new chapter will appear in the December issue of Sylph.

I also recently found out that in addition to drawing not only Shounen Oujo but also Uta no Prince-sama Debut and…that one manga in Zero-Sum, this particular manga-ka was also drawing illustrations for an otome game. That’s one busy schedule! I can see why Shounen Oujo was put on the backburner (because there was no way in hell Sylph was going to allow Uta no Prince-sama Debut to miss a month. Not their cash cow ~).

My preamble done, it’s time to enjoy chapter 14 of Shounen Oujo!

*cue Shounen Oujo theme song*


The chapter picks up right where chapter 13 left off. Ass is being kicked everywhere, courtesy of Team Albert. We spend a couple of pages watching Theo’s pirate friends show off their moves. During this time, Little Man Bitch/Yuuri finds a bow (and just a bow) on the ground. Little Man Bitch: YESSSS! I guess he either keeps a reserve of arrows in his underwear or he went back upstairs real quick to grab some because all of a sudden, Yuuri has an arrow in his hand and is ready to fight. ( ・_・)ノ With everyone preoccupied with beating the tar out of one another, he’s hoping to get in a sniper shot at Albert…but unfortunately for him, never bring a bow and arrows to a gun fight. One of Theo’s buddies shoots the bow out of Little Man Bitch’s hands (not sure how that’s possible without injuring him but whateva…), stopping him.


His primary weapon gone, Little Man Bitch turns to his secondary…secondary weapon – another dagger (remember he used on back in chapter 12). However, instead of using it, he throws the dagger at Albert. Again, Albert’s magical skirt flares up so we get a nice shot of Albert’s legs as the dagger grazes his thigh. When asked if he’s okay, Albert goes, yeah, thankfully that little bitch can’t aim a dagger.

Little Man Bitch: (╬ ಠ益ಠ)


Now that Albert has been injured, the gang decide they’ve spent enough time looking cool and should leave. Thankfully, one of the pirates likes bombs and carries a large supply with him. He blows up like half the palace so the gang can escape. └(>皿<。)┐彡*flee ~*

(I’m sure Gii is shitting himself right now)

We jump down to the masses who are looking up at the palace, trying to figure out why the fuck the roof just went flying into the air. Olivie appears before the confused masses and tells them he has freed the men from the tyranny of oppression.


The Queen has killed herself to repent for her daughter’s murder of Melcho and because of how she treated the guys. The Princess is all levels of fucked up and so she can’t appear before the people. When asked who the heartless he is, Olivie explains that he was the loyal subject of Melcho, his one true friend. Olivie is present before the masses because he wanted to carry out Melcho’s wishes. See, the original plan was that Melcho was going to change things from within by marrying the princess. But then he got shanked. However, as his LOYAL GREAT FRIEND, Olivie gathered his band of merry men to make the dream Melcho had come true. BROS BEFORE HOS YOU ALL~!

The men: 8D yayyyyyyyyy *pulls their chest hair out or however guys celebrate liberation against male oppression*


“Let us join in eternal friendship.”


We jump over to Little Man Bitch/Yuuri and Pirate Bob/Rolan. Pirate Bob is like, whelp, this sucks balls. They got away. Little Man Bitch responds by saying he’ll tell Olivie about what happened. It was his fault. Pirate Bob says, sweet. I’m not good at being around Olivie. As he walks away, he says something that makes Little Man Bitch get a funny face:

“Even though you were the one that changed him.”

o___O hmmmmm what did you do, Little Man Bitch?

We scene jump to Albert and the gang, who are racing to the pirate’s ship. Albert tells us readers that he doesn’t feel good but the manga-ka don’t care about elaborating about that. Instead, we focus on an argument Gii is having with the pirates. Basically, he’s not going on their damn ship.

Bomber Pirate: You telling me you plan on going back up to the castle?


Bomber Pirate: The one we rescued you from? The one where you were about to die and, let’s face it my friend, get anally raped?


Bomber Pirate: Final like Final Fantasy…which currently has 14+ titles out there?

As the two argue back and forth, Albert also tells us readers it’s getting hard to hear…

Manga-ka: nah, let’s not focus on Albert’s health just yet >:3

Leader pirate says they should just leave Gii and Albert’s ass and concentrate on saving their own. Theo is against said plan because he ain’t leaving his bro and his bro’s…uh, ho? Dawg? Wtfever Gii is in man jargon. Tired of the bickering, Nikora pulls out Albert’s royal dagger thingie and shows it to Gii. Can’t go far without this, eh buddy? Gii flips his shit. Why the hell would Albert give up the royal dagger thingie!?

“To save you!” snaps Theo.


Gii is shocked. So many feels are tumbling around his little pedo heart. (ノ◕Д◕)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ BROOOO! Albert apologizes to Gii for turning over the dagger to the pirates. However, he believes it was the best choice at the time because if Gii weren’t with him…


Albert starts to collapse before he can finish. Theo catches his fallen dawg and notices that Albert has a high fever. Albert’s skirt does its thing and hikes up so everyone can oogle at his girl thighs…and the nasty looking cut on his left thigh.

Gii: “Could this have been from a poisoned arrow?”

ಠ_ಠ Gii…only one person had access to arrows during your earlier brawl. And he lost those arrows when he was shot with a gun. Gii…Gii…

With Albert down, the gang has no choice but to flee together ~

Last scene change of the chapter, folks. We’re at the palace again. Things have settled down a bit. Olivie is in the Queen’s chambers, looking down at the Queen’s corpse.

“Your era has come to an end.”

Olivie uses his hand to I believe close the Queen’s eyes. Or he could just like putting his hand on top of the faces of people he has killed. Because that’s how he rolls.

Well, whatever the reason, the chapter ends with these words:


“Good-bye, mother.”


D8 wtf!? Olivie!? Is he really the Queen’s kid!? So that makes him Albert’s older bro. Well, at least we have an explanation to why Albert is girly. It runs in his family’s genes!

And now,  you my pigeons, are caught up with Shounen Oujo. Chapter 14 was the last chapter to be compiled into volume #2 BTW. We haven’t had a new chapter since then, which is very torturous if you got to this cliff hanger and wanted to see some answers. Again, as mentioned in my introduction, a new chapter of Shounen Oujo is listed for the December issue. In the little description provided, chapter 15 will focus on Albert and co as they flee to the country of Kuudetaa (yeah, I’m not even going to bother fumble fucking that into Engrish). This is the first time Albert has ever left the Queendom so he’s going to be encountering some new shit, ya all.

I’ll keep you posted until then ~

5 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 14 (from the July 2012 Sylph magazine)

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  2. WTF! Olive is the son of the Queen! What? How? (not in the how in how babies come from) Why? Why Olive did you kill your own sister and mother (but then again I can see why he killed his own mother because she was a tad mean) :'( So Olive is the new king of the country, sad times. I have a feeling that Olive is just going to enslave women just what they did to the men.

    Poor Albert, he’s been poisoned, kicked out of the palace and cannot fulfil Alexia’s dreams. Tough luck on Albert; well I wonder if he’s going to reappear as Albert or Alexia in the next chapter, I wish he comes back to Albert and finds out what to do and his heritage so he reclaim the throne and rule the Queendom like how his sister would’ve wanted it. Albert be all right in the next chapter!


    • A real shocker right! Just how old WAS the queen!? And just who was the father? Is he the same as Albert’s and Alexia’s!?
      Olivie must have some messed up childhood for him to kill his sister and mother like it was nothing. I mean, remember when Albert helped Olivie when they first met? Apparently only Albert felt a connection with Olivie since their interaction didn’t change Olivie’s decision to off Alexia :<

      I agree with your feeling. The men were the bitches so now it's time to turn the tides and see how the ladies like being treated like crap :o

      I'm hoping Albert finally sheds his "Alexia" skin and does things the way he would do it instead of how everyone else wants him to do things. Albert is Albert. Alexia was Alexia. They are two different people. Gii needs to see this too. I think being around Theo will be good for the two! He'll get both to see pretending to be someone else isn't the right thing to do 8D

      In a few weeks the new chapter will be out hopefully x3 Yay ~


  3. So yeah, I had discovered this manga in my computer class last January (lots of lols and hurry-minimize-the-pedo-the-teacher’s-coming.). Buuut, since I can’t read much Japanese, I was left off with chapter 7.

    I kept checking back but never saw an update. Much sadness. And then finally, I recently saw that chapters 8 and 9 had been translated, so I read those and then found a thread leading to your site.

    Normally, spoils are a no-go for me, but I thought I’d give it a try and started reading your chapter 10 bit. YOU HAD ME ON THE FIRST FEW SENTENCES, BRO. If there’s one thing I love, it’s good humor. So, I went back and read alllll the bits, from chapter 1 to 14. Lets just say, that, I’d be quite happy if you would have my first child. //nocreeperatalllll

    You have renewed my interest in Shounen Oujo, and made me have many good laughs. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time, yo. And I can’t wait for chapter 15!~

    (And when I tried to pronounce that countries name(Kuudetaa), I was reminded of coup d’état for some reason. lol frenchnesssss)

    can’t wait for moar. plz and thank you <33333333333333333


    • Oh man, talk about making me blush! x3 Such praise I am not worthy of!
      If anyone must get the credit for the Tid-bits, then it should be my brain for churning out random things while my fingers type. My brain apparently interprets what I read different from what’s actually there xD

      Brain: ;D

      Oh, I think the reason the scan group working on Shounen Oujo took so long is because they work with the tankoubon rather than with the magazine itself. The tankoubon’s release was delayed quite a bit due to the manga-ka’s work load. See, the manga-ka was originally drawing Shounen Oujo when Sylph (the magazine Shounen Oujo is currently serialized in) asked her to also draw the manga adaptation of Uta no Prince-sama Debut (since she drew the manga adaptation of Uta no Prince-sama). Not only did she have those two manga to draw for, but she also has another series in Zero-Sum she’s working on. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she was also drawing illustrations for an otome game. Of the four, Shounen Oujo was inevitably the one placed on the back burner and left to simmer (bc hell if Sylph was going to let it’s cash cow Uta no Prince-sama sit on that back burner! Lol no.) ;____; Thus Shounen Ouho’s release schedule got all wacky. I was actually quite surprised when amazon.jp had Shounen Oujo vol #2 listed in September, seeing as how the last chapter had come out in May. But now that Uta no Prince-sama Debut is over and I believe she’s done with her illustrations for that otome game, hopefully that means more Shounen Oujo baby <3 (Chapter 15 just came out with the December Issue 8D)

      Thanks so much for your comment ~ Hope you'll enjoy future Tid-Bits ;D

      P.S. Don't worry. No firstborn sacrifice will ever be required haha xD


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