Scatter Shots I (The Hana to Yume 8/12)

(trying to clean out my draft folder a bit here ^^;)

iconssHowdy ya’all ~ So I bet you’re wonder, wtf is Scatter Shots!? Welp, hold you horses, partner, I was just about to get to that :P (why the pho am I talking like some cowboy o__O;) In layman’s terms, Scatter Shots will be a post focusing on multiple one-shots I’ve read in “The Hana to Yume.” The main difference from my other one-shot posts will be the amount of blah I write in Scatter Shots. Either due to the simple plot or lack of anything to talk about, each one-shot featured in the Scatter Shots post will have like…a paragraph or two of my ramblings. This doesn’t mean the one-shots featured in the Scatter Shots posts suck. On the contrary, usually one-shots that make me go wtf tend to get their own posts xD It’s just…hard to write a post about something that can be explained with: he likes her, she likes him, he does something stupid and she runs away crying, he catches her and apologizes, cry scene, kiss scene, and then they’re together, yay! But even though these one-shots don’t have a lot for me to talk about, I still want to share them with you my readers because…well, I love sharing the contents of my magazines with others who are curious about them.

…hopefully my explanation was…sorta clear? Gah, this is why I never majored in English. I can’t even explain what I want to do in my own native tongue…how pathetic.

While I sit over here wallowing in shame at my shitty English, enjoy your first exposure to “Scatter Shots.!”

隣に棲む北極星・Tonari ni Sumu Hokkyokusei ・The North Star Beside Me
瀬田舞・Seta Mai


“A mysterious neighbor bathed in the soft darkness of the night”

Summarized in one sentence: “This chick and dude who I thought was a ghost spend their evenings chatting about shiz on their apartment balconies.”

“The North Star Beside Me” focuses on a young girl who recently started living alone due to her father working overseas. She likes to spend her evenings looking up at the North Star from her balcony. When she was younger, her father told her that if she ever felt lonely or sad, she only needed to look at the North Star for it will protect her. However, recently her nightly ritual has been interrupted due to the appearance of her bishi neighbor. While the girl at first is like, wtf go away loser, she (in her tsundere way) comes to enjoy their interactions. But just who is her neighbor? Why is there no nameplate on the outside of his door? How come he only appears in the evenings? 

Well, I’ll tell you: it’s because he’s a motherfucking ghost.

Jk. No, that’s too dumb. I would have put this as a “One-Shot Miss” if that were the case xD In actuality, he’s just some dude who would pass by the main girl’s apartment when returning from work. Over time, he took notice of her nighttime behavior and thought, hey, that’s weird. Wonder wtf she’s doing? Let me be creepy and move into the apartment next to her that is just conveniently vacant and get to know her 8D The reason there is no nameplate on his door is because he hasn’t been able to move all his shiz into his apartment due to reasons (though that doesn’t stop him from going into his apartment to hang with her in the evenings). The mystery around him revealed, the story ends with the two hanging out on the balcony, her bickering at him and him lol-ing at her tsundere-ness.

Overall, I liked “The North Star Beside Me” because the main character’s situation sort of hit home with me. When I went off for college, I got my first apartment and lived alone. Prior, I used to live with my dad so the change was kind of big for me. I’d be like the main girl and get lonely without my old man around (and being in a new area, I had no friends ;____;). Sadly, however, I didn’t have a hot bishi neighbor to boost my spirits. Instead, I had some creeper military dude who kept trying to hit on me even though he was like my dad’s age D8< GAWDDAMMIT SIR! I’M A COLLEGE STUDENT! GO TO JAIL AND GET RAPED IN THE SHOWER ROOMS! But I did make friends at my apartment so it sort of worked out (though I am glad to have moved out of those apartments, especially with the T-Rex above me stamping around at all hours of the night).

Verdict: One-Shot Hit

十五の肖像・Jyuugo no Shouzou・15th Portrait (Portrait of 15/15 Portraits)
猪狩そよ子・Igari Soyoko


“Play for me a bittersweet love song”

Summarized in one sentence: “A girl is asked by a boy to teach him how to play the piano and they fall in love…too bad the one-shot doesn’t GAF about their romance and instead focuses on the girl resolving friendship issues with the amigo who she dresses identical to.”

15th Portrait is kind of strange. You have these two girls who are friends and dress exactly like the other. We’re talking the same outfits, same hairstyle, same accessories – I wouldn’t be surprised if they had matching underwear on and brushed their teeth with the same toothpaste brand. However, one girl is apparently a beauty because her eyes are large and her hair is slightly curly – two traits that make all the boys  run to her yard. Our main heroine is a girl with smaller eyes and straight hair, which in this one-shot means no one wants to touch her (despite the fact she looks exactly like her friend save the eye size and hair type. I’m serious folks. I could photoshop one girl’s eyes over the other and they’d look alike). The story starts when a boy comes running up to the girls. Realizing this boy is probably there to confess to her friend, our main character says she’s going to peace out and starts to leave. However, much to her surprise, the boy says he wants to talk with her! HOLY SHIT WTF! IS LOVE COMING HER WAY!? <-this is what our main character – Uchida – thinks as she follows him into the school’s music room. Preparing her maidenly heart for his confession, she is instead asked to teach him how to play the piano. Why? Well, it’s said Uchida’s dress-alike friend – Kojima – is only interested in guys who can play a mean tune on the piano. To have a running chance at dating her, he wants to learn the piano and who better to ask than Uchida, who used to play the piano since she was a kid!

Uchida: щ(ಠ益ಠщ) gawd damn you for giving me hope you little piece of shit…

Despite being crestfallen, Uchida is a nice girl so of course she’ll help him. The two practice the piano and start to fall for each other. But this one-shot doesn’t care about their budding romance. Them: whut!? Instead, it focuses on the problems between Uchida and Kojima. Though they dress alike, Uchida has a complex when it comes to her “prettier” friend. All the boys love Kojima…even the boy Uchida had her eye on in the past (it always starts with a boy…). The boy was also a piano student who took lessons from the same teacher as Uchida. The three of them used to hang out together during their piano classes. Kojima was oblivious to the boy’s interest and instead cheered her friend on. Though nothing ever worked with that boy and Kojima, Uchida was scarred from that event and stopped attending her piano classes (in fact, she stopped playing the piano period. Why? Because it’s dramatic.). Despite throwing away the piano, she still stuck with Kojima. Uchida loves her friend and it’s not her fault boys get turned on by eyes that take up 1/2 of a girl’s face but…gah! Speed to the present to when Uchida realizes she gots dem feels again for the boy she’s teaching the piano to. But he’s got the horny hormones for Kojima. However, Kojima is oblivious and thinks Uchida and the boy are a couple. When she cheers them on, Uchida snaps, reminded too much of the past. The two then are awkward around each other…until Kojima is picked on by some jealous bitches (seeing as how Kojima be getting all dem boys’ attentions). Uchida realizes she’s been holding a grudge against Kojima for stupid reasons and tells the bitches to go fuck themselves and leave her friend alone. The girls then reveal their true feelings: they were jealous of the other. After that, they cry and shit and become buds again. Oh, and it turns out Kojima has the hots for their piano teacher lol.

The end.

Not a bad oneshot. It was kinda creepy, the way the two girls would dress alike. I was under the impression they were twins because my friends and I never wore the same everything during our 4 years of high school. Maybe matching shirts but past two days and that just got weird. The friendship angle was interesting though the fact the romance plot line got thrown out was a bit disheartening. I read shojo for the romance. Don’t kick it into the corner like a pair of turdy underwear D8

Verdict: One-shot Graze

友のこわいはなし・Tomo no Kowai-Hanashi・Tomo’s Scary Story
パン屋ころ・Panya Koro


“Tomo…do you know about ‘the man underneath the bed?’”

Summarized in one sentence: …basically a fucked up shojo about fucked up shit.

I posted the summary on my friend’s blog I contribute to called Fucking Shojo :3 (this is also a plug to advertise my friend’s new blog xD)


切符にきづいて・Kippu ni Kiduite・I Became Aware of a Ticket

さかたき新・Sakataki Arata


“You causally greet me and smile. For me, these are times I treasure more than anything.”

Summarized in one sentence: “Bishi Train Station Worker x Shy School Girl love story.”

OMFG, “Kippu ni Kiduite” was SUCH an adorable one-shot x3 No stupid love octagons! No comas and twins popping out of no where. Just nice fluff ~ Ah, it’s moments like these I remember why I read shojo <3 The story of “Kippu ni Kiduite” follows the daily interactions of a bishi train station worker and a senior high school student. Both live in a rural area where the worker is in charge of keeping log on who goes in and out (instead of an automatic turnstile). Thus our main character, the worker, gets to interact with the commuters. One girl in particular stands out because instead of using a pass, she buys tickets. Each time she buys a ticket, she and him chat.

And that’s pretty much it. They chat ~ get them love feels ~ little bit of drama ~ cute ending x3

Sounds boring as heck when you read my sad ass description but I really enjoyed “Kippu ni Kiduite.” MY INNER GIRLY GIRL SPASMED ALL OVER THE PLACE 8D I also liked that even though the girl was super shy, she still had them balls to confess her feels to him x3 You go girl! This is my first time reading anything from Sakataki Arata but I look forward to checking out her future works ;3

Verdict: One-Shot Hit

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