Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 13 (from the May 2012 Sylph magazine)

riceMan, I just have no luck with iPhones. Yesterday, my dad dropped his coffee and like a drop flew in the air and landed on the speaker of my iPhone. DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW SMALL THESE SPEAKERS ARE!? It’s easier to hit a fly with your turd cannon than it is to get a drop of projectile liquid to land on an iPhone speaker. By the time I realized there was liquid on my speakers, it was too late (I was busy trying to clean up the mess to notice). I tried the rice trick but that only works if you leave the phone off and don’t power it on 30 minutes into the procedure.

Dad: Let’s see if your phone works. *turns on phone*


Thankfully my phone still makes some noise (better than the last time something like this happened). If I want to talk to anyone though, I’ll have to use my headphone-speaker thing but it’s better than not being able to talk at all, right? I was stupidly thinking how fortunate this all happened the day before the iPhone 5 was going to be released but then I forgot the whole world pre-ordered the 5 and ours probably won’t ship until Oct  =__=; le sigh…

Well…that’s my depressing news of the day. Nothing major but for someone who is on the hunt for a job, a working phone is crucial… ;___;

Anyhoo, it’s time to switch gears!

Prepare yourselves for one of the shortest chapters in the Shounen Oujo series! Like, really…I’ll be luck to make it to to 500 words xD

*cue Shounen Oujo theme song*

Chapter 13 picks up where 12 left off. Rolan/Pirate Bob makes his entrance. Gii turns his sights from Yuuri/Little Man Bitch to Pirate Bob (no Gii…just shank LMB. As your one last act, stop the little bitch before he causes shit to happen). However, whatever god of Asskicking that descended into Gii earlier must have had some tv shows to watch because Gii goes from “badass” to “getting his ass kicked” in like a panel.


In one swing, Pirate Bob knocks Gii off his feet and onto the floor. As Gii stares up from the ground with a face that screams “wtf just happened!?,” Pirate Bob’s Merry Men surround Gii and pin him to the floor with their weapons. Pirate Bob himself salsas over to Little Man Bitch to check on how he’s doing but Little Man Bitch isn’t exactly happy to be rescued by the salty dog. He blows off Pirate Bob’s concern, just like his nickname would make you think. What a little man bitch. Pirate Bob is all levels of awkward so to get his men to stop staring at him like DUDE YOU GOT BURNEDDDDDDDDDD, he asks if they need to keep Gii alive. That’s when Little Man Bitch reveals that, yeahhhh, you see…on top of getting my ass kicked…I kinda let the princess escape.

Pirate Bob: ಠ_ಠ …I’ve got one eye and look at all the shit I’ve done. What possible reason could you have for not completing your duties, Little Man Bitch? Really? Make the Cyclopes clean up your mess? Wow, you’re such a little bitch.


As Pirate Bob throws a hissy fit, Gii gets ready for his last appearance in Shounen Oujo. He starts to monologue as all heroes do before they die, saying he hopes Alexia made it out and –


Gii: DA FUQ!?

A giant explosion catches everyone off guard. Smoke fills the air, making it hard to see…the daggers flying into people’s throats! Gii looks around like wtf is going on!? He sees a girl but she quickly disappears into the white mist.

Then a bishi appears and starts doing round house kicks. Once he knocks everyone’s teeth out, he jumps into a crotch, posing.

Gii: ಠ_ಠ


He then looks over Gii.

Gii: …oh gawd, he’s got the rape look D8

“I’m not doing this because I like you. I’m doing this because I don’t want to betray my friend.”

Gii: …what kind of reason is that to rape me!?

Apparently one guard is still awake and he chooses this opportunity to make a stab at Gii…not sure why, seeing as Gii has his hands tied behind his back and is looking around lost in confusion like everyone else had been, forgot they’re like dead now. But thankfully Albert blocks the stab in time, using a spear…I have no clue where he got that spear. Let’s just pretend he stole it off one of the guard.

“Sorry for making you wait.”


In his head, Albert thinks how Alexia would have listened to Gii and got her butt out of the castle, leaving Gii to become rape bait. But Albert isn’t Alexia. He wasn’t then. He isn’t now.

And then we have Albert’s famous line:

Followed by: “There is no way I’m going to let you die!”

The passion in Albert’s words sparks a warm fuzzy in Gii. He’s like, dudddddeeeee :) Then Gii monologues for a second, telling himself that in the end, Albert didn’t kill off “Albert.” And he’s got strange people helping him save Gii. Lol wtf :)

The chapter ends with the Shounen Oujo gang getting ready for a beat down!



Hey, sweet. Over 600 words 8D Guess I did get to over 500 words…but just barely ~

We have one more chapter and we’ll be current with the magazine releases/the end of volume #2. Unfortunately, the last chapter was released back in June and as of the newest Sylph (which is out today), no word on when the next new chapter will appear (supposedly a new chapter was supposed to appear in the October issue but…nope). Until Chapter 14 peeps!

Ah, for those interested, a while back, I had a Fill-in-the-Blank post for Shounen Oujo chapter 13 (which I incorrectly labeled as 14 for some reason). If you’re bored, why not contribute a line? 8D

[EDIT! Chapter 14 is out!]

9 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 13 (from the May 2012 Sylph magazine)

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  2. My god. You are so funny/perverted. Both.

    jumped into a ‘CROTCH’ +other perverted phrases=
    One insanely obsessed yaoi fangirl spreading the love.


    • Haha, you’re going to be surprised but I’m actually not a yaoi fangirl despite my perverted mind xD My friend is though and I love to jk around with her about BL (I may not watch/read BL but I know about the cliches xD ex. rape = turn the other guy gay).

      Glad you’re enjoying the summaries 8D


        • xD Right! They’re hilarious!

          The only time I don’t like yaoi jokes is when it’s taken too far. Like, right now I’m reading another manga in Sylph called Hakase Ga!! It’s funny but it sometimes takes the shounen-ai jks too far. Like…to the point where you wonder why the series just doesn’t leave Sylph and go be a yaoi series already o__o;


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