Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 12 (from the April 2012 Sylph magazine)

iconWelp I was going to talk about the iPhone 5 but then I realized, meh it’s not that interesting. All we did was preorder it at our phone provider’s store and were told we’d be getting the phones probably around October based on shipping.

Then they laughed at our 3s’s and that was it. Yeah, not sure what the laughing was about. I guess our phones are so old it’s funny?

And with that, on to Shounen Oujo!

*cue Shounen Oujo theme song*


“The unforgettable days of the past.”

Last we visited the world of Shounen Oujo, Theo tackled Albert, happy to see his old friend again. Albert however didn’t share Theo’s joy as he didn’t know who the fark the guy manhandling him was and thought the worst until Theo revealed his identity.


(lolololol dat leg!)

Albert: o___o the fark? Theo? Dude, no way. Then Albert asks the same question we were all thinking back when we first saw older Theo at the end of chapter 7: THE HELL DID TWO YEARS DO TO YOU!? I TURN INTO A GIRL AND YOU TURN INTO A STUD MUFFIN! WTF!? NOT FAIR!

Theo smiles. Yuppers! You’re Albert alright! 8D (uh…Theo, shouldn’t you be questioning Albert’s attire about now? You weren’t around long enough in chapter 1 to know of Alexia’s plans for Albert…).

Theo: nope! 8D I may be a bishi but I’m still slow as shit!

Me: okay then

Realizing that his secret is out, Albert freaks. SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!

“I knew.” The sound of Theo’s voice breaks through Albert’s thoughts. He grabs Albert’s hand and places it over the scar on his chest. “ I knew the minute I saw you…that you were Albert.

ಠ_ಠ uh guys…do we need to give you a moment?


Theo’s scar must have magical powers because Albert is sent down memory lane upon touching it. He remembers his childhood. His friends and his old life. And of being…Albert.


He then recalls Gii telling him to hang Albert from a light fixture and then bury the body out in the woods. No. Albert can’t erase the existence known as Albert. That’s because…

“I am Albert.”


(Translation: Gii, you’re not the only one who can look cool!)

Yayyyy, Albert has found the solution to his identity crisis! Basically he can’t be Alexia because he is Albert…kind of obvious but it’s hard to remember when everyone was pressuring him to be someone else…and to have babies all over the place. With his dilemma settled, Albert has his Albert back. And Albert doesn’t run like a little girl. He’s going to save Gii. But he can’t do it alone. Albert grabs Theo’s hand (lol wtf is with all this hand grabbing!? xD) and asks for Theo’s assistance. Before Theo can say, hell yeah let’s cut some bitches, a voice cuts in: No.

Albert: >:U really!? Is the whole town taking the back route into the castle!?


(lololol Albert! YOU’RE LEGS!!! XD)

In comes Nikora, doing a flip in the air before landing in front of the two…just to look thug (also to serve as an excuse to glare at Albert). Surprised by yet another figure appearing before him, Albert tries to discern just who this Cirque du Soleil performer is and whether they should be nervous. However, he doesn’t have to ponder long when Theo provides the answer to her identity by asking what’s up, Nikora? xD Lol Theo. She glares at Theo, asking him why the pho he’s helping out a noble. Theo is about to say Albert is no noble but is stopped by Albert. I’M IN A DRESS DUDE. I’M IN A CASTLE. I’M PRETENDING TO BE A GIRL. PLAY THE FUCK ALONG. Though none of this is said out loud, Theo understands something is going on. He says, yeah, I’m helping a noble out. What’s it to you? Nikora tells Theo to quit while he’s ahead. Working with a noble (especially with the damn country currently in the midst of a revolution) will only result in the loss of his life.

“Even so, I made a promise.”

Nikora balls her fist at Theo’s defiance, indicating to us readers that she is not happy (given that her face is pretty much stuck in a permanent scowl, it’s hard to tell her emotions haha xD). Albert himself is touched by his friend’s words. Dude, Theo. You’re such a bro.

Then that door Albert was looking for explodes off its hinges. And guys…look at this shit:


Um, Albert, really? Why were you hacking away at the bushes in chapter 11 when the door was RIGHT OVER HERE the whole time? Look, Albert! No huge blanket of vines were coving it. Hell, it’s even got unique architecture to it to indicate A DOOR IS HERE! Albert…wtf? And you in the middle – why are you posing!? This isn’t a photo shoot!!!

Albert: stfu! I had a lot on my mind. >___<

Nice to see only pirates are smart enough to use the back door when breaking into some place instead of trying the locked front door like the crazed masses xD

Sorry for the diversion. Just had to get that out. Ahem. Back to our story.

Turns out the newcomers are more of Theo’s pirate friends. They came to grab Theo and Nikora since shit be turning real. Theo informs his unwashed brethren that he’s not going. Instead of putting up a fight, his pirate friends are like, whelp that’s a convincing enough argument to not push the subject any further. Nice knowing you Theo. Facebook me some time! Come on, Nikora. However, Nikora herself says she’s not going anyway (no way is she leaving her bishi with a hussie like Albert). Apparently her refusal is worth debating over as everyone starts to argue.

Theo: ಠ_ಠ oh, you stop her but you won’t stop me, eh?

Pirates: She’s the only one on our team with tits and an ass. Had this been a yaoi, we’d be stopping you because you’re like the only pretty guy on our ship. But Shounen Oujo don’t fly that way, thus we’re fighting for boobs, not dicks.

Theo: …fair enough >__>

Yadda yadda more bitching. *flips pages* Finally the story gets moving when Nikora says to Albert she’ll help too but only if Albert is serious about what he needs to get done.

[Oh, I should mention everyone thinks Albert is a lady. Kind of hard to explain this fact when I’m using words instead of pictures like the manga xD]

“Prove to me your determination.”

Albert: My determination…

For some reason, Albert’s skirt mysteriously hikes up into the air, reminding him of the ornamental dagger from chapter 7 that he carries with him at all times. The dagger itself proves the one holding it is royalty <- stating again in case someone forgot. Realizing what he’s got to do, he reaches for the dagger. In his head, a scene of Alexia flashes by.

“I need to start trusting in myself.”

Albert hands over the dagger to Nikora, explaining its importance. Everyone present freaks because ho shit, this isn’t just any noble. It’s the fucking princess! Even Nikora is a little hesitant.

“…in other words, you’re willing to throw away your social status?”

The two stare each other down until Nikora grabs the dagger.

“You’ll regret this. You have no idea how important he is.”

Albert: O___o huh?

Me: Yeah, wtf?


Nikora pockets the dagger. Everyone goes from saying let’s gtfo to okay let’s do whatever we just agreed to xD


Theo places a hand on Albert’s shoulder. “So, what now?”

Well, Theo. I’d tell you, but we’re about to end the chapter…and the ending doesn’t concern you or your smelly friends.

Pirates: :(

Instead, we’re going to see how Gii is holding up. Actually, he’s doing quite fine, given that he just finished murdering everyone in the room save Little Man Bitch. ಠ_ಠ WTF GII!? Why only him!? Finish what you started! YOU’RE GOING TO REGRET IT! But no, Gii is too punk to care. He even puts his sword away and walks away from Little Man Bitch.

Me: *FACE PALM* It’s because he has the same hairstyle as you ,isn’t it Gii? You can’t kill the fashionable?

Gii: :3

As Gii starts to think, whelp I might as well catch up to Alexia, Little Man Bitch pulls out a dagger. YUP KNEW IT! But somehow Gii is right in front of him with his sword drawn. Wtf…did Gii just teleport o__O;

Gii: Ohohohoho no little man. I’ve got the bigger blade here. I’m going to make you my bitch!

Little Man Bitch: :( uh oh maybe I shouldn’t have left my arrows upstairs…

“What a sorry sight. Yuuri. How can you protect Olivie when you can’t even protect yourself?”


We turn around to see Pirate Bob/Rolan and his Merry Men enter the scene. LMB/Yuuri glares at Roland, not looking please with the assist. Gii himself is looking like he regrets not shanking Yuuri and getting the fark out of there when he had the chance.

Well…sucks to be you Gii.

The end.

Chapter 12 was pretty quick eh? Pretty much the entire premise was that Albert learns to be himself and he makes some friends to help him rescue Gii .

And with that, I leave you peeps! Expect more Shounen Oujo…eventually! 8D

[EDIT: Chapter 13 is out!]

5 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 12 (from the April 2012 Sylph magazine)

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  2. Oh mai there are lots of posts this time! So many to read :) well Theo has made a comeback this time via hot bishe and poor Albert, Theo change into such a handsome lad to the point to you cannot recognise him. But I do wonder what Theo had become over the years to make him so important unless he became someone like captain jack sparrow, if so that would be so cool. Furthermore, LOL to the pirates for refusing Nikora to leave the gang but allowing Theo to leave, I mean poor Theo feeling unloved by this pirate gang and a childhood friend who didn’t recognise him in an instant. Well I don’t blame the pirates because everybody have needs :P

    Also I believe that Olive is some one related to the royal family especially to the Queen because it is the only reason I can think of to why Olive hates the queen so much on a personal level. Maybe he was like her servant or something and born from a noble family. At one point I thought that Olive could be the Queen husband then I realised it was a dumb idea because everybody would recognised him and I think he’s too young for that role.

    And thank you so much for your spoils


    • xD the Posting Bug bit me haha! My fingers just flew across the keyboard like they had a mind of their own :3

      I too am interested in seeing how life has changed Theo. Thus far he seems the same but you’d think the pirate life would have changed him…somewhat?
      OMG 8D Theo ~ the new Captain Jack Sparrow ~ Only bishi xD

      ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Yes! That was hilarious! The pirates were like “welp, we tried” with Theo but with Nikora, they put their foot down and everything! You’d think they way they acted these other pirates were like the parents/protective older brothers of Nikora xDDDD No, daughter! You can’t stay behind! It’s dangerous!

      Chapter 14 actually hints at Olivie’s past ~ on the very last page 8D But what’s frustrating is chapter 14 is the most recent chapter of Shounen Oujo but it was released back in the July Issue (which was released in June). As of the November Issue (the one released yesterday), there hasn’t been a new chapter ;___; Boo


      • The author sure likes to keep her readers waiting :'( and your comment about Olive’s past intrigues me and now I can’t wait for chapter 14 but I’ll wait like like a good person :)


        • Yes, she does!
          I recently found out this particular manga-ka was drawing illustrations for an otome game so that may explain why there was such a long gap between chapter 14 and chapter 15 (which is supposed to be out in Oct 2012).

          8D I should hopefully have it this week if everything goes right! Then we’ll be current with the magazine!
          Thank you for your patience x3 *hugs*


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