Stuff I’ve Read for the Week Sept 1 + WTF Search Term Hits

iconWow, two posts within a week! Talk about activity! xD Lately, all I’ve been blogging about are summaries like Shounen Oujo or things about Comic Sylph. While nice, I wanted to mix things up a bit. Thus I’m posting about what I’ve been reading this past week. I’m always curious to see what others are reading too so I’m hoping you readers will also comment about what titles you have been following :3

Here is a preview of what I’m going to talk about :3


And as a special bonus, I have some WTF Search Term Hits near the end for those of you who come to my blog solely to see what kind of creeper hits I’ve been getting xD

Sora Kara! My Nanny! by Hidou Ryouji Volume 1 – 4


Meet the world’s worst baby sitter☆
This story takes place in a small port town called Adorpur, located in the kingdom of Saint Dean. One day, a lone figure comes FLYING (literally) into town! This youth has been dispatched to care for the three brothers of the Baggins Estate while their parents are away. The kind-hearted nanny is named Victor and he can take to the skies using his umbrella! Together with plenty of love, courage, and his freaky magical powers, this nanny is here to care for his charges!

Yes! I finally did it! I’m now current with the magazine releases!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m now up to date with 2 series in Sylph! I know, it’s amazing. I, I feel like crying because I’m so overcome by joy.

booksnannyYou all have no idea how much I love Sora Kara! My Nanny! It just…has that right…umph for me! The second I found out Sora Kara was a parody of Mary Poppins, I knew this was going to be good. I mean, how many manga have you read where they turned Mary into a dude? Yeah, exactly. I don’t even know if there are any where Mary be sporting a hotdog wiener between her legs besides Sora Kara. But if there is another male Mary Poppins running around, let me ask you this: does he summon demons to help him babysit? No, yeah, didn’t think so. That’s because he sucks. Only Victor summons demons from hell to watch his kids. Why? Because why not.

And it’s not just the humor that makes me love Sora Kara. The characters are adorable x3 Save Allen. It took awhile to warm up to this little 10 year old. I have a feeling had Victor and Leo not come into his life, Allen would have grown up to be a serial killer. There’s just something…off about him. Thankfully the power of love and shit has diverted him from his true calling…for now.

Er, sorry for the diversion. σ(^_^;) We were talking about the characters – yes, they are love. From Victor’s bungles to Leo’s I’M DAH MAN personality to even the caregivers who only appear in the background, Sora Kara’s characters are so entertaining. It’s fun to watch how the Baggins children change for the better (especially in Allen’s case) with the introduction of their new nannies. Not only do the children change, but so do Leo and Victor in the later volumes. Seeing Victor crying and saying IT’S CUZ I WANNA BE A NANNY was just so precious (and hilarious because he lost control of his powers and summoned a bunch of demons in front of everyone xD). Even Leo with his sad backstory found peace thanks to Victor and the children.

Gah so much love for Sora Kara people. SO MUCH LOVE!!!! It’s bursting out of my chest and oozing on my computer screen! That’s how much I enjoy Sora Kara! If you ever get the chance to read it, DO IT! DO IT FOR THE GENDER BENT MARY POPPINS! DO IT FOR THE SINGING AND DANCING! YES THERE IS SINGING AND DANCING!!! IT’S LIKE DISNEY…ONLY JAPANESE.  DO IT…FOR YOUR SOULLLLLLL!

If you like Sora Kara! My Nanny, you might like:

  • Gakuen Babysitters
  • Love So Life
  • Baby & Me
  • Aishiteruze Baby 
  • (*note I haven’t read any of the above but I plan to)
  • Bunny Drop (I’m only on the beginning volumes; I heard later volumes get weird when they paired certain characters together)
  • Hiso Hiso Silent Voice (it’s not crazy like Sora Kara! but it does have comedy and indirect child rearing…if that makes sense xD)

Boyfriend by Yamada Daisy Volume 1 – 3


“Protagonist Hijiki is hoping to make a fresh start at her new school. On her first day, she meets a rude boy named Hourai. However, it turns out Hourai is actually putting on a front. Due to a turn of events, Hijiki starts to get close to Hourai. The more time Hijiki spends with Hourai, the more she gets to see the boy behind the mask.

Can the power to overcome challenges in life help her in love?”

Yeah, you’re reading this right. I read a manga meant for middle schoolers.



I bought Boyfriend oh so many years ago but never got around to reading the last volume. I wouldn’t say it was due to disinterest. Rather, I blame my random habit of quitting something when I’m almost at the end. But like everything, after sometime has passed, I’ll feel the urge to complete what I started. Yeah, real wtf. You may notice my quirk popping up from time to time when I blog xD

(Basically what I’m trying to say is I got the lazy bug, stopped, and now years later I want to know what happens in the end!)

What I liked about Boyfriend – it’s cute, it’s simple, and I can read it w/o much difficulty anymore (as compared to my newbie self when I first tried to read the series). I like the main character, Hijiki, even though she has the habit of crying a lot. Tears aside, I admire her determination to try and make friends and also to win the heart of her love interest.

What I didn’t like – the pacing of the story. The best way I can describe the flow is this: imagine yourself getting randomly punched in the nuts. You’re just walking along when all of a sudden a hairy fist comes out and clocks your balls. You clutch your jewels and fall to the floor in pain. When the initial pain of having your manhood roughed up passes, the first thing you think of is, wtf just happened!? That’s how I felt with Boyfriend. You’ll be cruising along with the plot when all of a sudden shit hits the fan omfg problem resolved next chapter. You’ll blink and thing, wtf just happened!? Part of me thinks had the series been longer the pacing wouldn’t have been too bad. But I like that Boyfriend is a short series because it doesn’t overstay its welcome. It gets what it needs done (albeit in a crazed and rushed fashion) and leaves.

Oh, and another thing I didn’t like were the parents. Almost everyone sucked, save the pregnant stepmom with the mean right hook and the grandma. Who the f punches his own kid when having an argument with said child then throws his son’s friend into a bookcase, causing her to bash her head into a shelf??? Then two pages later goes welp my bad sorry about that! Also, who goes WHY DO YOU WANT TO TRANSFER SCHOOLS after your kid basically confesses all the problems she was having at said school, to the point where physical injury was inflicted on her by her classmates? (thank you mom for punching him in the face).

In the end, Boyfriend is a cute series to read if you have time on your hand, and you didn’t read Sora Kara! My Nanny first (yeah, I’m pushing that shit like a pro, dude!). Maybe cuz I’m secretly girly on the inside and I love cute girly manga because I had no problem stomaching the sugary sweetness that is Boyfriend xD

If you like Boyfriend, you might also like:

  • Can’t think of anything at the moment xD Any suggestions?

The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

Gasp, something not manga related! Dah HELL? Yup, be shocked, my readers. I engage in activities other than reading large amounts of manga/Comic Sylph xD In reality, I used to be quite the reader back in high school but college and my time working at Waldenbooks sort of damaged my reading spirit. I’m thankful reading the Divergent series has gotten me back into the love of reading :3 (albeit I’m recovering at a slow rate but it’s progress nonetheless!). Recently I’ve been sniffing around the library and I’ve checked out two books: “The Gathering” and “The Calling” from Kelley Armstrong. Here are my thoughts (after the summary):


“ An ordinary town . . . full of deadly secrets

Strange things have been happening in sixteen-year-old Maya’s small Vancouver Island community—from the mountain lions that have been constantly approaching her to her best friend’s hidden talent for "feeling" out people and situations. There’s also a sexy new bad boy who makes Maya feel . . . different. Combine that with a few unexplained deaths and a mystery involving Maya’s biological parents and it’s easy to suspect that this town might have more than its share of skeletons in its closet.”

Wow, now that I’m reading the summary, I realize that the book was nothing like what you read in the above. Talk about embellishing details xD

booksgatheringI’m sad to say I’m not too impressed with “The Gathering.” For a series about supernatural shiz, there was like…no supernatural shiz save one scene. ONE SCENE. And that was it. The rest of the time, we’re just rolling along next side to Maya as she does stuff to make the situation more dramatic than it should be. Reading her story was quite painful. Had this book not been confined to a bathroom read, I don’t think I would have finished it xD

I think my main problem with the story was Maya. I didn’t understand her personality. She’d change to whatever was necessary to create turbulence for that particular moment, which didn’t work for me ^^; Maybe that’s why I liked the character Rafe. At first I was like, wtf dude, because he kept switching gears as well. But then when he told Maya off towards the end of the book and to pretty much get over herself, I took a shining to him. Even Maya was like, I’m not a douchebag, you douchebag. *reflects on her actions* Oh gawd, I am a douchebag. Damn. 

The other characters…I don’t really have any opinions on them. I feel a lot of them are hiding secrets but I can’t say much since all the characters save Daniel and Rafe were pretty much kicked into the corner except when needed. Story wise…I can’t say much either because there really wasn’t much until the end. The beginning and middle consisted of Maya doing stuff…actually it pretty  much consisted of Maya talking about Rafe. A lot. Sprinkled in between her talking were events that hinted at supernatural but never really went there.  All in all, Book #1 felt like it was setting the stage for the drama that would unfold in Book #2. I’m halfway into “The Calling” and it’s FINALLY starting to get interesting (because we’re now learning about the supernatural shiz). I just find it a little disheartening that it took 1 and 1/2 books to finally get the plot rolling though .___.

If you like “The Gathering,” you might like:

  • The Mortal Instruments series (because it has that chick x bff x random dude love triangle thing going on…as well as taking place in a supernatural setting)
  • The Dark Guardian series (it’s got the “shifter” thing like what Maya has…although these books focus more on the girls salivating over their male love interests  than doing shiz o___O;)
  • …don’t know ^^; Twilight?


in nise no chigiri is mana a girl or boy?

….you mean this person:


Are you serious…she wears a skirt…she’s the female lead in an otome game…SHE HAS BOOBS!!!!



anime sex change games

pandora hearts girls naked

…why are you doing this to my fandom, pervert? oTL

doogy plug / doggy plug

o_____o I, I have no idea what this even means…

hentai manga girl pee in a urinal

WHAT IS WITH THIS URINAL SHIZ!? DID I EVER SAY THE WORD URINAL IN MY POSTS YET?? (*makes a mental note to include the word “urinal” in my everyday vocabulary*)

vampire in my room манга

…GTFO, Edward.


saitou gray man

lol I misread this and though it said, (Hakuouki’s) Saitou, gay man


Saitou: I don’t play games like that, bitch.

manga confused

brothers conflict occupation

o___O what?

a romance manga where the boy is wearing bandana

and that’s it ;D


don’t cry, for i will return mangafox

Lol, wtf xD That’s probably the name of a manga but the hit makes it look like mangafox is seeing her lover off lol and he’s like, don’t cry baby. I’ll be back for ya.

famiglia stupid

I just like the fact the person put stupid xD

hentai momomo’s panties

o____o why

funny bieber gifs sexual // bieber gifs fuck

OMFG WHY!?!?!?!?!? There are people who actually want to look at him like that!?

bloody hell

dirty mind xd

in the hakuouki game does everyone end up with chizuru

Yeah, even YOUR MOM!

crotch thrust

And that’s it! Here is one of my next reads. My friend just got it and demanded I need to read the series as well xD It’s called Jiu Jiu:


So…what have you been reading? 8D

6 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Read for the Week Sept 1 + WTF Search Term Hits

  1. What am I reading actively now?

    college textbooks….FML ;_;

    though in the summer (when I had freetime), I was reading a lot of Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji fanfics. As for novel reading, “The False Prince” was the latest book I’ve read. I LOVE IT, and I hope the second book comes out soon. Idk, ever since manga, finding good novels is hard for me, especially since the supernatural-oh-im-a-sexy-hot-guy-love-interest trend is mass producing in young adult books. In the past, I’ve read numerous genres, so finding something ‘out of the box’/not-too-long-of-a-book-so-I-won’t-quit-half-way totals in my picky taste in books. I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice on and off.

    I prefer manga at the moment, probably because I like all the comedic melodrama (though some are just plain weird). That said, I like a clever storyline framing the structure’s of the mangas I read. That’s why I get happy since I can always have my monthly dose of Pandora Hearts and Kuroshitsuji ( i know they will always update). Then I have some scattered favorites that I can only pray for scanlators to not drop due to lack of popularity (it saddens me). The only reason I read manga is to laugh; its hard to find a novel that can make me laugh just as much, but a really good series for me is one that could make me laugh at funny parts, and cry and emotional parts. Together, it makes me more attached to the characters, and results to being attached to the series (minus the mary sues and underdeveloped characters only meant to be comedy fillers or what not). Manga has it;s pros and cons, but I love it all together.<3

    lol, I think I went off tangent to your question. Oh, wells….back to my textbooks ;_;


    • :{ my poor friend. I remember those days… You can do it! Punch them in the face if you have to! Show those books who’s the boss!

      …wow, I actually told you to punch a book in the face. It’s too early for me to be replying to comments haha xD

      Oh my! You’re a Pandora Hearts AND Black Butler fan too 8D I’ve been following the English releases from Yen Press so I’m a bit behind you all who are following the magazine but I love these two <3 I'm a bit bias though because I like Pandora Hearts a smidget more x3 Black Butler is my eye candy and Pandora Hearts is my cake ~

      I read the synopsis of "The False Prince" on amazon. Ho snap, that book looks cool :o I need to see if my local library has it! "The Fake Prince" sounds like something I'd enjoy :3

      While I like supernatural stuff, the whole love triangle angst fest isn't so appealing. This is why I'm hoping to learn Japanese so I can read their shojo novels. I'm praying their novels aren't like our stuff where the main girl just talks about how hot the main guy is and how ripped he is and how he smells good and yadda yadda. Like, girl. You already said all this stuff. I get the picture. Can we talk about the evil guy instead of the main guy's hair again??? You JUST met this guy! Stop it! And you fucking male best friend character, don't you even think about coming on to the main girl! We're only 100 pages in. Stop following the supernatural YA flowchart dammit! Dx

      Man, it's rare to find a novel or manga that can move my soul but when I find such a piece, it renews my love of reading again x3 *gets the warm fuzzies remembering my favorite series*

      ;___; oh I hate it when scan groups drops a series due to lack of popularity. Didn't they work on the series because they wanted to? Screw if it's not popular! The main reason for scanalating is to introduce fans to a series in hopes of getting the series' name out there…right? <- what I always think when I see a series abandoned :___:


      • I like Pandora heart’s story line better, but for some reason I fangirl Kuroshitusji more ._.
        These are my views of the two series:
        PANDORA HEARTS: It’s so LMAO funny! *chapters later* OMG that’s some deep stuff there, loving this plot!
        KUROSHITSUJI: ………………SEBASSSS-CHAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!! <3 (and also ciel can be adorable sometimes =w=)


        • Oh Sebbie ~ He’s so droolworthy <3 (and the main reason I read the series). Whenever anyone besides him appears in a panel, I want to just nudge them to the side a bit so I can a nice view of Sebbie as that person talks xD Ah, good eye porn!
          (Ciel isn't bad ~ he makes a cute Mr. Grumpy Pants. Man, I need to re-read my manga volumes because I don't recall too much of Ciel besides him being grumpy…and wetting himself in one scene. Oh, and cross-dressing too. xD)


  2. XD
    I’ve read “The Gathering” before, but I didn’t like it that much.
    Although, I did like the other series by Kelley Armstrong.
    This book was just too…..I don’t know.

    Anyways, if you were wondering who I am and why I’m here, it’s because I stumbled onto your blog on accident on (My computer sucks and I can’t use google for some reason, so I’m using bing).


    • I think it’s Maya that’s the problem. She’s too…in your face and dramatic. While she’s a strong character, she’s like…too intense.
      I agree with a lot of the reviews on Maya is too strong that rather than make her likable, she’s the opposite.
      Also, a person with her type of personality shouldn’t be the princess of them all either. I feel she’d be butting heads with too many people. But that’s just me :3

      Hey no problem ~ visitors are always welcomed 8D


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