Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 11 (from the March 2012 Sylph magazine)

iconHow are you my readers? Tis Friday!And that means –


Me: …uh, well usually I like to make some light talk before –

Your dog: *pulls a gun out*

Me: Well, then! On to chapter 11~! ʘ‿ʘ; don’t hurt me…

Last we left off Albert found Olivie stabbing the Queen…but we’re not going to continue on that. Nope~!Instead, we’re going to follow our beloved pedo, Gii! (you: afja;kfj;lafdjaljflsajdf;lkj!!!! POOOP!!!!) As he’s running down the halls after Albert, he thinks back on the conversation he had with the Queen in chapter 10. Because now is a good time to reflect on the past. Helps him run better, I guess.

The Queen knows Albert didn’t kill Melcho but she wants to get him out. Bad shit is gonna happen and the last thing she wants is Albert in the thick of things.

Gii also recalls a key details concerning Melcho’s death: the smile Olivie had as he cradled Melcho’s dead body. Not sure how only Gii saw the smile but yes, Olivie wasn’t all sad panda about Melcho and his Beethoven hair leaving the cast of Shounen Oujo.


The Queen: “Until affairs here have settled, escape with that child to someplace far away.”

*cue Shounen Oujo theme song*


“No one can stop it. The wind called revolution rages on.”

Meanwhile, outside the castle…


Author: no

…okay then. ಥ___ಥ Like I said “meanwhile, outside the castle,” the Thunder Down Under (or whatever their rebel name is) have taken to the streets, screaming the need to overthrow the bitches! Albert/Alexia is a lune and that’s all the material they need to start rioting in the streets! An old man throws a rock at one rebel’s face, telling the dude he’s a stinky buttfart. He also adds that Alexia was brought back to life thanks to God’s power. Don’t fuck with God, dude. The rebel gets very pissed that his beautiful face was damaged and flipping FLIES over to the old man to tackle him. I’m serious guys. Grandpa here has got to be like at the minimum 13 feet from the rebel. Flying is the only verb that can be used to describe the amount of ground covered by this rebel . Anyway, since one guy is beating up on another, the other guys around them decide to start punching each other has well. Monkey see, monkey do. xD

We have a random scene shift to see Martha staring at the brawl developing before her going wtf.

And then we leave her to go back to the brawl xD (yeah, not sure why we scene shifted like that…but we did!) For an old man, gramps is holding his own against the whippersnapper trying to slap his face. Too bad a second person joins his brawl and fucking jabs him in the head with his pimp cane…which somehow causes blood to fly from  grandpa’s mouth o__o uh… As grandpa rolls around on the floor screaming wtf elderly abuse!!!, the guy he was fighting looks over his shoulder, probably thinking the same thing.


Why it’s Pirate Bob! And his Merry Men! Ah, apparently Pirate Bob’s real name is Captain Rolan…but Pirate Bob is more catcher so we’ll stick with that. Pirate Bob tells the masses, foos, it’s time for the men to kick it! Anyone who stands in our way is a criminal and will be bitchslapped by us, God’s sledgehammer! (<- legitly says this)

Rebels: o___o God’s what?

Pirate Bob: yes, foos. You are God’s Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Lol, I’m not sure what that exchange was about, but being told they are spreading God’s will to the masses makes the rebels very happy. One of them even has a shojo moment when Pirate Bob puts his hand on this individual’s shoulder and says his men fight along side the righteous. Rebel: JIZZING A HOLE THROUGH MY PANTS YESSSSSSS!

And now to Albert lol jk no not yet. Instead we scene jump to those random old hens who have done nothing but bitch for the last 3 chapters. They cackle about things, such as how did word about Melcho’s death get out so fast and about perhaps those against the Queendom will use Melcho’s death to make trouble. Suddenly, the doors fly open. In come the Royal Guards, who pretty much tell the ladies to get on the floor and put their hands in the air. Even the Royal Guards (who are female) be rebelling!? Wow. Their reason? Screw the rich people. It’s time for the little man to stand tall!

Old hens: 8U *stunned into silence…for once*

NOW to Albert! (freaks about time!) Albert is standing by the door to the Queen’s bedchambers. Just…standing there. Then he asks a reasonable question: uh wtf?


Olivie gives Albert a cryptic answer: oh, just getting some compensation.

Albert: uh what?  (゜Q。)

Me: uh what?  (゜Q。)

Olivie: well, I could tell you everything but I’m going to be swinging my sword at you in this next panel in an attempt to kill you :)

Albert: wait that doesn’t sound goo – SWEET BABY JESUS! *avoids a sword swing from Olivie* D8 WTF I’M THE MAIN CHARACTER!

Olivie doesn’t care. He’s got his murder face on. He brings his sword down again.  Albert makes no move to…well, move, too stunned to dodge despite spending over two years learning how to sword fight with Gii. Speaking of Gii, guess who comes in the knick of time to repel Olivie’s attack?


Gii: my bad for taking so long to get here. I was lost in thought. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Now that Gii is here, Albert decides the best course of action is to ask his pedo butler wtf is going on. Gii: …really Albert, you need to start subscribing to Comic Sylph. You’re so behind on everything. Gii explains what we readers already know: Olivie is using Melcho as a reason to incite a riot.

Albert: (・∀・ ) da fuq?

Despite the accusations thrown at him, Olivie actually has the metaphorical balls to look at Gii and tell the pedo he has no proof of any such thing.

UM WEREN’T YOU JUST STABBING THE QUEEN? I THINK THAT’S PROOF RIGHT THERE! Gii agrees that yeah, he doesn’t have proof, just a gut feeling. AM I THE ONLY ONE NOTICING THE DEAD CORPSE ON THE FLOOR? THE BLOOD ON OLIVIE’S HANDS? THE ATTEMPTED MURDER OF ALBERT? PEOPLE!? In case anyone was thinking, hey what about the queen like me, Olivie says he took the Queen out because it was payback. That it doesn’t count.

Gii: =__= yeahhhh, no. Do you really think I’d believe a ball-less psycho like yourself is just going to stop at killing our country’s leader.

Olivie: trololol you got me. (΄◉◞౪◟◉‵)

Just as Olivie finishes speaking, a loud BANG catches everyone’s attention. Not sure where this huge stick came from, but the masses outside the castle are trying to ram the castle doors down with it. Gii turns back to Olivie – the masses? Really dude? Olivie shrugs, what? I’m just trying to help the weak *innocent looks* Albert not liking being left out of the exchange, asks how long has Olivie been planning…whatever he is planning.

“Why don’t you ask your chest, Alexia.” ლ(◉◞౪◟◉

PSSFFT! XDDDDDDDD Oh man. This is supposed to be dramatic but lol “chest.” Anyway, Olivie is referring to where Alexia got shot. Oh shit, does that mean Olivie was behind Alexia’s murder!? Gii thinks so!

Gii: YOU SON OF A BITCH! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Before Gii can cut Olivie a new one, an arrow stops him. In comes…the little man bitch. And Gii is not happy to see him.

“You were the one under that cloak!”

Gii rushes forwards (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ, ready to kill the little man bitch and save us all a headache that is bound to happen in the future. However…yeah, however unfortunately…Albert stops Gii.


“Stop, Gii! I’m alive! Don’t forget that, Gii!”

Gii: *stops* *has a moment with Albert using his eyes only*“Alexia-sama…” ಥ___ಥ

Olivie: ಠ_ಠ um…yeah, that’s…kinda obvious you’re alive… *totally misses the moment Gii and Albert have*

Gii’s tits calmed, Albert tells Olivie to stop his madness, and of course, Olivie doesn’t stop. Why would he? He’s already killed 3 people! Olivie picks up his sword, explaining that he has been waiting years for this day to come.

“I’ll make sure you don’t come back again! Rest in eternal sleep, Alexia!”

His evil bad guy speech cast, Olivie runs towards Albert. Albert dodges the first strike (lol Gii! Do you job foo!) but he’s not out of the clear yet. Olivie readies another strike but is stopped when his foot snags on something…no, someone. His foot catches on the arm of the dead queen.


“…even in death you hinder me!”

Taking advantage of the fact Olivie is talking to himself, Gii and Albert exit stage left. Like how the little man bitch totally felt shooting one arrow was good enough for the day and just stands in the BG xD As the two are descending some stairs, Albert asks where his guards are.

Gii: ಠ_ಠ really, Albert! You need to subscribe to Comic Sylph! Get with it already! It’s pretty obvious they’ve defected to the other side. Any still loyal to you are probably dead or in jail.

Albert: D8 no way!

At the bottom of the steps are more guards, who block Gii and Albert from their fleeing. The little man bitch (LMB) comes out and tells the two to calm their tits. LOL where is LMB’s bow and arrows!? What a lazy fuck! xDDDDD

Our heroes have their backs to the wall. What can they do to get out of this stick situation!? Gii suddenly remembers the back gate from chapter 4/5. The one no one even knows about cept the princess and Gii…for some reason. The one assassins/rebels could probably use (instead of the front door) if they really wanted to take down the queendom. Albert: oh yeah that door. Gii is going to buy Albert time so he can escape through said door.

Albert: f this shiz! We’re going together!

Gii: I’m not going.

Albert: And that’s a convincing enough argument for me not to say anything further and do as you say



Albert leaves, telling Gii to protect his royal sweet ass until the end.

“Yes, your highness.”

:___: poor Gii he’s gonna d– *Gii slaughters everyone in the room except for LMB*

Me: D8




We scene jump to Theo’s pirate buddies (NOOO GO BACK TO GII!).They’re getting ready to abandon ship so to speak – the whole country is going down the toilet. No need to stick around to see the results. However, Theo is missing. One of the pirates comments he saw Theo heading towards the castle. The other pirates mumble it sucks to be him right now. Realizing her man meat is in trouble, Nikola runs towards the castle.

Last scene jump in the chapter! Albert is at the castle wall, trying to find the door. Over the years, the wall has been taken over by foliage. Albert uses a dagger to cut through the vines and whatnot clinging to the walls – in the back of my head, I’m thinking, wouldn’t it have been better to have used that dagger earlier? Like…for protection?

“I cannot die. I have to live. I need to survive and restore order again!””

Albert keeps hacking and slashing but no door.

“And then I…then I…Goddammit, Gii! What should I do after that!?”

A leaf falling for his face causes Albert to look upwards. On top of the wall he see’s a grown man staring down at him.

Albert: dah fuq?


(Albert: …omfg the way this day is going, I betcha that’s a rapist…)

The grown man’s face breaks into a giant smile and he launches his body at Albert.


(Albert: SHIT KNEW IT! )


Due to the size of his body and the force at which he threw himself at Albert, both go crashing into the ground. Albert’s freaking out – who the f is this strange man. Why is he on top of me? Oh shit I’m going to get raped D:

But then the man starts to speak:


“What? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already? It’s me! Theodore!”

That wakes Albert up. “T-Theodore!?”

“Yup! I’ve come to steal you away, Albert!”

The end.

Fuck yeah for Theo spam! Now that Theo is in the picture, let the bromance love triangle begin! Lol jk. Maybe were Shounen Oujo in Zero-Sum or Asuka but Sylph don’t really fly that way (save Hakase Ga. But that series is just strange).

We’ve only got 3 more chapters till I’m caught up with the recent releases. Then…we play the waiting game .___.

shounenoujo2BTW! I finally got off my butt and made a Shounen Oujo banner 8D (like how all of my banners look nothing alike xD). Now my little summary widget here on wordpress has something other than Arcana Famiglia (which I need to go back and continue after Shounen Oujo because Ciao does indeed have extra 4-koma not included in the freebie preview book Sylph released a while back) and Kamitsuki (whose main page still says “will update eventually “ as of this post xD). If you want to link back to my blog using said banner, go for it (that’s what they’re made for <3).

Until chapter 12!


5 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 11 (from the March 2012 Sylph magazine)

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  2. Whoa, fast update, caught me by surprise. :o I kinda like the small talk at the beginning, it’s always entertaining and I swear my dog won’t try to shoot you for it (he’s blind to begin with XD).
    Oh Al, you’re so slow, didn’t you realise that IT’S A TRAP? Are you too blinded by your own trap-ness to take note of it?!
    /bad puns over
    As Gii said, for a princess he’s way behind on what’s happening in Sylph. He’s behaving like a true dim-witted shoujo heroine, I hope he has a bad ass return later. XD About Gii, I was more surprised about him going all Chuck Norris there than about Olivie being evil (poor old Melcho, you obviously weren’t suited for shoujo, may you be reincarnated as a manly seinen protagonist in a manga about classical music). I mean, there was kinda some foreshadowing about Olivie and the queen and Melcho, but all we knew about Gii was that he is a pedobear. :O Gii… et tu?!
    Yay for Theo appearing into the story! I’m afraid I can’t think about Al as a man anymore after that last boy-meets-girl scene. This story is secretly growing into quite an undercover shounen ai (Nikola: NOOOOOOOOOOO DDD:). Can’t wait to see more Theo goodness. 8D


    • 8D hoho! Glad to see someone does read those little bits I write in the beginning of my posts!

      Haha, just because your dog is blind doesn’t mean he’s not a sharpshooter! Just look at “Until Death Do Us Part.” The main guy is blind as a bat but can chop the shiz out of things with his sword xD
      Speaking of blind dogs, I am reminded of a battle going on between my dog and my neighbor’s blind dog. Earlier, my dad and I were asked to take care of our neighbor’s dogs (pretty much just let them out to do their business. Another person was to take care of their dietary needs and what not). Well, one dog in particular was being a stubborn bull about doing his business (this is the blind dog mind you). Not sure if it was me or my dad but we decided to bring our dogs over to play with our neighbor’s dogs (because sitting in a house all day has got to be boring). Well, Pete – my dog – is a tagging fiend. On her walks, she has to pee at the minimum…25 times?
      When she came over to my neighbor’s yard, the first thing she did was start peeing all over his yard.

      Me: wtf dog

      Well, the blind dog caught wind of my dog peeing in his yard and he went into super pee mode too. Anywhere my dog peed, he peed. At each pee, he’d kick his hind legs back in a manner that made him rotate in a circle, all the while barking. I had a fun time imagining him saying, the hell? WHO PEED HERE? WHO HAD THE AUDACITY TO URINATE IN MY YARD! NO WAY IS THIS GOING TO FLY! IMMA PEEING ALL OVER THE PLACE LIKE A MAN! YEAH! TAKE THAT! I HAVE THE BLADDER!!!! *sniff sniff* DAH FUQ DID YOU JUST PEE AGAIN!? WELL, THIS SHIZ AIN’T FLYING FAR! PEEING AGAIN!!! YEAHH!
      Every since that incident, he peed like a champion every time we took him out. And my dog, when I took her out to do her business, would go to the very edge corner of our yard, stare over at where our neighbor is, and pee. As if to say, next time punk. Be ready. She still does the whole pee in a corner glare at the neighbor’s house thing to this day xD


      Lol, Albert has become a shojo girl xD You could say his trapness has trapped him *puts sunglasses on* /bad pun

      “poor old Melcho, you obviously weren’t suited for shoujo, may you be reincarnated as a manly seinen protagonist in a manga about classical music”


      I did not see Gii being awesome with a sword. But I guess he has a strong grip from all those lonely nights he spent looking at his loliporn with his pants off…
      I also didn’t see Alexia dying nor the Queen and Melcho joining her. I guess it’s cuz I have my Sylph glasses on and I see everything as humorous and bishitastic. I keep missing all the signs. Like in the beginning of chapter 1 when Albert is wearing Alexia’s bloodstained clothing. MISSED COMPLETELY IN MY MIND. Dx

      Theo is nice eye candy 8D Keep that chest exposed boy <3 We need at least one guy here to give us fanservice since the other guys are either pedos or dress like girls.
      Olivie and Albert: HEY!

      Thank you always for your comments 8D


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