Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 10 (from the Feb 2012 Sylph magazine)

icon2Sorry for the late Tid-Bits. Last week was quite busy! Two interviews, hanging out with friends, being social, etc. Basically, not sitting in front of my computer, vegging out xD

Thank you to all who wished for my recovery from the stomach poisoning thing ~ Your wishes paid off for here is another chapter of Shounen Oujo 8D Although due to how it ends…I’m not sure how you readers will feel…

*cue Shounen Oujo theme song*


“Wrapped around my wrists…are these thorns? Chains? Or…?”

The chapter starts with a bit of background information on our favorite lolicon Gii! Apparently his mother was a very talented midwife. She was so popular that moms everyone would call on her to help them pop their kids out. Gii was her helper. He tells us readers that at first, he was like, SWEET BABY JESUS WTF IS COMING OUT OF THAT WOMAN’S VAJAYJAY!? but eventually, like everything in life, if you see it enough, you habituate to it. However, while he could get over seeing how babies are birthed first hand and up close, what he couldn’t get used to was how the mothers would react when they found out their child was a boy. The same went for his mother.

“The woman lives in sorrow. The boy is born in sorrow.”

The scene switches to their next birthing job and let me say…Sweet cheeses, she has a friggin work out bar over above her head to hold! AND THIS BITCH HAS GOT ON SOME FINGERLESS WORKOUT GLOVES! HO SNAP! SHIT BE SERIOUS HERE!



Um…yeah, so there’s like…hardcore shiz going on. The mother-to-be here pops out one kid and she’s about to pop out another. Mom has the next kid and a shocked expression crosses her face. Gii notice’s the change in his mother.

“I shouldn’t have been so surprised. My mother, who had helped birthed all these unwanted children, was already at her limit.”

The scene pans out so we can see the lady with the gloves on is actually the queen. Gii’s mom looks at the baby (whose leg is contorted at a weird angle so us readers can see ho shiz it’s that same birthmark like on Albert’s leg! I wonder if that’s important…) and holds him tight. Not this time.


Doesn’t it look like the right leg is…like…broken or something? Or incredibly long D8

“Before your highness fell unconscious, you were able to deliver two children. However, the umbilical cord of one child was wrapped around the neck and unfortunately, that child did not make it.”

Gii’s thoughts: Mother. That child was the Queen’s…”

The Queen: “I see. And the gender of thechild?”

Gii’s mom *staring at the ground*: “…it was a girl.”

Gii’s thoughts: You mustn’t! It’s said should a pair of twins, a boy and a girl, be born, they will bring disaster to us all!

The Queen: “That is unfortunate. However, there’s nothing you can do about the dead.”

Gii’s mom: “…yes, ma’am.”

The scene changes to Martha’s place. Martha finds baby Albert in a basket, a small note attached to his blanket.  In the trees, you see Gii’s mom watching Martha as she reads the note, tears running down Gii’s mom’s eye. Did she do the right thing?

The talk about disaster is just superstition. However, perhaps there is a way for these two to escape from their sins.

We switch over to Gii who picks up little Alexia and looks super creepy about it o__O;


I will protect Alexia-sama, the twin still here at the palace, from any evils. Yes, to protect my mother and I, I will give her happiness. This is the only way.  Thus, I pledge to sacrifice my everything and devote myself to only to this child.

(welp, if her death didn’t ruin my ship of Alexia x Gii, Gii’s monologue here did)

The scene switches to the present. Albert is finalizing his marriage decision with Gii. He will choose Melcho. Melcho’s country is quite prosperous so the union between his country and Albert’s will be beneficial. However, the question about what to do during the nights is the problem. Would Melcho notice if a girl switches with him? (Dude, Albert. I think Melcho will be so happy just to get some that he don’t care who’s giving him some, if you understand me xD)


Gii glares down at Albert until Albert can’t take it no more and yells at Gii wtf!? Seeing how angsty shit is going to get here in a few pages, Gii decides to share some of his Gii-ism. He’s like, but I was born with his face ( ՞ਊ՞)  Albert comments that if Gii makes his face any more gloomier he won’t be able to call Gii a lolicon. Gii tells Albert, hey man. Rest assure. Facial expressions aside, I’m still into my little ladies. As long as she’s underage be it a fairy, or an angel, Gii already has the pics if you know what I mean (。✧ ܫ ✧)ゞ

Albert: =___= you have problems

Gii: But that said, you Alexia aren’t my thing anymore. You’re old. Hell, you could walk around butt naked in front of me and I won’t even bat an eye. My wittle Gii will not come up and salute you if you know what I mean.


Gii: What are you talking about. You’re totally a girl. You just have EXTREMELY small boobs.


(Posting this picture because of Gii’s hand motions xD )


Then things turn serious. Gii is like, no you’re a girl. YOU’RE ALEXIA! Albert: =__= I pee standing up. I’m a dude. Gii slams his hands against the desk Albert is sitting behind.

“Isn’t is about time to throw away the persona known as Albert!?”

Surprised by the change in Gii, Albert asks well what should happen to him/Albert?

“He needs to die.”

Albert: D8

Me: D:

Gii comments that it would have been better had Albert not been born at all (Albert: now that’s just uncalled for… :___:). Man, Gii is all levels of pissed. He tells Albert he’s just a frightened puppy with his tail in between his legs. What happened to that awesome cross dresser back in chapter 7???? Albert tells Gii he didn’t become Alexia so Albert could die off. He wants the two to existence together. Gii is like, THEN I’LL BREAK YOU (mentally).

Albert: D8

Me: D:


(Holy shit, what happened Gii??? You were just joking around about boobs not even 7 lines ago D8)

As if to add insult to injury, Gii tells Albert they need to work on his performance as Alexia…

Albert: :(

(so from what I understand, Gii is angry that Albert hasn’t done shit really because Albert’s always, doh I’m a guy so that means I can’t do anything. Gii wants Albert to be like the person 2 years ago who stood before the masses and said he’ll protect them bitches. Seeing Albert the way he is now, riles him up).

The scene shifts real quick to the Thunder Down Under Boys or whatever their secret rebel name is. We see assassin boy telling the gang hey, my people want to join your people. We totally want to destroy everything. Them: what? Him: er, destroy everything that oppresses us guys! Them: oh okay :) Him: >:3

Scene change over to Albert chillin’ with the Queen. Albert tells us readers this is the first time he’s really been up close and personal with the Queen. He finds it hard to believe such a powerful ruler is now reduced to her current bedridden state.

“I have something to tell you.”

The Queen tells Albert not to marry Melcho. When asked why, she explains that his country has been amassing military power. Albert says Melcho mentioned something along those lines when they were talking.

“I will not allow you to bring the seeds of war into Morrian.”

The Queen tells Albert to remember why they are a Queendom. She explains people are weak. If people have power, they will want to wield it. Marrying Albert wouldn’t mean just an increase in military power.

“War would ravage the land and many lives would be lost. It’s better to choose an alternative with the least amount of victims produced.”

(basically, I think the Queen is saying, look, guys are idiots. They like to blow up stuff. That’s why our country become a Queendom. To reduce war. If you go marry Melcho, either he or future offspring will go muhahahahah power and try to wage war against shiz. No. Bad Alexia. We don’t want war. Think bitch)

Albert thinks of Alexia and her predicament. Wasn’t Alexia a victim? Had she lived, eventually she would have had to give up her heart and dreams to become an existence whose only goal in life was to produce children. Albert is broken from his thoughts when the Queen extends her hand to him, pointing.

“Protect this country, Alexia. Be Morrian’s light.”

Alexia looks at the Queen like, no duh. But when he sees her hand shake just from holding it up, Albert is overcome by feels. He remembers her from chapter 3, looking all scary and badass. But now…


He grabs her hand and bows his hand. “…yes, Your Highness Letishia.”

The majesty she held back at that party is no longer with her. Alexia wasn’t the only one who ended up a victim. Her body has deteriorated so much yet…this is what a “ruler” must become.

As Albert tears in shock at this realization, the Queen also looks at Albert in shock.

Later, the Queen is alone with Gii. She asks him who the eff is that person pretending to be Alexia.

Gii: :U oh shit this isn’t good

The scene switches to those old hags in the background gabbing AGAIN. They cluck about how Melcho is probably going to be knocked off as Alexia’s potential fiancée candidate (how the f did they know about this!? It JUST happened!) and then start to bitch about how selfish and spoiled “Alexia” is. And of course, they’re saying this just as Melcho is walking by.

Albert is walking back to his room, since Gii was asked by the Queen to stay behind. Albert notices the hallways are strangely empty. A shadow appears behind him. It’s Melcho! and he looks pissed! Albert freaks, trying to explain the situation but doesn’t have to go too far into the details. Melcho falls to the floor like a ton of bricks and dies.

Albert: o___o uh

Albert flips Melcho over only to find a dagger embedded in his chest. Albert does the most logical thing you could do in this situation and tries to remove the dagger. *facepalm* As he grips the hilt (Albert: let’s just get this out of the way shall we ~), a gaggle of people turn the corner.

“MELCHO-SAMA!” Olivie screams.


(Albert: oh wow I didn’t think this one through all the way…)
(Okay, is it just me or does it look like Melcho’s hair is falling off??? Like, Albert quick! His wig is slippin!)

From everyone’s POV, it looks like Albert just stabbed Melcho…what with his hands on the dagger…that’s embedded in Melcho’s chest and all >___>Albert tries to claim his innocence, especially to Olivie.

“I…trusted you.”

Albert: “No, you’ve got it wrong! Please, believe in me – ”

Albert reaches out to Olivie who shrinks back from Albert.


…I keep forgetting Olivie is a dude…

The scene switches to Gii who is trying to figure out wtf is going on. Then he hears the chatter around him: Alexia stabbed Melcho.

Gii: o___O dah fuq!?

Scene shift AGAIN. We’re out in the streets. A bunch of guys are announcing the recent happenings with Alexia and Melcho (how the f did they figure this out!?). See, girls are just as bad as guys! It’s time for guys to rule again!

We scene jump yet again to Theo and Nikora. They look at the rally in surprise but don’t seem to be too concerned. Nikora decides to she needs to inform their boss about what’s going on and heads out. Theo tries to tell her he’s off to find Albert but she can’t hear him due to the noise.


I had to put a Theo picture in here. Just because I’m pedo like that xD

They part ways and…we scene change! Dang, I wonder how many calories we are losing by all these spot jumpins! xD But don’t worry. This is the last one :)


The Queen has decided to exile Albert for what happened with Melcho. Albert claims he didn’t do anything. In his head, he wonders why the queen doesn’t believe in him, “Alexia.” He remembers their time in her bedroom (wow that sounds so wrong). He runs out of his room, past Gii (who is like, oh no don’t go no effort put into my attempts to stop you shit), to head for the Queen’s bedchambers. He has to find out what’s going on. Is Melcho’s death connected to Alexia’s!?

Albert reaches the Queen’s room and bangs on the door, explaining that he needs to talk to her and that he doesn’t want to leave. He opens the door to find…this:



Olivie…you were going to pull an Albert and try and remove said object from her chest right? You weren’t the one who…


Olivie: “You’re late, Alexia.”




Did anyone see this coming?

[EDIT: Chapter 11 is up!]

16 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 10 (from the Feb 2012 Sylph magazine)

  1. HOLY SHIT.. D8 I just.. I.. I don’t know what to say.. shit just hit the fan… (థ __ థ) I don’t know what to feel about this…

    were you trying to hint to us that Olivie is not all that innocent (in chapter 9?) the joke that Olivie stabs Albert lol :’D because after that, I thought that Olivie might serve a purpose of being the bad guy :’D and then THIS HAPPENS (and confirmed it).. but I didn’t really expect Olivie to stab 2 person at a go…..

    (థ __ థ) and Gii is being really creepy DX I don’t like that!! orz;; this manga is throwing all sorts of unexpected things in.. I feel mindfucked lol;;

    Anyway, thanks for the summary again!! glad that you’ve recovered and is having fun hanging out with friends XD ~<3


    • I know!!!! Man, this chapter punched me pretty hard in the feels :< Poor Melcho and Queenie.

      Actually, that joke in chapter 9 just came out on its own xD In my Tid-Bits, I kept saying SHIT'S GOING TO FLY PEOPLE! ALL OVER YOUR FACE! so my brain decided to use that built tension when the opportunity presented itself in the form of Olivie saying I BROUGHT YOU OUT HERE AWAY FROM ANY EYES BECAUSE OF A LIE! Usually when people say, I'm lying, bad stuff follows afterwards after all!

      “but I didn’t really expect Olivie to stab 2 person at a go”
      Evidence of why you shouldn’t cut a man’s ballsac off :U THEY GO CRAZY AND CUT PEOPLE!

      Gii gets a bit better in chapter 11. I forgot if it’s chapter 13 or 14 that gets Gii to stop being all creepy. Albert had to use some shojo speech on him to calm his tits xD

      Thank you ~ Look forward to more ~ (unless you already got your copy of Shounen Oujo #2. Then you already know what everyone wishes they could know xD)


  2. I’m glad that you are feeling well again and having a brilliant social life :)
    OH MY Olive how can you do that to the Queen and Melco and why are you doing this :'( then again I knew there was something shady about Olive as you pointed it out but I never knew that he would go this far!
    I find that Gii is being too hard on poor little Albert, he is trying his best , so Gii give him a break why don’t ya.


    • Haha, thank you! It’s nice to get out and have fun x3

      Olivie…this is what happens when you cut off a man’s testicles .___. they go crazy…

      Seriously! I’m guessing Alexia’s death was harder on him then we all thought and maybe he’s taking out his feels on Albert?


  3. Pingback: Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 9 (from the Jan 2012 Sylph magazine) | Spoils

    • Yup :o I didn’t see him going wacko at all. I pictured him as the big brother/sister character to Albert as he grew older. Lol, nope! Turns out he murdered Albert’s mom and his sister! D8 So much for that!


  4. THANKYOU for posting these chapter summaries!

    And yes, I did expect Olivie to be the evil guy. The assasin’s hair looked like his, and he was the only suspicious guy after an elimination process (well, I figured that the assasin HAD to be someone who was seen before in the manga, and it was quite clear that he stood out…) So I’ve suspected him from the Alexia-gets-shot moment. Oh. I’m paranoid alright, suspecting even the most innocent, ‘nice’ characters…. Guess I should be crowned most-sensitive-to-murderous-intents-queen. Lols.

    And yeah. I really LOVE your commentary! It’s SOOOOOOOO funny. Seriously. I’ve cracked up from reading your random perverted thoughts and all~


    • 8D No problem! I really enjoy Shounen Oujo and thought it would be cool to share mah love with other fans ~

      (Actually, it was another dude who did the assassinations – Yuuri/Little Man Bitch. Olivie was present when the princess was killed…the manga-ka probably did that to throw suspicion off of Olivie)

      I totally didn’t think anything of Olivie other than him being a gay bff for Albert. Welp, that was totally off o____o; If only you were a character in Shounen Oujo – your spidey senses could have saved Alexia! :o

      Thank you so much for your comment 8D Hope you’ll find enjoyment with my future Tid-Bits on Shounen Oujo!


  5. Hmmmm.. in all seriousness, I actually did see this coming. I always like the type of guy
    like Olivie and usually, this rather meek kind of guy hid some nasty in him. . 3 .);
    Since the first I saw him, actually I related him to Lucky Dog’s Giulio. (A char from a BL
    visual novel). Calm, mannered, meek, soft like an older brother or a comrade we can rely
    on when he’s actually a sadistic assassin swift with his knife and all that wacko . A .
    Afterall, I think in earlier chapter, Olivie did say something mysterious like “you’re someone who must not die here…[yet].” That seriously sounds like he knows someone else are
    going to be killed.

    Eitherway, thanks a lot for the spoilers * u *)/


    • I was totally off about Olivie. I agree, I saw him as an older brother to Albert. The kind of person who would give Albert advice when he was confused or be there when Albert needed someone to talk to (especially seeing how Gii isn’t doing his role as Albert’s BFF :/). But then he goes and stabs the queen and there went my assumptions… >___>
      I’m eager to find out Olivie’s back story so we can see what turned him into the murderous Justin Beaver we see now…


  6. “He tells us readers that at first, he was like, SWEET BABY JESUS WTF IS COMING OUT OF THAT WOMAN’S VAJAYJAY!?”

    ^ ROFL This made my day! XD

    Never would’ve thought Olivie was such a creep! DX


  7. thanks for the summary, but I don`t understand, those twins who were born they were albert and alexia?? because the baby girl was supposed to be dead??


    • The twins born were indeed Albert and Alexia. Gii’s mom lied to the queen and told her the baby that “died” was also a girl (when in fact, the baby was a boy). I suspect her lie may have something to do with that ill omen: twins – a boy and a girl – will bring about disaster. Had Gii’s mom said the child was a boy, the queen may have wanted to see the baby’s body to make sure of things rather than go, oh well, when told the “dead” baby was a girl.

      Hope that explanation helped :3


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