Tid-Bits: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 6 & 7

iconWell now, it’s certainly been awhile since I posted a Tid-Bit on Shounen Oujo ^^; If I remember correctly, I believe I was a bit behind on my magazine posts around the time chapters 6 and 7 came out. On top of that, it was near the end of the school year so I had finals a plenty. Add in I was moving out of my apartment and then I had my internship…yeah, basically there was a lot of stuff going on.

Such a shame too because I had already read chapters 6 and 7 but never got around to writing their respective Tid-Bits. Since the scans have already covered the first volume, I’ll just do a quick Tid-Bits on both chapter 6 and 7 for completion sake. Then we’ll start with chapters from the second volume. Be prepared, my friends. You thought the princess’s death was a shocker. In volume #2, more characters will be killed off, and one friend will turn into a traitor!

But enough about the future, let’s get to what we have in front of us :)

Chapter 6


“My role in all this…is almost at the end.”

1bSince her first visit to the city back in chapter 5, Alexia has continued to make trips to the metropolitan to study its inhabitants. Of course, Gii is there with her, cross-dressing like a boss. He seems a bit TOO comfortable in drag, if you ask me… While she’s off Steve Erwin-ing the world outside the castle, Albert finds himself drawn into studying. While he still reads at a 3rd grade level (I know your pain buddy. One day, we’ll be able to read the big kids books. One day.), he finds the material he can understand fascinating (yay for pictures!). Both he and Alexia are happy with the way things are going.

And we all know, when people are at their happiest, shit will fly.

The day of Alexia’s ceremony into adulthood is drawing near. Albert has perfected being her double, to the point where he can almost fool Gii. However, Gii may be a lolicon but he’s a sharp one (maybe that’s why he’s not in jail). Observe:

Hey Gii. Won’t you let my bestie Oscar the Horse attend my Coming of Age Ceremony? Pretty please?


Gii: Dwah who can say no to those eyes?


Wait a minute here…




*steals underwear*

*sees a penis*


Albert: =____= that’s just fucked up, dude. I’m like…11. You just ripped off the underwear of an 11 year old…(not sure how you did that but you did). Damn the fact we have no cops to arrest people like you.

Gii: :3 ah, tis a great time to be a pedobear ~

Albert: Yeah, whatever. My ass is getting cold. Give me back my underwear. ╭(ಠ∩ಠ)╮

Gii: Take it. Your ball sac touched it anyway /:<

Their game over, Alexia pops up and the two have a laugh-fest. But things sober up quick when Albert comments about his role as Alexia’s double coming to an end soon. Alexia tries to say something but Albert continues to talk about what he’ll be doing after all is done. Maybe help Martha with accounting now that he can understand what numbers represent! There’s always McDonald’s too ~

Alexia and Gii: :< *sad days*

We jump into Gii’s head. He thinks how Albert can’t continue playing Alexia’s double even if he wanted to. When puberty hits, it’ll be hair a plenty, pimples, and hormones for him. No way will Albert be able to pass off as a girl. Right, shojo? When you hit puberty, you can’t dress as the opposite gender. R-I-G-H-T? ( °٢° )

*stares at every shojo gender bender out there ಠ_ಠ*

Before the scene changes, Gii decides to share with us readers something else he’s been hiding. He starts to recollect about the past, back when he was a wee pedocub. Remember in chapter 1 when he saw the birthmark on Albert’s leg (before Albert’s penis made itself known to Gii’s face)? Well, after 5 chapters, Gii decides to let us readers know that there is something important about that birthmark (lol we kind of figured Gii ^^;). From the conversation he has with his mother, it is hinted that the baby with the same birthmark as Albert’s is possibly the son of the queen. However, it’s foretold that should a pair of twins, one boy and the other a girl, be born, bad shiz is gonna happen: A new Twilight book will be made. To prevent that, the boy must be killed.

Gii: *conflicted* Is Albert the boy from back then? Can I kill him? (Gii, shouldn’t you be thinking, I thought we did kill him? Wha happened? xD) I know we’ve been hanging around and he’s touched my cheek with his junk and I’ve stolen his underwear but…if I don’t, that means Twilight will continue its reign of delusion and pain D8 BOYFRIENDS ARE ALREADY FORCED TO WEAR GLITTER TO PLEASE THEIR INSANE GIRLFRIENDS! WHAT FUTURE TOURTUES COULD BE IN STORE WITH ANOTHER INSTALLMENT??? ٩(×̯×)۶

Having to walk on their hands while farting the ABC’s? Hey, you know if Edward did that, it’d instantly be a turn on. He made body glitter on guys a turn on after all  o3o

The scene changes to Alexia talking with the queen. As part of the Coming to Age Ceremony, Alexia will chill at the church for two days to purify her body. When she comes out, she’ll be a woman. Before that happens, Alexia asks her mother if she has anything she wants to say to Alexia before she leaves. Mom is like, =___= sigh kids but at Alexia’s insistence, she complements her child via tsundere language.

Alexia: 8D You called me dog shit but that just translates to I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SWEETIE! Thanks mom!

Mom: =___= yeah whatever, mommy’s gotta go get her nails done or something


The chapter ends with Albert staring at his old clothes. He’s like ;____; at the thought of leaving but he really has no choice. We pan away from Albert to see someone spying on him from the doorway. It’s Gii. Won’t lie. For a second, I thought it was SLH’s Uryuu xD YOU KNOW IF YOU READ THE SERIES YOU’D TOTALLY AGREE!

Gii is still debating on what to do about Albert. Kill him and save men everywhere from their balls shrinking even more…or let him live and risk damning the entire male race? xD


Time to roll into the next chapter 8d

Chapter 7


“It’s almost time…for the big day.”

The chapter starts with Alexia getting fabulous. Albert and Gii are peeking in from a side door that is WIDE OPEN. Really, all someone has to do is look behind them to grab some blush and they will see a person who looks just like Alexia gaping at them. Then shit would fly. But this chapter has better things to create drama over so everyone keeps their eyes straight and forward. 

Anyway, Albert is all Fashion Police on Alexia’s outfit, questioning why she looks like she’s wearing a cape on top of a bathrobe.  Gii explains that it’s her Coming of Age Ceremony, not her Enthronement Ceremony which means no fancy clothes. She can strut her too lazy to put a bra on outfit if she wants to ~ Then as if realizing that having Albert sticking his head out for everyone to see might not be the smartest thing they could be doing, Gii pulls Albert away from the door and instructs him to wait in the room they are in until Alexia is done with her ceremony. When questioned why they don’t just let Albert go already, Gii is like STFU. However, before he can say anything further, Alexia enters the room. She assures the two they have no fear of being overseen since she dismissed her fashion assistants to give her a bit of air before her big moment.

Not even bothering with a “howdeedo,” Alexia informs Albert she wants him to attend her ceremony. Alexia explains that it’s thanks to Albert that she was able to realize her resolve to become a great leader for their country. He taught her that you can’t prize someone for their social status or vagina. Albert smiles, overcome by the power of shojo. Suddenly, Alexia pulls something from either a holster at her side or from her bra (it’s a strange angle). She presents it to Albert. The thing in question is some sort of decorative dagger. On the hilt bears the symbol of the royal family. From what I can gather, you use this dagger to prove you’re royalty? Anyway, Alexia tells Albert that whenever she was depressed about herself, she’d look at the dagger and feel better. She wants Albert to hold on to it until after the ceremony. Guess it was uncomfortable in her bra or something xD

Gii flips his shit but yeah, he’s ignore.

Gii: :AAAA: wah!

Alexia and Albert have a moment. She segues about how the two must have a distant relative since they look so similar (Gii nearly has a heart attack here bc he thinks SHIT did Alexia figure out Alexia may be her brother!?) but then suddenly blurts out a thank you for everything he’s done…then an apology for everything he’s been put through. Thankfully, Albert is like a Shounen Hero and just lols it off.

“Don’t you think it’s better to say those the other way around? Sorry! Then, Thank you! sounds a lot more upbeat!”

Alexia smiles and the two dance around, giggling like the kids they are.

“Yeah, I agree!”

Gii watches the two, wearing a STILL PISSED YOU GUYS IGNORED MY SHITFIT face but seeing the two children having fun, he sighs and smiles.


[EDIT! In the tankoubon version, Gii has a line at this part: “A boy, born the twin of his sister, will bring forth disaster. I wonder if it’s really that crucial he be dealt with…this boy who was able to bring out Alexia-sama’s smile.” In the magazine version, Gii kept quiet.]

And now it’s time to start the ceremony! We randomly jump to some citizens commenting on the queen making a public appearance, and about a bunch of mens who are candidates for the role of Alexia’s fiancée. I’m kind of creeped out that ol’ what’s his face, Melcho, is one of the candidates D8 (lol when I first read this like a year ago, I thought he was Alexia’s dad or something xD Oops!) Like how the citizens are also like, ew fuck that choice! Think of the children.

Melcho: (iДi)I HATE YOU ALL!

We jump to Albert who is disguised as a flower girl. Somehow, his veil is able to conceal his features so no one is the wiser about who he is. Alexia struts by him, heading for the castle balcony to say hey to her peeps down below. Albert smiles as she walks by, thinking, yup, this is a great place to end this manga. Everyone ends up happy.

WRONG ALBERT! You just JYNXED it! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)


Alexia stands on the balcony and spread her arms to her sides. The crowd below howls in joy at their next ruler. Everything is going good until an arrow strikes Alexia in the chest.

Everyone: ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ …is that part of the show?

See what you did, Albert?

Well, needless to say, Alexia dies ;_________; (along with my ship…I was shipping Gii x Alexia).


Her dying words:

“This… CAN’T BE!”

After I vowed to be this country’s mother…


Chaos starts to erupt. The citizens are flipping their shit. The queen is hurling blood. The assassin is seen scuttling away. However, Gii notices the cloaked individual and sends guards after the assassin. Albert is staring at Alexia’s body in shock, remembering her words on the harbor.

“I want to protect it. This country.”

When someone screams, WE’RE ALL DOOMED!, Albert breaks out of his trance. He can’t let things end like this. Not after seeing the resolve in Alexia’s eyes to help their country. Putting his training to the test, he calls attention to the guards and servants around him. He tells them to calm their tits. He is the real Alexia. That person on the floor was a double he employed due to previous attempts on his life. He pulls out the dagger Alexia had given him as proof of his claim.


As everyone stares at Albert in stunned silence, Albert calls to Gii. He tells him to bring Alexia’s body into his room and to let no one leave the premises. The queen’s sister (the one that liked to shoot her arrows at Albert for lols) tries to run but is stopped by guards. Not sure why she tried to run. Pretty obvious is wasn’t her lol, unless she was able to get changed real quick xD

In Alexia’s room, Gii has placed Alexia’s body on top of her bed. He touches her cold face and rage fills him. He turns to Albert and grabs him by the collar, yelling about how Albert really is to bring disaster to them all and should have been killed long ago. Despite wearing a dress, Albert kicks Gii in the stomach and tells him to calm his tits and balls. He has no idea what Gii is rambling about but they can talk about it over tea and pancakes later. Now is not the time. Denied his shitfit for the second time in this chapter, Gii decides to ask Albert what is he planning on doing. Albert explains that he is now to become Alexia. Her dream was to protect this country and he’s not going to let her dream die.

Gii: “You don’t understand the seriousness of the situation.”

Albert: “Neither do you. Alexia was this country’s last hope. She worked fervently to answer their prayers.  After putting in all that effort, I can’t have it going to waste!”

Gii is moved by Albert’s words. “You realize there is no going back.”

Albert: “…I know.” He looks up at Gii. “That’s why, I need your help.”

Albert changes his clothes with Alexia’s. Once ready, he goes out to the balcony and assures the masses that he is alive. No arrow or attempts on his life will keep him down.

“As long as this country exists, my life cannot be extinguished! This country is Alexia Lumeire! This country is the soul of the Morrian Queendom! Prosper forever, Morrian Queendom!”


The crowd below bursts into cheer. Albert watches the crowd, tears in his eyes. Gii stands to the side, a shocked look on his face (though to be honest, I thought he died or something. He face looks so…zombie!).

This is…This is MY…revolve!

The scene changes to a boat…parked on land O___O;  A young man jumps out. He smiles at the castle.


“It’s been two years since then, eh?"

He extends his hand out.

“Albert. I’m coming to take you out of there.”


The last panel is of a grown up Albert, all girly. And Gii…looking less drag queen with his hair cut ~


…wait a minute. Holy shit batman, what kind of puberty did these two just go through!? I can see Theo’s transition into his current form…slightly plausible – though it’s hard to believe he was just a midget two years ago. He’s 16 so that’s believable. But Albert!? Holy shiz! The max his age could be was 12 at the time Theo left…so that would make him, at the max, 14!? WHEN I WAS FOURTEEN I DID NOT LOOK LIKE I WAS 18!

But hey, that’s the manga world for you. If your butler can be a lolicon, then you can look 18 at 14.

And with that, we’re done ~

The next Tid-Bits posted will be of volume #2 8D

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