Sylph Anthology: Literature Boys on sale 8/22『シルフテーマアンソロジー 文学彼氏』8月22日発売!(A Sylph Blog Post)

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Your favorite shorts from Comic Sylph have been bundled together into Sylph’s 3rd anthology release: Literature Boys. The anthology will be published on Aug 22.


Sylph Comics
Sylph Anthology: Literature Boys
List Price: 630 yen (tax included) / Size B6
Cover Illustrator: Nakagawa Waka

The anthology will be jam packed with illustrations and manga all tailored behind the idea of “literature.” The concept of the anthology will be broken down into 5 themes: 

  1. Fairytale
  2. Japanese Folklore
  3. Western Literature
  4. Japanese Literature
  5. Mythology

And let’s not forget the bonus material ~

Here I present to you all 19 fabulous artists who contributed to the anthology! (I’m adding the original Japanese because I tend to butcher name translations ^^;)

  1. 明咲トウル Asaki Touru
  2. ありいめめこ Arii Memeko
  3. オカモトサトル Okamoto Satoru (Café Café manga-ka)
  4. きこのみ Kiko Nomi
  5. くしながひろむ Kushinaga Hirumu
  6. くろまめ Kuromame
  7. ことり野デス子 Cotorino Deathco (Doubutsu no Naka no Hito manga-ka)
  8. 朔坂みん Saku Min
  9. しばの番茶 Shibano Bancha
  10. 純愛鏡 Junaikyou
  11. 千鳥ぺこ Chidori Peko
  12. 中川わか Nakagawa Waka
  13. ひらく 椥 Hiraku Naki (Hakuouki manga-ka)
  14. ぺぷ Pepu (Shiro Ari! // Snow White & Alice manga-ka)
  15. 星た Hoshita
  16. ほしの総明 Hoshino Soumei (the manga-ka of Heart no Kuni no Alice!?)
  17. 南澤ひしか Nanzawa Hishika
  18. 村崎 翠 Murasaki Midori (manga-ka of Hiiro Ouji & Storm Lover)
  19. 室長サオリ Shitsuchou Saori

As you can see, the third anthology is filled with big named illustrators, and manga-ka who actively contribute to the Comic Sylph magazine★

Since we’re here, let’s give you all a sneak peak inside the anthology!

Theme 1: Fairy-tales

The North Wind and the Sun (北風と太陽 Kita-Kaze to Taiyou) by Hoshita


The Tortoise and the Hare (ウサギとカメ) by Hiraku Naki


Theme 2: Japanese Folklore

Momotarou (桃太郎) by Nakagawa Waka


Urashima Tarou (浦島太郎) by Arii Memeko


Theme 3: Western Literature

Through the Looking Glass (「鏡の国のアリス) by Pepu


Romeo and Juliet (ロミオとジュリエット) by Murasaki Midori


Theme 4: Japanese Literature

The Restaurant of Many Orders (注文の多い料理店) by Shitsuchou Saori


I am a Wino Cat (吾輩は猫である) by Chidori Peko


Theme 5: Mythology

Indian Mythology (インド神話) by Asaki Touru


Urban Legends (都市伝説) by Cotorino Deathco


Bonus Material

Beauty and the Beast (美女と野獣), Goldilocks and the Three Bears (三匹の熊), plus many others by Shibano Bancha


The Little Mermaid (人魚姫) by Hoshino Soumei


The illustrators and manga-ka based their works on their own interpretation (or you could say, created their own version) of these famous literary works.  The anthology is overflowing in “literary” goodness so be sure to check out your local bookstore for a copy! Please support us by buying the manga!


Welp. Looks like I might be buying this anthology. I had no idea the artist of the Heart no Kuni no Alice manga had contributed to the anthology 8U JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY SYLPH!

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