Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #9: A Family like This


Lol, what kind of zoo is Luca talking about? xD I don’t recall seeing dogs and chickens at our zoo (petting zoo excluded).

And there you have it peeps :3 The last 4-koma in the Arcana Famiglia freebie booklet that came with the August 2012 Issue of Sylph. I’m not sure if Ciao will have more. Maybe?

We’ll see when I order the volume ~

Anyway, thank you for sticking with me until the end ~ I know my translations probably weren’t in character (or 100% exact. I like to Americanize :3) but hey, as long as it’s fun, that’s all the matters, right? 8D

*crawls under a cardboard box to hide from the trolls*

Until we see each other again…Ciao!


Haven’t read the first 4-koma? Then start here!

2 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #9: A Family like This

  1. Ciao has some more 4komas in it, albeit not a great deal more. It also has a longer comic by the same artist where most of the guys get turned into chibi form because of jolly ~v~

    • 8D ah sweet! Thanks for the heads up!
      I’ve placed an order for Ciao recently so I’ll get back to translating those 4-koma after I’m done catching up with Shounen Oujo 8D

      Lol, oh Jolly! Why you gotta be causing mischief? xD

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