August Stuff ~

…let’s ignore the fact that we’re almost done with August xD With Arcana Famiglia down, it’s time to restart another project! I was planning on finishing Zeele Sacrifice but I really want to be updated with Shounen Oujo first – see, it’s currently my goal at the moment to catch up with all the serialized titles in Sylph ~ This way my Tid-Bits for the magazine doesn’t consist of the words “I’m behind and I need to catch up” like with almost everything in the July 2012 post xD. Thus the next project I will work on is playing catch up with the latest chapters of Shounen Oujo!

I’m ready:


I should note here that while refreshing my memory about what happened in the first volume, I noticed the tankoubon version of Shounen Oujo had some changes in it. Mostly it was art related…and one character was turned into a girl…but they didn’t change the flow of the story too much. In fact, the only major changes I could find were the references made to a group known as “The Resistance” (who were never mentioned before) and more emphasis on the “legend” about if the queen were to give birth to a pair of twins, one boy and the other a girl, shit would fly. Anyway, I baring up this issue in case there turns out to be discrepancies with the next tankoubon of Shounen Oujo and my Tid-Bits ~

And that’s it ~ Oh, you may have noticed I changed the layout of my blog. The old one was nice but it kept messing up the alignment of my pictures :/ THUS CHANGE WAS NEEDED! I like this new layout ~ It’s cute, but I guess it should be given this is actually a theme meant for a wedding blog haha xD

And that’s it ~ Peace ~

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