July 2012 Comic Sylph


Oh yeahhhhh folks! It’s that time of the month again! …okay, not THAT time of the month. But it’s that time of the month when Sylphalchemist posts about Comic Sylph! …so what if I’m like three issues behind? Just means I get to know what happens before you all xP *thumbs up* Lol jk

(unless you read Comic Sylph or look else where for spoils xD).

The July 2012 issue is pretty skinny, probably due to all the series that have recently ended, but have no fear~! That just means Sylph has more room for new series <3

PS. I’ve broken up the post into pages (well, I hope I did…I’m still playing with the coding) so your computers won’t be overwhelmed by the pictures and my blahings xD

DADADADAN Chapter 13 ダダダダン
黛 ハル太 Mayuzumi Haruta

“Too fool (プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵). Too Shy. Too Otaku.”

Whoa snap! DADADADAN turned mega dark! D8 Shiz, you fall out of the loop for a volume and look what happens! I got me some catching up to do (unfortunately, August is already dedicated to Sora Kara!☆My Nanny (it’s up to FOUR volumes! Oh snap!) so it’ll probably be September before I get up to speed ^^; Oh man).

Chapter 13 starts off in the usual DADADADAN fashion – with comedy. However, that gets murdered off pretty quickly and dropped off the side of a bridge upon the mention of a girl totting around a large red suitcase. She’s been seen hanging around the school…as if waiting for someone…dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn. While this naturally creeps everyone out, it freaks Grumpy out even more. A fear of suitcases perhaps? Bashful notices this but before he can say anything, the English teacher comes in and tells Grumpy he needs to stay after to fix his homework…because it’s a way to get him alone there’s a test coming up and Grumpy ain’t gonna get a double digit score if he doesn’t practice more xD Grumpy reluctantly agrees. Bashful and Doc tell him they’ll be waiting for him at the dorms and good luck ~ Doc also gives Grumpy his action figure fan…thing to keep cool since it’s nasty as shit what with the typhoon coming.

Oh yeah, I guess I should mention there’s a typhoon on the way xD You know shojo. When shit is going to fly, you gotta have rain to drama it up ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Anyway, on his way home, guess who Grumpy bumps into? Jerad from Subway! Lol no..he’d never survive in a shojo. He’d be eaten or something. It’s suitcase girl! Grumpy instantly starts to turn around to GTFO of there but stops when he hears her say she just wants to give him something and then she’ll be on her way. Grumpy…being surprisingly more stupid than usual, goes up to her to retrieve said item…only to be tasered. And then stuffed in te suitcase.

( °٢° ) …what?

We jump over to Doc and Bashful. Bashful comments on how late it’s getting. He’s worried about Grumpy. Both are in the boys dorms, eating their dinner and watching the news (lol not that worried if you’re eating and watching tv! xD). The lady on the tv is rattling off about streets closing due to the weather and yadda yadda. After hearing a classmate mention he saw Grumpy talking to Suitcase Girl, Bashful gets all motherhen and starts to freak out. Doc tells him to calm his tits. They’ll find Doc’s action figure.

Bashful: (ಠ_ಠ) uh…I think you meant to say Grumpy…

Doc: If Grumpy knows what’s good for him, he better have that mofo action figure with him!

Bashful: ( ・_・) …

Using their powers of deduction (Bashful) and computer hacking (Doc), they follow Suitcase Girl via street cams until the weather gets too nasty and the cameras stop working. Oh shit. And if that wasn’t bad enough, we jump over to Grumpy who awakens in a strange room…his hands and feet handcuffed…and his shoes stolen (okay I’m not sure about the shoes stolen part. They’re just not there). Suitcase Girl is leaning against a wall nearby. He yells at her, demanding to know WTF is going on.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.”

It’s time to go down memory lane…in the next issue ~ (well, for me, since I’m 3 volumes behind, I got to see the conclusion to this arc. All I can say is…I want to hug Grumpy :<).

Note: I’m kind of surprised by how out of character Grumpy is – not only is he stupider than usual, but he’s not going hulk and ripping the cuffs off o___O;


Uta no Prince-Debut  うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪
Song #02
雪広うたこ Yukihiro Utako

“Behind his beautiful profile…is something sinister!?”

The boys are back in school! Yayyyyyyaaaaa ~ (Them: .____. this sucks). Not only are they students again but they get a new place to live ~ (and it’s smaller than their old place 8D Them: D8 WHY ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN!?). Their living arrangements will be the same as before, except each team of two will also have their mentor living with them. And just who are their mentors? Welp, Mr. Shining (Shining Saotome) won’t tell ~ it’s more entertaining that way.

Them: …you really need to go get laid, dude… :/

Him: …I know. Just…just let me have this, kids. Please? I need a reason to get up in the morning and put panties on.

Just as everyone is about to disperse, Mr. Shining realizes he forgot something important! Haruna will be the only song writer/composer in the master’s course. She will be responsible for aiding the teams in the compilation of their songs.

Her: 8D Yay!

Tomochika: Hey, wait…what about me? I’m a composer too…

Shining: Yeahhhhh, no. You will be sent off with some other people or something to get you out of the way.

Tomochika: >:U that’s not fair!

Shining: SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN OTOME HEROINE THEN BITCH ~ *snaps fingers all dramatically*

However, there is a drawback. Normally, Haruna would have herself a mentor to teach her shit during her graduate years. Unfortunately, there are no girls for her to learn under so she will be forced to teach herself…while still paying the same as the others.

Haruna: >:U that’s fucked up!

Shining: AIN’T MY FAULT I SURROUND MYSELF WITH PRETTY BOYS! YOUR DAD SHOULD HAVE SHOT Y’S NOT X’S BITCH *snaps fingers all dramatically and purses his lips out*

Tomochika: Wait…what does this mean for me? I’m a girl too.

Shining: …see, no one cares about you because you will never be shown again except when needed so STFU…but you will still be paying 100% like the others.

Tomochika: D8

That fuckery aside, the students all leave. They have a WE’LL DO OUR BEST moment and disperse (not before Mr. Shining somehow pops out from a mole hole with a LOOKING FORWARD TO CRUSHING SOME YOUNG CHILDREN’S DREAMS ~ mien on his face. Really, he needs to get laid). Haruna goes with Natsuki and Sho to help them move. While packing lots of stuffed animals up (ಠ_ಠ), Sho gets a call. It’s time to meet their mentor!

On their way over, some random guy jumps out of a tree all majestic like with birds flying around him for visual effects. One of the birds has a bandage on its leg which the gang stares at as it flies away. By the time the bird is gone, they realize K-pop boy is gone as well. But they know his face – he’s Mikaze Ai…some popular singer who doesn’t like showing his face much. What are the chances they’d bump into him while he’s flying out of trees? 8D Great, because you’re in a manga! Turns out he’s their mentor! And he’s a douchebag 8D

Yup, who motherfreaking called it.

The chapter ends with Ai saying the boys are failures, suck at life, and will amount to nothing, thus it’s a waste of his time to even try training them.



Shounen Oujo 少年王女
Chapter 14
雪広うたこ Yukihiro Utako

“Together with Gii and the others, Albert starts his counterattack.”

Ho shit, people! A new chapter of Shounen Oujo! Was NOT expecting this ~ But I’m not going to write too much here because I’m (like a broken record here, huh?) behind on the series and I don’t want to create confusion by saying one thing when it turns out to be another ^^; Anyway, I’m planning on starting up my Tid-Bits on Shounen Oujo again soon so you’ll have your spoils then ~ All I will say is 1.) this series is probably going to surpass Zeele Sacrifice in terms of death count, making it the most violent series in Sylph, and 2.) the next new chapter won’t be out until August (which isn’t too bad…but this magazine came out in May so…it used to be a long wait haha ^^)

Keep you eyes open/ on Shounen Oujo’s Tid-Bits page for updates ~


Arcana Famiglia アルカナ・ファミリア
Chapter 8

“What kind of story do you want to hear today?”

How about one where the girl actually gets with someone in these otome adaptations? xD

Anyhoo, chapter 8 is sadly…pathetic…like, 10 pages. Really, Sylph? I thought Arcana Famiglia was supposed to be your next cash cow haha? xD In this brief chapter, Debito, Luca, and Pace all remember their younger days in the church and lol at their memories. Except at the end when Debito remembers his past involving a certain someone…who looks quite…Jolly…despite the fact the face is shadowed out. Seems I was right and the story he told in the previous chapter (the one to give the orphans nightmares) was actually related to his past ~


Shiro Ari // Snow White and Alice 白アリッッ
Check #22
ぺぷ  Pepu

“An unusual pair and their unusual relationship.”

Yayyyyyy I caught up with Shiro Ari 8D FINALLY! ONE COMIC SYLPH SERIES WHERE I’M NOT BEHIND!!!!

The March Hare starts this chapter off by throwing knives at the Cheshire Cat and charging him like a raging constipated bull. Alice takes this opportunity to pull aside Snow White and to give her the 411 about the location they are at. Known simply as the “Toy Box” due to looking as if some child flipped his toy box over and scattered the contents on the ground here, it’s a strange place where illusions ran rampant and weird crap happens. It’s also rumored to be a hang out for the Cheshire Cat. Alice is about to continue when he realizes that Snow White isn’t listening. Oh yeah, she’s still freaking out about the apple thing earlier. Oops xD

Alice: Not sure why I launched into that detailed explanation when I should have realized Snow White wasn’t in a state to listen. Not like there’s anyone else here to hear me talk… *looks around suspiciously*

We jump into Snow White’s head real quick and see more images of unknown people zip by. She can’t figure out who they are or what’s going on. Alice looks at her in concern and pulls her close to comfort her, the only thing he can really do for her. He then looks over her shoulder to bear witness to the fight between the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Speaking of their battle, I can only describe it as holy shit! Knives, giant dice falling from the sky, flips and shiz! These two are kick ass 8U

As the two fight, the Cheshire Cat taunts the March Hare, lol-ing at why the March Hare is extra agitated today ~ Though the Queen was the one who shot Hatter, the March Hare has a gut feeling the Cheshire Cat was behind her erratic behavior ~ The Cheshire Cat responds that even if he did have a hand in it, what about it ~? The March Hare always bullies Hatter so why is he getting all pissed because Hatter got hurt? Hoo hoo ~ As the March Hare readies his knife to stab the Cheshire Cat, a glass wall appears between the two, stopping the blade inches away from the Cheshire Cat’s neck.

But the March Hare isn’t out yet. He tells the Cheshire Cat it’s not about Hatter getting hurt that’s driving him. We see a flashback of the March Hare and Hatter. Hatter is tending to the March Hare’s wounds, telling him it’s useless. He can’t kill Hatter. We jump back to the present. The March Hare pulls off his mask and punches his fist through the glass. Grabbing the Cheshire Cat by his hair, he RIPS the Cheshire Cat through the motherfreaking glass. HOLY SHIT!

“It’s because…he is my prey!”

No one else but the March Hare can beat up on Hatter (or as the March Hare calls him, THAT DUMBASS!). So when the Queen shot Hatter, being forced to see Hatter like that filled the March Hare with rage.

Not sure if this is important but we see the reason the March Hare wore a mask is due to some type of tattoo on the side of his face. Not sure what it is. Kind of looks like a dragon.

Though he just got the shit beat out of him, the Cheshire Cat laughs at the March Hare’s words. Unafraid of the knife coming towards him, the Cheshire Cat says he finds the March Hare amusing. That he’s mentally fucked up…just like him 8D Tree branches come flying out to stop the March Hare and his blade. He’s knocked into the air before slamming down to the ground. When he tries to get up, the March Hare finds himself unable too. Something is manipulating the gravity around him. Oh shiz, that’s not good. A foot steps on his chest – the Cheshire Cat’s. And he’s holding the March Hare’s blade… Oh that’s not good either.

“You and I…are the same.”

The Cheshire Cat explains that he and the March Hare are driven by something other than themselves. Nothing else matters but this “something.” However, by treasuring this “something” so highly, they leave themselves open to being destroyed by that “something.”

“Like this?”

Alice wraps an arm around the Cheshire Cat’s neck. In his other hand, he holds a gun to the cat’s back. Snow White…throws herself onto the March Hare. Really, Snow White? =___= Didn’t the Hatter incident teach you anything? The Cheshire Cat is like, oh shiz, I forgot you people were here. Backed into a corner, the Cheshire Cat surrenders…only to grab Alice’s ring and run off with it ~

The chapter ends with Snow White remembering who the people in her head are.

“The seven dwarves.”

FFFFFFFFF Shiro Ari is so addicting >____<

10 thoughts on “July 2012 Comic Sylph

    • 8D Yes! I heard about that! In Aria, right?

      While I did watch the anime (and greatly enjoyed it), I’m a bit behind on the manga ^^; I need to get the last volume released in English (#11) and import the last last one (#12). I just haven’t been motivated to get my credit card out and buy them though haha!

      I saw your group picked it up! Yay! Do I need to know what happened in the first series to figure out what’s going on in the sequel? :0


  1. Pingback: August Stuff ~ | Spoils

      • Maybe because I don’t really write Tid-Bits on Shiro Ari? :O I just blog about it whenever I do a Comic Sylph post.
        Currently, I’m wrapping up my Tid-Bits on Shounen Oujo before I go back to writing up Comic Sylph posts. On my widgets here to the side, there is one listed as ‘schedule.’ That is usually the guideline I follow when I’m posting stuff on my blog. After Shounen Oujo will be the Comic Sylph posts.
        However, I’m working at a slow pace because I’m sort of on semi-hiatus. RL and all that get in the way of my blog time so I can only post so much at a time.

        If you’re really interested in keeping current with the series, I suggest buying the magazine :)
        You can find it on amazon.jp, honto.jp, and on akadot.com.
        I used to have a subscription with fuji-san.jp which was nice but I moved so I had to cancel the subscription ^^;

        Hope that helped!


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