July 2012 Comic Sylph – Color Scans


Sad days. I was hoping to have this post out before July ended but unfortunately…RL tripped me on the way out *shakes an angry fist at RL* Meh, shit happens right? Anyway, to admiring the color pages in the July 2012 Issue of Comic Sylph 8D *flies*


Information on the upcoming drama CD for Hakase Ga! If I’m reading the preview right, the drama CD will contain chapters from volume 1 and a special never before seen chapter. Don’t ask me who the voice actors will be for each character because I’m not even going to venture a guess xD


Sylph is still strutting its stuff about their two year anniversary since the magazine went monthly ~ The August issue will have Hakuouki Reimeiroku on the cover. The furoku will be a clear folder of Uta no Prince-sama Debut, a booklet previewing the anime adaptation of Arcana Famiglia, and a poster from Arcana Famiglia. September’s issue will have Arcana Famiglia gracing the cover. The freebies will be a sample of the Hakase Ga! drama CD and a booklet featuring information on Hakuouki Reimeiroku as well as a manga adaptation of Patrick’s (Kazuma’s) OVA. Finally, October’s cover will have Uta no Prince-sama Debut in all its K-pop idol like glory. Freebies to be included will be a poster of Hakuouki Reimeiroku and a preview of the Hakuouki Reimeiroku drama CD coming out.


It’s not an issue of Sylph without some sort of otome pimping. More advertisement on the Brothers Conflict drama CD between what’s his face and the squirrel. The bottom portion shows off all the drama CDs out there and ho snap…that’s a lot o____o (guess this explains the amount of Brothers Conflict hits I get despite not talking much about the series except in these Sylph posts).













Next up is some Uta no Prince-sama Debut pimping. On the left we are shown lots of pretty stuffs only available in Japan. The right talks about the different editions of Uta no Prince-sama Debut as well as more pretty stuffs ~



Information on the Arcana Famiglia anime ~ Ew on Dante xD The last two pages are really just advertisements of Arcana Famiglia goods – the game, manga, novels, character CDs, etc. BUY PEOPLE! BUY MUAHAHAHAHAHA! <- Sylph words, not mine xD



I always like how colorful the Hakuouki pages are ~ More on the Hakuouki anime ~ The bottom right page is a report on yet another Hakuouki event. The bottom left page is about Patrick’s OVA and the Hakuouki Reimeiroku manga coming out soon (actually, it’s already out as of this post…yeah…don’t judge my sloth pace!).


Awhile back, to celebrate Dengeki’s 20th anniversary, various events were being held. One such event hosted a panel to meet with manga-ka of various Sylph titles. This is an advertisement for that event.


List of manga released: Café Café, DADADADAN #3, and Kira Kira Soda Chocolate #2 (final). Up next month will be Fujoshissu #4, Engage Knight #2 (final), Hakuouki Reimeiroku #1, and Arcana Famiglia #1.

See any you like? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Talk about Sylph’s drama CD line. Not sure why Shiro Ari isn’t listed but whatever ^^; I think it was supposed to go where that BROTHERS CONFLICT listing is bc I don’t remember there being any mention of a BROTHERS CONFLICT CD from Sylph.


Advertisement for Girl’s Style.


Cools shiz only available in Japan. *looks at the bottom left corner* WTF!? SWORDS FROM HAKUOUKI!? ∑(゜Д゜;)


Go Dengeki! May you have many more years of success (so I can continue to enjoy Sylph :D).

And that’s it, people! Hope you enjoyed ~

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