Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #8 Stupid Dad


Lol Mondo…wtf were you expecting? xD I may not be that far in the first volume of the manga but I got past the part where you punched your daughter in the face! Then you went on to say her freedom hinges on whether she can win this competition you’re holding to find the new Head of the Family. If she should happen to lose the competition, then she better pray whoever does win the competition is a benevolent husband to her and doesn’t keep her locked up! D8 I WONDER WHY SHE WOULD BE SO RELUCTANT TO SHOW YOU AFFECTION, POPS!

PS. That lion suit makes you look fat. Stop it.

We only have one more 4-koma before the end, folks! ;____; Sad days!


Haven’t read the first 4-koma yet? Click here to start…from the beginning 8D

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