DADADADAN & Shinigami Doggy Plug ~

Ah, before I forget! If you’re a Comic Sylph fan – specifically of the titles DADADADAN and Shinigami DoggyMad Hatter Scans informed me they will be working on these two series! The first chapters should be out soon 8D

(lol, I like how Shin here in the bottom looks like he’s trying to flash his man nipples at you all xD Him: They’re sexy and they know it ;D)

Also, if you’re like, THAT’S NOT ENOUGH SYLPH TO GET ME THROUGH LIFE (which is a wonderful response because you can never have enough Comic Sylph ;D), Mad Hatter Scans is accepting requests for one-shots and short series. Maybe you all can recommend your favorite Sylph titles ;D

And that’s it!

What are you still doing here? Go visit Mad Hatter Scans 8D And fall in love with their titles (and possible buy the titles to add to your collection? > 3 > I’ve already got one of their releases in my shopping cart ~ Jauhara Lailah 8D *thumbs up*)

4 thoughts on “DADADADAN & Shinigami Doggy Plug ~

    • And today will be known in the history books as the day the world was blessed with DADADADAN!

      BTW, I noticed you have a new site! Looking forward to your wonderful releases from there as well 8D *bookmarks*


      • SQUEEEEEE~~~
        We’re extremely happy about Dadadadan. ;D Hopefully we can pump out chapters but cleaning and typesetting it is such a pain. DADADADAN Y U HAVE SO MUCH TEXT!?

        And thank youuu~~~! Now you get to experience awesome josei and seinen. ;DD


        • Yeah, that’s one of the major downsides with DADADADAN – the manga-ka likes text and she likes it EVERYWHERE! IN YOUR FACE!

          8D I saw your line-up! Lots of Aria titles I’ve been interested in :3 Yay!


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