B’s Log Kyun Vol 16 (May 2012)

iconWell, it’s certainly been awhile since I did a B’s Log Kyun write up! Sorry in advance for lack of care in this post. I read the magazine awhile back but only recently started to write up what I read. That gap in time…left me forgetting certain details haha ^^;

That and I’m so unfamiliar with a bunch of the series currently running that I can’t really form an opinion or say much on them.

Since I’m on the subject, wtf is up with B’s Log Kyun’s tankoubon releases!? For some odd reason, some series in their tankoubon form have furigana next to the kanji (Cubism Love for example) but others don’t (Shounen Maid for example). So annoying D8 WHY IF YOUR MAGAZINE HAS FURIGANA YOUR TANKOUBON DON’T!?

Pretty much the rule I’ve found is older titles that are more than 2 volumes tend to have no furigana while new titles do .____.; Which sucks because some of the older series look really cool…


Title: B’s Log Kyun
Issue: #16 May 2012
Cover: Hiiro no Kakera


Cos x Genic Cos. 2
コスプレジェニックCos. 2


After making their resolution to join the cosplaying world back in chapter 1, our main character is now having doubts about the whole thing. I mean, heck, where does one even start??? However, thankfully her friend has glasses which in manga/anime/video games/anything means she’s studious and has the answer to questions not even asked yet. Using the power of google, she was able to research a ton of shiz on cosplaying, saving the two. The chapter focuses on the girls shopping at a cosplay shop and bumping into the main character’s idol cosplayer who unsurprisingly turns out not only to be a bit of a dick but also goes to her school. Due to various circumstances, he leaves and our main character tries on cosplay clothes (xD lol), which makes her super ecstatic over the fact she can look like a man (hell I do that without trying…). Adrenaline rushing from the outfits she’s tried on, she buys a wig and outfit to practice with. Her and her friend rush home to try on the clothes and giggle or whatever. However, waiting in her room is her childhood friend (lol, like how not only did her parents leave the front door unlocked and he took advantage of that, but he was reading her yaoi with a (◎_◎;) look on his face xD and the girls are like (/゚Д゚)/ GET AWAY FROM THE MAN PORN). He already knows the main girl is an anime/manga nerd and teases her about it. Last thing she needs is him to find out about her cosplaying interest. Of course things never go smoothly. While trying to kick him out, she accidentally drops her purchases which the childhood friend picks up. He’s like, dah fuq? and that’s where the chapter ends.

I wasn’t too hooked with the first chapter but the second chapter really piqued my interest :) How will the childhood friend react? Will he be disgusted or maybe…because he’s into photography, he’ll end up taking her pictures and posting them on DA :o DUN DUN DUNNN~!


Shinobi Yoru Koi wa Kusemono Chapter 13
忍びよる恋はくせもの 第13語

Wow, talk about shojo angst! Girl likes Boy 1. Not sure if Boy 1 even knows she exists outside being his bodyguard. Boy 2 likes her but all the ladies like him so it’s hard to tell if he’s serious or not. Boy 3 possibly likes her but is currently in drag so who knows. Boy 4 likes her but is a pansy. Boy 5 makes an appearance and it turns out he’s Boy 2’s brother but seems there’s some family problems between the two. Boy 4 walks in on Girl being hugged by Boy 2 which causes him angst.

Oh and apparently this has something to do with ninjas but I’ve yet to see that. Also, this girl has huge honkers. Apparently if you’re a ninja, boobs you will have!


Uta no Prince-sama Pianissimo #4
Uta Puri PP

(ಠ_ಠ) wait…how did this go from chapter #2 in B’s Log Kyun vol 15 to #4 in this volume? >___> <___< er….yeah…so in chapter…4, we have a short which shows how Otoya and Shou first met and become bros ~ Viva la Soccer ~ The chapter also has 3 4-koma for some lols ~

[EDIT: I guess it turns out, Uta Puri is also released on B’s Log Air Raid as well :U]


Mahoutsukai no Hanashi // A Story of Wizards 魔法使いの話
Morino モリノ

“A sweet urban legend.”

The plot for A Story of Wizards focuses on the MC convinced a classmate of his is the wizard who saved him long ago. He was unable to say thanks back then but he wishes to convey his appreciation about being rescued now. Is the classmate really the wizard in question or someone else?

Not a bad oneshot. Doesn’t really go anywhere. Also, some items are never discussed like why one becomes a wizard and just who they are fighting against. But meh, it’s a one-shot. That’s usually how one-shots roll.


Koi suru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi Chapter 2
(A Prince in Love and A Princess in Misery)

After getting some positive comments for Koi suru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi I have decided to take up the series as part of my Tid-Bits project 8D However, it’ll be a while till anything is done because 1.) I want to finish off some older titles I’ve forgotten about been working on, 2.) I’m trying to get more information on a certain character because that character might play a central role into the main plot (I don’t want to goof up like I did with my earlier HANA ORI SOUSHI write-ups xD) & 3.) I’m still on semi-hiatus.

Basically all that happened in this chapter was…bromance ~ Lots of shopping and bromance xD


Ame Nochi Hare 24hPa ~ The Beginning of Summer 3
Sun after the Rain
あめのちはれ 24hPa ~ 夏のはじまり3

o__________o I have no idea what’s going on. There are way too many characters for me to keep track of. Um…I think the student dorm dude likes this one guy when he’s in his girl form but due to some misunderstanding, the student dorm dude thinks that one dude in his girl form and that one dude’s roommate are dating. And I guess student dorm dude is like…the brother of the chick that one dude likes (and he’s friends with her in his girl form) and when he tells her about the dating thing, she’s all omfg why didn’t dude in his girl form tell me s/he was dating that dude’s roommate…oh yeah wtf to my bestie who is a girl kissing me on the lips…but still, the pressing matter at hand is that dude’s dating thing.

Me: x_____X whoa…too much shojo drama for a newbie like me to experience


Jidaraku Yousei Yururumon Chapter 8
自堕落妖精ユルルモン 第 8 語

…um…for some reason…two new bishies appear…and…uh, I guess all bishies are fairies (as in the magical creature type, not ghey for each other type) and…have to compete against each other because of reasons and…they all hate each other so… >____> <____< yeah…


Fable Chapter 1 Preview
ファーブル 第一話お試し読み

Fable is actually a series running in B’s Log Air Raid, an online magazine of B’s Log. The included chapter is a preview for the series. Gotta say the first chapter is pretty interesting. Here’s the premise: our main character is a young slave whose master has been using his blood (against his will D8) for magical experiments. However, it seems the master isn’t the only one into the boy’s blood. Weird freaky monsters are also hungry for the slave’s life liquids ~ Due to an incident, he meets with a bunch of cloaked figures who explain they are witches…and the boy has witch blood in him! What will he do with this newfound information?

I’m a sucker for stories with magic and fighting evil so maybe that’s why the story appealed to me ~ I might have to check this series out 8D


Shounen Maid Chapter 28
Boy Maid

>:U I finally buy the first volume but it turns out the series doesn’t support furigana next to the kanji! WTF! Meh, at least I have a general idea of what’s going on… *still pissed* So the boy above used to live with his mom but mom died suddenly one day (surprisingly not in an automobile related incident). If his mom dying wasn’t bad enough, he has no place to go because he had no relatives to turn to. However, one day an uncle he never knew of comes to claim him. After some drama, the boy decides to accept the uncle’s proposal to move in with him under the condition that the boy can work to earn his keep. Seeing as the uncle is a nasty slob, the boy decides to work as a maid so to speak. And the reason the boy wears the frilly clothes is because the uncle was like, here you go lololololol …wait, you’re seriously going to wear that? … Okay? o__O

Now to the current arc – I guess awhile back there was some grandma drama that was making the main character and his uncle all emo but they get over that in this chapter >___> yes.


Koakuma to Dairinin Charm 2
Little Devil x Agent
小悪魔と代理人Charm 2

;_________; Even though I only got to know him for one chapter, I am still weepy over the fact the dad was killed. Yup, now that Arata is 16, it’s time for Mr. Demon to take papa’s soul (in a VERY creepy manner). Poor Arata. To lose your parent as such a young age ;___________; I’m so glad he has his bestie to cheer him up. Friends are definitely what people need during times of crisis.

Not sure what’s going to happen now. Arata is all alone. Mr. Demon keeps appearing before Arata, saying, COME WITH ME! Thankfully Senri and his magical test prepping accident preventing demon warding crucifix his mom gave him is there to save the day…but for how long?


Cubism Love Chapter 14
キュビズム・ラブ Chapter 14

Volume #2 of Cubism Love just came out 8D I must get this so I can finally understand what is going on story wise ~ (I want more Doctor x Box romance as someone on akahoshitakuya once commented xD). B’s Log also released a novel of Cubism Love, though I’m not sure if it’s a sequel or prequel or side…thingie or what. All I know is DAMMIT! I’m still too newbie with my Japanese to try and tackle big boy novels. Hell, I’m barely chugging through the KIDS novel of Fairy Navigator Luna Dx

Rant aside, in this month’s chapter of Cubism Love, something happened to the guy above (yeah…forgot his name already xD). Anyway, his brother takes over in overseeing Noriko’s (the box) health. I’m guessing there may be some brotherly…conflict going on but that may just be me. Noriko is a sad octopus about what’shisface being injured. Her friend Hayate is like, well then let’s visit him 8D Her: Uh…I don’t think I can…what with me being a brain in a box and on life support. Him: No, it’s ok. This is a shojo. The power of shojo allows me to remove you from this machinery keeping you alive so we can have shojo adventures ~ Her: OKAY! 8D



Hakuouki Chapter 16

Close-up of Patrick’s face:

catfacexD I am always amused by his face. First his derpy one from the last chapter and now catface Patrick!!!

Yama…whatever dies and Hijikata spends the whole chapter angsting about it. I’d probably feel a bit more sympathetic if this wasn’t like my 4th time seeing this part again ._____. The chapter ends with Kondou getting ready to sacrifice himself.

*an amusing mistake – when Chizuru cuts her fingers so Hijikata can suck her bloods ~ she cuts her left fingers but later it shows Chizuru holding her cut right hand ~



Jukai Shounen Ai Curse 5
Curse Breaker Ai
呪解少年アイCurse 5

Still have no idea what’s going on. Main Boy brings a cake to a haunted well behind his school because of reasons. His crossdressing friend comes out of said well and goes, oh hey! You got cake! Let’s eat it! Him: 8D ok! Please ignore the brown stains on my pants as I shat myself when you popped out of that well like Mario!

The end.


For a series titled CURSE BREAKER AI, there’s not a lot of curse breaking going on…


Starry☆Sky Star 8

Okay now I kind of get what’s happening. The series keeps jumping back and forth between the present and the past. Also, it appears that each chapter focuses on one of the boys. They all have feels for the main chick but I guess they never act on those feels – thus why none of them are with her in the future.


Them: (ಥ_ಥ)…dammit, what’s wrong with us!? There ARE other women out there! Why are we keeping celibate for just ONE girl!? (except for you Iku. You sleep with anything that has a hole in it. Iku: ┐(‘~`;)┌ at least I get some ~) And she’s not even that sexy!

Because you’re trapped in an otome game where rational male thinking is not allowed >:D

Any hoo, this month’s chapter features Suzuya. From what I can tell, he’s like the caring big brother type who is conflicted about his feels for the main chick. The chapter jumps all over the place so I wasn’t able to follow the plot too well. I know there is a culture festival and stuff happens. After spending the whole chapter monologuing about if he should confess or not, Suzuya decides to be a man and tell the main chick how he feels, only to back off at the last moment (no seriously – he was right at the “I lo –“ part!). Instead, he thinks, rather than risk tearing us apart by my feels, I’ll keep them locked up so we can be together longer ~ I have porn to keep my man urges under control :)


Next chapter will feature some dude wearing a scarf.

Man, here I thought I couldn’t find a manga adaptation more devoid of feeling than Hakuouki. But jeepers, this is so boring to read ^^; I mean, reading this series just makes me want to line up all the characters so I can slap them all in one swing while screaming QUIT BEING PANSIES! Dx


Sengoku Angelique Battle 12
Angelique of the Warring States
戦国アンジェリーク 合戦12

Well, Angelique got that tea party she’s been fighting so hard for ._____. Nothing much happened in this final chapter. People got betrayed. Shit was going down. Then before anything good could happen, Angelique shojo speeched everyone which stopped the war from happening. Overcome by the power of shojo, enemies and allies alike decided a tea party was in order.

And dat it.


Daydream x Nightmare Preview
Daydream x ナイトメア

Another preview of a B’s Log Air Raid series. Will DEFINITELY be checking out the first volume ~ I already lol-ed about Daydream x Nightmare earlier so no need to repeat mah self ~

Furoku ~


More freebie manga ~

And that’s it 8D Thanks for reading! *slaps you awake*

One thought on “B’s Log Kyun Vol 16 (May 2012)

  1. Yay! Thanks for continuing with Koisuru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi!~ :D

    Cos x Genic Cos. 2 also looks very interesting! I’d love to learn more about it, but I couldn’t really find much information online. Would anyone know who the mangaka is?


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