Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #7 Jolly Fell for It!?



I love how Dante’s 4-koma got like no hits xD Shows how many fans he has hahahahahaha!

Dante: ;_________; screw all of you! This would have never happened had I still had hair…and wasn’t a pedobear.

We’ll just kick the embarrassment known as Dante under the rug and continue forward with the next 4-koma ~ starring Jolly ~


Haven’t read the first 4-koma yet? Click here to start…from the beginning 8D

4 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #7 Jolly Fell for It!?

  1. Hm, thanks for that Daydream/Nightmare mini-review, it not only made me laugh hard (naked bishies just for the fun of it = ftw), but now I have something new to read once it gets translated. 8D Seems like Log Kyun is full of insanity?
    Aww, poor bald Dante. I can’t imagine though what kind of girl would pick him as her first choice in an otome game, like no matter how old you are of course you are going to choose a fresh young boy instead of an old… pedobear… really old one…


    • I’m really glad I found out about B’s Log Kyun. It definitely has the wtfery I’ve been missing in my manga titles xD The only downside with B’s Log Kyun is thire older titles don’t have furigana supported in the tankoubon versions so I can’t really understand what’s going on with my current newb lvl :____: Thus I have to stick with the newer titles and play catch up with them.

      Had they had younger Dante (the one with hair), I could definitely see him as an option. But this old man creeper Dante? No.


        • Yeah, but the thing is…Jolly has looks xD
          That doesn’t make it better…but it makes it easier to forget haha

          (though in all seriousness, it’s still creepy for me. I see Jolly as an uncle character…but like, an uncle character that’s probably been in jail quite for few time for incidents involving minors…)

          As I said to @noctemleya: had Dante looked like his younger self – the version WITH hair – then I probably wouldn’t be complaining much ;D
          But bald head = think old man = GTFO of my series xD
          But that’s just me haha ~ Dante has his fans…though apparently very little given by the low view count still for his 4-koma.


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