Manga Lessons: Why you should call the cops instead of calling your friends in an emergency (Daydream★Nightmare)

Wow, I finally touch on something B’s Log Kyun related xD Fear not, I’ve got a post in the making on the May 2012 Issue (ignore the fact it’s already July ppl…). I just want to post about something that made me go lol wtf!? While last time it was Koi suru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi, this time the winner is Daydream★Nightmare ~

PS. Not sure why mangaupdates had Daydream★Nightmare listed as a “shojo ai.” I’m assuming the group meant to put “shojo” because there are like no girls in this manga xD (by the time you look, I’ll have already changed it :3).

In the May 2012 Issue of B’s Log Kyun, we’re given a preview on two of their B’s Log Air Raid titles, one being Daydream★Nightmare. The story follows a boy named Ichi. At the start of the series, he recently learns that his grandpa, who raised him since he was a kid, has passed away.


Already you can tell what kind of series this is going to be.

FYI, the lady bawling her eyes and nose out isn’t the main guy. Lol, no. See, while grandpa was a cool guy, he was a cradle robber…meaning his lover (not sure where granny is) is that young lady…like…not kidding. But I guess it was a mutual love… (ew that would make her into old guys. That’s like shoving sandpaper up there……… D8)


(not sure wtf kind of implied gesture they’re making o____O if I think too hard, the answers I come up with become more and more lewd…)

Anyway, I mention grandpa’s love toy because in his will, gramps gave all his monetary assets to sweetcheeks here, much to Ichi’s…unhappiness.


However, grandpa didn’t forget about his grandson. Why give his grandson money when he can have a shed filled with shit treasures!?

Ichi: 8D Oh gee golly yay ~ NOT! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

Not sure what grandpa was thinking…probably not much given his elderly state and him banging someone a half a century younger than him (guess those Viagra spam emails finally paid off (¬▂¬)). Anyway, Ichi goes to check the place out. Grandpa said there was shit treasure so might as well see what the geezer was talking about, right? AND TO HOPE MAYBE GRANDPA ISN’T TELLING LIES AND THERE ACTUALLY IS SOMETHING VALUABLE SO ICHI CAN HAS MONEY TO LIVE ON!

The place is a shed. Not a good sign. But the shed is surprisingly huge. So maybe a good sign? Inside…a whole bunch of shit! Not a good sign.

…Anyone surprised?

But it’s not just shit…it’s dusty shit. Nice to see grandpa taking care of his shiz treasure. And dusty shit does NOT sit well with Ichi. He is like that crazy person who wears a white glove to swipe for dust on top of light fixtures because you know when guests come over, that’s the first place they’re going to look… Thus he starts to clean the place top to bottom. And because he’s a fictional manga character, he actually cleans the whole place instead of getting like 2/5ths done and saying screw it good enough >___>

Or is that just me?

Ichi ends up spending the whole day cleaning. Just as he finishes, he hears a voice: “I smell it. I smell it.” Naturally, Ichi is like…wtf. Mom was right. Mr. Clean does cause brain damage when used o___O

Mr. Clean: >:D you should have killed me back in Hana Ori Soushi!

The voice starts to yell frantically: I SMELL IT! I SMELL IT! I SMELL A MONSTER! IT’S COMING!

The scene switches to the backside of a man wearing a trench coat/flasher coat (not sure what the kids call them coats now and days). The length is kinda short so instead of being badass and hanging low to his ankles, the coat instead ends above his knees…where we get a nice view of his hairy legs.


Already we know when a dude has fat hairy legs, 1.) he’s not a bishi and 2.) something raepy is gonna happen. Shojo rule #23.

We go back to Ichi. He’s trying to figure out where this voice claiming it smells is coming from (Ichi: I CLEANED THIS PLACE, BITCH! I’M NOT LETTING SOME DELUSION MANIFESTED FROM INHALING MR. CLEAN PRODUCTS TELL ME I DIDN’T DO MY JOB RIGHT! I’LL CLEAN YOU! (╬ ಠ益ಠ)). Suddenly the door to the shed starts to shutter like someone is pounding on it hard. Rooted in shock, Ichi can only stare as the door bursts open and in comes…well, here’s a picture:


Now let’s see if your description of him matches what Ichi is thinking:

Ichi: OMFG IT’S A PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!


If you thought “cute” …then you scare me Σ(゚Д゚|||)

Scene Change ~ We jump over to Ichi’s friend, Kusumi. Kusumi is your typical bishi who has no interest in 3-D women. Not when there are better looking 2-D ones. Getting DADADADAN feels here.

His phone starts to ring. As he answers it, he is met not with a “HELLO THERE! CARE SO SPARE A MOMENT FOR JESUS CHRIST?” but instead with an earthshattering yell from Ichi:

“KASUMI!!!!!! Dude, like this pervert old man and under his coat I think he’s naked and the legs are all gnarly hairy and you gotta help me!”

Kasumi: ( ・∀・) ?

Kasumi tells Ichi to calm his balls and to relate the situation to an anime xD Lol! Ichi doesn’t watch anime so he has no idea what to say.

“I don’t get what you’re trying to say but there’s this pervert who isn’t wearing any clothes save a coat and he’s an old man.” Love that the voice also chimes in with “pervert” xD “He’s got this bulge down in his nether region and he’s breathing all heavy and creepy. And it’s REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FREAKING ME OUT HERE. You gotta help me! Or, go to the cops! Please! I’m serious here! Hurry – “

Lol Ichi, why didn’t you just call the cops yourself? xD

Before Ichi can finish his conversation, Mr. Creepy sneaks behind him. Not only is Mr. Creepy breathing hard, but he’s sweating and drooling.



(for someone…this is their moe xD *shot*)

Ichi lets out a bloodcurdling shriek. Kasumi is unaffected by his friend’s squeal or the fact the line is now dead. He thinks about their conversation and reaches a sound conclusion. He then proceeds to strip.

5It’s obvious that Ichi wants Kasumi to undress and go over to his house wearing nothing but a flasher coat. Yes. Brilliant. Because that’s what me and my friends do all the time…


I’m going to flash through this next bit, okay? Turns out the old man isn’t a flasher rapist. He’s a blindfold wearing wolf. And it turns out Ichi is some sort of fox boy and his fox ancestors pissed off peeps and so these peeps are after Ichi (like the wolf). The owner of the voice makes his appearance (yay for bishi power) and saves Ichi. After some talking, Ichi somehow uses his fox powers to summon a giant muscle man nude except for a frilly apron and a Victoria Secret skinny bra to take the wolf down by giving him a bath. By now you’re looking at my words and thinking, ok is this real or is this blogger fucking with me? I am not. This is straight up happening:


The guy who saves Ichi tells Ichi to go outside while he eats Mr. Wolf. o____o; (dah fuq). Ichi complies and proceeds to cry like a little girl by the door. In the middle of his sobs, he hears his name being called.


Ichi looks up to see Kasumi walking towards him.


Kasumi lets go of his jacket opening as he gets closer. A passing breeze opens Kasumi’s jacket to reveal his dick (thankfully for us readers, a leaf covers up his junk).

8As if learning you’re a fox boy and summoning a bald scantly clad man wasn’t traumatizing enough, seeing your friend stark naked with everything hanging out will. Ichi can only stare at his friend in shock. WHAT!? (((( ;°Д°))))


Kasumi explains that when Ichi called him, he must have known about Kasumi’s flasher coat and wanted to see it in action. Why? Meh, details. Also Ichi must have known about Kasumi’s fetish for furry ears since he’s dressed up as a fox boy. Ichi is the bestest friend ever ~


As Ichi tries to make sense of the situation (“How did you translate: “Call the police because there’s a creepy naked guy here” into “Please show up at my residence naked?”) the guy who saves Ichi comes out…looking like he just went to an orphanage and went postal…using his teeth. So now to add on top of the trauma pile (grandpa dying, being a fox boy, summoning burly naked guys, & seeing your friend’s peacock), Ichi can add possibly befriending a cannibal.

And this is where chapter 1 ends ~ Yup, I definitely need to check this series out. I’m a fan of guys going naked for no reason except for comedic value scenes in my manga xD I don’t know why. If you’re interested in reading Daydream★Nightmare, you’re in luck! Seems a group has picked the title up ~ check out mangaupdates for more news 8D

11 thoughts on “Manga Lessons: Why you should call the cops instead of calling your friends in an emergency (Daydream★Nightmare)

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  2. awesome review xD
    also, i didn’t know it was shojo o.0
    i thought it was yaoi cos i found it in a (mainly) yaoi scanlation site xD
    oh well, it doesn’t matter as long as i get to see more of ichi’s foxy tail *-*


    • Yuppers ~ Daydream Nightmare runs in an online shojo magazine ~ :3
      (although the manga-ka herself is known to draw BL ~)

      Glad to find a fan of Daydream Nightmare 8D I plan on getting the volume here soon so I may enjoy more random lols ~ Thanks for the comment!


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