Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #5 MY LADYYYYYYY!!!!!!


Lol what is going on here??? Luca has pigeon magic!? ( ・∀・)AHAHAHAHA ~ I don’t blame Felicitá for running haha xD

By the way, I started to watch the first episode of the Arcana Famiglia anime and it seems they translate ojousama as milady.

Lol oops
Since I’m already to the halfway point with these 4-koma, screw fixing Luca’s lines ~ xP My lady / milady / pancakes. Wiki said it’s all good so that works for me ~ (o◕ฺω◕ฺ)♦♫⁺♦


Lol this gif! I found it on tumblr! WTF he has pigeons living in his hat???

2 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Arcana Famiglia Short #5 MY LADYYYYYYY!!!!!!

  1. Not much into the manga or anime (overuse of bad Italian language & references, I think that’s a pet peeve of mine), but these 4-koma are quite silly and cute to read. You shouldn’t sweat about that my lady/milady, I think the meaning gets through. :D


    • Ah, see I’m used to that. The Japanese do it all the time with English. What’s stopping them from branching out to other languages? xD
      (I still remember “King of the Load.” Pssfft)

      The main reason I’m getting into Arcana Famiglia is because one of my favorite manga-ka is going to contribute to the Arcana Famiglia anthology coming out soon. As a fan, I will brave a series just to read her work xD

      Now that I think about it…this might be the last 4-koma to have milady/my lady in it :o


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