Tid Bits: Kuranoa Vol 2 Part II

And following closely on the heels of Part I is Part II! Sweet! 8D Enjoy the conclusion of Kuranoa ~


12th Bullet

“Nana: The world you deemed worthless has nice weather today. It’s so beautiful here…and yet you’re going to throw this away. Along with…me.”

After that depressing opening courtesy of Nana, we jump over to where Ichi and Minori are. Currently the pair are in midst of locating Nana in the real world. However…things aren’t going too smoothly. If in his guardian form, Ichi could have used his rabbit ears like detectors to locate Nana but since he’s in his human form, ┐(‘~`;)┌ dur hur. Times like this Ichi you probably wish you guardians had iPhones and that FIND A FRIEND app thing (yes this does exist. See where your friends are, real time. Great for stalking, planning burglaries, and for finding cheating spouses!). Just as Minori calls Ichi a useless tool (poor Ichi ;___; ), who should walk by but Shou! Hey Shou! 8D Shou: *continues to walk by* Well, fuck you too Shou :/ Ichi however doesn’t let his actions slide. He gives Shou a good punch upside the head. You go Ichi! Before Shou can start again on his wangst from the previous chapter, Ichi cuts him off and tries to enlist Shou into their missing persons game. However, Minori cuts in and tells Shou go get an education before dragging Ichi away. She explains to a confused Ichi that she doesn’t want Shou with them because he’d be cutting school which is okay for them but bad for him, I guess. However, like any other student given the opportunity to avoid school, Shou jumps at the chance to help them (he eavesdropped on Minori’s conversation). So…yay ~

Scene change over to a grumpy Roku. He’s not happy with Nana running off. Now forgive me if I get this part wrong. From what Roku is saying, Nana is going to disappear and if he disappears, so will the memories Shiori has collected up to now. Tohko lols about how the tides have turned. In the beginning Shiori was in the lead but now it seems Minori will be the victor. SO SHIORI WILL BE THE ONE TO DISAPPEAR! >:D DESPAIR BITCH!

Shiori: meh :/

Tohko : =___= not the reaction I was looking for…

Tohko decides another angle. If Shiori loses, that means she’ll have to die and be forever denied Minori. Well, saying the members of BIGBANG were killed would have elicited a calmer reaction (well, I guess if you’re not a fan of BIGBANG you’d just scratch yourself in confusion…meh just pretend…Sherlock…died or something…). Shiori flips her shit. SHE CAN’T PART FROM MINORI! MINORI IS HER SUN! IF SHE’S GONE, SHIORI HAS NO REASON TO LIVE. MINORI. MINORI! MINORI!!!! (┛◉Д◉)┛

Me: ( ゜-゜ノ) holy shit

Tohko: yup that’s what I was looking for ~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Done messing with Shiori, Tohko tells Roku that seriously he has to do something before Shiori loses it even more. Instead of agreeing, he surprises Tohko by disagreeing. Dah fuq boy?

“I’m saying it may be more favorable to give her a greater sense of hopelessness…to give Minori a sense of despair deeper than Shiori’s.”

Again, forgiveness if I translated Roku’s stuff wrong. I have no idea what he’s talking about. This information isn’t presented later in the volume for clarity so …yeah, winging it xD

We leave Roku and his messed up plan to see what’s been going on with the Mystery Gang. So far they’ve had no luck locating Nana. They’ve prowled the streets so the only possible location would be the school. Why the school instead of some place far away and unknown to all these characters? Well, for convenience namely. The series is going to end and we can’t waste more pages trying to find the guy. Also, Minori reckons that he’d want to be in a place familiar to him during his time of crisis. Why? Because she’s the shojo heroine and that’s fucking why. xD Lol no. She’s basing this theory on her experience. When she awoke from the accident, she found herself in Kuranoa. This may be due to the trauma of the accident caused her to take shelter in a place where she’d feel safe. Thus if Nana is having a tough time, he’d run…to the school…just…because….yeah……schools totally make people feel safe…….okay >____> 

Even though things were scary at first, when Shou first recognized her as Minori, it gave Minori the strength to go on. I think Minori is trying to hint that as long as you have people who believe in you, then you can go on (so in Nana’s case, if they go to him, they might be able to help him out. I don’t know. Maybe she just wanted to say something to fill panels. Meh). Shou gets all embarrassed by Minori’s words. Just then, a car drives by. I’m guessing this must have been the only car to have driven by since this point in the manga because upon witnessing the car speeding by, memories start to flash by Minori’s eyes. She sees a little girl in a kimono…who…? (Minori. Really? Who is the only character in this entire series to be wearing a kimono???? xD) Overwhelmed by the images, Minori falls over.

“Where my distant memories lie, a brilliant red flutters.” 



13th Bullet

“Good-bye is something we’ve been acquainted with since we were kids.”

Time to take a stroll down memory lane ~ During this flashback, we start by seeing…Tohko! What’s up with that!? Well, turns out Tohko used to live in the same neighborhood as Minori, Shiori, and Chiharu (remember Chiharu is their childhood friend. Yeah, I pretty much forgot about him too xD). She’s pretty much the same Tohko we all know and love – basically, a brat. As seen in the flashback, she usually gives Shiori and Chiharu grief but is all bffs with Minori. Not sure why. One day, the twins are shopping with their mom. Someone calls out Minori’s name. It’s Tohko. She dressed in a kimono to celebrate Shichigosan ~ However, she’s on the opposite side of the street from where the twins are. She starts to cross the road but is run over by an oncoming car…needless to say, the twins are a bit shaken up by the scene. A few days after the accident, Shiori finds a depressed Minori staring out a window.

“…Minori-chan. I’m going to tell you a way we can meet with Tohko-chan.”

She shows the items in her hands to Minori: a drawing book and crayons. Shiori opens the book – its pages are blank.

Shiori: “That’s right. It’s a blank world. It can have flowers and bunnies…we’ll put all the stuff we like into this world. It’ll be our secret world.”

Minori: …
”Can we invite Tohko-chan here?”

Shiori: “Yup, of course”

Minori: “So we don’t…have to say good-bye to her then?”

Shiori: “Yup. No good-bye.”

And thus that’s how Kuranoa was created. The power of the imagination ~ Woooooo~  ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ As time goes by, however, Minori soon forgets about Kuranoa, leaving Shiori to shoulder of the burden of “protecting” their little world.

Minori wakes up, tears in her eyes. Next to her is Chiharu. When Minori fainted, Shou dragged her ass over to her house and left (lol nice). Chiharu came over when he returned home and heard the news. Before he too leaves, Chiharu tells Minori she was talking in her sleep. She kept saying one word in particular – Kuranoa. Since she was talking about Kuranoa, she must have been having a dream of the past. This surprises Minori. Since when was Chiharu privy to Kuranoa!? All Chiharu knows about Kuranoa is its name meant it was a place where there was no more crying (or in Engrish: Cry No More // Kuraino-moa (クラーモ) // Kuranoa (クラノア)). The twins wouldn’t tell him anymore. Which I guess is a good thing because as a kid, I’m sure he’d be like…and why did you include animals with only one eyeball into your world? You know animal mutilation is a sign of a serial killer right? ಠ_ಠ *eyes Shiori*

Now that Minori has proof that she and her sister did in fact create Kuranoa and the whole thing wasn’t a dream or whatever, Minori decides it’s time to do shiz. First she tells Chiharu that she’s actually Minori. Naturally Chiharu is scratching his balls in confusion lol. However, he doesn’t get much of an answer from her as Minori leaves to take care of business.

Chiharu: (._.)…whelp, since I don’t make an appearance until the last chapter, guess I’ll pass the time by sniffing her underwear and reading her diary.

Hey, she left him in her room. Why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Anyhoo, in her dream/flashback/all seeing eye thing, Minori saw a quick scene with Nana in it. Somehow she is able to vividly remember the details of the scenery around him despite only seeing the scene for like 3 seconds. Power of shojo. She rushes to the school roof (no one is around since school is out – Minori was out for a while in dream land). Looking out calmly at the scenery is Nana.




14th Bullet

“Minori: Nana! You really were here. I’m so glad I’ve finally found you!”

“Nana: …you little fool. Why’d you go through the effort of finding me when I’m going to disappear anyway?”

Well, nice to see you too Nana! When Minori asks if Nana is planning on returning to Kuranoa, Nana says it’s impossible. He’s no longer Shiori’s guardian. But before he disappears off the wherever it is guardian spirits go to when they’re no longer needed, he’s got some info he wants to pass on to Minori. It concerns the thoughts hidden in Shiori’s heart.

As we know from the previous chapter, Shiori and Minori created Kuranoa. At some point in her life, Minori forgot about Kuranoa. But for Shiori, Kuranoa was a special place made by her and Minori so she couldn’t forget about it like Minori (wow, so even as a kid she was showing signs of obsession for Minori o___O; ). However, holding on to Kuranoa turned out to be very dangerous. By having access to a  “second” world hidden away in her heart, whenever shit got real, Shiori could escape her problems by running to Kuranoa. This same principle also applied to Minori. Even though she forgot about Kuranoa, it was always there. So when the bus accident happened and her memories got fuggled up, she escaped to Kuranoa somehow (emphasis on SOMEHOW).

Nana then begins to say that unlike Ichi – who was able to support Minori in her quest for her lost memories – Nana was unable to do the same for Shiori. Each memory she collected was more heartbreaking than the last. It got to the point where Nana couldn’t send Shiori to the real world (not sure if it’s because Shiori didn’t want to collect any more memories or if it was Nana who didn’t want to shoot Shiori no more – the details are a bit vague :<). In Shiori’s mind, she remembered her fear of losing Minori to those around her like Shou. That’s when the madness started to kick into full gear. Her fear turned into an obsession. She wanted her sister all to herself, it didn’t matter who she had to step on to obtain that goal (ex. the Yuuichi and Shou incidents). Shiori was already fucked up mentally from safeguarding Kuranoa. Since she was always running away from her problems, to her, the real world was like a dream – a place where only lies and pain existed. A place that she needed to stay away from. Thus she closed herself off from the real world and hid herself mostly in Kuranoa. Nana thought it was in Shiori’s best interest to continue her belief but by the time he realized hiding away in Kuranoa was destroying her, it was already too late. That’s when the taint/blood/crap thing started. Shiori then started to have crazy thoughts about destroying the world ~

At this point, Nana is not only bawling (me: NANA ; A ;  You little turd! Don’t make me cry!) but he’s also starting to get all fuzzy. Minori tries to shojo speech him, telling him he’s been protecting Shiori all this time and he’s been by her side (basically that he’s been doing his best), but it turns out to have no effect.

“ I truly loved Shiori. Always…she was always alone. Crying without making a sound. I wanted to be her strength. I just wanted to protect her. But I…I… ”

Nana’s body is practically see-through. Minori screams out Nana’s name but it’s like he can’t hear her. He looks up at the sky, tears falling. Minori starts to rush towards Nana, trying to get his attention. “You can’t, Nana! YOU CAN’T LEAVE!" Nana closes his eyes and utters one last thing before vanishing:


Minori is stunned that Nana is truly gone. She starts running all over the roof, screaming his name, like he’ll just pop up and say just screwing with ya ;D The door connecting to the roof bursts open and in rushes Ichi. He runs over to hug a frantic Minori. As she’s babbling about Nana disappearing, Ichi pulls her away slightly so they’re looking at each other eye to eye.

“Minori. From now on…no matter what path you take, we’ll end up having to part. It may be sad and painful but know that I’ll always be with you. So do your best, Minori!”

“Minori’s thoughts: Kuranoa can no longer be a place to hide to. People aren’t meant to run away from ‘good-byes.”



15th Bullet

Just a quick recap – Nana is gone and we have only 3 chapters left. How will things work out in Kuranoa??? Well, we first start the chapter by seeing how Team Shiori is handling stuff since the last time we saw them, Roku was saying they needed to throw Minori into despair. Well, turns out either he did his deed without me knowing or he was just full of hot air because nothing happened. We instead find Roku fuming about the fact Shiori has only one bullet left. When Nana “disappeared,” he took most of Shiori’s memories with him. But you know, for a girl who just had her memories taken away, Shiori seems quite up to date with the current situation. Heck she knows who Minori is and why she hates the real world. Shouldn’t she…not remember that? o__O: Well whatevas ~

Tohko’s like lol you’re gonna die Shiori (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ Thx Tohoko. Always glad to have your happy ass around. Shiori however doesn’t give a shit. Fuck the world. However, if she’s going down, she’s not going down alone.

“If I break this body, that means Minori can’t live either.”

Nice…..psycho. Roku has no problems helping Shiori with her crazy plans. Really, I have no idea why he’s even here. He’s done nothing thus far except fart some crap around. The manga-ka, apparently having enough from the crazy side of Kuranoa, jumps us over to Minori, who is back in Kuranoa. Somehow Tohko is here too. That girl can travel! She has a nice heart to heart with Minori, saying she didn’t think Minori would be the one to get her memories back and yadda yadda. Wow…what a punk! :/ Minori also adds a my bad for forgetting your ugly mug bitch and she gets ready to find Shiori.

Hopefully this encounter will end better than their last meeting. No running away crying Minori ^^;

But Shiori is already present. She’s like, I’ve been waiting for you, Mr. Johnson er Minori. Soooooooooo, Nana went and disappeared LAWL :) Minori is shocked by her sister’s reaction. A BISHI – AN ENDANGERED SPECIES – HAS LEFT THIS WORLD AND YOU’RE ALL SMILES ABOUT THIS!? WTF HE LIKED YOU! A HAWT GUY THAT WAS INTERESTED IN YOU IS GONE! WHO WAS A CAT BOY! WTF!?

“Oh my. What ever is the matter? He was just like everything else we created here. He was another one of our toys. Something we can break or get rid of. Something we can do whatever we please with.”

o____o wow, Shiori has officially hit the deep end.

Minori counters Shiori’s crazy with a shojo speech. She tells Shiori that even though they can do whatever they want in Kuranoa, that’s not really living. That even though Kuranoa was there for her when she was in trouble, it’s not meant to be a permanent hang out. They need to rely on themselves and live in the real world!

Shiori: “Well then, how about I break the real world?”

At Shiori’s words, Roku dashes forward and grabs Minori by the arm. He then hurls her to the ground like one of those rapist love interest in yaois when the other guy is all NO I DON’T WANNA HAVE SEX BECAUSE I’M STRAIGHT!!! Ichi must have been scratching himself because he’s like, wtf just happened!?


Roku has his gun pointed at Minori’s face. Even though the bullets are made up of memories, if one twin is shot with the other twin’s memories, shit’s gonna fly. From the two line explanation I’m given, it seems if a person is given another person’s memories, they’ll go crazy because they won’t be able to tell themselves from the memory. Wow, if that’s true, then ever anime/manga where the characters go into someone’s memories could have taken a different turn…

Realizing the seriousness of this dilemma, Minori freaks a bit. Roku looks over at Ichi and tells him to hand his gun over. Unable to resist, Ichi complies only to be shot in the face with said gun D8 Minori starts freaking the fuck out while Shiori watches with a “bitch, chill. I just killed him. Omg, talk about dramatic *rolls eyes*” look on her face o___O; Dude…I don’t care what anyone says. Manga Shiori is all levels are messed up and she scares me.



16th Bullet

ICHIIIII!!!!! NOES!!!!! Shiori tells Minori and me to calm our tits. Ichi was sent to the real world to get him out of the way. If he’s not here, then Minori can’t go to the real world. Chucking Ichi’s gun aside, Roku readies his own weapon to shoot Shiori. When asked wtf is she planning on doing, Shiori responds that she’s planning on destroying reality. Duh.

“This…is the last thing I can do.” *shot in the chest*

Welp, Nana is dead. Ichi is gone. And her sister is off to destroy reality. Nice. Roku sees nothing wrong with the current situation. Once Shiori destroys the real world, they can live together in Kuranoa forevers ~ Minori cries that she doesn’t want to run away to Kuranoa. Was he not listening to her shojo speech in chapter 15????

Roku’s like oh, well, how about I shoot you with Ichi’s gun and you can fight your sister?

Me: ಠ_ಠ

Roku: What!? We only have one chapter left!

Tohko appears and says if both twins are shot to the real world, rather than stay consistent with the plot where the twin shot the soonest takes over, the twins will have to fight each other for supremacy of the body and bad shiz can result from that (people are not meant to have two people in one body. Look at Yu-Gi-Oh. Nut sacs were trying to taking over the world via a children’s card game. What up with that?). Roku says they have no other choice. He did jack shit during the entire volume, not even when Shiori said she wanted to kill herself, and so this is their last ditch effort. He doesn’t want Shiori to kill herself so Minori needs to go stop her sister. Not a man of action are we Roku?

Minori says, yeah, let’s do this shiz!

“I’m definitely going to protect them all. Shiori. Our body. And…the world I love so much.” *SHOT*



Last Bullet

Well, no need for a summary here. I have the RAWs + Translations already available:

ANDDDDDDDDDDDD with that we’re done! Yeah! After like…a year and a half, Kuranoa is done!!!! xD My bad to anyone who was following me just for this series. I tend to be lazy with shiz…though I usually end up finishing in the end…it’s just I tend to take my time getting to the end xD

Overall ~

Kuranoa wasn’t bad but I feel like a lot of information was left out in this adaptation. I would have liked to see wtf Shiori did to Yuuichi that turned him into a wife beater – because “I don’t know” isn’t really a great explanation :/ Or wtf made Shiori such a wangsty psycho – “My life sucked” doesn’t exactly paint a believable picture…. Also, where did Roku come from? He just appeared and his only purpose was to shoot people. Where did Nana go? How did he come back? Why was Tohko in Kuranoa instead of heaven/hell/reincarnated? What’s the deal with the eye patches? Do guardians have to pluck their eye out as some sort of ritual or do the girls have some sort of pirate fetish? How did Shiori keep going to Kuranoa (remember it was said she would escape to Kuranoa when she was all wangsty). I thought you needed to be shot in order to go to the real world so…how does it work going the other way? Minori too – how did she go to Kuranoa after the accident? Subconsciously isn’t an answer D8. So many questions! So many indeed.

Oh well! I’m guessing if I want answers, I should have played the game or listened to the drama CDs?  Thanks for sticking around, folks! Time to add another series to the COMPLETED section 8D My next finish up will probably Zeele Sacrifice but don’t expect anything soon. Heck, look at how long Kuranoa took! xD

2 thoughts on “Tid Bits: Kuranoa Vol 2 Part II

  1. Aww, you are not *that* slow.
    These were some amusing entries, the ending didn’t really suck, but yeah… It left many things unexplained. Oh well.
    Probably the game is much better. It’s interesting how mangas and animes made out of games usually lack a lot of sensible plot points, with a few exceptions.


    • ;___; thank you my friend for trying to comfort me. Forgive me for my sloth ways. *runs off to crying into the sunset*

      *comes back*

      I’m hoping my blogger friend will continue her translation of the drama CDs so I can finally figure out the answers to my questions ~ And also see if it’s possible to be sympathetic to Shiori. Supposedly the drama CD will make you feel bad for her (unlike the manga where you just want to kick her in her ovaries).

      I’ve noticed that as well. Not only adaptations of games but also adaptations from novels. I guess one can only squeeze in so much info into manga or anime adaptations?


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