Tid-Bits: Kuranoa Vol 2 Part I


While cleaning up things on my blog, a shocking realization hit me: I have only 2 completed Tid-Bits in my project file: Petit Four and SLH .____.||| WTF!? Look how many are in the ongoing section! How lazy am I!? щ(゚ロ゚щ)

This revelation has sparked a flaming (as in burning hot not ghey) desire in me! To finish what I have started! AND WE START WITH KURANOA!

(that’ll way I can start new projects without feelings guilty ~ )


6th Bullet

Minori spends the intro in deep contemplation about Yuuichi the wife beater. What could have provoked him to bitch slap Shiori??? They are in rabu rabu after all. *✧・゚:* \(◕△◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*: However, even Yuuichi doesn’t know the answer (wtf (ಠ_ಠ) how can you, the perpetrator, not know why you laid hands on the victim!? This isn’t Law and Order, Yuuichi. No black out defense allowed.). The only one who knows the truth is Shiori. Speaking of Shiori, she’s currently out in the real world hanging with Yuuichi doing student council stuff (scene change ~). Evident that the school day is done and over with, Yuuichi tells Shiori she can finish whatever she’s doing tomorrow (from the looks of it, I think she’s trying to alphabetize the bookshelf o___O; ). However, she refuses: “I have no idea if I’ll be the one in control of this body tomorrow.”  Yuuichi gets wangsty, telling Shiori to stop talking all negative. “Then, kill Minori-chan, Yuu-kun.”



Shiori explains that if Minori is gone, then Shiori will stay in control of the body. Naturally, Yuuichi is freaking out over this – his girlfriend just told him to kill her twin sister. Not even sure how that’s going to work seeing as the twins currently dwell in the same body. Unless he’s going to exorcist Minori out or something? *shrugs* Anyway, Shiori is sort of oblivious to Yuuichi’s (┛◉Д◉)┛face. She goes on to say he’s the one who told her to “erase Minori-chan.” Yuuichi even wrote it in her notebook. DUN DUN DUNNNNN! Yuuichi recovers enough to defend himself – when he said ERASE MINORI, he meant “the memory of Minori.” (could have reworded your sentence a little better, Yuuichi. Just sayin’). He thought Shiori was all sad hippo when she woke up after the accident because of Minori dying. If he got Shiori to forget about Minori, he reckoned she’d be able to go back to being…well, not a sad hippo. However, he had no idea at the time that Minori was alive and kicking.

Shiori goes all weird and lols ~ “Fufu. You’re weak, Yuu-kun. Should I do it? Should I make Minori-chan disappear?”  Well, Yuuichi’s not going (┛◉Д◉)┛any more. He’s like (((( ;°Д°)))) WTF Shiori!? Shiori lols at Yuuichi – he doesn’t know her at all. “Do you hate me?” Done with this wtf conversation, Yuuichi turns away. Shiori gets a rape face and reaches towards Yuuichi. “It’s fine if you hate me. Because I …” Yuuichi: Kyaaa ~ STOP!

The scene switches to Ichi. His rabbit ears perk up at the sound of Yuuichi’s maidenly scream yell. Pulling his gun out (his weapon not his Johnson, folks) he tells Minori it’s her turn to go to the real world. Shiori’s hold on the body has weakened. Minori: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ sweet! *shot* Minori wakes up on the floor, papers falling all around her. Standing above her is a trembling Yuuichi. “Mino…ri?” Minori tells him she’s taken over the body only to be interrupted by Yuuichi spluttering out I CAN’T DATE SHIORI ANYMORE OKAY BYE! Minori: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ??? In comes Shou. Why? Just because. He’s like, yo -oh snaps Minori ~ hey girl hey :D

(is no one going to ask how Minori ended up on the floor? No? Okay…)

As he helps Minori with the papers, Minori informs him that Shiori and Yuuichi have broken up. Shou: D8 Minori: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ lalala ~ something wrong, Shou? *me: facepalm* The scene switches real quick to Shiori and Nana. Nana freaks and asks why Shiori fucked with Yuuichi. Shiori explains she’s just an ass. Collecting her memories has made Shiori realize she lived in despair before the accident. She wants to flip the world off and die but there’s something important in the real world that keeps her from offing herself. Something very precious to her. Shiori has her murder face on which freaks Nana – he pulls Shiori into a hug, calming her. “You’re such a weirdo, Nana.”

The chapter ends with Minori walking home with Shou. They talk about Shou’s match with Ichi but Shou doesn’t have his heart in the conversation. Minori’s a bit too slow to realize Shou’s man pain so Shou has to spell it out for her. Since Yuuichi is now a bachelor again, Shou’s nervous Minori may say screw you seconds and go for her first choice – Yuuichi. Minori assures Shou that in her current state, she’s not interested in choosing (plus has he not read the previous volume of Kuranoa? Yuuichi got issues, dude). She wants everyone to be precious to her. Well Shou – you have just been friendzoned along with every other male in this series. Shou: ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ YOU MEAN I AIN’T GETTING NO VAGINA IN THIS SERIES!? F$%K! Shou plays this new revelation off quite nicely, smiling sheepishly probably waiting until he gets home to cry like a slapped ho. Changing the subject, he tells Minori he has a soccer game tomorrow and asks her to attend if she has time. Minori thinks about how she’s not sure if she’ll have control of the body when she hits on an idea.

“I’ll try asking Shiori! Maybe she’ll let me have control of the body if I ask her!”

And we all know crazy Shiori will totally not let this go well ~



7th Bullet

Minori tells Ichi her battle plan. Him: (ಠ_ಠ) did you forget the part where you and your sister are locked in battle in which the winner lives and the loser dies? Where victory depends on who collects the most memories – memories which are gathered via interaction with the real world?? …what makes you think she’ll just let you waltz around in reality just because you asked? Lol I don’t blame him for his reaction xD. Minori:  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ because? Ichi: *facepalm* Tohko who for some reason is chillin’ with Minori says she likes the idea because that means shit is going to fly ~ She leaves and returns with Shiori. Upon listening to Minori’s request, Shiori surprises everyone by agreeing. Sure why now? In the past, Minori always went to watch Shou’s games. Minori: \(◕‿◕✿)/ yay desu. Mah sister is so nice desu ~ Even though in her notebook were words saying I needed to be erased ~ weird how I never brought that up with Shiori oh wells…desu. Minori is all levels of happy. She goes to bed with a smile (yeah, I didn’t know they slept in Kuranoa either). Too bad Shiori has other plans. She wakes Nana and tells him to get his gun out. Nana:  hohohohoho <3 *unzips pants* (。^__・)



8th Bullet

Continuing right where we left off, Nana gets the right gun out lol. He doesn’t ask for details about the change in plans. I mean, he’s probably trying to figure out how he got fully dressed when in the last chapter he had his coat and stuff off. (._.)*confusion* He lifts his gun up and shoots Shiori (lol get your mind out of the gutter, Sylphalchemist xD). Later we see a shocked Minori. Shiori went to the real world? But why? Didn’t she say I could go? (._.)*confusion*

Ichi: Ummmmm, life or death battle? Success hinges on who can remember the most? Need to be in the real world to do that? Any of this ringing bells?

Minori: but she promised : A :

Ichi: *facepalm*

In the real world, Shou looks up to see “Minori” standing in the crowd. He approaches and sees she’s wearing a mask. Minori informs Shou that she’s got a cold and can’t talk too much. Shou: ; A ; oh baby you came all this way for me?

“I came because I wanted too. And also because I have something I want to tell you, Shou. I want you to know how I truly feel for you.”

Shou: D8 *boner* M-Minori ~ <3

After some more conversing, Shou goes back to his game. Like how the the panel only shows him from the waist up – to hide his erection!? lol jk xD “Minori” watches him:

“Minori-chan, Kitajima-kun is such a nice boy. But it’s too late for you two.”

Back in Kuranoa, Minori finds Nana sulking in a corner. She tries to comfort him but he pretty much tells her to go fuck herself xD Ichi: (╬ ಠ益ಠ) how about I fuck YOU up instead. Yaoi fangirls: what? (/・0・) did someone say butt sex???? Minori pacifies the two guardian. When things settle down, she asks Nana about Shiori. Why would she betray her promise? Nana replies with “hell if I know.” Ichi thinks Nana is lying – how can her own guardian not know what she’s thinking? When Nana doesn’t reply, Ichi gets nervous. Dude? That triggers Nana to let loose his load…of angst. He doesn’t understand Shiori. She’s right next to him yet it’s like he can’t reach her. Her heart is closed to him and he has no control over her situation. It’s tearing him apart (also the creepy molesting on Shiori’s part might also be a factor into Nana’s angst).

“First she breaks up with Yuuichi, now she’s distant with Nana. What is Shiori trying to accomplish by isolating herself?”

Ichi: *strokes mustache in contemplation*

Ichi decides shooting Minori is the best course of action. Today was supposed to be her special day anyway – fuck Shiori xD Minori: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ok! After taking a bullet, Minori wakes up in the real world. Next to her is Chiharu. When asked wtf, Chiharu replies that it’s night time. Shiori was watching the game and then bumped into Chiharu on her way out. Minori: wait…Shiori went and watched Shou’s game? Hmmmmmmms!? (°ヘ°)

Back in Kuranoa, Shiori is calmly fuming (didn’t think that was possible ^^; ). She needs to go back to the real world. Her plan must be completed! Nana tries to get Shiori to stay but Shiori is oblivious to Nana’s attempts. If she stays, she won’t be able to collect any memories. If she’s lacking in the memory department, she’ll lose the battle and disappear. And we don’t want that right? (╬ ಠ益ಠ) Nana tries one last ditched effort – he pulls Shiori into a hug and confesses his fears: he feels like he can’t reach Shiori and she’s getting farther and farther from him. Shiori slams Nana off her. She’s all, pimp STFU! Nana has a stunned expression. Not just from her words but also because out from Shiori’s injured hand, blood/crap leaks out.


“My tainted heart…will end up defiling Kuranoa.” *creepy smile*

Nana is about to lose it (even more). “We don’t know for sure.” He grabs Shiori’s hands, his head bowed. “Come on, let’s try to clean this up.”

But taint won’t stop.

Panning away, we see Tohko looking up at the steps leading to Shiori’s side of Kuranoa. They are turning black and have weird stains.

Hmm, she’s breaking.”


9th Bullet

Chiharu continues to talk about how wonderful Shou performed – it must be due to Shiori’s appearance! (dude, doesn’t it make you stop and think – why would Shou do better if his dead girlfriend’s twin sister was present to watch his match? Matches Minori always went to?  Wouldn’t he have been more…sad because it’d remind him that “Minori” is dead. Damn, they could have totally played this angle out had others present been more cognizant…not counting that one nosy person who’ll make an appearance here in a few paragraphs). Shou looked so cool ~ compared to me, he’s a man ~ kyaaa ~ (knew it – as a Sylph title, someone had to gay it up a bit xD). However, Minori isn’t really into the conversation about how Shou can turn a man gay or whatever Chiharu is hyping about. She’s still trying to figure out why Shiori would go watch Shou’s game in her stead. While scratching her va-jey-jey via her pocket (lol I don’t know – not sure why else she’d be sticking her hand randomly in her pocket xD), Minori pulls out a mask. Hmmmmm. This is probably important (°ヘ°)  Hmmmmmms…

As Minori is trying to piece an end puzzle piece and a middle puzzle piece together and wondering why they won’t fit, up ahead is Shou! Chiharu, sensing he’s presence as a third wheel, says SEE YA ~ to Minori and leaves (probably not before looking over his shoulder to stare at Shou’s butt. Lol, omg, I turned Chiharu into SLH’s Uryuu xDDDD). Minori readies herself to tell Shou the bad news when he cuts her off and pulls her into a tight hug. Pretty much he says thanks for coming. He was able to do his best because of his boner her. Then he professes his love ~

“Minori-chan. Time to switch.”

The world goes dark for Minori but the scene must go on! “Minori” cups Shou’s face and brings his lips to hers:

“Shou…I love you…no, I love you with all my heart…so…love me…fill me with your love…smother me in your love…until I break.”

Shou: (((( ;゚Д゚))) are you saying I’m so fat that if we made love I’d crush you??? OMG THESE LOVE HANDLES ARE LOVE DESTROYERS! DIETING NOW!!!! WHERE’S A DAMN TOILET!

We flip over to Minori. She’s like, o___o why am I back in Kuranoa? I only was in the real world for like 3 minutes. Ichi rushes in and hugs her. He explains the bullet’s effect must have ran out since Shiori’s bond to the body was stronger, but not to worry because Ichi is always so everything will be okay 8D Minori: =___= Ichi: p(´⌒`。q) WHY YOU NO BELIEVE IN ME! AFTER ALL I’VE DONE FOR YOU! SHOOTING YOU AND WHAT NOT!

Quick jump over to Nana who is covered in the same filth as Shiori. Tohko is with him this time around. She asks if Nana is able to “see” Shiori. Even if Shiori is in the real world, Nana should still be able to track her movements. Well, saying Nana has a small penis would have elicited a less mind shattering reaction. He falls to the floor and starts freaking out. He can’t see Shiori. *fetal position*

“Ah…everything is breaking.”

We jump over to Minori who is strutting around in the real world. She goes to Shou and presents him a home-made lunch made by her mom lol. She apologizes about “fainting” while he was in the middle of giving his heart to her lawls ~ However, Shou isn’t as calm about the situation as Minori is. He tells her he’s not feeling well so she can keep the lunch and he leaves. “Are you guys fighting or something?” Yuuichi asks. Not sure where he came morphing from but whatever. He’s here to be the gay best friend – girlfriend, what is up with your man? Minori explains Shou might be angry because she wasn’t present to watch his game. Yuuichi has his calculating face on. “You didn’t even see a little of it?” No, Minori tells him. She came over in the evening, after the game was done. Yuuichi does a “…” (・_・and decides to spill what he knows: a gossip hound told him that she saw “Shiori” and Shou chatting together before the game (at first I was thinking why the hell tell him this do you not have friends child when I remembered he and Shiori split up so the gossip hound was probably like I NEEDS TO TELL YOU WHAT YOUR EX-GIRLFRIEND IS DOING – SHE’S GETTING SMOOTH WITH HER DEAD TWIN’S MAN! ON SNAPS PUTTING THIS ON FACEBOOK!).  Minori is now even more confused. Not only did Shiori watch Shou’s game but she also talked to him…but Shiori was never into soccer nor was she ever besties with Shou…hmmmmmm what innocent explanation is there to this?

Me and Yuuichi: there isn’t one ¬_¬)

The bell signaling class is to start rings. Minori’s like snap gotta go. Here you can have this. My mom made it so there’s no emotional value in it. (weren’t you just going to give that to Shou???).

“I think something happened with Shiori and Shou…”

That stops Minori in her tracks. Lol no way, she says. Shou’s an antisocial bitch and Shiori is even worse. No way ~ <- Me: WTF DID YOU REALLY SAY THAT MINORI D8 Yuuichi: o____o wow…I can’t believe you just used those descriptions on your ex-boyfriend and twin like that…errrrrr yeah okay maybe they just talked…I’m just going to eat your mom’s lunch over here now…ass.

The day passes on. Minori runs into Shou who is manpaining by an open window. When she approaches him, he avoids her as if she were his dad wearing his mom’s Victoria’s Secret see through nightie. It takes a minute but Minori starts to think that something is off about Shou. Hmmmmmm. Ichi wants to know wtf is up with Shou too.


Ichi!? Yup, Ichi came to the real world because he was worried about Minori (lol, I also think he just wanted to come to the real world for kicks). He says they should talk to Shou after school is done to figure out what’s going on with Mr. Emo. But first…they have classes to attend to. Best to set a good example for the kids, seeing how Shiori isn’t :/



10th Bullet

Ichi and Minori find Shou after school. Minori reaches out to stop him but he freaks, screaming STRANGER DANGER SHIORI, and bats Minori’s hand out of the way. Minori: : A : Ichi: >:U *hiss* Minori tells Shou it’s her. He looks at the ground and mumbles he has to go.  Minori tries to stop him, telling him he’s been acting strange since the game yesterday. “I’m sorry. This is my problem.” Ugh, Shou, really? Manpaining it? Thankfully Ichi isn’t a fan of manpain. He’s like dude, where are your balls!? Minori is here now but if she goes back to Kuranoa, she probably isn’t coming back for the day. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT!? TO BE THE GUY THAT MADE A GIRL CRY IN HER IMAGINARY WORLD!? “I don’t know what happened with you yesterday but I won’t let you give Minori grief over it. Don’t hurt her, man!” Dammit Ichi! Why aren’t you real and older? I’d totally marry you! Rabbit ears and all <3

Even Shou is like damn, he’s more of a man than I am! He’s…a man’s man! D8 Out manned, Shou spills the beans why on he’s been wangsting. Yesterday at the game, he didn’t realize that Minori was actually Shiori, due to the mask and her pretense of being sick. He was just so happy to see “Minori” there that he was high in the clouds. After the game, Shou confessed his feelings to Minori. Minori reciprocated his feelings and the two kissed.

“Actually, Kitajima-kun…I have to apologize. I’m actually Shiori.”

Shou: o3o dur!?

My, you’re a pretty good kisser, Kitajima-kun. I should go tell Minori.”

Shou: >3>|||

You can’t even tell Minori and I apart. What makes you think you have the right to even like her?”

Shou: oAO; uhhhh…*peeing pants*

“Kitajima-kun, my what large hands you have.”

Shou: w-well, you know what they say about guys with large hands ;D

Shiori: That only works with black people. It’s the opposite for Asians.

Shou: D,8

Keep your hands off my sister.” *flashback over*

Shou apologizes for frenching/kissing Minori’s sister. Minori’s like, no man. It’s cool. Thanks for being a bro and telling me this. I still…want to be friends. Shou: D8 MOTHERFRGIGGIN’ FRIENDZONED AGAIN! Minori flees the scene, angry tears streaming down her face. What was Shoiri trying to gain by fucking with Shou??? Well, we’ll see soon enough. Minori returns to Kuranoa, snorting down the steps to where Shiori’s half of Kuranoa is. Right now the body is asleep which means both girls are in Kuranoa. At the bottom of the steps, Minori runs into Tohko. Bitch, outta the way. “I’m here to get away from the taint.” Taint? What – OH SHIT MAN! It looks like a mass murder just happened D8 “Taint” (that’s friggin blood dude) is spattered all over the place. Damn floors have patterns akin to a bleeding body being dragged around (and the walls have splatters as if said bleeding body was smacked against the side of the wall like a piñata stick). And if that wasn’t scary enough, Shiori and Nana appear, looking as if they just came back from a jail shanking. Her rage instantly forgotten, Minori reaches out to her sister who flips her shit and backs off. She tells Minori not to touch her taint – she might get infected too. Shiori decides to go back to her side of Kuranoa to keep Minori from getting what she has. That’s when Minori remembers what she came down here to do: “W-wait, Shiori! Why did you do that to Shou!?”



11th Bullet

“If I didn’t do something, he was going to take you away from me. Minori-chan, you’ve forgotten everything about me. I’ve been watching you this whole time. I know you. But you on the other hand, don’t know a thing about me. This taint…it’s infested my heart, my body, my everything. I’ve hurt Yuu-kun and Kitajima-kun but I don’t feel any remorse. See. Look at me. I’m tainted.”

Shiori leaves before Minori can formulate a proper response. Nana starts to follow as well but is stopped by Tohko. She tells him it’s best for him to stick back. If he hangs any more with Shiori, Kuranoa will eventually break.

“What can a guardian with a broken heart do anyway?”

Oh snaps. Nana didn’t need to hear that. He gets ready to unleash his load…of angst again. Yeah, he can’t see Shiori’s heart no more… yeah, her side of Kuranoa is getting nastier and nastier…yeah, Shiori has separated her heart from his…yeah, he can’t hear Shiori’s voice no more…but you know what? Minori cuts in before he can answer: They can still save Shiori. Nana: =___= let’s see you try bitch. Nana decides to stick with Minori for the time being.

Over in Shiori’s side, she starts to formulate a new plan – she needs to get Minori to hate the real world so she’ll leave it and stay forever with Shiori in Kuranoa teehehehehehehehehehe ~ A voice informs her that if she continues to think as she is now, she’ll end up breaking Kuranoa. Shiori: o___O who the fuq are you!? Him: I wonder too. No really, I have no idea what’s going on.

Back to Minori’s side, Ichi and Minori are fast asleep. Nana smiles at the sleeping pair before stepping outside to shoot himself in the head.


The next day, Minori wakes up to find Nana missing. Ichi isn’t too phased. He probably went back over to Shiori despite what Tohko said yesterday. Ichi tells Minori to calm her tits because he can sense a guardian over with Shiori…but then he stops and really pays attention to the situation. Whoever it is with Shiori…it isn’t Nana. The two go down to investigate and are introduced to Shiori’s new guardian: Roku. Or birdman as I used to call him xD Ichi demands to know where Nana is. Roku looks at him and tells Ichi to calm his tits. He has no idea. He doesn’t even know where he himself just came from xD Nana is broken and useless anyway. Ichi: >:I oh ass I am kicking! *rolls up sleeves* Shiori comes down due to all the commotion. She isn’t covered in blood or taint or whatever it was anymore. Noticing Minori, she’s like yo. Minori on the other hand is like, where is Nana!?

Shiori: =___= huh? 

Minori starts to lose it. What do you mean you don’t know!? Shiori calmly replies she has no idea what Minori is howling about. Minori decides to use the next best weapon at her disposal: to run off crying. Shiori is about to follow but is stopped when Roku pulls her back. He tells her to calm her tits (lol how many times have I said that in this chapter? xD) and do exactly as he says. Shiori: K.

The chapter ends with Minori going to the real world to find Nana. Even if she can’t do anything about the situation, she still can’t just leave Nana alone. She’s a shojo heroine. It goes against the shojo bible. Ichi hugs her and says okay, but he’s coming too ~

“Alright. Let’s both go!”

Part I is done! Was kind of hoping I could conclude the entire volume in one post but lol no. I like to gab too much xD

2 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Kuranoa Vol 2 Part I

  1. “When she approaches him, he avoids her as if she were his dad wearing his mom’s Victoria’s Secret see through nightie.”
    That’s a glorious analogy you got there. I’m a bit worried on how you came up with that. lol jk
    Shou is friend-zoned 5ever.


    • xD Not sure myself. Think it might have had something to do with a friend’s bridal shower though. Lol, I love funny old people. They got her sexy lingerie from VS and she was like, omfg why.
      Us: *horrified yet laughing hard on the inside*
      Them: HELL YAY! >:D *high five each other*

      Shou is forever friendzoned. Poor guy. Well, at least he’s not alone. He and the dude from Engage Knight can talk about their celibacy life together over booze and their tears xD


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