June 2012 Comic Sylph

coverHowdy, all! Another month means another…whoa…wait….I’m HOW many issues behind on Sylph!? D8 Wow…RL what you done to me!? (and video games >___> how the pixels entrance me to never stop…)

Haha ~ if you’re a regular, you know it’s no surprise by how slow I operate here ~ I’m such a lazy blogger xD Anyway, enough of my talkings ~ let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this post! SYLPH POWER HO!


Uta no Prince-Debut Song #01 うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪
雪広うたこ Yukihiro Utako


“They shine in the light. My dear Princes.”

Uta Puri is back ~ to take more fangirl money xD Debut is a sequel to the original Uta Puri series. Everyone has graduated and gotten jobs (me: *shakes an angry fist* damn you characters and your prosperous fictional economy!). Albert er I mean Haruna re-introduces us readers to the characters of Uta Puri in case you’re like me and have no idea who anyone is based on name alone xD

Plot for this sequel kicks in on the last few pages when their old…principal? – I don’t know who he is. He’s a voyeur that’s for sure (I mean, who hacks into surveillance cameras to watch all his students’ movements!? Pervert!). Anyway, he calls the graduates to his office and presents them with an exciting information: they’ve been selected to take the academy’s MASTERS COURSE YAYAO ~

Them:  (・_・uh thanks but I think we’re good. I mean, we all got careers that are going to take us places plus the fees of –

The Masters course involves several tasks in order to graduate (Them: um are you listening to us!? me: lol xD) : One, they have to get some special buttons/emblems, but they’re not told how to get these buttons. Nice. If they don’t get the buttons, no idol life for them. Two, the boys have to team up with an older student and compose a song together. Most likely, the older students will have baggage and cause wangst. Third, the boys have to compose their own solo song in addition to the boy band song. But the song can’t suck. If it does, no idol life for them.

The Boys: (゜-゜)  um….and why on God’s Green Earth would we go through all that? I mean, yeah, we get a shot at being an idol but if we stick with the careers we have now, we’ll eventually get there too, minus the emotional baggage and gayness…

Him: Because fuck you. (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

And thus the boys are going back to school! xD


Hakuouki Reimeiroku 薄桜鬼 黎明録
Chapter 3
暁かおり Akatsuki Kaori

“Exchanging lives…living in a world we’re trying to fix.”

Ohhhh, now they put in what chapter it’s supposed to be lol. Anyway, chapter 3 was…rather awkward to read. The chapter basically focuses on Okita freaking out about not being homicidal enough and throwing a man tantrum :/ Very out of character.

Oh and Ryuunosuke has not only a shojo moment when he meets a cute ho (well, that’s what she is I think) but also gets to be embarrassed in front of said ho when he’s beaten by Serizawa’s …fan (like, in all seriousness not as a gag). Yeah…his…fan…made Ryuunosuke bleed… >____> And when I say fan, I don’t mean his penis. Rereading the last few sentences can result in a different picture if you take “fan” to mean something else xD


Arcana Famiglia アルカナ・ファミリア
Chapter 7

“In your heart, blooms an adorable flower.”

The chapter focuses on the gang participating in some sort of special event held by the Family for the town’s kids. This event comprises of games, food, and telling stories to scare the shit of the children. Nice xD PS. Not sure if the story Patchy (not sure what his name is) told is based off his childhood *shrugs* Never played the game lol ~


Storm Lovers: Summer Love/ Natsu-koi STORM LOVER 夏恋!
3rd Summer Storm (3rd chapter)
村崎翠 Murasaki Midori

“What are you looking at? This sight ain’t for free, you know? How does 10 seconds for $10 sound?

=____= how about you give me something worth seeing first? OWNED!

Him: D’8 I-I’m a failure as a man…I must don the panties of shame…

Remember that possible kiss from last time? Yup didn’t happen. The continuation goes as thus:

Yuna: omfg noes //// 3 ////

Takumi: プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ lol jk not gonna really kiss you ~ just messing with you ~

Her: (゜。゜) !

(゜。゜) …

(゜。゜) …

(゜。゜╬) …!


So Yuna’s angry at him (and herself for being confused by the feels she has ~ oh you shojo girls and you’re inability to realize your own feels). The chapter focuses on the gang partying at a random festival. Due to circumstances, Yuna ends up alone with Takumi. He buys her all kinds of fattening food to cheer her up which actually works. However, the mood is ruined when a little kid runs by and snags his sword on Yuna’s obi, messing it all up. Yuna freaks until Takumi takes her to a secluded area and after some flirting, puts her obi back together. Yuna lols and says she thought Takumi was being horny. He’s like *sticks tongue out to look sexy but really just looks dumb* I’m a boy – that’s all we think about ;D


They return to the festival. Things go well. The end.

LOL, no. We’ve gotta have love triangle tension here. What’s the matter with you all jk? xD As the two head back, who calls out from one of the stands but Shiina! …and he’s working. How the hell did he manage that? ಠ_ಠ (stalker). Anyway, for some reason, Takumi gets all wangsty when Shiina asks if Yuna can help him manage the stand and says he’s going home chao ~ Shiina asks wtf is wrong with her man. Yuna freaks and tells him they’re not a couple (but she gets sad feels saying that). Shiina doesn’t care. He calls her behind the stand to work (and gives her some pep talking. Daw, sucks you don’t get her dude. Him: ; __ ; ). Times flies. Yuna goes home, monologuing about her feels. She enters her room only to find a wet Takumi ~ Turns out she went to the wrong floor and ended up at Takumi’s room, who just came back from a shower. Before she can exit stage left, he captures her. Where you going babe? ;D


DADADADAN Bonus Chapter ダダダダン
黛 ハル太 Mayuzumi Haruta

I’m pretty behind on DADADADAN so I’m not going to say much. The boys “enjoy” a game of Dorokei or roughly translated as Cops and Robbers with Doc’s dad’s …maid lady? >___> Doc’s dad makes an appearance…dressed as a kindergardener…lol wtf. xD


Doubutsu no Naka no Hito // The Animal People どーぶつの中の人
Chapter 11
ことり野デス子 Cotorino Deathco

The chapter focuses on the petting zoo. Nice and lol-tastic as usual ~ I posted two examples earlier just because ~


Shiro Ari // Snow White and Alice 白アリッッ
Check #21
ぺぷ  Pepu


“A soul shaking rock and roll battle”

Another series I’m behind on oTL However, I have all the recent volumes on me so I can play catch up by the time I write the July 2012 Comic Sylph…whenever that may be >___>

“Princess. We want to see you again.”

Since the third manga volume just came out, Check #21 will serve as a refresher for when volume #4 is released. In the last chapter, we finally learned the reason why 300 years have passed yet no one has aged. Turns out time has been repeating itself. The culprit in this bizarre phenomenon is the Red King. Only those who have names have noticed the time loop (it hasn’t been explained WHY the Red King repeats time yet though). Alice wants to become King so he can restore time back to its natural flow.

The chapter focuses on Alice, Snow White, and the March Hare picking apples. The reason? Snow White feels bad hearing Hatter is still recovering (I’M NOT SURE IF HE’S DEAD OR WHAT BECAUSE THE LAST CHAPTER SHOWED TWO HATTERS D8 CONFUSION!) which leaves the March Hare straddled with the task of keeping their(?) business open. She asks the March Hare if there is anything she can do to help. The March Hare says he’s good but upon seeing Snow White’s dejected look, he decides they should go apple picking. Love this picture of Snow White upon hearing the task delineated to her haha:



From this experience, the March Hare learns about Snow White’s fear of apples, causing him to get pissed at Alice – early in the series, Alice lied and said Snow White loved apples to get revenge for the soup pot she hurled at his noggin (since the March Hare thought Snow White liked apples, he’d make her all sorts of apple related pastries…oops!). Before the March Hare can punch Alice’s lights out, Snow White faints from the apples, ending the possible fight. As they’re walking back home, Snow White starts to see flashes of scenes in her head. Of her eating an apple. Of people she doesn’t recognize. Before she can analyze what the fizzidity up is going on, apples start to rain from the sky but they’re just an illusion. WTF!?

And who should appear but the Cheshire Cat?

Oh man, does the March Hare look NOT happy! Prepare for some kick ass fighting from the March Hare in the next chapter! Holy shit do not mess with this bad boy!

PS. I’m trying to figure out the characters in the double spread. Those closest to the left are the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat. In the middle…I think maybe the White Rabbit and…the Dormouse? >___> uh… The guys in the back I can identify as the Hatter and the Red King


Hakase Ga!! ハカセがっ!!
Chapter 17
左近堂絵里 Sakondou Eri

“Can our cat be contained?”

I’ve been barely following this series, only translating a chapter ever now and then for practice but OMFG, I think I may pick up Hakase Ga!! just for this new character, Apricot. She’s so adorable:


Well, I think she’s a she… She’s a robot made by the Professor so…whatever. I know he’s creepy and likes pretty boys but she’s a girl in my mind! Anyway, just for Apricot I’ll endure Hinasa or whatever his butt fart name is.


Sora Kara! My Nanny! 空から! マイ☆NANNY
Chapter 23
氷堂涼二 Hidou Ryouji

“The Baggins Family is on the scene!”

Oh man, another series I’m behind on ;____; Go for an internship, forget everything. Anyway, everyone is happy with the conclusion since the last chapter…except for Goudon since he was out sick and didn’t know about the festival of lights going down on the roofs. He’s PO’d about being left out and how his nanny isn’t crazy cool like the Baggins’ nannies. However, an attack from Bird-zilla changes his mind.

Oh man, I love this series. Really. I need to catch up on it. Especially now since the 4th volume is out I think. D8 SO BEHIND ON MY SYLPH FFFFFF!


Himegoto wa Hanazono ひめごとははなぞの
Chapter 33
わたなべあじあ  Watanabe Asia

“I don’t really have much screen time in this chapter…”

We learn about the ghost who is currently possessing poor You. He was a player whose wife tried to shank him for cheating on her but he was killed before she could stab him when he tripped on a stair while fleeting from his wife and went splat. Before he can go on to the clouds of heaven, he wants to kiss a girl oTL Which in this case would be Koi. However, Koi is in dude form at the moment. Also his dad is like, no he’s a boy well actually no see…he’s…my man daughter! ( ・Д・)ノ

Ghost: …a kiss from a man daughter works for this dead guy! (〃▽〃)

The ghost tries to blackmail Koi into kissing him – if he kisses him, then You will come back. Just before Koi does engage in the kiss, the spirit of You awakens and beats the shit out of the ghost possessing him. He self-exorcizes himself and the end. Lol omfg this series xD


Meeda Non no Makeru ga Kachi (Meeda Non’s Losing Victory)
Chapter 14
めぇ田のん Meeda Non

Wait…wasn’t it just chapter 10 in the May 2012 issue? >___> okay whatever. The short focuses on this café that has anime themes and does stuff.


Fujoshissu! 腐女子っス!
Chapter 35
御徒町 鳩 Okachimachi Hato

“I can’t forget…my memories of the past.”

Man, how many characters can Fujoshissu have??? D8

The chapter focuses on a manga-ka regaining her manga spark so to speak. Through interaction with our main characters + a whole bunch of other characters who I can’t identify, she remembers why she likes to draw manga ~ Yay ~


Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi 星屑町のパンのミミ
Chapter 24
松本 花 Matsumoto Kazura

“When the rain stops, let’s cross the rainbow…until we reach you.”

After chasing Glasses and Glasses II out in chapter 22 and spending chapter 23 lamenting about the whole thing, chapter 24 is the reunion between Mimi and Glasses + Glasses II. She says my bad and yay, friendship rekindled.

(ಠ_ಠ) Now PLEASE Mimi will you keep that damn temper of yours in check? This is the 3rd time already. Enough!


Hana-Ori Soushi 花檻草子
Season 16 **Final Chapter**
長神 Choujin

;____; Oh man, I can’t believe Hana Ori Soushi is over. Every time I got a new issue of Sylph, Hana Ori Soushi was the first title I’d check out. I’m so glad it concluded decently, though the ending did feel rushed. But hey, my ship worked out and that’s all I care about xD

Because I’m a verbose bastard and couldn’t write the ending in a few paragraphs, I wrote a SPOILERS on the ending instead. Pretty much all quotes though xD


星色パティスリーへようこそ // Welcome to Hoshi-Iro Patisserie
Chapters 1 + 2

“Working at Hoshi-Iro Patisserie are deliciously sweet yet slightly mysterious confectioners.”

RATS ~ <3 ah I’m such a fan ~ x3 it’s fun watching her grow as a manga-ka. Sylph apparently likes her enough since she’s been given a short series to work on. The story follows a young girl named Iroha. She’s trying to find a keychain she lost when she ends up at a patisserie. Naturally the workers inside are bishies ~ After having some cake and a talk with the owner of the shop, Iroha ends up not only finding her keychain but also witnesses something: Turds flying out of girl’s chests after they’ve eaten the sweets served at the patisserie. These turds (maybe saying Jelly Beans is probably better?) are actually part of the bishies’ spaceship. Wait…what!?


Engage Knight エンゲージナイト
Chapter 11 **FINAL CHAPTER!**
小杉繭 Kosugi Mayu

Unlike Hana Ori Soushi, Engage Knight’s ending totally blew. Readers will be able to tell the series was probably axed before its proper completion… (not surprising since the series was pretty dry ^^; ). I wrote up a SPOILERS on it earlier if you didn’t catch a look ~ The write up is pretty boring so unless you just want to know the ending, I’d avoid looking :O

Overall, I have no feels for Engage Knight. Hell, I only read like three chapters haha. If you’re interested in Engage Knight, I suggest you enter the series with the idea that Tia and Duran are going to end up besties, not lovers ~ And that story-wise, it goes no where ^^;



Included with the June 2012 Sylph is…an UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA NOTEPAD THINGIE! Need something to write notes on? Or something with faces of cute anime boys on it so you can draw mustaches on them? Or something to add to your Uta no Prince-sama collection? Well Sylph has you covered ~ This sucker is actually pretty big. It’s like almost the size of the June 2012 Sylph issue!!

Preview for the July 2012 Issue:

endHakase Ga! will don the cover of the July 2012 issue. I was hoping either the Professor or Apricot was going to be on the cover but it turned out to be what’shisstupidface :< Sigh. Ah, one of the freebies for the July 2012 issue of Sylph will be a Brothers Conflict “1st Season Memorial Booklet” which will feature shiz from the 1st season of BROCON as well as some tid bits about the 2nd season~ But wait! That’s not all! If you call within the next five minutes you’ll probably be greatly confused because there is no number to call ~ Suggested advice: hang up the phone and destroy it. I have no clue who you’re talking to haha xD The other freebie is Uta no Prince-sama related since you all can’t get enough of it (or so Sylph likes to believe. Heck I don’t mind ~ I love freebies <3). The Uta-no-Prince-sama thing will be 2 clear folders ~ Nice <3


Hakase Ga & DADADADAN both get colored pages. In addition, the July 2012 issue will be jam packed with entries from Sylph’s contest ~ look forward to them ~ (or maybe you already did since the issue was released last month xD).

And that’s it! Not sure what’ll be next! Right now all my free time and translating ability is going to the last two volumes of Beyond the Beyond ;_________; omfg the feels. I’ve waited 3 years to see how this manga ends. And I’m thinking it’s not going to be a happy one. Favorite character B might have just been killed…


10 thoughts on “June 2012 Comic Sylph

  1. Ahh, I wish I could read Sylph. It seems to have so many interesting mangas. D:

    But I also enjoy reading your blog, so it’s okay. :) Thank you for the update! :D


  2. Wow, there’s more mangas than I expected here! Thanks again for your review^^

    The director is SHINING SAOTOME, he was one of the reasons I watched UtaPri. Such a hilarious character with Norio Wakamoto’s voice haha

    About Hakuoki, Serizawa’s fan is made of IRON! (poor Ryu…). I’m guessing the cute girl is Kosuzu*o* She is a dancer (think it is called maiko?) in Shimabara, Ryu ends up with her in Harada ending and Kosuzu ending.

    Loled with Storm Lovers.

    I’m too hot (lol don’t think the wrong way…) and lazy to write opinions about the rest. I will hop in later^^


    • xD And there’s more to come! A bunch of titles have been ending which opens room for more 8D For example, in the August 2012 Issue, there’s a new series called Code: Justice. I haven’t read it yet (I’m still on the July 2012 Issue ^^) but from the preview in July’s issue, it seems kind of Power Rangery xD And I love me my Power Ranger parodies haha! Also the manga-ka of Hana-Ori Soushi is starting up a new series :3 *excited*

      Ahhh, so that’s who he is. He freaks me out right now but maybe it’s because I haven’t been exposed to his…unique personality yet? xD

      See, this is why this manga adaptation kind of sucks. I was totally under the impression his fan was a cheap wooden one D8 THERE WAS NO MENTION OF IRON ANYWHERE!
      Hopefully the anime adaptation is more…detailed ^^;
      That may be the girl? She wasn’t given a name yet (thus why she’s currently known as “ho” xD). I had a picture of her when Ryuunosuke went shojo on us readers but unfortunately, I couldn’t copy the url here :/ Stupid twitter application. Thus why I’m using tumblr instead ^^

      Gotta love Storm Lovers xD It’s great for lols haha ~

      Haha, for a second I thought you were getting hot and bothered by the guy in Storm Lover or something xD Keep cool, my friend! Summer is here D8 ugh my least favorite season of the year. Here in the desert, it’s too hot to even think about venturing outside during daylight hours (unless it’s to make a mad dash for your car).

      Take care!


  3. I ordered this issue too. I can’t read much Japanese but isn’t Apricot a boy? Because Hakase calls him Rico-kun and kun is for boy no? I like looking at your entries, I can hardly understand what they say. XD


      • 8D Glad my blah blahings make sense! I tend to get sidetracked and wonder around sometimes when I’m talking so it’s good to know at least I’m understandable (even if I’m all over the place xD)


    • 8D Ah, another Comic Sylph fan? We’re so rare and few so it’s always a pleasure to meet someone that reads Sylph :3

      As I mentioned in my post, most likely Apricot is fashioned as a “boy” just because it would suit the Professor’s tastes xD But in the end, Apricot is a robot ~ so technically s/he has no gender :3 However, I like to view her as a girl…just because I want some girl power going on! xD I’ll probably be forced to change my opinion once I see Apricot shirtless or something. Until then, she’s a girl in my mind xD Let me be delusional!

      (ah sometimes you have to watch out with kun/chan thing. I’ve read manga where boys say kun/chan to describe both genders and same goes for female speakers. It all depends on the character and who they are talking to. Heck, sometimes they’ll make up their own stuff like “tan” or “bin” xD)

      8D ah so you’re practicing with Comic Sylph? That’s how I started long ago! I could barely understand a thing and now two years later…I’m kind getting the hang of it ^^ I’ve still got lots of practicing to do though haha if I want to eventually read shojo light novels x3


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