Spoilers: Hana Ori Soushi ending

So playing this video game called L.A. Noire. In this game you’re a detective and you solve shit. Well, I had a guy in the interrogation room and was reading off my list of questions for the creep. I clicked one and next thing I know, my character goes “Do you like to fuck little boys, sir?



Did NOT expect to hear that! But that would explain the contents of the notebook I got from an old man at the scene of the crime. Inside, the notebook had male names and strange descriptions under them. Like, Frank – slim hips ~ Me: o__o whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Yeah, just wanted to share that. Ahem, back to the topic at hand!

One other series also ended in the June 2012 SylphHana Ori Soushi :___: Noooooesss, I was hoping this series would have had at least one more volume. Damnnnnnnnn. However, unlike Engage Knight, Hana Ori Soushi doesn’t end as fail-y. It has some face o____o moments but otherwise I’m satisfied with the ending.

Though I would have liked more… *spoken like a greedy child xD*


“So…who do you choose?”

Probably best not to ask that question when you’re making a raper face, Chiharu’s bro…


“Thank you for the irreplaceable days we’ve spent together.”

We start the chapter with Chiharu grimacing in pain as the surrounding darkness chokes her. Her brother is like, lawl what’s wrong, sis?  He’s all smiles about Operation: GET RID OF ALL THE HUMANS SO I CAN BE FOREVER WITH MY SISTER BECAUSE I HAVE PROBLEMS – once the world has been cleaned of the human trash it’ll be all nice and squeaky clean for the two to live in. A cleanliness so clean, Mr. Clean would approve -  too bad he’s going to be annihilated with the rest of the humans.

Mr. Clean: :<

Chiharu stares at Eishi in shock. WTF!? How long have we been sibling??? How did I miss the Flowers in the Attic vibe you were giving off??? And really, get rid of all the humans??? And their cartoon mascots!? SOMEONE NEEDS A HUG – and loads of medication D8

Eishi: “Things haven’t changed since back then. Humans are still weak and stupid. That’s why the Tane keep possessing them. All for the grand purpose of cleaning this world of its human garbage.”

Chiharu: “Is that…what you really want, Eishi?”

Eishi: “Have you come around to my way of thinking, Chiharu? Well then, just reach your hand and – “

Lol Eishi. Of course she wasn’t going to pick you xD Who wants to live in a world with only their incest-y brother for company??? Also, if you clean the world, that means no manga, no internet, no AC. Can you imagine? We’d have to go out and venture into the sunlight…breathing FRESH air. FRESH! Do you know how horrible that is? It doesn’t have the delicate taste of USED TRAPPED air with a hint of CHEETOES, SKITTLES, and TUMBLR. We’d have to play with sticks and rocks and drink NOT bottled water. OMFG, there wouldn’t be a refrigerator. What kind of hell is that!? How would we cook our TV Dinners with no microwave? There’d be no beds. Oh shit…you’d have to sleep outside…no iPod to fall asleep to. Savages…

So hell yeah Chiharu goes for Hisaya! She pulls his prone form into her arms, hugging him. Eishi is standing there like really sis? I offered to take out the garbage yet you go for your boyfriend. See if I ever promise to do chores for you again :/

Chiharu: “I don’t want that. Humans are weak and make mistakes, there’s no doubt about that. But, they are also full of kindness.” (as long as you don’t go to Texas or Massachusetts) “They make mistakes and cry over their failures. But they still manage to crack a smile that shouts I WON’T GIVE UP! They look straight ahead and walk forward. I want to be like them too. I want to walk forward…together with all the people who are important to me.”

Those that aren’t important to her can go fuck themselves I guess ~ xD

Eishi is distraught over his sister’s decision – “I see….you’re rejecting me.”

“No.” Chiharu reaches out for her brother and takes ahold of his arm. “Because you’ll be there walking with me too, right?” She goes on to say he’s been there for her always, protecting her. She doesn’t want to lose the people she loves. “You know how selfish of a sister I can be. Please. Don’t shut away the future, brother.”

Before Eishi can reply, Chiharu’s bracelet starts to glow. The darkness around her vanishes, shocking the siblings. In addition to light, the bracelet poops out the ghost of Haru. She’s like, let me explain shit here.

“Tane are devices which are amplified by “energy.” That said, positive and negative energy can influence the Tane. (said to Chiharu) In your heart, you hold the desire for a future. This desire acted in concert with the Tane, changing it. I too wished for these children to have a future. Thus our wishes resonated together, granting me the ability to manifest myself before you all.”

“Everyone is trying to go forward. The only thing stopping them is you Eishi.”

Damn, Eishi’s got a oAo face on. It’s like Haru just announced she likes to have wild sex dressed up as Ronald McDonald o___O And she has "chicken McNuggets” swinging down there. “I’m not Haru.” He thinks.

Now that I really think about it, had Haru not chosen this particular moment to appear, things would have probably gone a lot smoother…oh well, that’s life ~

Haru: “Even though I say that, you’re the one most trapped by the past. It must have been painful. But, it’s time to stop. Live your life how you want it to be, Eishi. That is our –”


Eishi tells Haru to go play with her McNuggets. He blasts darkness at her/Chiharu but thankfully the Hana Ori Soushi gang pops up to save the day 8D (minus Yusura since he’s dead). Eishi’s like, dammit oh well if I can nearly kill you all once I can do it again! BOOM SHAKA LAKA DARKNESS! However, that doesn’t work. As a villain, Eishi should have known: when an evil guy does his evil attack multiple times, it usually fails him when he most needs it.

Mr. Clean: 8D Yay!

STFU Mr. Clean. Eishi ponders why his attacked failed him when he remembers something the gang told him:

“Living in the present isn’t too bad.”

Son of a bitch. Their wishes = positive energy. Positive energy = not evil Tane. Evil Tane = source of Eishi’s power. Eishi = screwed.

Hisaya comes jumping at Eishi with his sword. Not sure how Hisaya recovered that quickly since he looked ready to enter the pearly gates of heaven at the beginning of this chapter but hey, power of love and shojo, right?  Eishi barely manages to dodge the attack but succeeds. He gets ready to talk shit but then falls off a cliff.


Did I miss something???? o____o;

Um…er, yeah, he falls off a cliff. Ahem. Eishi’s like shit where did this cliff come from oh well it was a good fight *gives up* Before he can cash in, a hand reaches out and grabs

his own outstretched hand. Who is the owner of the saving hand? Why it’s Hisaya!

“I can’t let you die.”

Hisaya: Even though you’re crazy, want to hook up with your sister, killed one of my friends, and touched me, if you die, Chiharu will be sad. So live! Be by her side ~ EVEN IF THAT MEANS YOU NEVER GET TO DO THE NASTY WITH HER!

Eishi: =____= I’ve never said I wanted to do my sister. I’m just completely and utterly obsessed with her to the point where I want to be with her 24/7 in a platonic clean manner.

Hisaya: oh…jeez, really? That’s cool. Hang around us. Heck, I even have no qualms about you watching me bang your sister at night :) You know what they say: people perform better when being watched. Read that in a psychology book! <- is true

Eishi: D8 WHAT!?

Mentally scarred, Eishi decides death is better than living with the knowledge that Hisaya said he “performs” better with an audience Chizuru is going with Hisaya and shakes off Hisaya’s hand. He’d rather remember her as she was. 

“Sorry, Chiharu. It wasn’t my intention to make you cry. But… (guess the selfish sibling was me) I only had one thing I wanted. Just one…thing…” *splat*

A light flows up from where Eishi’s broken and bloodied body is and enters Chiharu’s bracelet.

Haru: “Eishi’s power has returned. He is no longer of this world.”

Naturally, Chiharu starts to cry – even though he was a psycho, he was still her brother. Hisaya watches Chiharu (comfort her dumbass!), reflecting on Eishi’s actions:  “He chose death…so he could live on as a scar on her heart.” Very nice and elegantly put Hisaya. But is this really the time for your creative genius to blossom forth? No. Because the world starts to shake and tumble. Oh shiz, the world is being destroyed! What can they do!? Eishi is like a pancake now. Who else can they turn to?

“There is a way.” Haru speaks up over the noise. “Chiharu. Only you can do this.” Chiharu’s bracelet now houses both the heart and power of Haru. Together again, Haru’s special powers are restored. If Chiharu wishes hard enough, they might be able to turn all the Tane from negative to positive. This will return the world back to its original state. However, using that much power might end up having negative consequences on Chiharu. Naturally, as a Sylph male who has a great chance of getting laid, Hisaya is against Haru’s plans. He’s not going to end up friendzoned like that dude from Engage Knight or a forever virgin like the Dear Girl Story Boys. He’s a man! And men have needs! He tries to offer his services (as a fighter not as a prostitute…I think) but he is not a Kashiki. Chiharu stops his further resisting by grabbing a hold of his sleeve.

“Thank you. I’m so glad to have been Haru-san’s reincarnation. It’s thanks to that I was able to meet you all. I got to spend my days smiling with the people I cherish. If our time together could go on…that’s all that I would want.”


Chiharu stands on her toes and kisses Hisaya on the cheek.


“Take care!” She smiles. (Hisaya: >:U dammit she shojo speeched me and it was super effective!) Her bracelet starts to glow. The surrounding environment turns bright as flowers bloom everywhere (where the hell did that cliff go lol!?). The Hana Ori Soushi gang gapes at the flowers in shock. Da fuq going on!? The Tane inside them start to fizzle. Light flutters into Yusura’s corpse. Through the power of shojo he is brought back to life ~ Yay ~ !

However, not all is well. The cost of releasing Haru’s powers takes its toll on Chiharu’s body. She starts to fall over. Hisaya reaches out to grab her. As Chiharu tumbles to the ground, Haru’s spirit hugs Chiharu from behind. With tears in her eyes, she kisses Chiharu on the forehead and thanks her for saving the world. Chiharu smiles back and collapses. Hisaya calls her name but she doesn’t respond. Everyone stares down at Chiharu’s prone figure, nestled in flowers….

And that’s it folks! Chiharu dies saving the world. Hisaya is a forever virgin along with Eishi. Yusura is back. And the Tane are now good ~ Thanks for reading! Please pick up the manga when it’s available in your language!

Nah, I’m just shitting ya. We still have a few more pages. I’d be burning my Hana Ori Soushi volumes if this were truly the ending haha

(…I am not lying)

We scene shift to some girls looking up at a blossoming tree, ogling at its flowers. “Makes you glad to be alive!” One says to the other.

Eishi: 凸(`⌒´メ)凸

We follow a man as he enters a building. The workers inside ogle at him (workers: lol screw the flowers. We got something better to fantasize about ;D). They tell him to go on in and take his time. Once he is out of earshot, they start to fangirl about him. He always comes to visit ~ and he’s hawt ~ sigh where have all the good men gone?

“But…I feel bad for him. We have no idea if that girl will ever wake up.”


Turns out the building is a hospital. Inside, laying on a hospital bed unresponsive, is Chiharu. The man is Hisaya – really was anyone surprised by that haha? He apologizes for being late. He had a lot of luggage to drag around. Greetings finished, he starts to talk about items the Hana Ori Soushi gang left for her (this also serves as a method to explain how everyone has faired since Chiharu went into her coma). From Yusura, a box of assorted meats. Ew. Yusura owns an overseas business so he travels a lot though Hisaya questions if he really is working. The picture included with the meat box shows Yusura partying it up Hawaiian style ~

Hisaya: ಠ_ಠ how the fartnuggets did this guy become a CEO?

The next presents come from the twins and Horyuu. The twins gave Chiharu clothing since they are popular models/tv stars and get that shiz for free ~

Lol why when I think model, I think of this thing on tumblr:


xD Hopefully the twins aren’t dressed like this!

For Horyuu’s gift, he gave Chiharu an encyclopedia on plants. Horyuu is a botanist but that doesn’t stop the twins from bothering visiting him.  FFFFFF, I was totally shipping Horyuu with the girl twin but that motherfucker Kenji kept cockblocking. GTFA and let your sister get some, KENJI! Just because you’ll never get any doesn’t mean you need to stop the others!

Next in line is Seto. Seto is still a teacher. I’m shocked that he didn’t turn out to be a SLH’s Uryuu and cling to Hisaya for everything he’s worth (or rub Hisaya’s nipples when he’s struggling against the voices in his head. Oh gawd the memories). You go Seto! Oh, and Seto’s gift is like…a Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince sized letter detailing everything that’s been going on. Hisaya promptly goes, yeah I’m not reading this shit, and chucks it aside. He tells Chiharu that even though the gang left, they’ll be back again so she shouldn’t be sad that they’re gone.

He proceeds to tell us why the hell the gang has aged. The Tane inside them should have kept them young. Well, after Chiharu used her juju, somehow the Tane in their bodies left and now the gang is able to age again.

“We’re probably like this because of your wish – you know, the “I want to walk forward?” one.”

“So why…”

“Why is it only for you time has stopped…” *angst*

Hisaya sobers up a little. No need to be angsty on this special day. It’s Chiharu’s B-day after all! And Hisaya got her a fine looking present, not to toot his own horn or anything ~ (his words not mine). It’s a ring with a flower design ~ (OMFG HE WENT TO JERADS!). The ring is to pay back Chiharu for the watch she got him oh so long ago. Though he’s proud of the find, when Chiharu doesn’t respond, the angst flood gates start to open.

“Say something….open…your eyes…”

Since we only have 3 pages left, the power of shojo which can bring the dead to life can also awaken those in a coma!

Chiharu: “…how pretty.”




lol jk He’s more like 8U

Chiharu looks at the ring and smiles – he remembered the promise they made. Hisaya bows his head due to all the feels he’s experiencing. Still smiling, Chiharu sits up and pulls Hisaya into a hug, telling him to calm his tits ~ she’s ok 8D However, Hisaya isn’t crying…he’s actually trying to suppress his rage:


Okay so he does KINDA say this…just replace any fapping comments with “being alone and worried about her” instead XD


“I have a lotttttttttttttttt of bitching I need to get out. Dig the years of wax out of your ears and get ready for it.”

“But first!” Hisaya cups Chiharu’s face and pulls her to him.



fat raddish from spirited away dancing ugh creepy

Hisaya: “Welcome back.”

Chiharu: “I’m back!”



Things happened SUPER quick but it ended good enough for me. After Zeele Sacrifice, the bar wasn’t set too high haha! While reading this last chapter, I kept having Pretear vibes. I need to rewatch that series again. Good stuff 8D

Sorry I didn’t bitch and rant like usual ~ Heck, most of the summary comprised of quotes xD Meh it got the job done! I’m looking forward to Choujin’s next work :3 At least she gives a decent ending ~


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