BROTHERS CONFLICT…going back in time to take your money ~

Title: BRO CON extra chapter now available! //「ブラコン」番外編掲載!
Date first published on Sylph’s website: 06/21/2012

Translation of blog post:

Though we may not talk much about it, we’re always working behind the curtains on stuff…BroCon stuff that is.

Our clandestine activity has produced fruit in the form of a bonus chapter titled BROTHERS CONFLICT – Early Days – which will be featured in the August 2012 Issue of Sylph (on sale tomorrow!).

The bonus chapter will act as the final end to the 1st season of BroCon. It will take place 9 years in the past and will be told from Azusa’s POV.

Nine years ago would make Azusa 17 years old and a 2nd year in senior high school (meaning he’s jailbait, ladies).

whatshisface brocon 

While Azusa may seem cute and naïve on the outside (really? He looks PO’d and bored to me…), when you look into his head…statistically speaking…about

97% of his mind is occupied by thoughts of Tsubaki (8Y his TWIN!? …sure you didn’t mean to put girls/tits instead?)
1% of his mind is occupied by thoughts of the future (only 1%? Really?)
2% of his mind is occupied by the belief that Ukyo and Natsume are bothersome

***I can’t direct translate this next part because I have no idea what a DK and JK is. If you have any ideas, my 5 readers, please share your knowledge because I have no clue what it means. OMFG I’M OLD! I’M NOT HIP ANYMORE WITH THE LINGO!!!! Ahem. Anyway, basically it says enjoy reading the chapter hos***


The 7th BroCon Character Drama CD – starring Louis and Juli – is out!

drama cd squirrel

Louis – the brother always calming a negative situation
Juli – a squirrel with the personality of a cantankerous old man

We hope that when you hear their love filled whispers, your heart will beat like mad ~

(uhhhhhhh, I don’t want to get turned on by a squirrel whispering to me o___O; maybe I translated this sentence wrong because that doesn’t sound…healthy…)


WITH Louis & Juli

  • Available now!
  • Performed by: :武内 健さん、神谷浩史さん
  • Regular edition: 2500 yen
  • Animate limited edition: 3000 yen
  • Publisher: Marine Entertainment

Man, talk about going to all lengths to get some cash, Sylph! A flashback chapter? Really? xD Trying to pull a Hakuouki Reimeiroku, huh haha? Oh man, how does this chapter even serve any importance to the series? There will be no romance since the boys haven’t met the girl. Heck it’s probably just going to be them posing and looking good xD Maybe a bit of man-angsting. Oh well, I shouldn’t be bitter. If it brings Sylph money, good friggin enough for me ~

One thought on “BROTHERS CONFLICT…going back in time to take your money ~

  1. This is super late, but JK = joshikousei. It means ‘high school girl, so basically referring to a girl that’s in high school. (#^ o ^#) I have no idea what DK is though


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