Spoilers: Engage Knight ending

madoka2Engage Knight ended in the June 2012 Issue of Sylph. After reading the last chapter, I believe the following is more befitting of a title for the series:


Seriously, whoever put that ROMANCE tag on mangaupdates jumped the gun a bit ^^; **Note: by the time you look over on mangaupdates, I’ll have already removed the ROMANCE tag** Heck, the Poke’mon Daycare had more romance going down than this title :/ But I had a feeling the series wasn’t going to be my thing. All I had to do was remember how Kamisama Omamori went… >___>;

Anyway, I haven’t posted a SPOILER in…shit, like a year? Figured I’d start again by talking about Comic Sylph endings, starting with Engage Knight.


The chapter opens up with Tia’s brother (holy shit he’s real!) telling his dad that he feels bad about Tia having to go to school in his place due to his shitty health (sucks when your mom is your grandfather, huh kid? Oh you royals and your inbreeding ~). Dad lols and says yeah…but this is a shojo, son, not a yaoi so no one cares about you. You were only created to act as a plot device ^____^

Til: D8 wtf dad!

Dad: Hey man, this is the first time I’ve appeared since the first chapter! I’m only here on this one page to say Tia went to school to become a man. Wtf to that, home skillet.

Til: WHAT!? (◎_◎;)

Dad: Er, you know. Face challenges, overcome them, yadda yadda (¬、¬)  Point is I’m trying to milk this time here before I disappear off to secondary character land, braddah.

Til: o____o; uh…

Dad: Don’t you be wasting time neither – you’ve got real estate right there next to me dawg.



Okay dad, time for you to go away now ^^;

That randomness aside, we return to the main plot: some worthless sword fighting competition! Tia teamed up with Fabio but a battle boner he got while fighting Ceres resulted in the pre-ejaculation of the two from the tournament. Duran is paired with Snyber. Thankfully it’s hard to get Duran excited and crazy so they’ve been able to hold their own. Now in the semi-finals, Duran is off to battle against Melbourne and Arthur.

Just prior to their battle, Arthur tells Duran that their battle is a personal one for him. He wants to get back what Duran took from him years ago. Of course, Duran is like ⊂(・(ェ)・)⊃ I like cheetos to Arthur’s words. Oh Duran…

At the start of their battle, Duran tells Synber they’re going to kick it up to third gear and finish the battle quickly. I thought for sure that was going to happen since he’s still got the finals to go through but nope. Duran uses his special attack which changes his sword into a weapon to best defeat his enemies. Not sure how that works but damn that sounds cheap ^^; However, his sword does not change, leaving Duran in shock.

Arthur runs in for an attack, lol-ing at Duran. What’s up bitch? Can’t get your sword working? Lolololol, is that how you are in bed? Oh lawl wait, what am I saying ~ You’re a virgin ~ >:D BTW THIS ISN’T A YAOI SO DON’T TAKE WHAT I’M GOING TO SAY NEXT IN A DIFFERENT CONTEXT: TASTE MY SWORD BITCH!


Naturally those on the sidelines start to analyze the situation and take up pages throwing out theories. Maybe the reason the weapon didn’t change is because Arthur has no weakness? ~ Or maybe he’s not really a knight!?!!!?11?


Back to our duelists, Arthur taunts Duran more as he smacks the boy around town. Rather than enjoy his free win, Arthur instead decides to give Duran a helping hand which will ultimately result in his defeat in about 4 pages…

(;¬д¬) uh…

“There’s no way you can defeat me the way you are now. However, maybe if I remove that seal around you, you’ll stand a fighting chance…”

(;¬д¬) …dah fuq?

No idea wtf he’s talking about since I’ve only been following random chapters but for some reason, shit starts to glow. And for some reason again, Tia somehow gets affected by the glow too.

And you know what glows mean right? FLASHBACK TIME!

We go back into Duran’s younger days. He’s sparing against a boy who looks oddly like Arthur. However, just as he is with Arthur in the tournament, Duran gets his ass whooped. Arthur clone is like, damn bitch, I may be royalty but put some umph into your swings. I’m going for some Sunny D. I’ll be back when you’re serious. Melbourne, let’s blow this popsicle stand.

Duran is a sad puppy because he wasn’t holding back against Arthur-clone, he just sucks xD A voice tells Duran that she saw he was putting his 110% out there against Arthur-clone. Duran looks up to see a girl hiding behind the trees.

Duran: Σ(゜ロ゜;) oh great not only did I lose to a guy in a dress but now a girl has borne witness to my failings…I mean, who are you, creepy child perving on me like a fan-girl after her favorite K-pop band.

The girl introduces herself as Tia yadda yadda. She’s from yadda and was invited to attend the prince’s B-day bash.

(…Duran’s invited too right?)


Duran and Tia are both in shock. OMG, they met each other seven years ago!!! Such a powerful unforgettable memory…forgotten xDDDDD Duran looks at Arthur and realizes that he’s actually Prince Arkrod!!!

(…his name sounds like some type of vehicle (・□・;))

Not only did Duran forget about his memories with Tia but he also forgot what the royal prince looked like!? (;¬д¬) Ummmmmmmm

“…ah, have you finally remembered?”


Characters on the sideline inform us readers that if a knight’s weapon falls onto the ground, s/he is disqualified. Gee thanks. However, since the sword is floating in the air, Duran is able to grab it. Not sure why Arthur didn’t just stab Duran while he was standing there looking up at the ceiling for his sword. I mean..really, all’s fair in love and war >___> ……..don’t judge me

Also, not sure how Duran caught the sword via the hilt (pointy end up) when it was falling pointy end down o___O;

Duran uses his special cheap attack (now that he knows Arthur isn’t a knight…it’s actually Melbourne. Not sure how that changes anything but okay…). Duran’s weapon turns into what I can best describe as giant tongs and … I can’t explain this. The blades are aimed at the right side of Arthur’s shocked face. In the next panel the blades are on Arthur’s left side by his shoulder and somehow Duran is straddling Arthur who I think is still standing up… o__O In the next panel, the tongs are down by Arthur’s wrist…pinning it down.


Explanation: none


Well, whatever. Duran wins because he knocked Arthur’s sword to the ground.


Now, Arthur…explain wtf is going on.

Arthur pretty much repeats himself to a very slow Duran: I came here because I wanted to kick your ass and win back my girl…dumbass. Too bad I‘m the one who got his ass kicked because I unsealed you…not sure how I did that BTW.

Duran acts all tsundere and says he has nothing going on with Tia.

Arthur: Virgin (☞゚∀゚)☞

Duran: STFU! 凸(`△´+)

Before things can continue, Synber collapses. Lol what!? Pussy. The head principal (<-what) tells Duran that Synber is at his limits. No more engaging with men for him (lolllllll Synber doesn’t have the stamina xDDDDD). But without Synber, Duran will be disqualified.

However, the headmaster mentions that conveniently there is a tournament rule that says if something happens to a knight’s master…if s/he gets another one, s/he will still be allowed in the tournament.

*thumbs up*

Outside the hospital ward, Tia and Fabio are loitering.

“Best to realize your true feelings before it’s too late. You want to be his strength, am I right? Anyone can tell just by looking at you. I can “see” it. You two are already connected. Right?”

After that sage moment, Fabio pushes Tia into the room, startling Duran and the principal. Fabio’s like, so you need a master? Well, you’re in luck. This girl can engage with several men at once.

she's a whore bieber

Tia falters but when she sees Synber half dead on a cot, she gathers the courage to tell Duran to Pret with her…er, wrong series Engage with her.

Synber: I say yay!  (°ロ°)☝

Lol wtf, Synber, shut up. I thought you were dying?


Duran agrees (unlike chapter 1 where he told her to go fuck a duck). They commence the engagement ceremony (or whatever you call it ^^; ). We have another flashback. Duran is training. However, he sucks so he’s a sad panda. Tia says he should be her knight. That’ll way they’ll be together and she’ll work real hard on her studies (<-what). Duran bursts her bubble when he says he’s still a kid. But Tia isn’t deterred. Instead of now, they’ll meet up again later when they’re older. So they Engage as proof of their promise.

Too bad they forgot about everything ^^;

Tia apologizes about forcing the Engagement on Duran which I guess caused him a lot of heart ache (if I remember right, he got kicked out of his family or something over it). He grabs her hand and tells her no, he was the one being a douchebag this whole time….he theorizes the cause of his douchery may have originated from being unsure of the future or possible because he had forgotten about the past…and Tia. Before you shippers can get excited, the principal cockblocks and that’s it. That’s like…the closest we get to any romance in this series.

The two get ready to take on the finals, against Ceres.


Duran: “Tiaris”

Tia: “Y-yes?”

Duran: “Give me strength!”

Tia: “Yes!”

Duran faces off against Ceres and promptly gets his ass kicked. Not even a panel later. Wow…

And with that, the tournament is over folks!

Because this is a Sylph title, you need to have a creepy moment brought to you by a creepy possibly gay guy. What’s his face from chapter 1 (the noble whose boys were beating up Duran in Chapter 1 & 2 – who is also Ceres’s master for the tournament) says he’s a better match for Duran. He’s got more power than Tia ;D

Duran: GTFO. ಠ_ಠ

Since everyone is just popping up, Arthur decides it’s his time to get more limelight before the series ends. Now that Tia remembers she’s his fiancée, how will that affect things? Not much. Tia says she has much to learn so yeah, that matter will be dealt with another time.

Arthur: °٢° well she didn’t really say no ~

More people show up. Blah. They say shiz. All the peeps promise to keep quiet about Arthur’s true identity. He leaves. So does his man bitch Melbourne. Melbourne has a man to man conversation with Arthur. He also asks about Duran. But Arthur isn’t worried. Tia can bring him along. He’s just like Melbourne – he’ll protect her just like Melbourne protects him.

Melbourne: ;_____; master

Also, to never get any.

Melbourne: OTL


Let’s see…of the side characters: Fabio has to repeat another year. Ceres rejects the position of Arthur’s knight, saying he has much learnings to do as well. Duran trains harder in his sword fighting classes but is a slacker everywhere else. We see Tia scolding him for ditching. Creepy guy is still gay for Duran. Sophie is still a romantic fan girl. Don’t know what happened to Synber.

The chapter ends with Duran saying he’ll become stronger. Tia makes a pinky promise/engagement with Duran over his pledge and that’s it.




“Engage. A promise we made so long ago. And a guide for our future.”




Yup. That’s about it. Nothing…really happened. Yuppers… Er,what was the plot of this story again? ^^:

Sorry I couldn’t make it lol-tastic. There wasn’t much material to go on :<Basically here’s my reaction to the whole thing:

Not a single fuck given xD

16 thoughts on “Spoilers: Engage Knight ending

  1. gah…To think I was so excited to read it…! Why didn’t the mangaka give us a solid ending!? Anyways, the art was nice to look at and the plot..diverges to nowhere…Thanks for the spoils~ ^^


    • Not a problem 8D After I read the ending, I figured I should warn others before they invest too much time and feelings into the series 8Y The manga-ka’s art is very cute but her stories…are kinda fail-y. I’d advise against reading her other series Omamori Kamisama unless you’re going into the series with the same mindset as Engage Knight – there will be no romance dispute the hints. It’s a story of friendship…kinda.


  2. Hahaha, what an ending. xD
    Well, this series wasn’t very promising from the beginning, but it must have sucked for the people that were actually waiting for some romance to happen. : / Not to mention the action scenes appear to be a disappointment as well (the anatomy, the movements – if I were to call them wrong it would be an understatement).
    “you need a master”, “this girl can engage with several men at once”… is it just me or are you going to get some more pretty fucked up wtf search hits this month as well? XD


    • Uh, I feel stupid replying to myself, but I only now noticed you replied to my questions about when and how you started learning Japanese! Thanks a lot, it’s interesting! And your Kanji explanation makes *sense*! /dances with joy
      Yeah, unfortunately I can only order stuff overseas, which is insanely expensive, thus I do that only for stuff I really really really like. :< I want a completely lawful solution where I can buy digital manga! Booo shipping prices! Come on publishers, it's the 21st century, do eeeeeeet!!!
      Yeah, awesome Korean shoujo and omg you read 1/2 Prince (not exactly Korean, but still awesome)?1! Check the novel translations web site (prince revolution), they have also another work by Yu Wo there and well, everything by her is insanely funny.
      Now I think I am set on learning Korean before Japanese (life is long, gotta find something to do…), if nothing else because I will be able to read amazing webtoons on Naver for free. And well, they also translate a lot of manga. Nothing to lose right?
      Man I let myself type a lot of stuff, sorry for getting carried away…


      • (there’s nothing wrong with replying to your own comment ~ I usually do that when I need to add something that I forgot in my first comment ~ And long comments are always appreciated <3 Unless they're basically calling me shit. Those are unwelcomed and deleted ~ xD Oh you angry people on the internet. WTF haha)

        Ah, so you're like me. I feel for you. My wallet cries every time I order from amazon.jp. THAT DAMN DOLLAR TO YEN CONVERSION RATE NEEDS TO GO UP DAMMIT! IT'S BEEN 2/3 YEARS ALREADY! Dx I want the rate to be like when my dad was younger: 120 yen = 1 dollar. Yes, please!

        (oh snaps, I did not realize 1/2 Prince was Chinese! Oops! Shows how closely I pay attention to details xD). Wow there's a novel? And holy crap the scans are up to volume 11!? I left off at volume 3 because that's all there was back in the day!!! Dang I have some catching up to do! D8

        Good luck in your studies 8D Learning Korean sounds like it'll be fun! And you can study using K-pop xD (I use J-pop ~)


    • I wonder what possessed her to end the series that way…with no direction or no conclusion 8Y I’m wondering if maybe the manga-ka was planning on more chapters before she got to the main plot but was unable to when Sylph told her they’re cutting her story short? *shrugs* ┐(‘~`;)┌ Meh, I’m still a bit grumpy from Omamori Kamisama – a series also by her – so I have no real feelings about the reason.

      Indeed, the action scenes were very…stiff. I usually don’t complain too much about art because that’s hard stuff and everyone has their own tastes, but it was just too unnatural to take seriously 8Y I felt pain for the characters when I saw some of their poses. No one prances like that in battle. No one who wants to stay alive that is.

      Oh man, now that you mention that… (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚) I haven’t looked at my search terms yet. We’ll see if this post created some weirdddddd hits or not at the end of the month haha!


  3. Agreed with Noctemleya :D It’s because you keep writing such unintentionally perversive statements that the search hits go crazy. But it wouldn’t be funny other wise :)


    • xD My fingers just type what my brain produces. I can’t be blamed for how the internet interprets my brain spew haha. We’ll see at the end of June if I get some messed up hits because of Engage Knight or not!


  4. “At the start of their battle, Duran tells Synber they’re going to kick it up to third gear and finish the battle quickly.”
    Lol. Finishing battles quickly. That never happens. Not even in shoujo.
    Yaoi can be applied to everything. And i mean EVERYTHING.
    “I mean, who are you, creepy child perving on me like a fan-girl after her favorite K-pop band.”
    I like the analogy


    • Haha, true! Had this been a shounen…it’d be a minimum 1-5 volumes of fighting depending on the battle.

      It can o____o|||

      Tumblr gave me the idea. It likes to paint k-pop fans as crazy lunes which they are so not…right? o___O
      jk xD


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