June 2012 Comic Sylph – Color Scans


Well, I figured I needed something Sylph-y after that creepy WTF Search Term Hit post ^^; Ah, how that thing both amuses and depresses me. Makes you wonder what kind of freaks are looking up that stuff +____+ And I’m probably only getting the clean hits! *shudders at the thought* Any hoo, sorry I’m a bit behind on my Sylph posts. I had relatives over for my graduation and that took precedent over Spoils. I’m probably not going to be any faster even with them gone. Now I’ve got the dreaded job hunt to undertake GAH BEING AN ADULT BLOWS! : 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 But enough about the depression of RL. On to the color scans of Sylph 8D

***Some of the images are in thumbnail format so I could get them side by side. Just click on the pictures to enlarge them. Lol, why did I think of Viagra when I typed “enlarged?” xD***


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two years since Sylph made the jump from bimonthly to monthly. TWO YEARS! (and I’ve got those magazines on my shelf! Man I feel old .___. ). To celebrate, Sylph is jazzing up the next three issues ~

  • The July 2012 Issue will feature Hakase Ga! on the front cover who will also have its own color page inside. DADADADAN will also have a color page. The furoku will be a Brothers Conflict Booklet (NOTE: I have the July Issue and Sylph also added in a Uta no Prince-sama Debut Clear File!).
  • The August 2012 Issue will have Hakuouki Reimeiroku on the cover. In addition, it will have something Arcana Famiglia related to celebrate not only the release of the anime but also the release of the first volume. Apparently it will also have an extra BROTHERS CONFLICT chapter staring 3 of the brothers back when they were in high school. I believe this version is going to be in manga format rather than in novel format. Not sure if anyone is going to be excited about this. I mean, there’s prob no romance seeing as the main girl hasn’t met them yet. So I guess it’ll just be eye candy?
  • The September 2012 Issue will have …Arcana Famiglia on the cover? >____> wouldn’t that have been more appropriate for the August issue? Well, whatever. I ain’t got a degree in marketing. If I’m reading this right, there will be a manga version of the 6th Hakuouki OVA starring Patrick er Kazama. Sweet? <____< I have no details on who is drawing the manga though. The furoku will be something Hakuouki Reimeiroku related since the anime will be running at this time
  • Sylph also adds that in May, they will have released their 100th manga volume 8D Yay ~ GO SYLPH!


Uta no Prince-sama Debut pimping. The upper portion of the first page introduces the characters of the sequel. The bottom half pimps out Uta no Prince-sama Repeat in case you live under a rock (or don’t understand Japanese) and haven’t played the first game (well, it’s not really the first game. It’s like a re-release of the first game. Think Poke’mon FireRed.). Like BROTHERS CONFLICT, the game is divided into two versions – Sweet Serenade and Amazing Aria. The upper portion of the second page is a summary of when Uta no Prince-sama was featured at some gaming event. Basically it’s just more game pimping. The bottom half of the second page gives more details about the game. The characters may have graduated but now it’s time for graduate school! (poor fools) The four guys shown are seniors who you’ll have to team up with during the master’s course.


More Brothers Conflict pimping. Details of the game’s event structure is explored. You can hang with everyone ~ have a family date ~ hang with your bros doing stuff ~ go on a date with  your bros ~ and spend the night in their room ~ Scandalous ~ The bottom section on the middle page is advertisement for PP’s theme song: AFFECTIONS sung by the Cling-on Brothers. The last page features a short interview with the seiyuu of Guy who I thought was Your Dad Brother and Dresses like a Woman Brother. The bottom half pimps out the drama CDs that have been released. In addition is also gives out info of the 7th drama CD to be released – this one will feature Louis and Jyuri the squirrel. Wow, how sad is it the brother left over has to have a drama CD with a squirrel as his partner lol xD


A snippet of information about the Hakase Ga! drama CD coming. The July 2012 Issue will feature more information ~



Pretty much the same thing, only with Hakuouki Reimeiroku. The article on the left is advertising the 6th OVA. Like how Patrick’s er Kazama’s seiyuu is like BUY THIS SHIZ BITCHES IMMA PIMPIN’ DIS YO xD



A peak at the drawings for the Arcana Famiglia anime ~ I’m kind of surprised the girl is wearing a mini skirt (lol I thought she was wearing short shorts the whole time) when you can see her performing a high knee shot in the picture on the left. o____O Guess she isn’t shy about showing dem panties lol


Pimpin’ of an AF special…sequel? No…it just has extra stuff…think this is called a fandisk? I’m kind of slow on otome jargon ^^; Anyway, now that it’s going to be an anime, time to start whoring AF out ~ (though I don’t think anything will ever beat Hakuouki in terms of whoring haha).


Advertisement for Girl’s Style ~


A look into Dear Girl Stories’ history. Since I don’t follow the series, I’m not much help here ^^; Think they might be planning something in the future but what that is…*shrugs*


But hey, if you’re depressed about the conclusion of the DGS manga and have no idea what to do with your money now, dry your tears ~ A 3rd drama CD is in the works ~


Two Sylph manga were released in April – Shiro Ari #3 and the final Dear Girl Stories (#4). Up planned for May is DADADADAN #3, Café Café, another Sylph Anthology, and the final volume of Kira Kira Soda Chocolate ~ (#2)


The final two images are to celebrate ASCII Media Works’ 20th anniversary ~ yay ~ If you look in the bottom left corner of the second page, you’ll see Sylph pimping. Heck yeah, two tiny panels! Representing! 

And that’s it ~ Not sure when I’ll have the Tid-Bits version out yet. All depends on RL and if I get off mah lazy butt xD Welp, this is Sylphalchemist, signing off!

12 thoughts on “June 2012 Comic Sylph – Color Scans

  1. Uta no Prince Sama… I know that art anywhere…. Just because the way that mangaka draws her characters nose bothers me for some reason. :I
    ;A; I wish Dadadadan got a big colorful beautiful page.


    • I think after watching bits of Escaflowne the anime, no nose will bother me as much as theirs. Theirs were like…weapons D8 Those noses!

      DADADADAN’s manga-ka is lazy with her colored pages. It’s usually like…5 colors and that’s it xD (you’ll see when I post about the July 2012 Issue). But then again, it could just be her style ~


      • Haha, I haven’t seen the anime yet so I’ll have to take your word on it xD I’ve only seen the opening which was very lol-tastic xD If any of those bishies are the emo thug character type, I will so not be able to take him seriously. I’ll just have that opening playing as he’s talking. He’ll even be doing the booty shaking dance moves too xDDDDD


      • Ah, I read it :)

        I really would like the 1-shot to be serialized ~ The open ending just begs for continuation :3 Plus we need more Nebelhaut ~
        Random thought but he reminds me a bit of Heart no Kuni no Alice’s Julius for some reason. Maybe because his man buddy Schreier makes me think of Ace? xD


    • 8U Them mofos at Verizon must hate you man. That’s like the second time they’ve done this. WHY HAVE ONLINE AS A FORM OF PAYMENT WHEN IT’S ALWAYS GIVING YOU HASSLE!
      Sorries I missed your call Thursday. Was talking with my friend from the mountains again – well attempted to. We kept missing each other. Her phone provider has shit service where she lives. So I ended up talking to busy signals (I didn’t think cell phones had that) or the answering machine (and vise versa for her .____.).
      If you call via google, at least I’ll have a heads up in case an unknown number calls me ~

      I was wondering why that post was getting so much hits. Like, before it got maybe…10 at the most? Now it’s getting past the triple digits. Me: o___O; da fuq?
      And here I pretty much just BS’d the whole thing. I had no idea who was who or what the plot was xD When we talk, I’ll hear what your proper feels are for the ending. Then you can explain in more detail about wtf the whole story was about xD


  2. Thank you so much for the info and scans once again!
    I’ve heard that UtaPri Debut was quite bad which is a shame but oh well

    So this summer we’re gonna have loads of Hakuouki and Arcana Famiglia.
    Kazama always amuses me, in the seiyuu event when Kazama appeared he said that he wanted to make a grand entrance on a shinning white horse (lol) but Sannan replied that they didn’t have enough funds
    Arcana Famiglia can be good but those two incest routes, even those 2 guys bored me before knowing that it was incest…

    Couldn’t help but fangirl with Toki no Kizuna in Girl’s Style advertisement (otome about Hakuouki demons during Sengoku period, well it is semi-confirmed that it takes place in Hakuouki universe since one of the villains comes from the demon clan who adopted Chizuru’s brother)

    Can’t wait to your review on a new Koisuru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi chapter (your first review really caught my attention)


    • I heard the same thing as well. Rather than romance-y, Debut was instead bro-mance-y D8 (doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being an otome game xD)
      (I’m still going to watch the anime one of these days though – just for the lols :3)

      This summer will be very otome in terms of anime ^^
      I was excited for Arcana Famiglia until I read a review on it and found out about the creepy incest routes (and the fact the bald headed old man is one of the love interest D8 ew no! He’s like…ready to be placed in an old folks home! I doubt he can even get it up without the use of Viagra Dx Non!).
      I might watch Reimeiroku though…or I might just hold off and wait for the sequel to be released here in the US and watch that first so I’ll understand any references made :O Depends on how lazy I am haha xD

      Toki no Kizuna looks very pretty ~ And the guys certainly are gentle on the eyes ;D
      (Though I did mistake the guy with the fluffy red hair for a girl ^^;)
      Hopefully it’s not as bromance-y as Reimeiroku was :)

      Haha, I plan on making summaries for Koisuru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi one of these days. I just need to get some RL stuff in order and also to finish up some older titles I forgot about haha. Do expect it…eventually xD Doh!

      Thanks for the comment 8D


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