WTF Search Terms for the Month (May 2012)

madokaMan, making this into a monthly edition is just depressing. I mean, look at all those SICK hits D: And these are after I filtered some of the old repeats from the previous installments out!

If someone were to follow my blog now, they’d think this was a porn site, not a site dedicated to…well…not porn.

But you all love these posts so here you go! *goes to sob in a corner*

Note: I probably wouldn’t read this if I was in a public area…or there are people around…just sayin’


  • the characters from tokyo majin look like ff8 characters
              • Really? o____O hmmm, does not see the likeness…
  • ren the neko mad hatter
              • I just like this because I always associate REN with REN from SLH
  • angry jigglypuff
              • Uhg I hate Jigglypuff. Why is that fucker giving me blog hits >:U (<- bad childhood trauma. Don’t ask.)

  • write short note on the following character kuranoa
              • Haha that’s a bit random xD
  • gutpunch
  • i need a manga just like nise no chigiri


    Like how you think friend ;D

  • littailgirl fuck old man
            • and this is when the weirdness starts sigh


Da fuq?

  • shota floor humping


  • loli wedgie
  • anime guy with blonde hair yaoi
            • Lol, doesn’t that in some way describe like every yaoi out there? xD (and now that I think about it…every shojo and shounen…gotta have a blonde somewhere xD)
  • wtf booty
  • dude’s wang
            • Sigh really? –___-|||
  • widows chastity belt


  • crooked butt crack



  • goku bitch please
            • lol I keep thinking of DBZ’s Goku going, oh girl what are you thinking? Nah Uh. xD
  • naked girls reading
  • butt shota
  • anime hentai banana


Lol I couldn’t resist using this gif xD

  • anime boy crotch tumblr
  • boy pees blog
  • hakuouki hijikata hair anime
            • Totally picturing Hijikata throwing his hair back with the words *EASY BREEZY BEAUTIFUL COVER GIRL ~* playing in the background xD
  • nise ass
            • Wow, how horny was this fellow that he couldn’t even spell nice right? Or maybe he was looking for butt shots of the Nise no Chigiri boys?
  • mira manga horny
            • Did not think it was possible for a manga to experience sexual desire…
  • cpr scene in anime 2010
  • girl jacking off gif



  • good come 薄桜鬼
            • O___O this is probably just paranoia but “Good Come” sounds like the title of a Japanese porno >___>
  • bath men thumb


  • manga that contain girl pee in urinal


  • brothers conflict wtf
            • Thank you! A sane person – HOW the f did that mom pop out 13 kids!?
  • stray love heart hentai
            • D8 No! That’s like asking for a Mr. Roger x Barney hentai. Don’t mess with with the memories bitch!
  • manga with a guy rapeing a girl that he bought and thought he could do anything because he had money but they both end up falling in love
            • w-wow…that’s really specific o___O; anddddddddddddddddd how does that relate to Spoils again?
  • hasta siempre tattoo
            • Wtf…where did this come from o___O
  • alice on deadlines manga boobs
  • princess in the spotlight chapter summary
            • Lol Princess Diaries hit!?
  • shocked face
            • Hell, this describes my face when I looked at these terms I got!
  • jailbait pedo


Wait…how does that even work?

  • boobs gif
  • little shounen porn
            • Little Shounen porn? The fuq? Does this person mean midget porn??? o_____O
  • transform sex stories anamie


  • crazy apple
            • O_____O|||
  • anime bath for two
  • why cant girls be shirtless


  • denial mangafox
  • otome game not bishi\



  • "school" "staring at his legs"



  • my friends a bitch in sheep’s clothing
            • …er, sorry?
  • elephant anime
  • chizuru paired with kazama hakuouki reimeiroku
            • SHE’S NOT EVEN IN REIMEIROKU! (at least not until the end)
  • peeing boy manga
  • how to get hijikata in hakuoki
            • Haha, bishi poke’mon xD
  • gankutsuou meme smurf
            • lololol the Count is a smurf xD
  • anime hakuouki tuxedo
            • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I don’t think they had tuxedos back then ^^;

Typical Porn Hits:

  • naked girls on word press
  • 21nakedgirls
  • you loli por
  • lolicon pussy
  • loli body swap
  • suck shota
  • the best magazine special june 2012 porn


Oh gawd…

  • koi x koi destroy english
            • wtf at first I thought the term sounded funny then I looked it up only to find it’s the title of a yaoi dj D8
  • anime girl whispers to boy comics
            • ಠ_ಠ I don’t trust this hit…somehow this is related to porn
  • sleepy residents birdcage manor chapter 17 sparknotes
            • Sparknotes!?
  • anime evil blonde
            • Lol not only are blondes gay but apparently they’re evil too in the manga/anime world? Poor blondes…
  • girl gets her kimono caught!
            • OH SWEET JEESEZ NO!
  • spoiled blob princess
            • The heck is a BLOB princess????
  • manga guy with bandana love
            • Is this person looking for a romance manga about a guy with a bandana or a manga where the guy has a fetish for bandanas? o__O?
  • sex with love rin room


*stunned* wtf…

  • boobie pinatas


H-how….what…the….not going to ask…

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD that’s it for this month… >_____> honestly guys, Spoils is not THAT kind of blog, despite what these search hits say. It’s nice and clean…just has a lot of swear words and innuendo. But none of this sex kitty booby rock panther cheese cake shit. *cries*

15 thoughts on “WTF Search Terms for the Month (May 2012)

  1. I just DIED laughing 8DD I’ve waited for your WTF hits post and it hasn’t disappointed me like always xDDD 8D There are really some weird perverts out there huh? O_O
    Btw i laughed so hard at this “Crazy Apple”search term xDD

    • I didn’t have time to make a weekly-ish post so I decided to just wait until the end of the month to compile it all. And man…gah D8 You’re right – weird perverts be coming to Spoils…only to find bishies and shojo xD DOH! for them haha!

      I’m trying to figure out wtf would that even mean. Crazy Apple? What were they even hoping to find from that search term? O____O Do I even want to know????

      Glad you like these xD Happy to make you laugh haha! Let’s see what this month will bring!

    • Right? xD I wonder what it is they were looking for??? I don’t remember that in the series.

      It is indeed amusing and depressing. Like, you know there are creepers out there, but to see just a glimpse of what they’re looking for…gah! D: HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELVES PEOPLE!!! NO SHAME!

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      • Apparently crazy apple is a type of product. It contains fresh apples in a bag. That means your blog is fresh :D It’s a compliment see?

        • xD Haha, that’s such a strange name for an apple brand!

          I guess I should be honored by the compliment. Now if only there were explanations for the other search term hits I got this month…

    • What’s scary is the thought that you’ve probably encountered people like this in RL but you’d never know unless you looked on their computers o____o
      Totally opens your eyes…

      (but thankfully most of the pervs live in their parent’s basements, never to venture forth into the sunlit world for fear of burning to death from the sun’s pure rays and also because…they’re lazy xD They’ve got monkey spanking to be doing!)

  3. I think I saved about 5 of those reaction gifs you used for those. I can still never fathom how your site pops up to these search terms before you make the post. But then again, I heard that google chooses what pops up depending on the person and what they look at. But still.

    • I love tumblr just for the gifs. Bless those people who take the time and effort to bestow upon us internet users the ability to convey emotions visually xD

      By that explanation, that means google hates me and wants me to have creepers 8Y darn you google…

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