My Reads and My Buys for May 2012

Back and I’m posting about stuff. But first, a song that I’ve got stuck in my head xD:

I would like to thank the kind ladies at bikachama for exposing me to this awesome song 8D You can get buy Lovey Dovey on iTunes ~ If you’re interested in more music such as Lovey Dovey, I suggest checking out their blog ~ They’ve got all kinds of music and manga related posts :3

(if you readers know any good websites to listen to J-pop/K-pop I’d love to know ~)

Okay, now to the meat and potatoes of the post!

What I’ve read:


Monkey High (complete)

Not the best but not the worst. Monkey High provided entertainment though. Haruna’s tsundere act kind of got old after awhile (I liked that even she noticed her behavior towards the end xD). I love love love Macharu – not because he’s outside the typical male love interest mold, but just his personality in general. He’s so adorable yet can be manly too ~

Macharu’s best friend confused me. I couldn’t tell if he was into Haruna or Macharu or what. Think the only reason he existed was to add tension and cockblocks :/

I was hoping the series would shine the spotlight on some of the side characters but alas, Monkey High focused on one couple only. Not to say that’s bad, but I always enjoy seeing how others develop (that and I get tired of the whole ANGST CONFUSION MISTRUST TENSION MAKE UP REPEAT scenes that couples usually have after they get together ^^; ).

Overall: Enjoyed ^^


Pandora Hearts 1 – 9


After who knows how many months of holding these nine volumes on my shelf, I finally got down to reading Pandora Hearts. All I can say is…WTF TOOK ME SO LONG D8 THIS SHIZ IS GOOD STUFF! Took awhile for the addiction to kick in but once I past volume 2, there was no going back ~ Pandora Hearts has everything I love – cuties, background stories, friendship ~ Ah, I’m so happy Yen Press is releasing the English version 8D With the dollar doing so shitty against the yen, I’m glad to have a cheaper alternative (plus I love Yen Press’s translations ~ you can see the love ^^).




Pearl Pink (complete)

Pearl Pink totally slipped through my radar. I didn’t even notice it until I found the whole set on sale for $2 a volume brand new. The covers were kind of… >___> but at $2 a pop? How could I refuse?

And now I’m glad I gave the series a shot! It’s actually really entertaining :D The romance is secondary to the story so it wasn’t all about LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME MAIN GUY! The characters are what made the story fun ~ They’ll definitely get a chuckle out of you ~

Overall: Really Enjoyed 8D




  • Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exoricst #2 – bought this when waiting for an appointment. Ah man, I can’t believe how behind I’ve gotten D8 Rightstuf, I need me a VIZ sale, stat!
  • Cocoa (Japanese) – ew… >___> This is seriously geared towards middle schoolers!?
  • Majina #1 (Japanese) – an older Sylph title. I’ve been meaning to get into the series before the books go OOP. About a bunch of boys and some drama involving fortune telling ~ Lot of mystery in this first volume ~
  • Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi #1 (Japanese) – another older Sylph title. I’ve been wanting to figure out the story since it’s currently still running in Sylph at the moment. Mimi kind of annoys me .____. she’s too hot headed and causes lots of angst…
  • High and High #1 (Japanese) – the long haired bishi keeps making me think of Tales of the Abyss xD Love the eye candy he serves as ;D So far the first volume entertains 8D The characters have amusing chemistry!
  • Zero Count #1 (Japanese) – Had this on my shelf for awhile…6 years actually ^^; I grabbed this at a bookstore back when I had like no experience in Japanese whatsoever. Glad to see my skills are improving enough for me to finally read this volume! Maybe one day I can read the rest of Never Give Up! (by the same manga-ka) ;___; 9


Purchased – English

  • Ao no Exorcist / Blue Exorcist #2
  • Black Butler #7 & #8
  • Trinity Blood #2
  • Vampire Game #10 – 12
  • The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya (LN)

Purchased – Japanese


  • Almighty x 10 1-5
  • Cubism Love 1
  • Karneval 1 (my first Zero Sum title!)
  • Kuranoa 2
  • Shounen Maid 1
  • Comic Sylph July 2012

16 thoughts on “My Reads and My Buys for May 2012

  1. aaaaaah sylphie 8DD thanks for this !! ♥
    I’m really glad that you like our posts hehe ~~
    Ohh and .. The stuff you bought : SO cool *__*
    Pandora Hearts is awesome, still need to continue this, and the other things, look interesting ♥ and omg i’m still so jealous ~ I wanna buy a japanese magazine as well >__<


    • Not a problem ~ I thank you for your music posts! I love the songs you post about ^^ My iPod has been wanting more music haha!

      Pandora Hearts is such good stuff D8 I LOVE IT MAN! Part of me is happy to finally read the series but the other half of me is sad because the series is still ongoing which means suspense and anticipation haunt me! xD I NEED TO KNOW NOW hah *impatient*

      It’s expensive to import right now ;______; the dollar keeps falling against the yen. But I love my Sylph so much that I give up coffee and sodas so I have enough each month to buy the magazine ^^; (plus I love the freebies ~)


    • Haha, I take it you’re a fan of the series xD
      I’ve been meaning to read Karneval but I’ve been lazy – especially since it’s a Zero-Sum title. Zero-Sum is targeted at an older group right? .___. Not sure if my pansy Japanese level is adequate enough to understand what’s going on but heck, might as well try, right! It’ll be good practice 8D
      Plus, the cover art is just drool worthy *Q* It kept saying, buy me ~ even if you can’t read me, buy me ~


      • Yuh, they’re mostly josei and stuff. But it’s really interesting. ;D
        You should read more josei titles! It’s a bit more serious than shoujo of course but it’ll make you facepalm a lot less.
        The art is Karneval is so pretty… I was totally stroking my computer screen, drooling over it. @_@ I WISH I COULD DRAW LIKE THAT!!


        • I would L-O-V-E to read Josei ~ Like all those Clover no Kuni no Alice titles 8D But lots don’t have the little furigana next to the kanji so I’m kind of SOL there. But I’ve been trying to practice more so hopefully I’ll reach that level one day! My ultimate goal is to read novels in Japanese 8D

          (But I love reading a real dumb shojo every now and then – because my friend and I exchange bitchins about them xD Still trying to wrap my head around one shojo she read where the school had a dungeon in the basement. A DUNGEON!!!)

          Her colors are beautiful ~ I’m a sucker for pretty colors xD


  2. Aw, Pandora Hearts… Bromance and awesome (slightly twisted) characters all around. Enjoy reading it, it’s purely awesome. :D
    Wish I could buy mangas in Japanese as well, but yeah. I seriously need to find me a good teacher and learn it once I am done with uni. Korean is also one of those languages on my wishlist, I wonder when I’ll manage to learn it and then read all the stuff I want.
    Talking about Korean, I never heard about that k-pop band, but they sound nice, thanks for posting about it.


    • Gotta love the bromance :3
      The story is so crazy ~ you think it’s supposed to go one way but then it instead takes a left hand turn off a cliff and into the wtf zone ~ It’s great x3

      Maybe it’s just me but learning Japanese is a slow process :U But every day I learn something new. It’s pretty neat to go back and look at the stuff I read when I first started out only to find myself reading not only faster but understanding everything better.
      Sad that I’m no where near the level I want to be though – I’m aiming for novel reading level! I want to read my magical sparkly fantasy shojo novels dammit xD Like the one about the dude who is somehow a girl. The manga is released bimonthly so I’ll be old before we figure out anything from them Dx (lol exaggeration much? haha).

      But that’s cool that you want to learn Japanese AND Korean 8D I heard once you learn Japanese, Korean shouldn’t be too difficult ~ (but that’s just what I heard). Are you looking to read novels or manga or video games? 8D

      Yeah, I’ve never heard of that band either. But bikachama posted that song and I fell in love ~ I love music with a good beat, even if I can’t understand what they’re saying (save for LOVEY DOVEY DOVEY ~ OH OH OH). I’d stalk bikachama more in the future to see what else they post 8D (they said they’re probably going to post more music stuff yay ~)


      • Did you learn Japanese by yourself or did you go to some actual lessons first? Because if you did it by yourself – wow. I have no idea where to start learning all those Kanji. :0 I downloaded some app about it, but yeah, how do you even go look for a kanji when you have no idea what it might actually mean? No idea. :<
        But yeah, I would really like to read a few novels myself not to mention all those mangas that don't get translated. And I could support all my favourite authors without feeling stupid for spending a fortune on things I can't read. xD
        Korean seems to be a bit easier, at least you get a small, limited number of writing characters. After seeing what Japanese has to offer, I was flabbergasted at how "simple" and systematic Korean looks. And yeah, Korean manga and video games = happiness. 8D Not to mention their webtoons on Naver: they have some really great things there which don't get even translated. I want to stalk my favourite authors properly!
        Korean pop is stalk-worthy as well. <3 Maybe one day I'll find out what that lovey-dovey song is *really* about. xD


        • It was a mixture of both. I had lessons in HS and dabbled in Japanese every now and then but never seriously. It was when I encountered Sylph that I started to put more effort in my studies :3 As of right now I can only practice reading and listening. Sadly I have no one around me to talk with. Japanese don’t hang around in here .____. This is why I want to move towards the coast where there is a bigger Asian population. This desert is like repellant against anything Japanese haha.
          To study the kanji, you have to start at the basic basic level. I find it easy to treat basic kanji like a picture. Like 木 is Japanese for tree (among other things). It kind of looks like a Christmas tree. But some like 嘘 / lie yeah you just have to memorize it. Reading manga helps – especially cliche ones – because they tend to repeat common words over and over again. Like, how many manga can you recall that use the word liar/lie? Repeated encounters helps the meaning to stick in your head.
          I’m still learning kanji myself. It’s a bitch >:U And sometimes you can’t read each kanji individually (my cheat I like to use). Like 物色. 物 = thing and 色 = color/appearance but rather than mean “the color/appearance of something” it means “to go searching for something adamantly.” WHAT OPIUM WERE THESE PEOPLE SMOKING TO COME UP WITH THAT!? D8

          Hey, there’s nothing wrong with buying manga even if you can’t read it ~ You’re supporting your favorite series ~ not too many people do that. I am impressed 8D (are you lucky and live near a bookstore? Or do you import like me?).

          Oh man, if you could read Korean – the world is your oyster. I really like Korean manwha – there’s just something about their shojo that is radically different than Japanese shojo. I lol HARD when I read Korean manwha (<-prob spelling that wrong). I would love to be able to purchase and read this manwha called 1/2 Prince. I'm such a video game nerd that seeing a comedy manwha about video games gets me right in the nerdiness xD And the music (though I'm thankful for iTunes – they have a lot of K-pop on sale. Too bad their J-pop is sort of lacking ^^; ).

          (you can cheat and be like me – I just type in translated lyrics for song x into google xD hey, if you can't beat them, google a way!)


  3. I noticed Karneval in the bunch immediately :D I like how my eyes just gravitated towards the one i loved. Happy reading :)


    • Also I’ve been meaning to read Pandora but the tragedy tag keeps scaring me away >_> One day i shall over come my fear !! This I swear!!


      • I haven’t gotten to the dark dark parts yet but I hear I’m in for a roller coaster the closer I get to the newer volumes :o But it’s so good that I can’t stop even though I know I’m going to be tearing up…damn this addicting manga. GIVE ME MORE xD
        You should probably wait for the manga to be complete – that way, you can read the whole thing in one shot instead of agonizing in pain waiting for the next chapter like current fans right now haha!


  4. Thank you for the songs. I really like it. I was wondering what do you think bout Almighty X 10? To me I really enjoyed it and I searched everywhere to read the rest of volume 3, because online people only post up to ch 9 and never updates. I was wondering if you can upload the rest of the manga because you have the whole set. Thank you and please say yes. Please tell me your reply and I hope we can become good friend. Thank you.


    • Hello there!
      I don’t provide RAWs but I can write summaries on what happens in the volumes not available online :) (tho the summaries may take a while because I’m currently bogged down by RL stuff at the moment ^^;)

      Glad to meet someone else that likes Almighty x 10 :)


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