When your love interest is sending rapists after you…I think it’s time to find a new love interest…

One bitch post, then I’ll put up a normal post ~

For the record, I have no idea what Starry Sky is really about. I know it has something to do with lots of pretty boys and it’s based off an otome game. That’s it. Oh wait, and it’s been adapted into an anime. Other than that, I have no idea who the guys are (or how many there are for that matter) or who the main chick is. I’m just basing my grumblings on chapter 7, featured in the March 2012 Issue of B’s Log Kyun.


After some flashback that mean nothing to me since I don’t know the characters, we start the chapter with the main girl cleaning. In walks a dude who she’s never seen before. The main chick gets all interested in this newcomer but her curiosity dies like my feelings for this guy when he basically calls her a ho.

Her: 8U

Me: 8U

Who does that!?


Naturally the main girl gets pissed off, especially when the dude is all smiles, like he’s proud of his bad self for calling a high school girl a ho :/ Way to be the mature adult here sir. If the main girl says/does anything in retaliation, we will never know based on the manga version because the scene changes to a classroom. The teacher(?) up front is introducing a new student teacher named Iku Mizushima. Guess who it is? Yeah, it’s dickface from earlier. Big surprise. And guess what? He’s still a douche. He looks at the boys and basically tells them to go fuck themselves. He doesn’t like boys because they are nasty

Them: 8U

Me: 8U

(then why are you working at an all boy’s school, fucknuts!? щ(゚ロ゚щ)).

However, he has no qualms about helping out the school’s only girl – the main chick ~ ;D (who he called a ho earlier…wth…)

Being told to fuck off doesn’t sit well with the male students. They tell the main girl to be careful when around Mr. Sees a Penis and Screams.

Wise words. Too bad shojo heroines never take their meaning to heart.

After school, the main chick goes to work on her cleaning duties again (wtf this place too cheap to have a janitor!? xD). Inside, she finds Iku napping on the couch. WTF, go home you hobo! As she blushes at him (me: WHY!? HE CALLED YOU A SLUT AND TOLD YOUR CLASSMATES HE WANTS TO BARF WHENEVER HE LOOKS AT THEM!), he gets a phone call that wakes him up. On the other line is a female speaker. After some talking, Iku pretty much tells the lady on the line she’s not the only vagina in the sea and to stop bothering him. He hangs up and sighs. Then he looks up and notices the main chick in the room.

Him: (¬_¬) ah…so you heard that….yeah…

Her: ~(O ε O|||)~ W.T.F.

He waves the main chick over and she complies, despite, as I state again, him calling her a 24-hour service station, saying her classmates suck, and now saying he has no problems dropping ladies that bother him because he can get more pussy if needed. They chit-chat about shiz. He’s surprised she doesn’t have a boyfriend and teases if it’s alright for him to go after her then ~



The main chick then starts to say she doesn’t like having so many people interested in her. Iku is like, then don’t be the heroine of an otome game you stupid ho. You realize fans of otome games wish they had 5 hawt guys fighting to get their attention, right?  Ignoring his comment, she goes on to talk about love and how it makes people sweeter. Iku leans in and grabs her. He says love is all an illusion. THE ONLY LOVE IS THAT HAPPENING IN MAH PANTS! SHALL I TEACH YOU ABOUT THAT KIND OF LOVIN ;D


D8 if my teacher did this to me, I don’t care HOW hawt he is, I’d be running to the cops after a good nut shot to the balls. I mean, going after underaged girls is sick…I wouldn’t be surprised if he has child porn on his persons either :/

The main chick – Tsukiko – pushes Iku off her and tells him thanks but no thanks. Iku asks why is she so pissed. Love is just a game ~ Tsukiko begs to differ. It’s a precious emotion shared by two people. Iku: THAT’S NOT WHAT LADY GAGA SUNG ABOUT! IT’S ABOUT RIDING MY DISCO STICK BITCH! He’s like fine, how about this. We’ll pretend to be lovers for one month (me: what!?). In that time, you teach me what love is ~ (me: why!?) If you fail, YOU MUST THROW AWAY YOUR PRECOGNOTIONS ABOUT WHAT LOVE IS AND BE A COLD HEARTED ASS LIKE ME!

…the hell is wrong with this teacher aide person!? (ಠ_ಠ)

Tsukiko is all blushy at the thought of being Iku’s pretend lover…not sure why though….he hasn’t done anything worth blushing over. And while his face is nice, it’s not worth the baggage known as his attitude. Against all common sense and reasons not to (1.) he called her a skank 2.) said her classmates can go piss off 3.) has no commitment to women what so ever and 4.) offered her – a high school girl – a proposition to be his lover despite the fact she’s his student), she says yes to his offer.

Excuse me for one moment…


*inhales* Okay, so for one month, they meet everyday after school at the school’s roofed gardens (not sure if that’s what you call them…basically the gardens on the roof of the school). They talk and shit. Time flies I think (can’t really tell). As they are on a bench one day holding hands, Iku gets a phone call. Some ho he met wants to go out with him. He’s like sure, I ain’t seeing anyone and I’ve been needing to stick my man junk into something other than a tube sock 8D

Tsukiko: D8< ASS!

Tsukiko is pissed. They’re supposed to be lovers. Iku tells her they’re just “pretend” lovers. He needs to get some action somewhere.



Love that this is seriously her expression to his remark xD

Changing the subject, Tsukiko asks why Iku doesn’t trust people and keeps putting walls around him. He responds by grabbing her jaw and telling her he has no one he can call a friend. Even she is scared of him. HE’S FOREVER ALONE! He then pushes her on the bench and is all scary rapist like.


She freaks and leaves. He watches her, saying hurry up and betray me bitch. He emos for a while.

*rolls eyes*

The next day we see the girl…going up to the school’s roofed gardens ugh you stupid fool. On the roof we see a surprised Iku. Even he’s like, wtf really? to the girl’s appearance. She says let’s continue our game, like the near rape never happened… >___> After some scenes she starts to break down Iku’s walls which freaks him out. He’s like, no! I refuse to stop being emo! I SHALL DO SOMETHING TO PROVE I’M A COLD HEARTED BASTARD!

Iku then starts to play hooky on their love game, which makes Tsukiko sad (whoo badass here folks). On their last day, Tsukiko trudges to the school’s planetarium (this school has a planetarium!? My school didn’t even have enough money for AC!) after another no show from Iku. Inside is a creepy who has his shirt unbuttoned and his tie in his hand.

Him: Yeah girl. You did come. Just like that Iku dude said *slams her against a wall* Bitch you’ve been pissing me off. Acting all that and a bag of chips because you’re a girl.


That’s just what you want…a teacher who has no qualms about telling possible rapists where to find his female students…

The scene fades out.

We later see Tsukiko unsteadily walking away from the planetarium, her bowtie in her hand.

“…seems you misjudged me.”

Tsukiko, face covered in bruises, looks up to see Iku standing in the shadows like he’s some fucking Edward Cullen. Rather than get pissed like a normal person would, she’s happy to see him well. She was worried about him since he hadn’t showed up to their meets.

Him: (ಠ_ಠ)

Iku asks if she’s okay (lol I wonder if he means physically or mentally xD Also, uh you stupid ass, you send a nutcase after her – what did you THINK would happen!?).  Tsukiko says she made it out ok because one of the teachers came in time to save her (and yet that teacher just let her walk home alone…made no attempts to call the police or her parents…or even escort her home…or even give medical treatment…wow). Iku says my bad for giving her that experience (MY BAD THAT’S IT!?). He then says he doesn’t feel changed and yeah, the game is over. No one won. See ya. Instead of letting Iku just go away and die somewhere to save us all the misery of having to read anymore of this shit, Tsukiko grabs Iku’s hand.

She uses shojo speech on Iku which shatters the ice in his heart. Condensing her many speech bubbles, she basically tells Iku he needs to stop hurting himself and others, and to stop being a ginormous douchebag.


Him: Oh gawd tears. Every man’s weakness, except if they’re playing the role of the villain.

They part after that. As Iku walks around the school park/fountain (THIS SCHOOL HAS A PARK TOO!?) thinking wtf is wrong with him, sending rapist students after his own students and shit he runs into a student sitting forlornly on a bench. Changed by Tsukiko’s shojo powers, Iku sits down and says he’ll help the boy out. I would have loved it had the boy said, fuck you I remember what you said to me on the first day of class. Take your pity and jack off with it! >:U We see later Iku’s become a changed man. He’s even more friendlier with the male students. Not sure if he’s still whoring it up with the ladies though.

The chapter ends with some random dude going OH SNAPS THE SCHOOL FESTIVAL IS STARTING SOONS 8D


So yeah…just wanted to bitch about that. I couldn’t help face palming at like every page in this chapter.  I can’t believe this ass cracker with mental problems who friggin dates his own student then sends psychos after her when he feels actual emotions other than angst and douchebaggery is a love interest!? And this girl! She has problems too! No normal person would be like 8D oh glad to see you’re okay! Totally not angry at you for sending that guy who whacked me around ~ or for attempted rape 8D

PS. Like all messed up love interests, Iku’s got a fudged up history. And apparently, after breaking the ice in his soul, he’ll becomes all cute and adorable ~ but that’s just what I read. He will forever be an emodouche who needs therapy and to go to jail in my eyes.

11 thoughts on “When your love interest is sending rapists after you…I think it’s time to find a new love interest…

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  2. Wow, he sure worths this long post = )))). I haven’t read this series AT ALL, for it be too confusing for me, but I have a good time reading your post =)))))))).


    • Haha thank you. I just had to vent out my disgust at what I read in this chapter xD

      Apparently I’m told Iku is the worst SS guy of them all, which makes me wonder why put him in then in the first place! No girl in her right mind would be interested in this nut job! xD

      Thanks for the comment :)


  3. Oh god, i’m sorry if this made you ruin your view of Starry Sky. It’s actually a cute otome that i’m fond of….everything but IKU’S ROUTE. I question why the makes made this character. I find him the worst of all the characters. He’s just a big bag of emo :/. Personally I didn’t enjoy the Autumn season. I sugesst you try out the summer season if you feel like reading up on it. But yeah, Starry Sky would be so much better without this character.


    • From what I’m hearing, none of the other guys are too messed up…at least not at Iku’s level 8U.

      I have no idea what version this manga adaptation is. So far it looks like it’s covering everyone. Iku was the star of this chapter , and someone else is the next chapter’s focus (I haven’t read it yet so I don’t know the dude’s name).
      I’m kind of curious – what do the seasons represent? My only exposure to SS is through this manga chapter xD


      • Let me try: Spring is childhood friend love, Summer is club(?) but I’d say it’s more on youth, Autumn is adult love but I think it’s better if it should be called complicated relationship & Winter I guess is more like friendship+family love.


      • If someone ever gives me the game to borrow, I’m staying the heck away from Autumn then. Don’t like me some creepy adults that hit on a high schooler D:

        Soyo-chan, are you a fan of the series?


  4. Emo bastard. And the worse is… he’s a teacher for God sake! I’m fine with womanizer as long as he’s not an emo type or rapist type.


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