B’s Log Kyun ~ March 2012

Surprise! Something not Sylph related ~ For some time I’ve been wanting to subscribe to another magazine but it had to be bimonthly. I tried a couple of magazines but either they didn’t catch my interest or most of the series were too far in the story for a newbie like me to understand wtf was going on ^^;


Just when I was about to give up, Sylph saved the day ~ (ノ゜ω゜)ノ Praise Sylph shot Recently on the Sylph official website, they blogged about Oto☆Kyan, a collab between the magazines Sylph, Asuka, and B’s Log.  Interested, when I typed B’s Log into amazon.jp’s search engine, I somehow got a hit for B’s Log Kyun. I took one look at the cover and said let’s do this. Can’t be any worse than the BL magazine I accidentally purchased >_____>; *grumbles* stupid amazon.jp and not labeling their shit right *grumbles.*

It must be fate because this issue I picked up had 3 new series starting ~  (ノ◕▽◕)ノ (and about 2 were ending or close to ending!)

The format for this post will be similar to my Sylph ones except no color scans ~ I’ll gloss over chapters but if there’s something you all want more details on, let me know and I’ll make a Tid-Bits of it ~


Koi suru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi Chapter 1
(A Prince in Love and A Princess in Misery)

The manga adaptation of the light novel that pissed off many a BL fangirls ~ Koi suru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi follows the interesting interactions of Mira, a commoner, and Alexis, the next in line to the throne.  Chapter 1 serves as an introductory chapter and sets up the story for future events. Lots of foreshadowing. And Alexis touching Mira’s chest xD

Mira: (ಠ_ಠ) um, your highness?

Prince: where the hell are they…I mean, oh no don’t mind me trolololol hey let’s get nekkid and bathe together (ノ◕▽◕)ノ


Mira: (ಠ_ಠ) WHAT!?


Uta no Prince-sama Pianissimo #2
Uta Puri PP

Pretty much takes the cast of Uta no Prince-sama and turns them into chibis. The chapter is broken up into 2 parts – one features various 4-koma while the other is a short where the boys showcase their school for a tv show.


St. Smiley Gakuen Koutoubu Smiley*2G Chapter 2
聖smiley学園高等部Smiley*2G 第2 語

I have no idea what this is but it entertains. The chapters follows a bunch of unique male high schoolers (unique as in you have one who has a flock of sheep following him and another that has a fetish for bloomers xD) and the hijinks they get into.  Today’s story focuses on solving the mystery of a female ghost which has been scaring the school’s students. After some investigation, turns out the whole thing was staged by the student council. Why? To find new members! Congrats on your new membership!

The boys: o____O huh!?

The boys were the only ones who investigated the mystery which means they’re good stuff for student council material ~ >____> yeah I don’t understand the logic there either but this is manga. After some “convincing,” the boys accept their fate into the student council ~


Shounen Maid Chapter 27
Boy Maid
少年メイド第27 語

From the name and the fact the boy is wearing a maid outfit, I was thinking Shounen Maid was going to be some kind of sick shota crap but it’s actual very enduring! The slice of life pace reminds me of +Anima and Animal Academy ~ Will definitely be getting the older volumes so I can catch up on the story! 8D Because I have no clue why everyone is all emo in this chapter (ノ◕▽◕)ノ


Koakuma to Dairinin Charm 1
Little Devil x Agent
小悪魔と代理人Charm 1

Going by the title alone, I wasn’t expecting too much. However, that changed when Dad began to talk about the main character’s mom. See, the main character lives alone with his father. He’s never known his mom and her entire being is a mystery to him. A few days before the main character’s 16th birthday – the age when shit usually hits the fan for most manga characters – Dad decides it’s time to spill the beans on who mom is:

“Your mother is a demon.”

Main guy: (llಠ ,ಠ ) uh

Turns out that when dad (who is a writer I should mention) was suffering from writer’s block back in the day, he decided to summon a demon for inspiration (yeah because that’s what you always do when you’re suffering from writer’s block… >___>). Not only did it work, but he was given 3 wishes in exchange for his soul. For the first wish he wanted to have kinky sex time with the demon.

Me and the main guy: (llಠ ,ಠ ) uh

Dad: I’m male. I have needs (〃3〃)

For the second wish, he wanted the main guy to be born. And lastly, the dad used his third wish to be with the son until the son turned 16 years old.

Me and the main guy: (llಠ ,ಠ ) uh

(three wishes and that’s what you use them on…really?)

Naturally the main guy doesn’t believe shit that the father said and thinks he’s high. However, that changes when the dad starts to spasm and a dude that’s obviously a demon is seen peeking at the two from the yard.


Starry☆Sky Star 7

Already bitched about it here. No sense repeating myself twice ~


Cubism Love Chapter 13
キュビズム・ラブ Chapter 13

This is your main character:


Yes, she is a box.

This is one of her friends:


Yes, he’s 8 years old.

I have no idea what is going on but for some reason I’m fascinated by this weirdness @___@


Shinigami-Hime no Saikon Play 7
The Second Marriage of the Death Princess
死神姫の再婚 第7劇

I was thinking of continuing my Tid-Bits on Shinigami-Hime no Saikon but unfortunately I’ve missed two chapters. Thus I’ll have to wait until the bound version is released. Ah well ^^: If you were following my Tid-Bits, last we left off, the main chick was left out in the boonies by Hooters and rescued by some pretty boy. Two chapters later the main girl is back with Lolicon in his Lolicon mansion. After some comedic interaction between Hooters and the main chick, things turn somber when Angry busts in the scene and starts bitching about shit that happened in the last two chapters. Me: .___. lost. Eventually, Angry goes too far and Lolicon pops him in the jaw. However, Pussy Lemmington jumped in the way and took the blow instead. Then Lolicon starts to bitch about how there is no God and the chapter ends with Pussy Lemmington staring mouth agape at Lolicon’s words 8U wtf…


Cos x Genic Cos. 1

A shojo manga about cosplaying. I think this is based on legit stuff because the color page mentions the series was created thanks to the help of these two big name cosplay groups: I don’t know and Don’t look at me. Chapter 1 focuses on exposing the two anime nerdos of our story to the world of cosplay. After some deliberation (and a delusional daydream), both decide hey let’s do this cosplay thang! Mousey girl, you’re good at making stuff and I , main girl, am physically built like a man despite the fact I’m all female 8D Let’s combine our powers to confuse people!


Lovephobia Sacrifice 11 LAST CHAPTER!
ラヴフォビア Sacrifice 11

OwO; wow, I picked a bad time to randomly jump into this series. Well…it ends with the good guys winning and the bad guy turning into a dusty old skeleton. The main girl and her man get together. The end.


Sengoku Angelique Battle 11
Angelique of the Warring States
戦国アンジェリーク 合戦11

Dang was this painful to read. And the whole damn chapter was about getting commanders of warring countries together so they could have a big tea party wtf.

And when you can’t tell the gender of the characters, come on! Don’t go basing your distinction of sex on if the wearer has lace and ribbons on like I did because apparently even the dudes are not shy about wearing their sister’s clothing. All the guys look like Queens anyway :/


Hakuouki Chapter 15
薄桜鬼第15 語

Jeepers shit how many times can I join something Hakuouki only to have Phil get killed!? Ugh Dx

In this chapter, Hijikata gets his ass whooped by Patrick, drinks the Ochimizu, turns Oni, still gets his ass whooped by Patrick, and is saved by Phil who runs out at the last second to rescue Hijikata by using his body as a meat shield rather than do some cool ninja moves…

Phil: Yeah wait why didn’t I do something cool and ninja like!?

Me: Because you are expendable

Phil: 8U


Ame Nochi Hare 23hPa ~ The Beginning of Summer 2
Sun after the Rain
あめのちはれ 23hPa ~ 夏のはじまり2

Guys turning into girls when it rains. Possible yuri action. Shojo action. Man action.

@w@; confused

And something about the ability to turn into a girl when it rains is to help the boys out in their love life. I agree with the one boy who is like, that’s dumb and you’re an idiot xD


Jukai Shounen Ai Curse 4
Curse Breaker Ai
呪解少年アイCurse 4


Uh, something about a dude in drag and shadows that eat people.


*flips to next chapter*


Yongokuji Play 13

First page: man welcomes his comrades home. They stare at him. Next panel: turns out the man is standing there buck nekkid. Win. That alone is enough to draw my interest xD


Jidaraku Yousei Yururumon Chapter 7
自堕落妖精ユルルモン 第 7 語

A bishi walking around in bunny jammies .________. Something about magic and yeah…



The March 2012 Issue came with 3 booklets. One is a cross between Lamento and Togainu no Chi titled Convenience Store Lamento. I believe the booklet was to celebrate the release of the same titled drama CD. Next is a booklet containing three stories from the game Hiiro no Kakera. The three guys on the cover are the stars of each of the three chapters included. Finally, a booklet from the collection Dori- Yume Say * You ~ Based on what the instructions inside say, you play the included CD and listen along with the manga. Or, you can be creepy, and play the BOYS ONLY VERSION where you’ll speak the girl’s part and the boys will “respond” to you. Gah. Also included on the CD is a sample of the Convenience Store Lamento drama CD.


The back sides of the freebies

And that’s it ~

On my buy to catch up list is: Shounen Maid, Yongokuji, Cubism Love,  and St. Smiley Gakuen Koutoubu Smiley*2G

PS. I REALLY like the cover art for this month’s issue :3

6 thoughts on “B’s Log Kyun ~ March 2012

  1. omg, that cover~ It’s soooo cute!

    I am now incredibly interested in finding out what happens in the rest of Koi suru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi, but sadly google failed me. :[

    Shounen Maid sounds like something that Hachimitsu Scans would pick up…they do love their traps. :]

    Koakuma to Dairinin looks like it could turn into crap or utterly lovely crack. The art is definitely pretty though~

    haha, I do not remember that story at all in the Starry Sky anime…luckily there are 11 other routes (none of which I remember being nearly as screwed up as this one sounds!)

    Oh hey, a title I recognize. Lovephobia is actually licensed by DMP. Since it’s apparently a short series, lol, I might give it a shot one of these days. :]

    As much as I really did like Hakuouki…why are there so many adaptations? It seems like there’s one in every shojo magazine…


    • Isn’t it??? I love the colors 8D Very eye catching ~ and the chibis ~ <3

      I don't think too much of the world knows of Koi suru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi outside of Japan :U I had to rely on Japanese websites for information because I couldn't find anything in the English blogsphere. Gah, how I yearn to have the skills to read shojotastic light novels щ(゚ロ゚щ)
      I'm kind of surprised by how popular my post on Koi suru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi was 8Y Makes me wonder if I should write up a Tid-Bits for the series? xD

      From what I saw on mangaupdates, someone is working on Shounen Maid, but I think because it's a one man scan team, the individual can only release so much at a time.
      Dude, Hachimitsu Scans showed me that there is indeed a genre for traps. I never realized there were so many titles with a focus on male gender bending o____o *is amazed*

      True dat. I'm hoping for the latter because it had such an interesting start ^^; Gotta admit I didn't see dad making those three wishes at all!
      BTW I feel like I've seen the art of Koakuma to Dairinin somewhere before, specifically somewhere shojo. I can't find anything under the manga-ka's name that would be something I've read so I'm wondering if maybe I saw her art under a different pen name. I was wondering as a shojo reader if maybe you think the art looks familiar to someone you've read before? It's this cover here, specifically the female, that triggers something:

      I'm hoping those other 11 guys aren't as messed in the head as this fine specimen of living shit? :( I'm still trying to figure out who would go for a crazy guy like him D: HE'S NOT CUTE AT ALL!

      The ending is pretty satisfactory ~
      When DMP announced its acquisition of Lovephobia, I got excited because the cover art is definitely eye catching. The only problem is DMP is…kind of slow with their releases .____.; I'm still waiting for the next volume of Wolf x God…it's been like 2 almost 3 years…
      Makes me think I should just import xD
      PS. One bit of warning with Lovephobia – what you see on the cover is not what you get inside. It took a moment for me to adjust with the art difference ^^;
      (it's kind of like those Labyrinth books released by Tokyopop – the inside art was not the same as the cover art).

      o_____o Hakuouki is whoring itself out to anyone…because the fangirls are buying its products up like Starbucks coffee. Someone recently informed me that Hakuouki has a 3rd game coming out. Like, damn. Hakuouki is the Japanese Twilight xD It'll never die!


      • haha, I would definitely read Tid-Bits about it~ :]

        I don’t think I realized just how many traps there were either…it definitely surprised me at first!

        The art from Koakuma to Dairinin looks like that from Black Bird (especially the dude up in the corner, who looks like Kyo), but then the art from Aibyou Sapuri doesn’t give me that vibe at all, so I guess that’s probably not it. The eyes on the girl are pretty distinctive, but they’re not ringing any particular bells for me.

        From what I can remember, none of the guys in the Starry Sky anime were this screwed up. Maybe the anime washed over the squick factor and the manga isn’t doing that? I’m pretty sure this dude in particular was from the older men section, and they all had issues, but I don’t remember them being this bad… This is what wikipedia says about him, “He is currently a student teacher and is friends with the school nurse, Kotarou, since they were children. Iku and his twin sister Yui were both born with poor health, and Yui died while they were in high school. He was formerly the lead singer of a band the heroine liked, but destroyed his voice while overworking himself due to the pain of his sister’s death. His band members turned out to be using him for money and promptly dismissed him when he could no longer sing. Iku lost trust in everyone until a girl helped him gain it back.” That’s most of what I remember from the anime…I think he may have been a douche, but not nearly what he seems to be in the anime.

        Yay~ I like satisfying endings, haha. :3 Yeah…DMP can be pretty slow, but they’ve actually already got volume 2 with a release date for later this year, so hopefully they’ll be able to get the third/last volume out pretty quickly~
        Ah, I was kind of wondering, since the art on the cover page there did look a little different from the volume covers. I’m guessing the artist plays up her color work.

        hahaha, if I had a PSP I would totes buy the US version of the game. I’m not going to buy any of the Japanese manga, but if it were to be released states-side I would try to get it all. xD I plan on getting the anime from Sentai eventually~ But yeah, totally whoring itself out…the upcoming anime doesn’t even have a main female lead; it’s a prequel with a main male (though it’s not BL/Yaoi from what I can tell). Apparently the Shinsengumi is just really popular with the fangirls, and the gorgeous Kazuki Yone art doesn’t hurt.


        • Alrighty then ~ I’ll write one up once I’m done with Kamishiki ^o^

          Ah I see. Thanks though 8D Maybe it’s just my imagination?

          Lol wow the manga TOTALLY skipped all that background information xD Now that I think about it, the shot of the two babies then Iku standing in front of a grave makes a lot more sense with this new information. Really, how is a person supposed to interpret all that BG information from just two panels with no explanation!? ( ・Д・)ノ

          Oh wow I didn’t even realize they had book #1 out! Wow, I’m behind xD
          Volume #3 just came out in Japan so if everything goes right that means DMP should have it here in English by next year? :3

          I won’t lie – I like me some Hakuouki – but man, feels like it’s being shoved all in my face xD (doesn’t help I subscribe to two magazines that both currently run some form of the Hakuouki franchise in it). I can’t turn without some Hakuouki already there gyrating in place haha
          Ah, the new new game is called Toki no Kizuna (Ryuunosuke’s game was just for the bromance…and to take fangirl munnies xD). It takes place 300 years before the events of Hakuouki. I believe the story focuses on the Oni?

          (and ditto on buying Sentai’s release of the anime :3 I need more eye candy in my anime collection xD)

          (and ditto ditto on Kazuki Yone’s art – B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ~)


  2. It’s been a while since you updated, doing all fine I hope? :>
    I just pray college is not eating you up and that you’ll be back soon.
    Off topic, Log Kyun sure loves its gender bender… Except that starry heaven part. I heard about the otome game and boy am I glad i never tried it. From what I heard lately, including your post, it’s really dumb. It’s as if it’s sending the message “want a boyfriend, no problemo, just enter an all male high school or be forever alone!”(ノ^v^)ノ. It’s like saying starved boys just jump on anything female. Even more so if they are bishies. XD


    • Haha sorry for the lack of updates. I had lots of RL stuff come up. I was going to write a post saying I was going to be out for a while but then relatives showed up unexpectedly and yeah…got crazy from there ~ Thank you for your concern :3

      B’s Log Kyun is definitely interesting ~ A lot of…unique manga serialized in it ^^ (and Sylphalchemist likes unique ~)

      My only exposure to Starry Sky is this one manga chapter. Some people tell me the series is good if you focus on the younger boys because the older guys have baggage (like the wangsty wiener featured in the chapter) while others tell me the series blows hard.
      I may give the series another shot but…I don’t know… >___> This chapter really scarred me…

      (not sure what message the creators are trying to send to their readers/fans…ones that aren’t real healthy from my guess..).
      (want a boyfriend, no problemo, just enter an all male high school or be forever alone!”(ノ^v^)ノ <- lol)


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