May 2012 Sylph Covers

More Sylph stuff 8D

First we have the cover of the June 2012 issue:

sylphUta no Prince-sama takes the cover. Also included with the magazine is an Uta no Prince-sama memo-mouse pad ~


Sylph manga released:

Dear Girl〜Stories〜 響(4)

人気ラジオ番組 「Dear Girl〜Stories〜」 のパーソナリティであり声優でもあるヒロCとオノDは、本業の裏側で、悩み多き乙女を助ける秘密組織 『響』 として今日も忙しく飛び回っていた!
「私の恋人になって下さい」 という乙女・真央の依頼にドキワクなヒロC&オノD。しかしその依頼解決後、テライケメン司令官からオノD解雇を言い渡される!! なぜ!? どうして!? 「DGS響」 は解散しちゃうの…!!?
歴史にその名を刻んだラジオ番組発コミカライズ 声優系トンデモ乙女コメディ 『Dear Girl〜Stories〜 響』、ここに―― 完結!!

Hiro C and Ono D. During the day, they are radio personalities for the popular radio show, Dear Girl Stories. However, when not in the studio, they aid women in distress as members of the secret organization Hibiki.  Keep on your toes, gentlemen! Today’s another busy day!

~ * ~ Volume #4 is the final volume in the DGS series. ~ * ~

“Please be my boyfriend.” – a request from their client Machika(?) has both Hiro C’s and Ono D’s heart racing! However, the two are in for an even greater shocker when Boss Teraikemen announces Ono D’s termination from Hibiki!! Say what!? What for!? Does this mean DGS Hibiki is breaking up!?

Holding the prestige and history of the same name radio program, Dear Girl Stories Hibiki – the insane comedy of voice actors and the women they help – comes to an end…with this volume!



白アリッッ(3)(Shiro Ari)

様々なモノがアベコベの世界 「鏡の国」 に連れてこられた白雪。彼女は元の世界に戻るため、アリスと行動をともにするうちに、アリスや他の仲間の過去を知っていく…。しかし物語は、ある衝撃的な事件によって急展開を迎える。さらに、白雪とアリスの関係にも大きな変化が現れて―― !?

Snow White continues her adventures in Mirrorland, a country where everything is the opposite.  To return to her world, she works together with Alice to help him become king.  As she continues to pass her days in Mirrorland, Snow White learns more and more about the collective history of its inhabitants…

However, the story takes an abrupt turn when a shocking event befalls one of their companions. If that wasn’t enough, things are changing big time between Snow White and Alice! The strange and wondrous fairy tale fantasy continues to its heart wrenching pace with this third volume!

**Note I changed things from the original English to make it flow better ~


Sylph manga listed for May:

  • Café Café
  • Sylph Anthology – Literature Boyfriend

Wait…where’s Kira Kira Soda Chocolate #2!? D8

6 thoughts on “May 2012 Sylph Covers

  1. They said : ※『少年王女』は都合により休載させていただきます /// what does it mean?? Does this mean no shounen oujo????


    • Because the manga-ka of Shounen Oujo is working on Uta no Prince-sama Debut manga, Shounen Oujo won’t be appearing in the June 2012 Issue of Sylph. However, in the July 2012 issue, surprisingly there is a chapter. How long it is though I don’t know. My issue is still on order ^^;
      Also, I do not know if she will continue to release two chapters – one for Shounen Oujo and one for Uta Puri – or if she’ll alternate. Her release schedule is random :(


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