One of the Best Reactions Exhibited by a Dude upon Seeing Another Male’s Wang (PS this is why I love manga) xD

Posting this just because. The following is from the manga version of Koisuru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi ~ Chapter 1

Out of the blue, Mira is asked this by the Prince:


“Shall we bathe together?”



Naturally, Mira is like, wtf!? We just met like 15 pages ago! However, Mira is alone in his shock. The Prince’s man bitch is all for the two grown men to share a bath tub together ~ His reasoning? The faster the Prince sees the boy nekkid, the faster they can get on with their lives ~


Naturally, Mira is confused by the man bitch’s words but doesn’t dwell on it. Instead, he reasons the Prince asked him to bathe with him is because Mira stinks. Earlier, Mira was out with his soldier buddies cleaning out a drainage ditch and thus must smell like turds. CRAP! HOW EMBARASSING! (இ(ェ)இ) Mira tries to excuse himself so he can go clean up over in the barracks but the Prince doesn’t want him to go. It’s too much trouble if they both shower there.



Prince: Hush. We must bathe. To my quarters ~ sparkle ~   *~*~(^∀^)

Mira: …I don’t think I like this manga anymore…(llಠ ,ಠ )

Unable to shake off his highness, Mira goes with the Prince to have squeaky clean fun ~ As he’s undressing, Mira looks over at the Prince and drools over his muscles (〃Δ〃) Note that Mira salivates not because he is horny for the Prince. Rather, Mira is jealous that the Prince has muscles while Mira is just a twig.



Because Mira was oogling at the Prince’s physique, the man in question already got bucknekkid. The Prince looks at Mira expectantly and is all, boy, get your pants off now! >:D Mira feels greatly uncomfortable, probably because the Prince is STARING AT HIM LIKE A CAT IN HEAT, and is slow to undress. At last, Mira is like, fuck this and pulls his pants down.

Both: *staring at the other’s Johnson*






Dah fuq just happen? (llಠ ,ಠ )

The chapter ends with the two bathing…though the Prince is crying like a little bitch during the whole thing xD


End of chapter 1 ~ xD

My first manga in B’s Log Kyun and I’m loving it!

For those of you who are thinking, omfg, BL, I say relax ~ This isn’t BL. For BL to be BL, both individuals have to be male.

(≖_≖) and I leave you all with that mind fuck

18 thoughts on “One of the Best Reactions Exhibited by a Dude upon Seeing Another Male’s Wang (PS this is why I love manga) xD

    • I was curious about this title so I went online and read reviews for the light novel version. After scrolling through a bunch of THIS AIN’T FUCKING BL! someone was nice enough to give some spoilers and explain how a dude with a penis can be a chick. Hint: it’s magical ~

      I wasn’t planning to because I didn’t think anyone would be interested but I don’t mind writing one up if you’d like one :)


      • I’m extremely interested in how a dude can be a girl, would you mind giving us some details please? Either way, this one is effing hilarious, im no fujoshi but BL ish like this is fun lol


      • From what I read, she was magically turned into a boy and magically given amnesia so she doesn’t remember being a girl. As to why, I’m not sure. I only read up to that point because I was satisfied with the answer xD


  1. Ok, your mind fuck just got me interested into this. Unfortunately mangaupdates failed me and i can’t find any info on this anywhere. :<
    So yeah, now I am agonising over what you meant. Also, is this as hilarious as it looks?


    • I think the lack of information is due to how new the series is. It just started in March and runs in a bimonthly magazine :O

      The reason I know details about the series is because it’s based on a light novel series of the same name. I read reviews for the light novel because I was freaking out over the BL overtones the prince was oozing out here in chapter 1 (I thought I accidentally bought myself a BL magazine xD). One extremely PO’d fujoshi had a nice spoilerific review which explained how a boy with junk could be a girl – and I calmed down xD Phew!

      I’ve only read one chapter but I like it thus far 8D Mostly due to the Prince and his man servant ~ they’re amusing ~ The main guy isn’t bad. He’s just there to be the straight man xD


      • I see, so it’s a brand new thing.
        God bless fujoshi’s. xD
        Not that i hate bl or anything, it just isn’t my cup of tea so I understand what it must have felt to read this for the first time. :D Hope someone scanlates this…


      • Ah, you’re like me. I don’t hate BL but I don’t like it either xD It’s just something that doesn’t interest me (also it makes me sad that two hawt guys go for each other which leaves none for me ;A;).

        You never know! I know a group is planning on scanalating Shinigami-hime no Saikon – never thought that was going to be picked up due to all the blah blah blahing xD


  2. Wow, so lol!
    From what you said I thought that chapter was hilarious, but now knowing that the boy is a girl makes it even more hilarious (especially because I’m curious to see their reactions when they discover it).
    The prince reminds me of Hayato/Tokiya from Uta no Prince-sama

    Glad to see that it isn’t yaoi, I too am one of those people who don’t hate BL but just prefer to watch romance with a boy and a girl (well I’ve only seen Sekaichi Hatsukoi out of curiosity).


    • Totally was not expecting this to be my first exposure to B’s Log Kyun xD Heck, if all shojo novels are like this, I need to start reading novels here soon! I mean, how many manga series are there where a guy literally falls to the floor crying at the sight of another man’s pee pee? All while sparkles and flower petals are jazzing up the background xD
      I’m not sure how long it’ll take before the manga catches up to the BIG SURPRISE like in the novel. The novel is up to four volumes I believe. But since the manga is bi-monthly, that means like 6 chapters a year 8U Barely enough for 1 and a half volumes of manga! GAH!
      I haven’t seen Uta no Prince-sama yet (save some random manga chapters) but omg…I’ll never be able to look at this Hayato fellow the same way again lol. Especially if there is a bathing scene with all the boys. Just…lol.

      I like watching a romance between a boy and a girl because *looks around* it gives me hope that maybe I’ll find myself in that situation too ~
      With yaoi, I’m just all levels of depressed because that’s two fine looking specimen out of the competition pool. Well…at least one. If the other looks like shota bait or like a girl, f that. Loss not major.
      Also most of the time, BL looks like rape >___>


  3. thanks for the summary >3< i'm really interested in that manga too… (can't find a site where i can read the lightnovels -.-)

    you know migawari no hakushaku no bouken? it's somehow similar to that story: based on a novel too, the artist style and the moments you think: Wtf????

    wanna


    • Not a problem 8D I plan on writing up a more in depth summary in the future, once RL stops getting crazy haha
      I don’t think anyone has worked on translating the novels (heck no one even really knows about the manga xD) but it may be due to the series being sorta new?

      I have vol #1 of that manga! However, I haven’t had a chance to read it unfortunately ^^; The two are sorta similar, except one girl has her girl parts while the other is magically turned into a boy for plot reasons!

      I really want to read the light novel of this title but I’m still too newb for the vocabulary in light novels. One day though ^^

      Thanks for the comment! Sorry for the late reply!


  4. OMG. I love this. I burst out laughing when i read this. If this manga ever gets licensed i shall happily buy it. But since it’s new that’l probably happen in years. Lets hope that it and the novel get’s picked up :)


    • 8D I would love it if the manga and the light novel were licensed!
      If anyone would, I’m thinking it’d be DMP because they’re releasing a B’s Log Kyun title – Lovephobia. Tokyopop and CMX were other possible candidates since they too released some B’s Log titles in the past but unfortunately they went belly up :(


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  6. I enjoy trap or crossdressing, so I hope to see thius manga at English. I just hope that the ‘trap’ ia acting like guy and not some kind of -blusging-helpless-tsundere.


    • I can’t really say much at this point. S/he’s really…shojo heroine-like desu xD So far personality wise I’m not annoyed.
      I agree with you on the tsundere thing. Do not like tsundere characters :< They can be just…too much, you know?


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