May 2012 Comic Sylph


Wow, been awhile since I last did one of these posts ^^; Yesh, can’t believe so much time has passed. I’m back from my internship but I’m not completely back to Spoils unfortunately. I still have lots of RL stuff to work out first. Ah life, keeping it real…even when I don’t want you to ~

Speaking of Sylph… WAH ; A ; so many series have ended or are about to end! Holy crap! I know they say out with the old and in with the new but…I had some emotional attachment to these series. Why couldn’t the ones I care about end instead *selfish pout* xD


Brothers Conflict
Chapter #023 LAST


“There’s no turning back. We can no longer just be siblings.”

Last chapter. Let’s see…how fares your brothers?

  • One leaves cuz he’s embarrassed he went crazy (Iori?).
  • The Buddhist player leaves as well because…he’s not Buddhist enough. Yeah, wtf don’t  understand (his departure was creepy because he asked the main girl to call him BIG BROTHER! before he left. Um, I thought he was a love interest? Way to self-cock block yourself xD Or maybe he gets off on incest? o__O).
  • The stylist brother has cake with the main girl and gives her a pep talk
  • The WE ARE MORE CONNECTED THAN SIAMESE TWINS brothers proclaim their love (not sure how that’ll work out…I mean…all are three going to be in a relationship!? o__O).
  • The basketball bishi proclaims his love after apologizing for making an ass of himself(?).
  • The oyaji in the suit who I thought was originally your father has coffee with the main girl and that’s it…thankfully
  • The 11 year old brother gives the main girl some lovin’ (well, it’s a kiss on the cheek but still)
  • The red hair brother gets all levels of jealous because he doesn’t have the balls to do what the 11 year old did
  • Uh, the…idol brother wishes his sister a happy graduation and says he ain’t handing the sister over to the other brothers on tv (did he just cock block himself as well? He called her his sister)
  • The orange hair brother gets some neck kissing in
  • Cross dresser brother is like yo, the story will continue…

Yeah…basically the girl tries to tell her brothers she’s not interested and they’re all like, yeah whatever bitch. Shouldn’t have been the heroine of an otome game then lololol ~

For all of those who are sad that BROTHERS CONFLICT is ending, don’t be. Apparently this novelization is considered “season 1.” Sylph hints at “season 2” starting up again sometime in 2012 (after they’ve milked the crap out of Uta no Prince-sama and Hakuouki). I have no idea what the format will be – light novel or manga. We’ll just have to wait and see. Though frankly…I’m kinda creeped out to care. To have all 13 of your step-brothers in love with you…that’s just a bit much for this blogger o____o

04-18-2012 08;51;38AM copy

Storm Lovers: Summer Love/ Natsu-koi STORM LOVER 夏恋!
2nd Summer Storm (2nd chapter)

“Would you like the honor of waking the sleeping prince?”

Hoho, Storm Lovers got a second serialization? Nice! However, the love interest in this series isn’t Tsundere Boy (name already forgotten xD), but instead the Goth Playboy (Takumi?). And I think this boy Shiina is to be the other angle in the love triangle (and we all already know he’s not going to be chosen, right? I mean, he’s already got real estate in the friend zone. Probably right next to the student body president from the 1st series!).

(However, I could be wrong since I’m behind on the series)

Story-wise, the main chick – Yuna – is all levels of confused when it comes to Goth Playboy. Is he hitting on her because it’s his thing or does he really have a thing for her? She tries to push the problem to the back of her mind while she goes to work at some inner tube rental place with Shiina. Some assholes come in to hit on Yuna but get all pissy when Yuna tells them to shove their pickup lines up their cornholes. The turds try to be badasses by beating up a inner tube (lol what!?) which only succeeds in 2 things: 1) looking like fails and 2.) Shiina going thuglife on their asses for hurting the inner tube (UM WHAT!? XD). Shiina has some cute scene with Yuna but since we all know he’s not going to make it in the end with her (Shiina: say what? (ಠ_ಠ)) I’m going to skip to the end. Yuna gets a text from Goth Playboy saying they should hang but she’s still confused about him so makes up a lie about working. However, lies via text don’t work when the guy is right next to you when he receives said text. He’s like, wtf bitch? And she’s like, WHY YOU ALWAYS HITTING ON ME!? And he’s like, *corners her to a wall* DO I NEED A REASON!? The chapter ends with him leaning in for a kiss ~ which we all know probably won’t happen (Goth Playboy: say what? (ಠ_ಠ))

I’m kinda surprise by how tsundere the girl is in this version. She was all cutesy in the other one. Maybe because the story was told from the…Tsundere Boy’s POV?

Or maybe 2 tsunderes = too much?


Himegoto wa Hanazono ひめごとははなぞの
Chapter 32

“My big brothers are super popular.”

The theme of this arc is Ohinamatsuri…horror version xD After hearing Choko has in her possession cursed Ohinamatsuri dolls (I’m sure there’s probably a more specific word for those dolls but meh :P), and is planning on holding a yearly exorcism for the dolls (lol what!?),the gang decide to celebrate Ohinamatsuri over at her place (really!? xD). However, whenever Ai is around, shit hits the fan. While the exorcism is taking place, Ai accidentally knocks over one of the dolls.

Oh shit…

But…nothing happens…so sweet?

Lol jk of course not…one of the dolls possesses You and pseudo-shounen-ai takes place xD


Sora Kara! My Nanny! 空から! マイ☆NANNY
Chapter 22


Wow, I missed a lot while I was away. Apparently Victor is the king’s kid (I had a feeling he was nobility but I wasn’t expecting royalty. Guess that explains how Victor was left at Poppins Academy). Also, Leo is trying to overthrow the king with the Chimnies because of something the king did? I’m thinking it has something to do with war and their parents being killed. Anyway, Leo is like moments away from kicking ass and taking names but Victor comes in and pimp-slaps Leo into submission. He tells Leo to stop being overdramatic. He if wants to meet the king, Victor will take him.

Leo: (ಠ_ಠ) that’s it?!

Leo then gets a heart to heart with the Chimnies. His bros are all, if you’re doing this for us, then no, man. We don’t want you to get jail raped for us. We loves you.




Then the townsfolk decide to dance and sing, telling the Chimnies they love them and not to leave.

Everyone: ಥ﹏ಥ OH GAWD, THE FEELS!

So everyone is happy and feeling the love. Happy times here. For now! DUN DUN DUNNNNN!


Shounen Oujo 少年王女
Chapter 14

“The one who is to create our new world…yes, it will be me.”

Wow, last I left off, the Queen got stabbed by the singer she he.  Now crap is hitting the ceiling fan and flying all over the place.  I have no idea who these new people are or their purpose so I’m totally going to guess. If I’m wrong, oops :)

Soooooooo, we got some dude who looks a pirate wannabe and his tsundere man bitch, and I think they’re trying to take over the castle? Well, Gii was fighting the man bitch and winning until Pirate Bob entered the scene with his merry men. They quickly subdue Gii who is all, well shit. I fought the good fight but this is the end…my bad Alexia. At least I didn’t get caught for my child porn ways… :D But it’s not time for Gii to throw in the towel just yet. Theo and his female friend come in to kick ass…along with Albert! After giving the weirdest line I have ever heard in my life (but probably won’t be the last), the gang collect their wits about them and start round 2 ~

(PS. Thanks to all of you who participated in the Shounen Oujo FILL IN THE BLANK post. I is so touched ;____; I didn’t think it’d get any comments other than STFU give mes brother conflict raws).


Hakuouki Reimeiroku 薄桜鬼 黎明録
Chapter 2?

“The right man for the job…that would be…”

I think this is chapter two? Stupid Hakuouki, thinking it’s so great it doesn’t need to tell its readers what chapter they’re reading :/

In this chapter, Ryuunosuke becomes Serizawa’s man bitch to pay back Serizawa for saving his life. Also, Saitou makes an appearance. However, he spends a majority of his time getting sweaty with Okita…sword-fighting. Guys…no. Despite the sausage fest, we’re still in otome territory (ಠ_ಠ) The other Hakuouki boys work on giving their gang a good name by kicking local thug ass (man this is like the 4th time I’ve said kicked ass xD This issue of Sylph is violent yo!) in town.  However, the locals are scared of the boys because they kick ass (basically they see the Hakuouki boys as thugs as well). So that plan isn’t working…but it’s ok because it will all work out in the end ~ Yay optimism ~ too bad you all die in the end 8D

Them: o___o wat?

Me: Nothing, Just keep doing what you’re doing *eyes Kondou* *points* *mouths: you’re first*

We end with Serizawa giving away the fact he might have a man crush on Kondou but is too tsundere to admit it xD Actually, we end with the appearance of the Ochimizu. And me wondering if Serizawa is really evil or not. Hmmmm….


I’m such an ass xD Sorry Kondou…like Ryuunosuke says, enjoy being alive in this prequel because not so happy times await you in the sequel ~


Arcana Famiglia アルカナ・ファミリア
Chapter 6

“Enveloped in purple smoke. The charms of older men.”

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo idea what this series is about^^; I think I remember reading somewhere it was kind of incesty though. The majority of the chapter comprises of the main girl and three guys (Bowler Hat, Patchy, and Comedy Relief – I’m not even going to try and translate/butcher their names) having an adventure collecting herbs. The chapter ends with them inviting the main girl to help them entertain kids at a church and her agreeing.

Happy feels ~


Kira Kira Soda Chocolate キラキラ・ソーダ・チョコレート
Chapter 15 LAST!

“This is our story.”

; A ; wah, it’s over! Sad days! I really enjoyed KKSC! It was so FLIPPIN’ cute! Like, if I had 3-D glasses, I’d have puppies and rainbows popping out of each chapter and engulfing me with their adorableness!

The story ends perfect ~ Because all my ships got together xD I would have liked more but I guess if it went on longer it’d end up like all the other shojos, with the main couple in doubt of each other but getting back together only to have something break them apart again until the series ends with them together o____o this is why I like my shojo short…unless it’s like Skip Beat <3

The final volume comes out in May ~


Kamitsuki カミツキ
Chapter 5

“Only I can see the secret spirits.”

Yahiro has a dream about the past ~ something having to do with his eye (lol fail on my part for not realizing that Yahiro had a scar on his right eye since like the series started xD). Since the first volume was just released, this chapter serves as a refresher (because chapter 5 will be the first chapter in the 2nd volume and the first chapter in each volume of manga usually has a refresher portion in case you forgot what you were reading about since the last volume lol).

After we get past the refresher part, pretty much the meat and potatoes of the story is Yahiro ends up over at the haunted school gym, meets Janome, asks Janome if any kids have been at the gym since he’s been haunting the joint, and Yahiro leaving after hearing Janome say yeah, a few kids have been here…BUT I’M NOT LIKE THAT SICKO IN SHOUNEN OUJO! I’VE GOT MORALS! Nothing really happens. But you do get to squeal over the cute little spirits 8D (that’s the whole reason I read this series <3).

PS. Does it look like Janome is touching his Johnson?



Hiso Hiso ~ Silent Voice ~ ひそひそ-silent voice-
Whisper 08

“Have you seen Kouji?”

Kouji meets Konta/ro’s owner whose dead master happened to know a bit about the power Kouji and Daichi possess. Normally the power goes away as the individual grows older but for someone reason, Kouji’s power came back. Kouji gets a bit emo over his powers but Konata’s sloppy kiss brings Kouji’s spirits up. The two explore the owner’s house to find out more about Konata’s mom, who was the dog Kouji went to for comfort when he was a wee squirt. The chapter ends with Kouji thinking that having powers isn’t that bad ~


Hana-Ori Soushi 花檻草子
Season 15

“Light will soon shine on this long night.” (lol oops, scanned the wrong picture – the words on this page say “Please, may we make it on time.”)

; A ; Son of a bitch! I can’t believe Hana-Ori Soushi is ending! ANGST!

The chapter looks back into the past. We see the whole I HATE YOU CHIHARU’S PAST LIFE PERSON is all due to misunderstanding. Also, it turns out pre-Chiharu was reborn into two forms: Chiharu and her brother. Chiharu was reborn with the pre-Chiharu’s “heart” while the brother was reborn with the pre-Chiharu’s “powers.” Thus this is why Chiharu is weak sauce. And why the brother hates everyone’s guts (bc he has no love/heart for the Hana-Ori Soushi gang).

Chiharu and Hisaya have a lovey-dovey moment which is ruined by the brother who does not approve of sharing his sister with anyone. The chapter ends with the brother going crazy and drowning everyone in plants/darkness. Chiharu is reaching a hand out to grab Hisaya’s because the darkness is trying to envelope him. However, Chiharu’s brother appears behind her with his hand outstretched. If she goes for Hisaya, she’ll fall into the darkness with him or she can be saved by grabbing the brother’s hand.


I have to admit – this is the only manga I know where it’s not just her brother that’s in love with the main girl but he’s also her past self…so what’s it called when your brother who is also you in another life is in love with you? o___o Mind fuck?


Engage Knight エンゲージナイト
Chapter 10


Wow, Engage Knight is ending already? Dang…>__>

NO idea what’s going on. For some reason there’s a competition going on. Tia is with some guy that likes to make fishing jokes. Duran is with…*looks at chp1 write up* Other guy. Wow, I didn’t even give him a name xD Tia’s group makes it all the way until the semi-finals because Fishsticks gets too battle horny and loses to…*looks at chp1 write up* Some dude. Haha xD This tells you how interested I was in Engaged Knights when I don’t name two of the characters with something a bit more descriptive!

As Tia and Fishsticks figure out how to get Fishsticks’ battleboner down, Duran gets ready for his battle. The guy he shakes hands with is all, I’m going to do your mom, cunt >:U Duran: o___O da fuq!? Turns out this person is Tia’s fiancée but he’s bitter because Tia engaged with Duran when they were younger (hence who mystery boy was on the color page of the 1st chapter – really did anyone think that boy was anyone BUT Duran?).


Doubutsu no Naka no Hito // The Animal People どーぶつの中の人
Chapter 10

The 4-koma focuses on the giraffe pair – Jum & Bon (Jumbo). Poor Jum. Being on the bottom sucks, eh?


Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi 星屑町のパンのミミ
Chapter 23

“They left Hoshikuzuchou…where are they now?”

Mimi got temperamental again and chased…uh, Glasses and Glasses II out. Of course she’s regretting her actions like usual. After spending a good 79% of the chapter lamenting over their absence (I like how one of the flashbacks is of her going bitchy on Glasses xD), the story kicks in when someone wearing a mask takes a picture of Mimi. Her younger brother mentioned someone had been taking pictures of him earlier and so Mimi does what she’s born to do – go ape shit crazy. She chases after the person only to have that person crash into a utility pole. After making sure the person was okay, she continues to go ape shit. The person reveals she is a messenger sent by Glasses’s mom.

Me: o____o ok? And you’re taking pictures because….?

Her: raepface


Amami-chan and Hareo-Kun  雨見ちゃんと晴れ男くん

“The strange love of two people with mysterious powers.”

An amusing one-shot. Amami is a girl whose parade is always getting rained on…literally. Hareo is a boy whose mere presence calls forth the sun. Whenever the two are within close proximity to the other…their powers create storms xD Amami’s only goal in life is to join her fellow students outside during gym. However, no matter what she tries, it always rains. To the point where the gym teacher tries to force Amami inside so she doesn’t bring forth the rain xD Determined, Amami gets Hareo to help her out through amusing means. I like the conclusion xD This isn’t supposed to be a romantic one-shot. Rather it’s best to value the one-shot for its comedic value ~ I’m looking forward to more one-shots by her 8D


Meeda Non no Makeru ga Kachi (Meeda Non’s Losing Victory)
Chapter 10

I guess the author went to check out some popular old man in the mountains who is able to talk to dead people to help live people with problems in their life. I like how the author thought of Master Roshi from DBZ when she heard she was to interview an old man in the mountains xD And then it turned out the old man was actually a sweet bishi haha xD


Hakase Ga!! ハカセがっ!!
Chapter 16

“Are you…crying?”

My least favorite series running in Sylph. I blame Shiva/Shiba/Hinatsu/hasmorePMSthanagirlonherperiod.

Some guy in a cat mask I guess kidnapped Hinatsu’s sister. Hinatsu offers to trade Elliot(?) for his sister. Elliot is going with this because he thinks Hinatsu is going to save them both…no. Elliot. How many chapters of Hinatsu’s shit are you going to take before it sinks it that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what happens to you?

Elliot: D8 but he said he’d help me…

Me: Even snakes smile… (≖_≖)

Elliot:  щ(゚ロ゚щ)

Just as Cat Mask is about to punch the fuck out of Elliot, Hinatsu’s sister – who obviously got the empathy genes in the family – rushes in to protect Elliot. Cat Mask stares at her in surprise but then starts to cry.

(llಠ ,ಠ ) the hell!?

Preview for next month’s issue ~:




This month’s Sylph had a Hakuouki shitajiki:


pencil Back: pencil2

Kinda strange we have no DADADADAN or Shiro Ari o3o (ah well, next month they’ll be back :3). No idea what happened to Shinigami no Doggy. I remember reading on Sylph’s website awhile back stating the manga-ka wasn’t doing too hot…

If there are any chapters you want me to elaborate on, let me know and I’ll do a snippet on it :) Thanks for reading ~

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  1. PFFT! Your way of commenting is hilarious XD
    Are you sure you are blogging about the series, or criticizing? OvO ??
    but you’re so lucky to be able to understand the magazine in Japanese ;__;
    I know some of Japanese culture but so little when it comes to language, especially reading!!


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