May 2012 Comic Sylph – Color Scans

It’s certainly been awhile since I last did one of these (the August 2011 issue of Sylph to be precise!)! My time flies ~ This month’s Sylph looks again at its cash cows: Hakuouki, BROTHERS CONFLICT, and Uta no Prince-sama, along with some other stuff ~

  • Hakuouki is getting hype about its new movie, OVA, and anime series of Reimeiroku. The article highlights events from the Hakuouki event, Spring Dreams. 
  • Uta no Prince-sama Debut is going to have a manga adaptation in Sylph starting with the next issue. Yay for Uta no Prince-sama fans, boo for Shounen Oujo fans. The manga-ka of Shounen Oujo will be drawing the adaptation and I’m not sure how this will affect Shounen Oujo‘s schedule. Next month’s Sylph does not list a new chapter for the series…
  • And for BROTHERS CONFLICT…basically more milking of the franchise xD Of the news to pay attention to, a.) there’s a 5th character CD coming out starring Don’t know his name orange hair person and one of the I FEAR SPACE BETWEEN PEOPLE twins ((ಠ_ಠ) are these two srsly brothers because I don’t know how many brothers over the age of seven would 1.) hug each other from behind and 2.) hold hands and be cool with it…) and b.) the OP/ED songs for the game will be sung by the I DON’T BELIEVE IN PERSONAL SPACE twins.
  • Arcana Famiglia‘s two pages basically say we’ve got an anime coming out soon bitches hell yeah! Also, two of your possible love interests are examined. Dante the middle aged bald pedobear ((ಠ_ಠ) really?) and Jolly (SPOILERS who if I remember correctly is one of your love interests’ dad and he’s like…possible your dad too).
  • DGS says it’s been fun but we’re done. Buy all this stuff to remember us <3
  • Hakase Ga!! is going to have a drama CD release
  • Five Sylph titles were released in March: DGS ~ Hibiki #3, BROTHERS CONFLICT (LN) #6, Kamitsuki #1, Miyako, and Karakuri x Limit.

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