Fill-in-the-Blank: Shounen Oujo Chapter 13


Ah man, this chapter of Shounen Oujo // Boy Princess xD The first panel is a direct translation (although Albert says “little girl pictures” but “loli porn” sounds more deviant ~).  The rest of the pages are true to the chapter but I changed the context a bit. The idea came when I saw Theo’s face xD He’s like, wtf? LOLI PORN? (≖_≖) … There’s a special place in hell for sickos like you

I’m not sure I have enough followers for this but heck, might as well try. Do you all have something Theo should say instead? If so, leave a comment and fill in the blank 8D:


12 thoughts on “Fill-in-the-Blank: Shounen Oujo Chapter 13

  1. Oh mahn I really miss Shounen Oujo XD;; Theo is looking good mmm♥ I’d really like Theo to say he’d shave all of Gii’s hair lolol /shot


    • Lolol xD
      Gii to Theo: (≖_≖) and you think I’m sick for liking little girls. I’m not the one who wants to save a grown man’s pubes…
      Theo: ;D

      Lot of crazy shiz happening in Shounen Oujo o____o; People are dying and the men are trying to take over…I think?
      I’m a bit behind on Shounen Oujo. Rather than read in order, I started with the latest magazine I have xD So now I’m trying to figure out wtf has been going on since the last chapter I read ~
      And now that the manga-ka has announced she’s working on Uta no Prince-sama Debut, I have no idea how that’ll affect the series. Next month’s Sylph doesn’t list a chapter of Shounen Oujo ;___; Noes!

      (I agree – Theo is nummy <3)


      • lololol \o/

        To think that Theo could be so gorgeous just after 2 years!? mahn, what the hell happened in that two years. (wait, was it two years? /checks book/ yup.) Was there some growth and bishie potion he drank somewhere? lol

        On the other hand, Albert is looking more and more like a girl lol ಥдಥ It really weird that it’s just after two years. It feels as if 5 years has passed instead. Then again, boy’s growth is ..crazy.. they can be like a kid today but when you turn your back, they’ve shot up to looking like adults. /gasp

        ..and PedoGii looks even more gorgeous with short hair *rolls around happily* (though he looks a bit like Kevin from Makai Ouji now XD) Wow, I really wonder what has happened ;w; Sounds to me as though a bloodbath is happening.. feels dark~*~* guh, I can’t wait for the 2nd volume :'(

        No Shounen Oujo next Slyph!? nouuuuhhhh (ಥдಥ) Also, I think Yukihiro-sensei is busy for the release of a DramaCD for Isshoni Gohan Takitate! too u_u and now to add UtaPuri QAQ How would she juggle Shounen Oujo, Makai Ouji, Isshoni Gohan Takitate and Utapuri all together?! waughh ;w;


        • That’s what I was thinking when I saw the color page for chapter 1 – unless a LOT has time has passed, there is no way that hawt guy can be Theo…
          Then BAM 2 years + Puberty = hawt Theo
          Poor Albert xD You’d figure he’d develop more into a boy unless he was castrated or something but even then…he’d at least have an Adam’s apple >___> I’d love it if there was a scene where Albert is dressed like Alexia and has a six o’clock shadow xD Or is caught shaving said facial hair ~

          I got a Sylph post in the making with some information on the latest chapter 8D I’m just going a little slow due to RL butting in Dx

          8U HOLY CRAP FOUR!? Dang! Here I thought Minari Endou was the only crazy having 4 series at once – Dazzle, Maria Holic, some Maria Holic spinoff, and Black Dog O’Clock D8 HOW DO THEY DO IT!?

          ;_______; Sylph prioritizes its cash cows over other series so that’s probably why Shounen Oujo is getting kicked to the curb for Uta no Prince-sama.


  2. Aw, this was a nice change to that damned creepy one shot you described in your last post.
    But seriously, i can’t think of anything fancy enough for Theo’s face. Maybe “… Let me in?”


    • Haha, yeah that one shot was messed up all over the place. Had to share the experience with you all :3
      (Kuro Lala is supposed to be dark but really, it goes way over the top too many times. *still remembers the hair monster wearing the Forever 21 vest from Katakoi*)

      Lol ~ Theo is a closest loli fan xD OMG, that’s just priceless. Now I’ll never look at Theo the same way again haha ~


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