Tid-Bits: Red House Oneshot

8D Hey look what I found when I was cleaning out my draft folder for Spoils! A Tid-Bits! I actually have two of them (will post the other one later)! Wow, talk about lazy on my end xD I wrote this before I left on my internship! Meh, figured I might as well post it now than never right?


Red House レッドハウス Oneshot by Yamada Sarueru 山田サルエル

“Gray Town – a town filled with gray colored buildings. I’m not too clear on the details surrounding Gray Town’s history. Just that somewhere in this town, stands a lone house, different in coloration from the buildings around it. The Red House.”

Wow, this oneshot’s ending…I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be a happy one or what! (ಥ_ಥ)

The oneshot follows a girl named Kokoro. She lives in a monotone colored town with her friends. However, in this sea of gray stands one lone structure that is different from its surroundings– a red house known as…well, the Red House xD Rumor has it the place is creepy and so is the kid who lives in it (poor kid). Thus it is a place to avoid. Whoooooooooo ~

While driving with her friend, Kokoro’s necklace somehow comes undone and goes flying out the window (lol because necklaces do that all the time xD). She tells her friends to stop the van and she runs off to find the necklace. Because we are told that the Red House is to be avoided, naturally Kokoro ends up at the Red House! (Kokoro: SHIT! Dx) Behind the front gates of the house stands a young boy. In his hand is her necklace (Kokoro: Oh, you have to be farking kidding me Dx). Kokoro works up the courage to approach the house and ask for her necklace back. The boy returns it to her but he also grabs a hold of her hand (hoho, sly dog ~ putting the moves on her already huh? ;D). However, the rumors surrounding the house and its occupant shakeS Kokoro up too much so she rips her hands from his grip and runs before the kid can eat her or whatever the rumors say he does.

She reunites with her friends and they go hang. However, Kokoro can’t forget about the Red House or the boy. She consults her friend about this issue. And let me tell you, texting your mom you’re pregnant would elicit a calmer response than this one D: The friend flips the fuck out and tells Kokoro to avoid the Red House and the kid who lives there. Seeing her friend go near postal freaks Kokoro enough to STFU. However, it’s not enough to keep her away. When her friends fall fast asleep later that day, Kokoro sneaks over to the Red House. The boy is outside, chillin. Kokoro approaches the gate and tells the boy thank you for finding her necklace. They smile and hold hands through the bars. But then he says something that shakes her:

“You’re not alone. Ruiko. You’re not alone.”

Ruiko…who is Ruiko? Before Kokoro can digest this, her friend appears. She grabs Kokoro and shoves her in the van she drove over in. Safely inside, the friend goes ape shit nuts. WTIJAGJAKHAHGOIAEI WHY YOU HANGING WITH DAT BOY!? ASDFAOFJAILFSJSAL AREN’T WE FRIENDS? AOFHA;FAFDJ AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU? OASFAOFUAOUFDAFJ THE CAPITAL OF NEW HAMPSHIRE IS CONCORD ADFJASLFJA;LEJ HOW CAN YOU SEE THE RED HOUSE!?

Turns out no one can see the Red House. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN! *dramatic crack of lightning in the background* As her friend continues to shit her pants, Kokoro hears a voice telling her to run.

And that’s when things get weird.

Hands start to come out of the floor. Kokoro freaks (she’s been doing that a lot huh?) and shoves her friend off her. She tears out of the car and goes running like a madman. All over town, hands are popping out. In the sky, we have a different picture. Instead we have naked kids who are crying tears of blood floating around (o___O wtf…). Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….Kokoro doesn’t even hesitate to question this. She relies on her survival instincts and runs. Oh and the city changes into a forest at some point in her attempt to flee. But don’t worry, the creepy kids are still here, hovering around in all their pantsless glory. I know deep down you guys like them xD

Despite running away like a bat out of hell and is far away from the city…which is now back to a city again (>___> what?), Kokoro is still able to hear her friend’s words, who is half submerged underneath crotches and butts (those nekkid kids are all over her – a pedobear’s dream). Spitting a penis out of her face, she yells:

“Why are you trying to live!? If you go that way, you’ll only find pain! KOKORO!”

Kokoro pretty much gives her friend the finger and runs to the Red House. The gates are open and she runs straight for the door. The boy is there. He reaches his hand out to take hers. “Welcome back.” Light fills the area. The scene changes to a hospital. We see a bunch of people crying for “Ruiko.” This Ruiko is actually Kokoro! (really, who didn’t see that coming? xD) A man who resembles the boy from the Red House scoops Kokoro/Ruiko into a hug and yells at her: wtf, bitch???? Why the fark did you try to kill yourself!?

Soooo, story here is Ruiko was a sad bear. The man who hugged her is her only friend but left to go to college in some other city, leaving her all alone. She doesn’t get along with her family nor anyone else in school. After not receiving a reply to like 2 of her text messages, Ruiko reasons she’s been abandoned by the boy and that life isn’t worth living. Instead of being safe and reading Sylphalchemist’s blog, she finds a site for individuals looking to meet up and kill themselves together. The people she meets up with are her friends from her…dream(?) thing. After taking some pills, the children sit in a car that is somehow rigged to fill the inside with carbon monoxide. Slowly the children start to fall asleep. Ruiko is about to nod off when she sees her necklace on the seat next to her (Ruiko: damn cheap Wal-Mart necklace! How many times are you going to fall off!?). The necklace was given to her by the man who went off to college, only he gave it to her when they were really young. Even as a kid, Ruiko had social problems. No one liked her and she was all alone except for him. He gave her the necklace to show her that she’s never alone. Realizing that killing yourself is dumb, Ruiko bursts out of the car and goes running as if hands were suddenly appearing from the ground and the sky was filled with levitating naked kids… However, the combination of pills and gas (lol, gas) eventually zaps the strength from her and she falls into a coma.

Ruiko is the only survivor of the group suicide. The others succeeded in their wish to leave this world. However, even though Ruiko is alive, I think she’s like paralyzed o___O; She mentions how her body has no strength but she can still “feel” the warmth of her guy friend’s hands as he holds her hand. And when questioned by the police, she had to blink her eyes for yes or no. So she lived and found out her family and guy friend truly do love her…only to be paralyzed… D8 damn…realize you want to live, can’t move anymore… But I’m not hundred percent sure she is permanently paralyzed. Does anyone know if carbon monoxide poisoning cause paralysis? I know it messes with your central nervous system but I’m not informed enough to know if it can paralyze. And yeah…that’s pretty much where it ends. Leaving you going, wtf!?

“The home you can go to. The people you can turn to. The Red House. Please, do not forget them.”


o___________________o wow…what a depressing one-shot. Not even the floating naked kids could save this story. Random: I’m not 100% sure but I think the naked kids represented those kids that killed themselves? Why they are naked, I can not give an answer.

This one shot reminds me a bit of Katakoi…just because of the coma thing. But we don’t have any fashion sense hair creatures in this oneshot. Just exposed underage flesh xD.


Moral of the story: >___> …read Spoils instead of group suicide blogs. Iz got wtf search term hits. Good stuff there.

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