Hana Ori Soushi & Scarlet Prince Have Been Picked Up ~

Random update but it looks like someone (Mad Hatter Scans) has picked up:

  and !

You can check here for more details :3

I greatly approve of Hana Ori Soushi! Great cast and a sensible heroine, although Hisaya can be such a jealous emofag at times xD Hiiro Ouji has some good lols but…the ending, man…you can’t even really call it an ending… D8 Oh well, at least folks will finally get to see the chapter where Okamoto personality changes depending on the blood type he drinks xD That was pretty funny ~

PS. Also, I noticed on manga-updates, someone is offering RAWs for Engage Knight. OMG, lol if that gets scanalated. It entertains though (even if it’s for all the wrong reasons haha) xD

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