WTF Search Term Hits (sometime for the mid-end of March 2012)

Another week down means another week to look at the wtf search term hits Spoils got!

wedgie story/webcomic wedgie

Really? How much depth can you have about characters suffering from wedgies? Actually, how popular is this web comic for me to be getting hits every week??

lolicon sylph

COMIC SYLPH DOES NOT HAVE LOLIS! (SLH’s Hiyoki was about as loli as you can get and she was like 16!). Comic Sylph has bishis! Get your terminology right! >:U 9

hakuouki graves

o___O wtf, that’s a bid morbid…most people look for kissy pictures of the Hakuouki boys or at least them shirtless, not where their graves are…


wedding lolicon / lolicon lover


And never come back?

boy jail bait

And of course we had to have this…good to see I get a diversity of perverts to this blog


"scene"+"she farts"


a boy pee on the urinal webcomic / boy urinal webcomics / boy pees himself / anime peeing tumblr


forced gender change manga / gender bender magic comic

So see here, kids. If you wish it hard enough, you can change gender. But don’t wish too hard or else you might crap your pants instead. Or you can go to Barnes & Nobles, find the occult section, and see if they have a DUMMIES book on spells to change genders :3

sexchange peeing


You pee and change sexes!? What!?

animepee / anime desperation pee


anime boy crotch

sex gif


shirow tails cat scan

*confused by search term*
*looks up the search term via google*
*gets hits for hentai by that name*
*is not surprised*

naked tweens

anime booty gif


Enjoy ;D

confused manga boy


i give up. suicide

Perverts and suicidal people…if you look at these search term hits exclusively, you’ll get the impression that’s the main demography of my blog…

On a serious note, Dude, please put the knife down or whatever. Suicide is never the answer. It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Go contact someone and talk to them. Mom, friends, or even a suicide hotline. Don’t hold in your feels. Get them out so people know what’s going on.

stabbed sword


shattered angels ending pissed me off

Yeah, the ending wasn’t the best but they got together so that’s all that matters to me xD At least it’s better than the manga o___O Setsuna…have you no pride?

what is narae lee blog address

Not here! xD

"gets sat on by"

And why did I get 10 hits for this?


penis elephant anime




I’m off to cry in my usual corner!

12 thoughts on “WTF Search Term Hits (sometime for the mid-end of March 2012)

  1. Wtf ? What’s with all this peeing and changing gender … xDDD and some of your visitors like to fart, huh ? XD oh god iam laughing so hard everytime i read this .. xDD


    • I’m still trying to figure out why “penis elephant anime” caused a hit for my blog xD
      Have you all gotten weird hits yet? I want to see if anyone else is going through this like I am haha!


      • yeah hahah xD last time it was “Screaming elephant” this time it was “penis elephant anime” O__O i can’t believe that ppl are actually googling this xDD Well, not yet, only once, we’ve got “Boy jumps of a bridge” it was weird but not as weird as yours but well i’m sure it will happen to our blog as well XDD. aaah yes it is yakumo <3 one of my newest crushes <3 hehe ! yes finally ! we changed a few things here also our design & headers, maybe u wanna check it out ? :DD now nobody has to be confused anymore on who's posting or commenting xD


      • I can’t recall if I ever talked about elephants on this blog or not xD But I know I’d remember elephant screaming or at least elephant man junk haha!
        Wow o___O that’s dark!! You got a suicidal hit too!
        I like how you have the “xD” emoticon! Does this mean you’re looking forward to getting these types of hits haha? xD

        I did check it out! Very nice 8D I read the Vampire Knight post but I’m so behind I didn’t know any of the characters outside Yuuki, Zero, and Kaname xD I was curious to see if Yuuki and Zero got together yet haha (I’m such a Yuuki x Zero shipper). Guess it’s too early!


  2. Oh dear, Michums. I think someone’s trolling you. Haha Lots of perverts out there (I would know). At least you’re getting exposure (pun unintended)?

    I miss your DA shenanigans. Your comics always made me smile.


    • Haha, I had to share the wtf-ness xD I’m still trying to figure out WHY my blog gets these prevy hits! But people seem to like these posts so I guess it’s all worth it? >___>

      I’ll be back on DA when I’m back home & I’m done with this paper. It’s due on the 6th of April and I’m still in the single digits on my page count… Dx I have the sources but damn this writing! OTL *goes off to sob*

      Thanks for looking Cree ~



    Other than that… there’s some REALLY creepy people out there, aren’t there?
    I love reading your WTF posts~ I think they’re my favourite part of this blog. Keep on sharing and spread the love! xD


    • xD It was so random how I happened upon that gif. Someone was blogging about Disney villains on tumblr & Ursula there caught my eye. I reasoned I would someday use that gif in the future & saved it in my gif file. Two days later I made this post and the perfect opportunity presented itself haha! 8D

      There are some SERIOUSLY messed up folk out there. The little boy and girl stuff is just…wrong on so many levels o____o still trying to figure out why these hits direct traffic to my blog. I talk about bishies and Comic Sylph (well, did…I will again in the future when I’m back home and have a scanner & no paper to work on haha), not about kinky creeper stuffs!

      I’m surprised by how popular my WTF Search Term hit posts are xD I guess no one can seriously believe I’m getting hits like these! As long as I keep getting wtf hits, Wtf Search Term posts will continue!


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