Asuka’s Spirit Detective Yakumo, Sylph’s Brothers Conflict, & B’s-Log’s Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono –with their titles combined, they make….CAPTAIN BISHI PLANET…!

Lololol, jk. I just wanted a random title xD


"I want to experience these thrills with you" (lol, so wanted to put: I want to experience these feels with you xDDDDD)

Originally published on March 12, 2012

Title: “Oto☆Kyan!” is in session!

正式名称は「角川グループ乙女キャンペーン 2012 spring」。

Officially, it’s called the “Kadokawa Group Otome Campaign Spring 2012.”
We’ve shortened it to “Oto☆Kyan!
Gotta admit, the abbreviation has a nice ring to it
Makes you want to smile when you’re telling others about the event (<-not sure if I got that right)

※we’ve even got a poster for “Oto☆Kyan!” up in our editorial department


I’m guessing little ol’ us got your heart rate jumping a bit with what we’ve divulged thus far. Well then, time we got this show on the road and explain what “Oto☆Kyan!” is exactly! Asuka Comics DX, B’s-Log Comics, and, of course, Sylph Comics have teamed together to host a spring “comic fair.” During the event, if you purchase any of the three titles shown on the poster above (new releases or previous releases), you’ll receive a special book cover as a gift!

Here’s a picture of the book cover!



Please note when the book covers are gone, they’re gone for good! If you plan on getting one, best to get it now!


For a list of stores participating in the “Oto☆Kyan!” event, please check here. Also, the duration of the promotion may vary from store to store. Please be sure to ask the employees for more information. We hope you’ll enjoy “Oto☆Kyan!”


Sadness. Yet another promotion only Japan gets to enjoy (and those who have ppl in Japan to send them the goods). (。┰ω┰。) I’m amused by BROTHERS CONFLICT’s presence though. I thought for sure Sylph was going to use Hakuouki since that’s its cash cow but maybe due to promotional reasons, it went with BROTHERS CONFLICT? I know the game is supposed to be out sometime next month if memory serves right?

At least they didn’t put the FREE HUGS EVEN IF YOU DON’T WANT THEM twins on the cover xD

****note I tend to add shiz to make the translation flow better. Thus what you read may not be what’s actually said in Japanese (or I could have just fucked it up royally xD That’s always a possibility haha). It’s just a translation preference to Americanize stuff :3

2 thoughts on “Asuka’s Spirit Detective Yakumo, Sylph’s Brothers Conflict, & B’s-Log’s Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono –with their titles combined, they make….CAPTAIN BISHI PLANET…!

  1. Hi, I was just wondering if those three characters on the poster are from three different mangas? If they are, do you mind telling me the name of them? I would really like to read them! Thanks!


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