March 2012 Sylph Covers

covericonWell, this is a surprise. While pissing around on, I noticed they had covers up for this month’s Sylph releases. And the covers are actually of nice quality! Almost wasn’t able to show you all those covers because wouldn’t let me save the pictures due to some desire to cause me mental anguish. Thankfully I was able to “printscr” & use photoshop to paste the screencaps together :) (haha screw you back!) Enjoy!

カラクリ×リミット (Karakuri x Limit // Mechanical x Limit)


カミツキ 1 (Kamitsuki)


Dear Girl~Stories~響 3 (Dear Girl ~ Stories ~ Hibiki)

Dear Girl~Stories~響 3



Miyako is also on the list of March Sylph releases but there wasn’t a cover on However, I just checked on and there is a cover, but it’s a thumbnail (meaning it’s tiny and shitty). I’ll see if updates with a better picture. If they do, I’ll add it to this post in the future.

Also listed on were two titles for a possible April release: Dear Girl ~ Stories ~ Hibiki #4 (which I’m guessing is the last of the series?) and Shiro Ari #3 (damn I’m behind on Shiro Ari! It’s already to volume #3 D8).

Any titles catch your eye? (Me, I’ve already got Kamishiki #1 and Mechanical x Limit in my shopping cart as we speak :3).

And that’s all from me ~ chao ~

****UPDATE**** has the April cover of Sylph up ~


It’s the hugging twins…why am I not surprised? xD BTW, if some dude was holding my hands bound together like that, I would so not be smiling. Especially when his twin is holding me so I can’t escape…just sayin’.

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