WTF Search Term Hits (sometime for the mid-beginning of March 2012)

I was thinking of not posting one of these this week since the hits were pretty tame. Then the weekend passed. I’m not sure wtf was going on this weekend but shit! What creepers found themselves an internet connection!?

loli lettin it all hang out

…does this include her penis too? Haha, get it guys? Penis? Because it hangs out? Lol?


Yeah, I bet you guys weren’t thinking that at first huh?

critics of stray love heart

OMG, who is bored enough to bitch about SLH…oh wait…

gender changing anime

o_________O uh, I’ve never talked about an anime that will make you change genders by watching it…

dirty minded anime / dirty mind anime

o_________O uh, what?


"she farts" "manga"

What!? First Wedgie girl, now Fart girl!? The heck, who wants to read a manga about a girl with gastrointestinal problems!?



I ask these questions, then wonder why I bothered asking…

“puberty of meni”

PSSFFFFT! (I lol bc a good OL friend of mine uses the screen name MENI here on Spoils xD Be careful Meni! You have a creeper!)

“clingy girlfriend”

Lol, I think I described an evil villain as a clingy girlfriend so maybe that’s why I got this hit? xD

“booty hunter”

Betcha this person wasn’t expecting to arrived on bishi hunter, a page I’ve never updated since it’s creation with cute guys on it xD

“cool hair manga boy”

Lol, this describes every shojo boy xDDDD

“screaming elephant”


Um…wha…I have no words…



Just for you, random person.

“princess love want to kill her and killed her dad manga”


o__O da fuq!?

“a boy pee on the urinal webcomic” / “peepee boy free” / “anime pee desperation” / “pee princess manga”

The hell!? Was there a sudden fetish with pee all of a sudden this weekend!?

And that’s it for this week…pretty tame. No shota bondage crap thankfully. Still fucking weird nonetheless.

6 thoughts on “WTF Search Term Hits (sometime for the mid-beginning of March 2012)

    • Haha, happy that you like what you see! These search terms are just too out there to keep to myself xD (apparently they’re a real hit with others! Guess no one expected my little blog to get such kinky hits haha – both them and me included!).
      I told you, just wait till your blog is 2 years old like mine. You’ll be seeing some WEIRD stuff soon!


    • Haha, doesn’t he? There was a running joke on tumblr about Harry & cockblocking. People made so many gifs of him getting in the way of Ron x Hermione xD Oh Harry. Just because your name is in the title don’t mean you’re the main focus of everything xD
      I like this gif the best because, as you said, he looks like he’s about to break some teeth if it means he can cockblock!


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