WTF Search Term Hits (sometime for the beginning of March 2012)

Holy crap, for someone who hasn’t blogged in like two months, I sure am STILL getting some weird ass hits 8U I’m happy most of the hits are Comic Sylph related but these kinky ones…wtf!

  • "with chloroform" shoujo
          • (ಠ_ಠ) why are you looking specifically for shojo with chloroform in it?
  • shota butt
          • booty
          • Lol, why do I have this gif in my tumblr folder!? xD Oh well, it fits the situation pretty well haha
  • neko masshigura
          • At first I didn’t think much of this particular search hit but then I thought, I wonder what “neko masshigura” means? So I did a google search. Manga-updates popped up. I clicked. Apparently Neko Masshigura is the name of a manga artist whose only listed work on manga-updates is the following:
          • image
          • guys 
  • self cock block hijikata
          • lol
          • Haha, I’m not the only one who noticed this xDDDD
  • boy jailbait
  • does zombie loan have romance
          • NO! IT TEASES YOU D< MY SHIPS!!! Ugh, battleship has less sinkage than this series… (this is a normal hit mind you. I just wanted to answer the question)
  • manga boy thong
          • lookupandstarewtfman The heck?!
  • the p’s brothers conflict
          • Lol what!? P’s? Penis?
  • muffin man. gtfo pic
  • chastity belt manga
  • nude psffft
  • angry pussy
          • lolololol
          • This probably refers to a cat but still. Watch out for angry pussy ya’all xD
  • i hate aoi tokyo majin
          • Let’s be friends 8D
          • yougoman
  • pictures of kids pooping
          • o___o let’s NOT be friends
          • dafuck
  • nanny masturbating boy
          • D8
          • WTF!?
          • Double WTF bc I think Sora Kara! My Nanny! was the reason for the hit D: The manga gets a little out there at times but Victor’s not that sick! GO TO JAIL SICKO!!!
          • ohmygod
  • hit in the testicles
          • haha
  • economy girl naked
  • knight of the pants – sacrifice ori
  • shota perv
  • two penises
          • D8 wtf!? These search term hits! I’ve never blogged about a manga where the dude or girl had two penises!

And that’s it for last week. Excuse me while I go find a corner to cry in…

***All gifs came from tumblr ~

8 thoughts on “WTF Search Term Hits (sometime for the beginning of March 2012)

    • I’m kinda back. I’m still on my internship so I still have a.) no scanner, b.) shitty internet speed, & c.) all my stuff is back at home (including Sylph issues and manga). Thus there probably won’t be much from me right now unfortunately ^__^;

      (I posted about Hakuouki and my wtf search term hits because I was being lazy and didn’t want to do my research for my paper haha xD)

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