TVアニメ化が発表された『薄桜鬼 黎明録』のコミカライズがスタート!!

(Anime and manga adaptation of Hakuouki Reimeiroku announced!)

2月26日に行われたイベント「薄桜鬼 雪華録 ~春の夢~」で

On Feb 26, during the “Hakuouki Sekkaroku ~ Dreams of Spring ~” special event, we dropped the bomb on some exciting news – new Hakuouki anime projects!

1.『薄桜鬼 雪華録 第六章~風間千景~』2012年6月、リリース!
2.『薄桜鬼 黎明録』2012年夏、TVアニメ化決定!

1. Hakuouki Sekkaroku #6 ~ Kazama Chikage ~ will be released in June of 2012!

2. Hakuouki Reimeiroku will be turned into an anime starting in the summer of 2012!

3. A two part movie adaptation of the Hakuouki series is in the works! The slated release date is sometime in 2013!


Pretty big stuff, huh? (lit. Raging anime unfolding huh!)

『薄桜鬼 黎明録』のコミカライズがスタートしました!!

And if that wasn’t enough for you all, the serialization of the Hakuouki Reimeiroku manga adaptation has started in the April Issue of Sylph!

『薄桜鬼 黎明録』
作画:暁 かおり

Hakuouki Reimeiroku
Artist: Akatsuki Kaori
Supervised: Idea Factory / Deen Studio

作画を担当するのは、『薄桜鬼 巡恋華』で

The one in charge of drawing the manga adaptation is Akatsuki Kaori-sensei, who you may remember drew the Sanosuke Harada arc and the Heisuke Toudou arc in the Hakuouki Jurenka anthology.


Also, if memory serves right, this is her first time drawing the cover illustration and the front color pages of Sylph!


Speaking of which, here’s a teaser of her illustration ★

Ryunosuke: I'm the protagonist of a girl's dating game. Not sure what they were thinking making me male and putting me in a GIRL'S DATING GAME but hopefully I come out of this w/o my butt being violated!

『薄桜鬼 黎明録』の新キャラクターである
『薄桜鬼 黎明録』は、シリーズのはじまり『薄桜鬼 新選組奇譚』に

The color pages feature the main 5 men of Hakuouki. In addition, Hakuouki Reimeiroku introduces two new characters: Ibuki Ryunosuke and Serizawa.
Hakuouki Reimeiroku takes place before the original Hakuouki series. Though the prequel is more of a mystery show involving the Shinsengumi, it still connects to the original.
Our story begins when protagonist, Ryunosuke, is found passed out on the side of a road and is picked up by the hair a man named Serizawa.

Old man: Emmmm, oh yeah. Grandpa likes what he sees <3 You're a pretty little thing aren't you, boy. Don't ask what my other hand is doing. It's my way of saying hello with my little friend ;D Ryunosuke: oh that's just wrong...


Ryunosuke is taken in by Serizawa to be his boy toy and eventually encounters the soldiers of the Shinsengumi before they were known as the Shinsengumi. Instead, the soldiers are just part of Serizawa’s boy toy harem a rag tag group of lordless samurai.
When Ryunosuke awakens, he sees…

Lololol, I bet you were all thinking he'd saw Serizawa standing pantsless on top of him xD Nope, it's just Heisuke pantless haha ~


And down the hallway…

Harada 8D


At the well washing his face…

Okita, why do you always have to look like a rapist murderer in these manga adaptations D:!? I bet you were at the well washing the blood and fingers off your face...


Yelling at night is…

Hijikata: Serizawa, I don't know what you're doing, parting my hair with your fan (or what your other hand is doing down there) but you best be getting that thing out of my face before I come over there and jack slap you, nigga bitch. I ain't bending over that table. (lol that'd be funny if it was actually Hijikata holding that fan, like, damn hair you're interfering with my glaring face).


And there’s…

Lololol, poor Saitou. All the ladies care about is your hair xD


Hakuouki Reimeiroku is the beginning of a soon-to-be crazy ride. Please be sure to read the first chapter in the April Issue of Sylph!

Lol, random post is random. I’m still not back completely but I saw this on Sylph‘s website and so felt like translating it just because I wanted an excuse not to look for research material xD Man, this issue of Sylph went out lightning fast D: It’s like the minute an anime adaptation was announced for Hakuouki Reimeiroku, the bitches came flying out of the woodwork to grab the April issue because it features the manga adaptation of Hakuouki Reimeiroku. Thankfully still had some because was OUT! What sucks is I had the magazine in my cart but decided to wait until the afternoon to submit my order. Bad move man.

Love you lots

What’s kind of funny is that when the anime adaptation of Arcana Famiglia was announced, there was no mass shortage of Sylph issues. The bitches are too in love with Uta no Prince-sama, Hakuouki, and Brothers Conflict xD Poor Arcana Famiglia!

6 thoughts on “TVアニメ化が発表された『薄桜鬼 黎明録』のコミカライズがスタート!!

  1. Fangirls be crazy, yo!

    But seriously, the Hakuouki fangirls are especially crazy! (though I’ll totes be watching Reimeiroku! I did enjoy the first two seasons~)

    The manga art is really pretty~ I wonder if Hakuouki will ever get some sort of license (manga or anime, since the VN just got released). :]


    • Haha, be wary of the fangirl, for she doth bare her fangs at all who oppose her fandom xD
      I didn’t realize how popular Hakuouki was :U I mean, now that I’m paying attention, look at all this stuff it has! Animes? OVAs? Manga serializations? Body pillows? Video game adaptations? Bath salts? Magazines that come with freebie undies (<- totally real. It was on akadot awhile ago. Not sure if the item is still there are not tho)? Etc. Holy crap! xD

      I agree. The art is wonderful ~ The backgrounds ~ the foliage ~ the guys with their shirts off *q* *thumbs up* I'm looking forward to playing the psp game. One more month and I'll be back home :) Are you planning on playing the VN?

      I keep thinking the same thing :3 Hakuouki definitely has the looks, story, and looks to catch the interest of anime fans here. If anyone picks it up, I’m thinking it’ll be by Sentai since they’ve had other otome games in the past? But NISA is also a possibility since they’ve been picking up some shojo titles recently (Kimi ni Todoke & Natsume).


  2. LOL @ the stuff abt Serizawa the pervy douchey old man and Ryuunosuke the poor boy toy. Yay you’re (kinda) back from hiatus(-ish)!

    I’m gna be reading this pretending Ryuunosuke’s a girl. Underneath those pecs, there are real (girl-)boobs present. I wonder why Heisuke’s got such a babyface here… Kinda sad how he looks like the same age as that shouta from nise no chigiri =|

    Also, I’M EXCITED ABT ARCANA FAMIGLIA ANIMEEEE!!! Honestly if they took the otoge romancey angle out of it it’d make an AWESOME shounenesque manga with the wholesome mediterranean mafioso fighting. Eh if only.


    • (Lolol, I knew I’d spell someone’s name wrong! Dang you Ryunosuke! xD)

      Haha, I blame their expressions in that first B&W picture for my thinking xD There’s no need to look that pervy when examining someone passed out on the side of the road, Serizawa. Also, Ryuunosuke’s look of disgust just added fuel to my thinking fire xD

      I’m sort of back. While I have posts saved on my computer, I have no scanner yet to upload pictures unfortunately :< Also, my magazines and what nots are still at home, crying in their cardboard boxes for me to read thems ; A ; In one month my pretties! I will be home to comfort you all! (that and I still have my shitty internet here i___i)

      (hahahaha Ryunosuke, a man on the outside but lady parts on the inside xDDDDD)

      I heard that Ryunosuke has a love interest in this…prequel series thing 8U I'm not sure if he gets with her though, or if he even lives in the end (because I don't remember him being mentioned in the original series. But then again, I went off the manga version). I'm not sure what this prequel series thing is really. An excuse to show bromance? xD I'm guessing the creators didn't want to add another girl because then the fans would think the Hakuouki boys are cheating man-hos since they later go after Chizuru? 8Y That's my thinking anyway.

      (About Heisuke – I think since this takes place before the original series, the main cast is younger? Although it may just be me but the others look the same xD).

      Arcana Famiglia definitely sounds interesting, though some of her love interests are…really creepy/incesty o___O; I'm hoping there is romance, but like, we concentrate on one dude rather than spreading the love thin (if I'm interested in the other guys, that's what buying the game is for ;D). I'm such a girl. I love a bit of romance with my ass kicking shows xD
      However, I need to watch Hakuouki, Starry Skies, and Uta no Prince-sama before I go watch Arcana Famiglia though!

      Thanks for the comment ~


  3. Anyway a Hakuouki fangirl is here o___o First of all, thanks for the pictures and translations^^ And second, not fond on the art (prefer Shimozawa Kan’s art) especially Ryunosuke’s design. Just see the game CGs!
    Well Reimeiroku is indeed a prequel and it was made (apart from milking fangirls’ money) to see the guys’ character development and see how they became the way they were in the original series. Like in Hakuouki, nearly all of the events happened in real life. There’s blood, lot of blood: assassinations, Okita being a crazy yandere, Serizawa being Serizawa and Yamazaki’s bromance with Ryunosuke in Hijikata route (you can say Hijikata’s route is in fact Yamazaki’s route lol).
    There is a girl called Kosuzu (she even looks like a cuter version of Chizuru) who is a dancer in Shimabara. Ryunosuke ends up with her in her own route and in Harada’s route (Harada is such a bro in that route and Ryu makes such a cute couple with Kosuzu).
    Also, at the end of each route you have an epilogue of Ryunosuke meeting with the character of the route and Chizuru after the events of Hakuouki (my favorite ones where Okita’s and Harada’s) and later you get some cheesy scenes of just Chizuru and the guy. If you choose Serizawa, the epilogue focuses on Kazama and Chizuru (since Kazama makes a cameo in Serizawa route).

    And in Reimeiroku VN Ryunosuke is voiced by Seki Tomokazu :D

    And about the otomes you need to watch apart from Hakuoki. Uta no Prince-sama anime was quite funny and the songs catchy (Yuichi Nakamura voicing a cross dresser was weird and Norio Wakamoto as Shining Saotome was priceless). Read a couple of manga chapters and there is more romance in the manga but it’s just romance scenes with each character.

    Starry Sky episodes are like 5 minutes long and they were really boring (no romance at all!). And the game well… I played the spring one because of the seiyuus. The art and all that was very good but it just bored me (first time played it in japanese but dropped it and I finished it with the English patch). But since it seems to be quite popular maybe I’m weird.

    Arcana Famiglia only read the manga and seems interesting. But want the action to start! And see it animated!

    BTW, a new otome called Toki no Kizuna is going to be released about onis and is set after the battle Sekigahara (more or less 300 years before Hakuoki). The main female character looks very badass and is the bodyguard of the head of the ten oni clans, Yase-hime (in Hakuoki Kazama referred to Osen-chan as Yase-hime so it may not be far-fetched to say that this Yase-hime can be Osen-chan’s ancestor). It even talks about the oni clans that should not have contact with humans (which is also mentioned by Amagiri in Hakuoki).

    Sorry for the long text and if I said some unnecessary information t_t


    • Hello there 8D

      Thank you for the information. I didn’t know much about the series other than its bromancy ~ xD Good to see Ryuunosuke getting a girlfriend in the end :) I was wondering if he was going to get some lovin’ or not xD

      It’s funny you mention Ryuunosuke’s epilogues where he meets with Chizuru and one of the Hakuouki boys. I was asking a friend earlier if Ryuunosuke was ever brought up in the original game and she said no. We joked that the Hakuouki boys probably didn’t care enough about Ryuunosuke to remember him xD

      Harada: Remember that guy from back when we were younger? The one with the giant ponytail? What was his name? 8Y
      Saitou: Who the fuck cares (≖_≖) I care more about being the one Chizuru chooses because that means I get to live in the end while the rest of you get slaughtered like fat pigs.
      Harada: …yeah, you have a point. He couldn’t have been too important to us if we never mention him and don’t even know his name ~ on to chasing after Chizuru 8D

      Everyone seems to love Uta no Prince-sama. After seeing the cracktastic opening, I can see why. I pretty much lost it about 25 seconds in xD

      I didn’t realize Starry Skies was real short 8U That’s strange. So no lovin’ at all in that one eh? I guess the creators didn’t want to pair up the girl with anyone for fear of upsetting the shippers haha.

      I’m hesitant with Arcana Famiglia now because I read some spoilers and I’m not into incesty stuff (SPOILER especially when one of the love interests is possibly your father o___O).

      Ah, so that was the new Hakuouki game that was announced! I heard about it but I didn’t know the details. Nice ~
      I really hope to improve my Japanese to the point where I can play otome games ;___; all this good stuff out there…

      There’s no need to apologize :) You’ve helped educate me on the plot of Reimeiroku and Kizuna, and give me some good feedback on those animes I was look at 8D

      Thanks for the comment ~


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